40 Shortest Doctoral Programs Online in 2023

A note from the author, Paweł Dąbrowski, PhD, education expert with 10+ years of experience. He publishes his work in many prestigious media outlets and academic publications focused on education:

Earning a doctoral degree is an ambitious endeavor few have the dedication and drive to realize. But, for those who do, it marks the culmination of years of hard work, bringing tremendous recognition.

In fact, Slovenia—the country with the largest share of Ph.D. degree holders in its total population—only has 3.8% in 2019. In the same year, only 2% of the United States population have doctorate degrees (OECD iLibrary, 2019). Of course, there are many reasons why this is so. These include the difficulty and cost. But, the time it takes to complete a Ph.D. program also has a huge role in making both students and professionals think twice before committing.

Doctoral programs typically take four to six years to complete if you include both the time spent on the coursework and research. Some, including STEM programs, can take more than eight years depending on the program design, the subject being studied, the institution, and if you are going to take it full-time or part-time. Not all doctoral programs, however, take twice as long as a bachelor’s degree to complete. There are those that can be completed in less than the usual timeframe or between one to four years or less. Another great news is that some schools offer online doctorate programs. Riding the LMS and elearning trends, online PhD programs for working professionals are flexible and convenient.

Choosing the right accelerated Ph.D. programs online, however, also presents challenges, including verifying legitimacy. In this article, we only list down the shotest PhD programs online accredited by institutions. This should help you make an informed decision if you opt to take the first step toward academic and career advancement.

Shortest Doctoral Program Online Table of Contents

  1. One-Year Online Doctoral Programs
  2. Two-Year Online Doctoral Programs
  3. Three-Year Online Doctoral Programs
  4. Four-Year Online Doctoral Programs

One-Year Online Doctoral Programs

1. Doctorate in Behavioral Health

Opening our fastest doctorate degree online list is the doctorate in behavioral health. This online doctorate program is designed for working clinical professionals interested in providing medical services that focus on helping individuals improve their general well-being through behavioral changes. Through this program, professionals can learn how mental health affects the body and what their clients can do to alleviate this through behavioral interventions, counseling, and other approaches.

Depending on the institution, a D.B.H. program can have several concentrations. Among these are psychopharmacology, population health management, and clinical concentrations. As for the coursework, professionals who want to pursue this program may have to study relevant courses, such as Advanced Clinical, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Behavioral Healthcare; the United States Healthcare System, and the Human Condition.

It is also important to note that D.B.H. professionals are different from psychologists and psychiatrists not only in terms of approach but also in what they are licensed to do as medical health professionals. Unlike licensed psychiatrists and psychologists, someone with a doctorate in behavioral health is not allowed to make a diagnosis regarding a person’s mental health. Furthermore, while D.B.H. professionals are not yet required to have a license, they are mandated to have certifications to be able to practice. D.B.H. professionals, however, also conduct and participate in research studies relevant to the mental and behavioral health field.

Program duration: 12+ months
Universities that offer this online program: Freed-Hardeman University, Arizona State University

2. Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision

This is one of the fastest 1 year PhD programs online that cater to professionals looking to advance their careers as academic counselors or as counseling researchers. As an advanced program, this covers areas of higher-level clinical counseling practice and therapy, leadership, counseling supervision, teaching, and research.

Typically, it can take three to four years to finish this degree, but there are accredited institutions offering accelerated online programs that can be completed in less than two years. Among the coursework for this particular program are Research Theory and Philosophy, Program Evaluation in Counselor Education and Supervision, Leadership and Advocacy in Counseling, and Advanced Scholarly Inquiry. Clinical experience and internship are also included to fulfill the requirements for this advanced specialization.

Program duration: 18+ months
University that offers this program: Capella University

3. Doctorate Ethereal Degree in Grief Counseling

Another degree that is a candidate for the quickest doctorate degree online, it helps counseling professionals advance their career by giving them further education in the field of grief and bereavement. By getting a doctorate degree, counselors will be able to elevate their reputation in this field. As well, they can earn higher credentials as educators of other professionals interested in learning how to professionally help individuals dealing with immense negative emotions as they go through difficult times in their lives.

The coursework for this program prepares students for both individual and group counseling. Depending on the institution, students may have to take courses such as Loss, Trauma, and Resilience; Ethics in Grief Counseling, Psychotherapy and Counseling, and Motivational Interviewing. Furthermore, students who would like to enroll in this program must have a master’s degree in grief counseling or related fields, such as behavioral counseling and psychology, among others.

