Best POS Software in 2023

Best POS Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
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Have you ever experienced ordering an item from a restaurant menu on to learn a few minutes later that your order is not available? While this frustrates a lot of diners, restaurants that use a Point-of-Sale (POS) system are able to eliminate this scenario. Instead, they get real-time updates from the POS on what is available on the menu, which gives them a heads-up on what to advise customers.

POS software can improve restaurant management and increase efficiency in operations to which diners agree. In fact, 71% of consumers agree that restaurant technology improves guest experience (Restaurant Technology News, 2022). Legacy systems are still being used by the vast majority. Technology has become a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to automate and digitize tasks, and POS software is one of the most important assets of any restaurant. Some POS systems even integrate contract repository tools, CRM software and CMMS software features into their platform.

In this guide, we have listed the best POS software to assist you in finding a dependable platform for your business. To aid you in evaluating your options, the key features of each software are presented, along with pricing details, so you can thoroughly evaluate how it will benefit your operations. This guide also presents POS software statistics and trends to help you gain an overall picture of how this technology is revolutionizing various sectors and industries.

Best POS Software Table of Contents

  1. POS Software Statistics
  2. POS Software Trends
  3. List of POS Software

POS Software Statistics

POS software for restaurant owners has evolved from managing transactions to having additional features such as inventory management, reservations management, online ordering, and loyalty programs. Indeed, technology has enabled restaurants to provide faster service, while becoming more personal at the same time. In 2021, approximately 50% of the restaurant industry across all segments shifted their resources toward adopting more technology in their business strategies (National Restaurant Association, 2021).

investment in restaurant technology

The growing demand for ordering food through mobile apps has prompted one in four restaurant owners to invest in technology while up to 51% of restaurant operators added online ordering to the services offered to customers (National Restaurant Association, 2021). POS software statistics all point to a direction of robust growth that is poised to help the industry recover and even exceed pre-pandemic profitability.

Source: 2021 State of Restaurant Industry by NRA

The POS software industry is expected to grow by over 6% between 2021 and 2028 (Grand View Research, 2021). To put this in context, in terms of revenue share, POS software end users make up 15.5 billion of the global restaurant market. The main drivers of the market growth will be full-service restaurants (FSR) which posted a 39% adoption rate (Grand View Research, 2021).

pos end users

Aside from these developments, POS software trends are also worth noting as they will help determine overall strategy. Overall, 59% of restaurant operators cited improving digital customer engagement as their top strategic goal, followed by improving business analytics (41%), and improving employee productivity and retention (39%) (Hospitality Tech, 2022).

Source: Hospitality Tech 2022

POS Software Trends

Restaurant operators reap significant benefits from using POS software. Now that businesses are reeling from the pandemic, software solutions like payroll for small business are playing a crucial role in getting back to business while reducing costs. The following POS software trends will influence how restaurant operators manage their businesses.

  • New payment options. The available payment preferences impact the likelihood of a customer choosing your restaurant over another. According to the National Restaurant Association (2021), 29% of those who order food online for takeout or delivery are more likely to choose a restaurant with contactless payment options. Due to the rise of cryptocurrency, e-wallets, and other forms of digital currencies, the developers of POS software are expected to facilitate this growing need for more new payment methods.
  • Centralized menus. With many POS software being cloud-based platforms, restaurant owners often prefer those that offer tools for the centralized menu for easy updating. For instance, if you want to add a new menu item, the POS system will take care of updating all your branches. This can save you time as it allows you to input new menu items from one location. Moreover, digital menus are on the rise with up to 54% of casual dining restaurant owners incorporating QR codes to improve menu accessibility for their customers (National Restaurant Association, 2021).

Source: 2021 State of Restaurant Industry by NRA

  • Better customer relationship management (CRM). By leveraging POS data, restaurants are now more equipped when it comes to enhancing customer experience. Approximately 25% of restaurants wish to have a loyalty management feature in their POS system while about 37% already have it in their current system but find it hard to use it (, 2022). The improved collection and management of customer information through POS software enables restaurants to use data and drive revenue growth. Moreover, as digital privacy continues to be a main concern, restaurant owners are searching for a more secure way to transact with customers and keep their data secure.
  • Online table reservation. Post-pandemic, contactless transactions have become an integral part of service-oriented businesses. In 2022, 58% of restaurants agree that enabling self-service options is a key driver of POS upgrades (Hospitality Tech, 2022). Since the threat of getting infected is still present, diners can make and manage reservations through apps. What is more, customers can chat with chatbots for specific requests and other basic inquiries. The aim of all these additional services is to provide a seamless customer experience.

