Best CMMS Software in 2023

Best CMMS Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
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Downtime is one of the most pressing problems that industrial, commercial, and manufacturing industry professionals anticipate. In fact, it can cost manufacturers $21,000/minute (de Gutes, 2022). This will visibly charge companies millions if not addressed properly, which is why it is important to invest in CMMS software.

Apart from inventory software, a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) could help professionals make important decisions that will decrease downtime and mitigate asset and other equipment issues even before these occur. In this guide, our team looks into 15 CMMS software examples and their key features. We also dive into a few significant industry statistics and trends to help decision-makers choose the best solution for their companies.

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CMMS Software Statistics

Our team has gathered several CMMS software statistics to shine a light on the future of this digital solution.

The market is relatively stable with a report projecting it to reach $3.8 billion by 2032 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8%, a big leap from its $1.5 billion value in 2021 (Future Market Insights, 2022). The popularity of this technology can be attributed to the North American market, which takes a huge chunk of the pie at 45%. Meanwhile, Europe accounts for 26% of the global software market share (MarketWatch, 2022).

CMMS software market

Furthermore, the drivers for this growth include the demand for reduced downtime costs, the continuous integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), and government support by investing in cloud-based services (Verified Market Research, 2022; Grand View Research, n.d.).

Future Market Insights

In a report, 46% of maintenance professionals cited that they needed to find new or change existing maintenance strategies and upgrade their equipment to reduce unscheduled downtime (Advanced Technology Services, 2020). In the same study, 33% of them also indicated that having outdated technology hinders them from conducting best maintenance practices. As the threat of downtime looms over various industries, the need for CMMS software is greater than ever.

maintenance strategies upgrade

In fact, a report by McKinsey reveals that one of the best ways for companies to implement maintenance and reliability was to look for technologies that integrate digital work management solutions, like project management software, with CMMS software (Decaix et al., 2021). This, together with mobile app versions and the use of advanced innovations, can help professionals manage their teams well, save on costs, and maximize the entire lifecycles of their assets.

challenges to maintenance

CMMS Software Trends

With those CMMS software statistics in mind, maintenance professionals and company key decision-makers must also be in the know on some upcoming trends in this industry:

  • Rise of AI and IoT. One of the most common CMMS software trends is including AI and IoT-enabled features. These revolutionary technologies can eliminate uncertainties from maintenance planning and make labor-intensive tasks more efficient and accurate as possible. In fact, firm executives recognized IoT (79%), cloud computing (74%), and AI (52%) as the top innovations that will help companies deliver resilient and adaptable performance for years to come (IBM Institute for Business Value, 2021), making them crucial to an organization’s long-term goals.
  • Varying maintenance systems. The predictive maintenance market is expected to balloon up to $64.3 billion by 2030 (Statista, 2022). Apart from this type, software developers also use preventive and prescriptive maintenance systems. These use advanced data and perform maintenance tasks or suggest remedial actions to help extend the life span of an asset and its components. In effect, it will reduce losses significantly from unexpected asset breakdowns.
  • Developing a digital twin. Another one of the emerging CMMS software trends is a virtual replica of physical products, processes, or systems. This technology uses simulations that provide a plethora of powerful data and insights for maintenance processes. In turn, it not only ensures a safer work environment but also decreases unnecessary costs that result from inaccurate maintenance actions.

IBM Institute for Business Value

List of the Best CMMS Software

Companies that use CMMS tools can put them to an advantage in terms of flexibility, adaptation, and innovation. In this section, our team lists down the best CMMS software in the market. We explored the vendors’ pricing plans and product software features, as well as their ease of use and integration capabilities to help maintenance professionals make a more informed decision.

1. MaintainX

MAINTAINX dashboard

MaintainX is a mobile-first, cloud-based, and IoT-enabled workflow management platform for frontline and industrial workers. Their user-friendly software enables users to manage work orders efficiently by automating repetitive tasks. In addition, it encourages staff to be proactive through real-time messaging, eliminating backlogs or bottlenecks. MaintainX also helps reduce costs by generating timely reports with transparent insights on what needs to be improved at the right time.