Program duration: 12 months
Universities that offer this program: American International Theism University, Breyer State Theology University

4. Doctor of Occupational Therapy

This program also belongs to the list of quickest 1 year online doctoral programs. It is designed for practicing occupational therapists who want to enhance their careers by taking leadership positions, teaching, and even conducting research. To be professional practitioners in this field, students are taught and trained in critical evaluation of theories and evidence relevant to the practice, as well as in identifying and addressing the loopholes and shortcomings in the existing interventions to further improve occupational therapy programs.

In terms of coursework, students are expected to learn about various topics, such as social policy and disability, educational theory and practice, clinical evaluation of theory and research, and health promotion and wellness, among others.

Program duration: 18+ months
University that offers this program: Boston University, Temple University

5. Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy

One of the shortest PhD programs, this degree caters to practicing physical therapists who want to pursue 1-year PhD programs that can help them vie for administrative or managerial positions in this field. The curriculum for this program is focused on policy analysis, critical evaluation of evidence-based practices, and comprehensive client management. Furthermore, this program also aims to help independent practitioners improve their critical thinking and leadership skills.

Among the licensed therapists in the United States, only a small percentage have advanced their physical therapy degree to the doctorate level. The majority of those who have pursued this degree, however, agreed that they have benefitted from getting a D.P.T. degree, but they had to qualify that it did not have a significant impact on their credibility. This was revealed in a study by Graham et al. published in 2011 in The Journal of Physical Therapy Education with the title, "Attainment of Doctoral Degrees by Licensed Physical Therapists: Perceptions and Outcomes of Graduates." According to this study, "The majority of participants agreed that they valued the doctoral degree (98.06%), the benefits outweighed hardships (93.13%), and the degree enhanced their use of evidence-based practice (87.37%). Fewer participants agreed that the degree enhanced credibility among third-party payers (27.72%)" (Graham et al., 2011).

Program duration: 18+ months
University that offers this program: College of St. Scholastica

6. Doctor of Nursing Practice

This nursing degree is one of the more popular 1 year doctoral programs designed for working nurse practitioners interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in this particular field. By taking this program, nurse practitioners will learn about advocating for evidence-based practices and advanced understanding of complex health care, management, and decision-making. D.N.P. not only prepares nurse practitioners for advanced clinical roles but also for conducting research and teaching in higher education.

In terms of coursework, students taking this program are likely to encounter subjects that focus on evidence-based practice, organizational behavior and social policy, statistical analysis, and healthcare ethics for advanced practice nurses, among others. This is also a great next step for those who have online Master of Science in Nursing degree program experience.

Program duration: 18+ months
Universities that offer this program: Maryville University, University of Florida, Gwynedd Mercy University

Source: Nurseslabs 2021

Two-Year Online Doctoral Programs

7. Doctorate in Social Work

Human services is an emerging field that focuses on improving the quality of life of the disadvantaged population. On the doctoral level, it falls under the category of 2 year PhD programs focusing on the clinical, administration, and leadership aspects of social work. By taking this program, students will learn how to address complex social issues that affect diverse communities. A doctorate in social work also teaches students about advanced program and organizational management. Furthermore, this program also trains students in trauma-informed practice, exercising ethical social work services, as well as producing practice- and evidence-based knowledge and research that they can teach and pass on to other social workers. This could be a good route to take for those who already have social work degrees and/or experience.

Program duration: 24-28 months
Universities that offer this program: University of Southern California, Simmons University, Barry University

8. Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management

This Ed.D., one of the cheapest 2 year doctoral programs online, focuses on doctorate degrees in education and is designed for educators who aspire to move up the administrative ladder of the educational systems. By taking this degree, students are expected to learn about innovative and transformative leadership not only in academic institutions but also in nonprofit organizations, private corporations, and government agencies that cater to the educational community.

Under this program are several concentration options, such as educational policy, K-12 or higher education leadership, special education leadership, STEM education, and educational administration. The online coursework also varies across different institutions and some of the curricula cover the areas of systems leadership, strategic partnering with communities and families, as well as policy and advocacy.

Program duration: 24+ months
Universities that offer this program: Florida State University, Rowan University, Northeastern University

9. Executive Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership

This Ed.D. program caters to working professionals who are aiming to advance their career in higher education teaching, school administration, policy analysis, and research. Students enrolled in this program are immersed in a learning environment that emphasizes transformative executive-level leadership. Among the skills aimed to be developed by this program are education research, administrative management, curriculum development, and academic policy and regulation. There are many quality doctorate in educational leadership online offered by reputable universities.

