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How we help the scientific community

Research.com really cares about the quality and visibility of research and our mission is to offer leading researchers better exposure of their achievements. Our rankings of scientists are based on transparent procedures based on well-established metrics gathered from trusted sources of data. Learn more about our methodology here.

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Our database allows you to browse through detailed profiles of 130,000+ leading scientists, as well as 2400+ conferences, and 12,000+ scientific journals grouped by disciplines and research areas, and carefully verified using a wide range of metrics.

Join a platform created by scientists for scientists

Our team is lead by professor Imed Bouchrika, our Chief Data Analyst whose expertise allows us to provide verified, credible, and current information. Research.com is also continuously steered by feedback from leading researchers whose insights have shaped the vision of our platform to ensure it answers the needs of the scientific community.

We help allocate funds to the right people

Our rankings are regularly used by a number of leading research institutions and decision-makers to help them with allocating and prioritizing funds to researchers based on the prestige and influence of their work.

We connect scientists and employers

Academic institutions and private businesses rely on our rankings as an important indicator for the recruitment process, helping them find ideal candidates with extensive experience in specific areas of research.

We are featured by the leading scientific institutions

The annual release of our rankings is regularly featured by leading universities worldwide, including the University of Cambridge, Stanford Robotics Lab, or the University of Texas.

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Find out which college fits your personal needs best. To help you with that, we’ve created several different rankings that focus on specific criteria such as affordability, return on investment, or popularity.

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ResearchMAY 12, 2023

What Is Empirical Research? Definition, Types & Samples

How was the world formed? Are there parallel universes? Why does time move forward but never in reverse? These are longstanding questions that have yet to receive definitive answers up to now.In research, these are called empirical questions, which ask about how the world is, how the world works, etc. Such questions…

Imed Bouchrika, Phd

by Imed Bouchrika, Phd

Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist

What Is Empirical Research? Definition, Types & Samples

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