MaintainX Key Features:

  • Auto-sends notifications when inventory runs low
  • Enables QR and barcode scanning to save time on inventories
  • Generates work orders automatically if preventive maintenance fails
  • Keeps an audit trail of progress to reduce risks and foster accountability
  • Keep teams in the loop through the mobile app

Apart from a free version, MaintainX has paid plans starting at $16/user/month and custom plans for enterprises.

2. Fiix

Fiix dashboard

Fiix is an AI-powered, cloud-based CMMS that is designed to help companies with their asset maintenance and management needs. It enables users to include as many files as they need on the to-do list so that teams have all the information from the get-go. Fiix also generates insightful forecasts and analytics that predict asset performance and reduce unnecessary costs. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with other software or hardware to help users customize features according to their needs.

Fiix Key Features:

  • Sets up QR scanning for quicker access to asset maps
  • Creates failure codes to easily detect troubleshooting problems
  • Enables users to design procurement workflows that match preferred processes
  • Auto-sends notifications on inventory and parts that need replacing or maintaining
  • Customize dashboard preferences on the fly using the mobile app

Fiix offers free and custom quote plans. Its paid plans start at $45/user/month to $75/user/month.

3. MVP One

MVP ONE dashboard

MVP One, formerly MVP Plant, provides well-rounded CMMS services that are easy to use and inexpensive. It enables users to communicate with teams on the spot, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth discussions that prolong uptime. MVP One also helps streamline workflows by automating forms and gathering data in one hub. Lastly, records and asset maps can be accessed quickly through barcode scanning, and it automatically updates information in the database.

MVP One Key Features:

  • Generates real-time reports to aid users in future decision-making
  • Auto-computes checkout parts in work orders for faster processing
  • Displays customizable dashboards with widgets and other data for quicker monitoring
  • Provides group or individual training to its clients to help maximize their full potentials
  • Send work orders at any time, even offline, using the mobile app

The vendor offers a Bronze Plan for $45/user/month and a Silver Plan for $75/user/month, as well as a custom Gold Plan for enterprises.

4. UpKeep

UpKeep dashboard

UpKeep is a CMMS solution that expedites asset maintenance and management to ensure smooth-sailing and effective business operations. It helps shun traditional and repetitive tasks by creating an intuitive user experience through automation. Additionally, UpKeep helps users streamline workflows by assigning tasks in bulk. It also displays real-time insights into asset performance and health to help mitigate costs and increase uptime.

UpKeep Key Features:

  • Offers useful insights to help users manage entire lifecycles
  • Integrates with other software to streamline business operations
  • Provides intuitive preventive maintenance tools to help predict issues
  • Speeds up processes by enabling multiple attachments on work orders
  • Run inventory checks on the spot using the mobile app

Upkeep costs $45/user/month to $75/user/month. A custom Business Plus plan is also available.

5. Hippo CMMS by iOFFICE

HIPPO CMMS dashboard

Hippo CMMS is an all-in-one CMMS software that mainly services facility management, manufacturing, food and beverage, and healthcare industries. It offers different dashboard views to enhance user experience and ensure that teams are all on the same page. Hippo CMMS also sends reminders automatically for easier progress tracking. Apart from this, it also prompts users about defective assets and low inventory statuses so that problems are prevented even before they occur.

Hippo CMMS Key Features:

  • Auto-schedules maintenance to help streamline processes
  • Tracks asset data at any time using quick barcode scanning
  • Offers interactive maps and floor plans for easier collaboration
  • Gathers and stores data securely in one centralized hub for quicker access
  • Easily sync edited offline data using the mobile app

Hippo CMMS offers a Starter Plan for $35/user/month, a Plus Plan for $55/user/month, and a Pro Plan for $75/user/month.

6. Qualer

QUALER dashboard

Designed to prolong asset health, Qualer is a CMMS platform that solves lab asset and commercial calibration management issues. With Qualer, users get real-time notifications, alerts, and essential data to ensure compliance. It also streamlines workflows by providing a centralized hub for all critical tasks. Additionally, it easily schedules preventive maintenance tasks in bulk and ensures external and internal providers are in the loop.