Program duration: 28+ months
Universities that offer this program: Gwynedd Mercy University

10. Doctorate Degree in Adult and Career Education

This is an Ed.D. specialization that focuses on providing academic education, career guidance, and lifelong learning to adult students. Professionals who opt for this concentration are introduced to advanced elective and specialized courses.

While the curriculum varies with the institution, among the courses students taking this program may encounter are Adult Learning Theory, Legal and Ethical Issues in Adult Learning, Leadership in Adult Education, and Organizational Management. Other specialized courses that are likely to be encountered by the students are Teaching Diverse Learners, Cognitive Coaching, and Current Issues in Adult Learning.

Program duration: 24+ months
University that offers this program: University of Arkansas

11. Doctorate in Education in Organizational Change and Leadership

This Ed.D. program is designed to help experienced professionals take over transformative leadership roles across a variety of sectors. As an accelerated online program, full-time students are expected to face an intensive curriculum that covers fundamental and advanced subjects. Among the courses tackled in this program are Challenges in Urban Education, Analyzing Organizational Change and Effectiveness, and Utilizing Communication to Facilitate Change.

Program duration: 24+ months
Universities that offer this program: Baylor University, Walden University, U.S.C Rossier School of Education

12. Ph.D. in Counseling and Psychological Studies

Designed for mental health professionals, including those pursuing an online PhD in Psychology, this advanced degree offers students various concentration options, such as addiction counseling, human services counseling, life coaching, marriage and family ministry, biblical counseling, and trauma and crisis counseling. As a program that helps prepare students for advanced counseling practices, research, and teaching, the curriculum offers core courses that delve into the subjects of disaster trauma and psychological first aid, addictive behaviors, and mental healthcare of racial and ethnic minorities. Furthermore, this program also covers the study and application of research methodologies, including qualitative research, appraisal and psychometrics, and statistics.

Program duration: 24+ months
University that offers this program: Regent University

13. Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

This fast-track doctorate in psychology is a non-clinician/non-licensure program. The curriculum helps students advance their careers in various fields, such as teaching, research, and educational administration, among others. This psychology specialization focuses on the traditional educational psychology theory, as well as basic and applied research. By taking this doctorate program, students will be equipped with advanced skills and knowledge in learning development, critical assessment and evaluation of existing instructional methodologies, and formulating new policies to improve the academic environment and experience.

Among the core courses students may have to take under this program are Themes and Theories of Psychology, Teaching of Psychology, Advanced Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis, Theories of Learning and Motivation, and Adult Learning Theory and Application.

Program duration: 24+ months
University that offers this program: Walden University

14. Ph.D. in Worship Studies

This program is designed to help worship leaders prepare for various roles in music ministry, such as music and worship instructor, worship coach, worship counselor, worship theologian, as well as worship professor. Students who enroll in Ph.D. in Worship Studies will take courses that focus on the history and practice of congregational music, philosophy of Christian worship, as well as the current trends in Christian music and ministry. Furthermore, students are also trained in planning and leading Christian worship.

Program duration: 24+ months
University that offers this program: Liberty University

15. Ph.D. in Counselor Education Supervision

Designed for counseling professionals, this doctorate program is geared toward training students in advanced techniques in clinical mental health assessment, advocacy and leadership, and research. In terms of a career within the academic environment, this program helps prepare counseling professionals in providing guidance or mentorship to those students who plan to get into the counseling profession. Among the coursework under this program are Advanced Theory Application and Orientation, and Counseling, Research, and Leadership.

Program duration: 24+ months
Universities that offer this program: Liberty University, Duquesne University

Three-Year Online Doctoral Programs

16. D.B.A. in International Business

Doctor of Business Administration in International Business is an ideal option for students who want to pursue a teaching career in higher education or advance to executive positions in the corporate setting. This program’s curriculum places emphasis on international studies, diplomacy, law, marketing and finance, and research, among others.

Program duration: 36+ months
Universities that offer this program: Northcentral University, Southern New Hampshire University

17. Ph.D. in Criminal Justice – Homeland Security

This online doctorate program is geared toward students interested in getting a postgraduate degree that offers advanced knowledge in national and cybersecurity. Students enrolled in this program take rigorous lessons and training in the subjects of counterterrorism strategies, counterintelligence methodologies, and vulnerability analysis, among others. The courses offered under this program may vary across institutions but some of them are Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, Contemporary Issues in Cybersecurity and Threat Analysis, and Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Analysis and Protection.

