Top Computer Science Scientists in Germany

This 8th edition of top scientists ranking for Computer Science was published by, one of the major websites for Computer Science research offering credible data on scientific contributions since 2014.

The ranking contains h-index, publications and citations values collected on December 6th, 2021. Show more

Our top scientists ranking is a reliable list of leading scientists from the area of Computer Science, based on a meticulous examination of 166,880 scientists on Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph. For the discipline of Computer Science, over 9,735 profiles were examined.

The h-index threshold for approving a scholar to be considered is set to 30 if most of their publications are in the field of Computer Science. The inclusion criteria for scholars to be considered into the ranking of top scientists are based on the discipline h-index, proportion of the contributions made within the given discipline in addition to the awards and achievements of the scientists. The discipline h-index threshold for listing top scientists is set as an increment of 10 depending on the total number of researchers estimated for each discipline whilst ensuring that the top 1% of leading scientists are considered into the ranking.

Because the main goal is to ensure that only genuine researchers are included in the ranking whilst without doubt we believe that numbers are never meant to be an obsolete measure to quantify the precious contributions of scientists. This is why we manually verify each profile and cross-correlate it against publications in a wide range of credible sources. Even though it’s not a metric defining a scientist’s position in the ranking, the amount of documents published in major journals and conference proceedings should constitute a reliable secondary indication of their contribution to research in a given discipline. Position in the ranking is based on each scientist’s h-index using data compiled Microsoft Graph, which is the most prominent and well-established bibliometric database of this type available to the scientific community. A detailed definition of our research process can be found on our methodology page.

Our aim is to inspire scholars, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers worldwide to explore where leading experts are heading and to provide an opportunity for the entire scientific community to discover who the leading experts in specific fields of research, in different countries, or even within research institutions are.

7939 World 395 National Niels Henze

Niels Henze

University of Regensburg, Germany
H-index 31 Citations 4,898 184
7940 World 394 National Zeynep Akata

Zeynep Akata

University of Tübingen, Germany
H-index 31 Citations 11,218 71
7941 World 393 National Martin Wöllmer

Martin Wöllmer

Technical University of Munich, Germany
H-index 31 Citations 6,809 82
7942 World 392 National Christian Sohler

Christian Sohler

University of Cologne, Germany
H-index 31 Citations 4,473 93
7981 World 406 National Stefan Wrobel

Stefan Wrobel

University of Bonn, Germany
H-index 31 Citations 7,588 109
8165 World 405 National Christian Wietfeld

Christian Wietfeld

TU Dortmund University, Germany
H-index 31 Citations 4,783 304
8203 World 407 National Rolf H. Möhring

Rolf H. Möhring

Technical University of Berlin, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 10,631 61
8208 World 408 National Stefan Steidl

Stefan Steidl

MorphoSys (Germany), Germany
H-index 30 Citations 6,888 85
8220 World 409 National Hans Burkhardt

Hans Burkhardt

University of Freiburg, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 5,779 151
8228 World 410 National Wilhelm Hasselbring

Wilhelm Hasselbring

Kiel University, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 4,559 236
8296 World 411 National Matthias Seeger

Matthias Seeger

Amazon (Germany), Germany
H-index 30 Citations 9,420 70
8417 World 413 National Thomas Villmann

Thomas Villmann

Hochschule Mittweida, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 4,865 224
8418 World 412 National Andrés Bruhn

Andrés Bruhn

University of Stuttgart, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 9,234 71
8451 World 418 National Florian Michahelles

Florian Michahelles

Siemens (Germany), Germany
H-index 30 Citations 4,924 127
8452 World 415 National Andreas Birk

Andreas Birk

Jacobs University, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 4,714 204
8453 World 419 National Arun Krishnan

Arun Krishnan

Siemens (Germany), Germany
H-index 30 Citations 3,123 73
8454 World 414 National Wolfgang J. Paul

Wolfgang J. Paul

Saarland University, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 3,803 87
8455 World 417 National Michael Weber

Michael Weber

University of Ulm, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 4,346 170
8456 World 416 National Erhardt Barth

Erhardt Barth

University of Lübeck, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 4,829 135
8768 World 433 National Colin Atkinson

Colin Atkinson

University of Mannheim, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 7,025 159
8878 World 426 National Ralf Schenkel

Ralf Schenkel

University of Trier, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 4,758 144
8879 World 425 National Ralf Reussner

Ralf Reussner

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 5,638 167
8882 World 424 National Dimitrios Stiliadis

Dimitrios Stiliadis

Alcatel Lucent (Germany), Germany
H-index 30 Citations 8,624 51
8883 World 422 National Michael Goesele

Michael Goesele

TU Darmstadt, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 5,706 113
8884 World 421 National Javier Romero

Javier Romero

Max Planck Society, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 8,339 52
8885 World 420 National Kurt Akeley

Kurt Akeley

RaytriX, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 8,222 53
8886 World 435 National Alexander De Luca

Alexander De Luca

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 4,196 73
8887 World 434 National Sahin Albayrak

Sahin Albayrak

Technical University of Berlin, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 5,710 282
8888 World 432 National Vikram Srinivasan

Vikram Srinivasan

Alcatel Lucent (Germany), Germany
H-index 30 Citations 5,515 65
8889 World 431 National Klaus Hinrichs

Klaus Hinrichs

University of Münster, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 4,171 146
8890 World 430 National Lucas Davi

Lucas Davi

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 7,566 68
8891 World 429 National Felix C. Freiling

Felix C. Freiling

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 7,940 149
8892 World 428 National Susanne Albers

Susanne Albers

Technical University of Munich, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 5,601 79
8893 World 427 National Li Li

Li Li

Alcatel Lucent (Germany), Germany
H-index 30 Citations 12,034 56
8894 World 423 National Helmut Seidl

Helmut Seidl

Technical University of Munich, Germany
H-index 30 Citations 3,906 132

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