Qualer Key Features:

  • Enables effortless communication through a single platform
  • Ensures quality checks are accurate through guided checklists
  • Integrates with other software and apps for a seamless workflow
  • Provides customizable notification levels for easier asset health tracking
  • Track document revisions on the go using the mobile app

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7. Sockeye

Sockeye dashboard

Sockeye is a platform used for scheduling asset maintenance and management. It has a bolt-on connector that updates backlogs and generates work order schedules from these. It keeps important data in sync and eliminates the majority of the data work upfront. Additionally, Sockeye increases uptime by automating tasks and offers insights through real-time KPIs and analytics.

Sockeye Key Features:

  • Allows users to reassign tasks seamlessly without any delays
  • Enables drag-and-drop actions for a smoother and quicker usability
  • Track progress and team schedules to help keep everyone on track
  • Identifies tasks that need urgent attention and sends timely notifications
  • Alert teams on schedule changes using any device

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8. Accruent Maintenance Connection


Maintenance Connection is a one-stop shop for all CMMS services and solutions built for government offices, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. It provides users with an intuitive interface using drag-and-drop actions and automated triggers to help accelerate operations. In addition, Maintenance Connection enables QR and barcode scanning for quick and easy inspections and for automatically populating forms. Lastly, it helps users make informed decisions by generating insightful forecasts based on audit trails.

Maintenance Connection Key Features:

  • Helps users assign the right staff to a task through an employee database
  • Provides an overview of assets and inventories in one consolidated location
  • Streamlines preventive maintenance and inspections by automating repetitive tasks
  • Enables users to set accessibility and role levels for each user to ensure security
  • Automate work orders and customize notification settings using the mobile app

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9. Redlist

REDLIST dashboard

Redlist, a CMMS software that minimizes downtime to amplify performance, uses AI to help users get the full ROI on their assets and facilities. It automates monitoring by connecting sensors to IoT so that maintenance checks can be done remotely. Notifications about asset health, tasks, and work order progress are also automated, enabling users to complete other tasks on demand. Redlist also keeps track of asset history and other information, helping teams stay on the same page on every project.

Maintenance Connection Key Features:

  • Quickly locates defective assets using QR codes or NFC tags
  • Automatically tracks inventory and purchase orders and prompts for low stocks
  • Enables users to attach files on logs and easily assign tasks to the next teams
  • Provides an overview of system health, from oil, vibration, and ultrasound analyses
  • Check synced assets and track statuses at any time with the mobile app

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10. Flowtrac

FLOWTRAC dashboard

Founded in 1982, Flowtrac has been providing asset and process management solutions for the construction, lab, government, and education industries. It helps minimize excess on-hand stock and prevents the risk of owning outdated inventory items through timely alerts. Flowtrac also centralizes information that can be accessed through a user-friendly dashboard. Lastly, it connects to various accounting solutions to keep clients tax season-ready.

Flowtrac Key Features:

  • Offers software training to clients to ease the transition
  • Simplifies inventory transfer using barcode and QR scanners
  • Links to ecommerce apps for a seamless workflow transition
  • Integrates with solutions to empower customer customization
  • Sync offline data from multiple locations using the mobile app

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11. 24/7 Software

247 SOFTWARE dashboard

24/7 Software provides real-time operations management services to the sports and entertainment industries, and security industries. It centralizes operations by streamlining the chain of command. Apart from that, 24/7 Software also keeps a secure database to access warranty information, meter readings, and other data easily. It helps users improve incident responses through real-time communication and lets them gain valuable insights through analytics and reporting.

24/7 Software Key Features:

  • Uses a smart item identification system to easily locate lost items
  • Instantly generates tasks from schedules to help teams get started
  • Automates preventive maintenance scheduling for quicker asset monitoring
  • Enables non-users to submit forms and orders through configurable web forms
  • Send mass alerts and other data instantly using the mobile app

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12. EZ Maintenance


EZ Maintenance is a complete software package that lets users control, schedule, and track inventory, equipment, and vehicle asset maintenance. It enables customization controls to help users track only the most crucial information. EZ Maintenance also provides a built-in invoicing solution to help users streamline bids to payments. Lastly, it also automatically updates work orders when materials are low or out-of-stock, expediting operations efficiently.