Program duration: 36+ months
University that offers this program: Liberty University;

18. Ph.D. in Business for Executives

Like a doctorate in organizational leadership, this doctorate program prepares students to be competitive organizational leaders and academic researchers. As a terminal degree, Ph.D. in Business for Executives has an extensive research-based curriculum that covers business theories, statistics, research design, business analytics, and organizational behavior, among others. In order to qualify for this program, professionals must first have extensive managerial experience across different industries. Furthermore, while the majority of classes are conducted online, there are institutions that may require on-campus residencies for face-to-face mentorship, especially during the dissertation stage.

Program duration: 36+ months
University that offers this program: Oklahoma State University

19. D.B.A. in Finance

This doctorate degree can be completed 100% online. It caters to finance professionals who want to take their careers to the managerial or executive levels. Under this program, students are expected to learn about financial leadership and the core skills that can help them establish their path to success in their fields. The core skills include critical thinking, analysis of financial situations, and exceptional decision-making capabilities.

Under this program, students will study a variety of subjects that focus on financing decisions, capital investment, financial management, and business valuation, among others. Professionals with a doctorate degree in finance can also teach in higher education institutions.

Program duration: 36+ months
Universities that offer this program: Liberty University, Walden University, City University

20. Doctor of Ministry

Designed for experienced Christian religious leaders, this doctorate program aims to elevate their pastoral knowledge and capabilities to strengthen their ministry. This program’s curriculum typically focuses on individual and cohort works. For the duration of the program, students will study a variety of subjects that revolve around marriage and family ministry, spiritual formation, multicultural ministry, and pastoral counseling. Depending on the institution, a master’s degree in ministry, theology, or relevant graduate degree is required, along with other faith-based qualifications, such as strict adherence to Christian doctrines.

Program duration: 36+ months
Universities that offer this program: Liberty University, Dallas Theological Seminary, United Theological Seminary

21. Ph.D. in Theology and Apologetics

Unlike the doctorate in Christian ministry, which mainly focuses on pastoral duties and responsibilities, a doctorate in theology revolves around the rigorous research and study of the Word of God. This program aims to help theologians succeed in the field of Christian scholarship by equipping them with upper-level skills and knowledge of church history, biblical studies, and apologetics. Among the courses offered under this program are Apologetic Method, Seminar and Theological Method, Bibliology, and Miracles.

Program duration: 36+ months
University that offers this program: Liberty University

22. Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies–Humanities and Culture

This specialization delves into the different fields of humanities from history, literature, socio-political philosophy, and religious studies, among others. At its core, this doctoral degree program examines the roles these fields play in the areas of cultural differences and social justice through a rigorous process of critical inquiry, analysis, and research.

The coursework under this program includes subjects that revolve around ethics and social justice, policy processes and social change, and ethical and creative leadership. Upon completing this program, graduates will be prepared for postsecondary teaching positions or as part of organizations that examine public policies and advocate for social change.

Program duration: 36+ months
University that offers this program: Union Institute and University

23. Ph.D. in Communication

This program takes six years to complete, but there are online programs that accelerate the time of completion to at least three years, with the lectures, research, and dissertation covered. As the highest degree level in this discipline, this program offers advanced coursework in media theory, media research methods, media law and policy, and research design and communication, among others. In terms of career opportunities, graduates of this program will have a competitive advantage in academia, public policy research, as well as media production, among others.

Program duration: 36 months
University that offers this program: American University

24. Ph.D. in Public Policy

This doctorate program gives students a deeper understanding of public policy and governance theories. Ph.D. in Public Policy also prepares them for conducting analytical and scholarly research studies and trains them in creating policies aimed at improving the quality of life of different communities and social sectors. Graduates of this program not only become public policy practitioners, but they can also take on valuable roles in research organizations, consulting firms, as well as teach in colleges and universities.

Program duration: 36+ months
University that offers this program: Liberty University

25. Doctor of Education in Christian Leadership

This Ed.D. program combines Christian faith ideologies with the principles of social science, leadership, and education. The subjects studied under this program revolve around the biblical and theological foundations of leadership, leadership character and ethics and how these apply to the academic settings, as well as change, power, and conflict in leadership. As for the career outlook of those who get this degree, they can pursue faith-based professions, such as being part of a ministry’s administrative body or a leader of a Christian organization. Furthermore, graduates of this program can also thrive in the academic field as teachers or professors.