EZ Maintenance Key Features:

  • Enables users to rate their vendors for easier tracking
  • Auto-tracks mileage and condition of vehicles for added safety
  • Uses barcode scanning of equipment to help locate items quickly
  • Schedules maintenance due dates on time to minimize risks and accidents
  • Sends email alerts on inventory and equipment tracking to teams, even to non-users

The vendor offers an all-in-one on-premise package for $2,495. EZ Maintenance Web is available by quote.

13. WorkTrek


WorkTrek is a cloud platform that combines asset management, field service, and maintenance management to streamline your operations and enhance service delivery. With WorkTrek, you can track your work orders and daily tasks, reduce equipment downtime, and improve health and safety procedures on a single CMMS cloud platform.

For team leads or facility managers, WorkTrek provides visibility across all assets so it becomes easier to identify what tasks need to be completed. You can conveniently manage your team’s workload, assign tasks, and provide detailed reports on project progress and team productivity. Additionally, WorkTrek comes with security features such as SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and regular data backups. The software is available as a mobile app, allowing team members to access projects and collaborate on the go.

WorkTrek Key Features:

  • Simplifies work order management using a scheduling calendar, work tracker, and job priority
  • Provides visibility across all assets for better preventive maintenance
  • Empowers fast, data-driven decision-making with reporting and analytics tools
  • Helps users improve the management of health and safety procedures
  • Enables paperless forms and checklists for effective information gathering, service delivery, and tracking


WorkTrek offers three pricing plans: Starter ($19 per user/month), Professional ($29 per user/month), and Enterprise ($49 per user/month).

14. iMaint by DPSI

IMAINT BY DPSI dashboard

For more than 30 years, iMaint has helped users manage manufacturing, facilities, and fleet maintenance. It empowers users to customize dashboards to display KPIs and other critical data from the get-go. Additionally, iMaint encourages easy collaboration among teams by gathering data in one centralized location while giving the reins to top admin personnel. It also predicts patterns in maintenance activities to generate insightful reports for smart decision-making.

iMaint Key Features:

  • Minimizes issues by keeping teams in the loop on work requests
  • Helps extend asset lifecycle by auto-scheduling preventive maintenance
  • Incorporates other apps and software to help with quicker workflow processing
  • Monitors employee performance to ensure productivity and outputs are met on time
  • Speed up data entry with QR codes using the mobile app

iMaint offers online solutions starting at $60/user/month to $110/user/month and also provides an on-premise version for $9,995.

15. Maxpanda

MAXPANDA dashboard

Maxpanda is a CMMS software that provides integrated asset and inventory management and preventive maintenance. It helps simplify work order processes by automating preventive maintenance schedules and approvals. In addition, Maxpanda makes use of smart barcodes and QR code scanning to pull up items faster and tracks assets easily through GPS locations.
It also offers additional services to clients such as client data uploads and third-party integrations.

Maxpanda Key Features:

  • Helps save unnecessary costs by predicting asset failures and issues
  • Offers customizable tools and controls for a more personalized interface
  • Provides a guest portal to accelerate work order processing
  • Enables users to assign the right staff for the job and allows for real-time communication
  • Track team progress in the built-in calendar using the mobile app

Apart from a one-week free trial, Maxpanda offers five plans, ranging from $99/month to $549/month.


Stay Competitive With CMMS Software

CMMS software has undeniably become an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes. In this guide, our team has explained that apart from helping maintenance professionals streamline operations through automated solutions, this technology can also minimize costs and prolong the life spans of assets and other equipment or facilities.

As maintenance professionals look into other business software that could further improve their operations, it is significant to take note that the best CMMS software is the one that meets their company’s needs. With a wide range of features and benefits, the list that we curated above is sure to provide businesses with the solutions they need to stay competitive in today’s market.



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