Program duration: 36+ months
University that offers this program: Liberty University

26. Ph.D. in Special Education

As a doctor of philosophy degree, this program helps students learn various research methods and proper integration of research tools, which are essential to conducting studies that can further improve the practices, policies, and other aspects of special education. Aside from the research-focused coursework, those who take this degree are also prepared for advocating for and teaching students with exceptionalities. The program structure and coursework varies across institutions, but some of the course graduate students may encounter include Law of Exceptionalities, Theory of Exceptionalities, as well as the subject of grant writing.

Program duration: 36+ months
University that offers this program: University of North Carolina-Extended Campus

27. Ph.D. in Health Sciences

This doctorate degree is designed for healthcare administrators, particularly those at the senior level. By taking this program, students can further sharpen their expertise in research by learning about sophisticated research designs, biostatistics, and epidemiology, among others. Depending on the institution, students are also given the opportunity to collaborate with professors as part of learning how to conduct their own unique research study.

Program duration: 38+ months
University that offers this program: Nova Southeastern University

28. Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

This program prepares students to take valuable roles in the research and development of medical devices and technology, including those in the areas of diagnostic, therapy, and surgery. Under this program, graduate students will tackle advanced coursework and work with experts as they train in various areas, such as conducting interdisciplinary biostatistics research, medical device development, and developing methodologies that will contribute to the further advancement of medical technology.

Program duration: 36+ months
University that offers this program: University of North Dakota

29. Ph.D. in English

This program caters to graduate students who want to broaden their opportunities in different fields where proficiency in speaking and writing in the English language is required. Some of the career opportunities for those who have a doctorate degree in English are in journalism and broadcasting, public relations, and teaching in post-secondary institutions. In this program, students are required to study not only the structure of the English language but also the theories behind its composition and rhetoric, as well as its history and the different ways of utilizing the language creatively.

Program duration: 36+ months
University that offers this program: Texas A&M University

30. Ph.D. in Community College Policy and Administration

This program is for the members of the faculty and school administration planning to take valuable roles in continuously improving the quality of education and overall environment of community colleges. The curriculum of this degree concentrates on preparing students for leadership positions where they can be the catalyst for transformative change through the application of theories and practices and utilizing research. Furthermore, the subjects that will be studied under this program delve into higher education policy, community college advocacy, resource development, policy administration, and leadership.

Program duration: 36+ months
University that offers this program: University of Maryland University College

Source: American Association of Community Colleges

Four-Year Online Doctoral Programs

31. Ph.D. in Sports Leadership

This doctorate degree is not for sports enthusiasts but for those who are passionate about making a positive change in the sports industry. Also a research-intensive program, Ph.D. in Sports Leadership is designed to equip students with advanced knowledge in research tools and latest technologies that can help them critically examine the different aspects of the sports industry, including legal, health, and economics. Another integral part of this program is the knowledge and training it provides to help students succeed in the sports business landscape. By the time they graduate, students with a doctorate degree in sports leadership can have a competitive advantage as a college or university faculty member, a coach, team manager, entrepreneur, and more.

Program duration: 48+ months
University that offers this program: Concordia University-Chicago

32. Ph.D. in Classical Civilization

Designed for community college professors and secondary school instructors, this program concentrates on Greek and Latin languages and literature studies. Aside from comprehensive reading, writing, and research of classic literature, students are also required to be proficient in at least two modern languages (French, German, modern Greek, Italian, etc.). Graduates of this program can qualify to teach in universities, as well as take part in the institution’s research efforts in this discipline.

Program duration: 48+ months
University that offers this program: University of Florida

33. Ph.D. in Educational Administration

Unlike the Ed.D. program, Ph.D. in Educational Administration prepares students for a research-focused career. Depending on the institution, the program may be focused on PK-12, higher education, or special education administration. The coursework also varies, but some of the subjects typically studied are the politics of education, finance and economics in the academic environment, organizational theories in educational leadership, fundamentals of educational administration, and advanced research methods.

Program duration: 48+ months
University that offers this program: Texas A&M University

34. Ph.D. in Technology Management

This doctorate program is one of the rare ones on the list. It caters to graduate students who want to advance their careers in tech-based companies and organizations. Getting a doctorate degree in this discipline also qualifies graduates for teaching positions in post-secondary institutions.

Students interested in pursuing this degree can choose from several specializations depending on their area of interest. Some of the specializations are construction management, manufacturing systems, digital communications, and quality systems.

Program duration: 48+ months
University that offers this program: Bowling Green State University

35. Ph.D. in Nursing

Aside from Doctor of Nursing Practice or D.N.P., Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing is the other highest level of education attained by nurses. But unlike D.N.P., which concentrates on advanced clinical practices, Ph.D. in Nursing focuses more on scientific research studies that can contribute to the improvement of nursing education and healthcare practices in general.

Some of the core courses under this online program are Advanced Statistical Methods for Nursing Research, Research Team Leadership, Advanced Health Policy and Advocacy, and Advanced Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods. Upon completing this program, Ph.D. in Nursing graduates can further pursue careers in the areas of research and postsecondary education as nursing instructors, or in public health.

Program duration: 48+ months
Universities that offer this program: East Carolina University, Georgia State University

36. Ph.D. in General Psychology

Typically completed between six to eight years, this accelerated online Ph.D. program covers a wide range of concentrations, including business psychology, cognitive-behavioral psychology, and clinical psychology. As a terminal degree, this program is heavily focused on research and development of critical thinking and analytical proficiency to prepare graduates for a variety of career options in the areas of research, academics, consultancy, and others.

In terms of coursework, students will have to take subjects that revolve around the foundations of theory and practice of psychology, advanced inferential statistics, professional ethics, and advanced research theory. Furthermore, this is one of the Ph.D. programs that do not require applicants to have a master’s degree in this specific field, but there will be prerequisites that need to be completed, all of which also vary across institutions.

Program duration: 48+ months
University that offers this program: Grand Canyon University

37. Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

This program is a general psychology specialization that focuses on the research and application of psychological theories and principles on the structure and operation of corporations and other types of organizations. By getting this degree, working professionals have a better chance of advancing their careers in a broad range of fields, such as human resources, marketing, business consulting, and academia.

The coursework varies across institutions and depends on the program structure. Typically, however, the coursework involves advanced research methods, statistics, behavioral science, as well as subjects that tackle ethics and professional issues.

Program duration: 48+ months
University that offers this program: Keiser University

38. Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

This online Ph.D. program is designed for experienced engineers vying for leadership positions in the field of aerospace engineering, engineering science, and mechanics. As a doctor of philosophy, this degree is also research-heavy and requires students to complete a unique research study that can contribute to their fields of interest.

As for admission requirements, these vary across institutions, and some universities may not require a master’s degree in engineering and mechanics for students to qualify as long as they have the minimum professional experience. Furthermore, while this program is primarily online, an on-campus schedule may be required, especially for in-person consultation with advisors.

Program duration: 48+ months
University that offers this program: University of Alabama

39. Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

Systems engineering offers a multidisciplinary approach to resolving complex issues that arise in different industries by developing systematic designs as well as incorporating the use of tools and methods, including risk analysis, control systems, and software engineering, among others.

By taking a Ph.D. degree, working professionals will be equipped with knowledge and skills that can help them advance to senior management and even executive positions in various organizations, as well as make valuable contributions not only to the organizations they belong to but to the discipline as well. As for the coursework, students taking this program will be introduced to a variety of subjects, including systems engineering architecture, information technology and project management, and simulation modeling and experimentation.

Program duration: 48+ months
Universities that offer this program: Colorado State University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

40. Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology

This program combines the principles of criminal investigation and psychology. Accordingly, the curriculum may require students to take courses in the areas of clinical psychology and law and justice. Depending on the institution and the program, students will have to explore subjects that revolve around mental health law as well as psychological diagnosis and treatment. Students who have a master’s degree in forensic psychology or other related fields may apply for this program and obtain a license and practice either independently or as part of an agency or organization.

Program duration: 48+ months
University that offers this program: Walden University

Are accelerated online doctoral programs worth it?

For doctoral program online education, fast-track college degrees can be considered as part of the online education trends. And just like online learning, it also bears the stigma of not being as good as the degrees completed in their traditional timeframe. But with the tremendous advances in the teaching and learning process in recent years, the stigma is gradually being overpowered by what accelerated learning brings. For one, accelerated Ph.D. programs online offer convenience, flexibility, and speed that are ideal for the needs of working professionals seeking fast-paced and legitimate ways to launch their careers further. Furthermore, there are scholarships and funding options that can provide students with a free doctoral program online. This is on top of having a ton of affordable doctoral programs available as well.

These advantages, however, are not without issues. Getting the fastest doctoral program online through accelerated programs also means added pressure, as students are required to accomplish more work in less time compared to students of regular programs. While the pressure is definitely on a different level for students taking accelerated online programs, especially doctoral programs, it is safe to say that there is a growing number of professionals realizing the value of choosing the fast-paced route.



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