QR code menu accessibility

The main challenges of using POS software include cost, privacy, and adaptability. Customers want to know how their data will be used when added to a restaurant’s database. Furthermore, when the number of available POS systems increases, the competition for end-users could lead to a significant reduction in costs and a race to improve each platform’s user interface, making the software more adaptable.

List of Best PoS Software

Competing in the hospitality management sector requires having the right tools to be able to provide seamless customer experience. As part of the service industry, hospitality management programs teach students to focus on creating experiences that will make the customer loyal. The following list of the best POS software has been identified by the team based on inventory tracking tools, sales reporting and analytics tools, customer and employee management tools, and mobile access.

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1. Posist Restaurant POS


Posist Restaurant POS is a versatile platform for restaurant owners who want to scale up their businesses. Annually, it handles nearly 80 million orders for over 10,000 establishments in more than 50 countries. Posist Restaurant POS has a unique program suitable for multi-chain restaurants and operators who want to scale up their business.

It can run on any device so that end-users can use the software on any existing platform. For operators with existing third-party technology or who would prefer to integrate any other technology, Posist Restaurant POS halves the overall implementation period, indicating better adaptability with Posist Restaurant POS.

Posist Restaurant POS Key Features:

  • Accepts orders and payments from multiple channels
  • Centralizes reporting system for efficient evaluation and planning
  • Provides immediate assistance with 24/7 global support
  • Analytics tools provide detailed reports
  • Streamlines restaurant billing
  • Automates front-of-house operations


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2. Toast

Toast POS dashboard

Toast is an accessible POS software that can assist with any tableside service for your customers. You can experience the convenience of portable technology that collects guest feedback and handles payments. It also automates the availability of your menu items so that you can get real-time updates through its cloud-based platform.

If you own multiple locations, Toast can also provide an overview of your locations’ performance. It can also summarize the revenue of your entire business. The Toast team also offers 24/7/365 support with on-site or remote training for your employees.

Toast Key Features:

  • Updates menus from any terminal
  • Monitors your restaurant from any device, anywhere
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • Quicker payment and order times ensure improved customer service
  • Simple user interface and platform set-up
  • Spill-proof hardware to protect your investment while your restaurant is busy


Toast POS Plan starts at $69 per month. The vendor also offers a free plan and other add-on services.

3. Foodics

Foodics dashboard

Foodics is an effective customer relationship management POS software that can store customer data. It facilitates loyalty programs, rewards, and gift cards to encourage customer loyalty.

With a 24/7 support team, you can stay on top of your business activities from a tablet. It also works offline and can provide real-time analytics when updated. It offers three packages, allowing you to match your needs with its services at fair prices. It has optional add-on features, such as table management and coupons.

Foodics Key Features:

  • Reduces waiting in lines with customer notifier app
  • Streamlines processes between kitchen and client-facing staff
  • Provides advanced inventory management
  • Includes seating charts for efficient table management
  • Real-time analytics provides valuable data for improving operations
  • Organizes back-of-house ordering system


Billed annually, Foodics pricing starts at SAR 199 per month.

4. Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed restaurant dashboard

Lightspeed is a complete POS software that facilitates contactless payments through QR codes. This cloud-based software allows for the collection of real-time data of any completed transactions and orders. You can make data-driven decisions to grow your business from inventory management and monthly sales reports.

Your customers can split the bill and pay their share using their phones. You can also manage your customers through a visible seating chart that lets you transfer food or drinks as your guests move around the restaurant. Lightspeed is also ready to handle online orders to boost your restaurant’s reach.

Lightspeed Restaurant Key Features:

  • Facilitates contactless ordering
  • Allows users to manage restaurant floor plans on the app
  • Eliminates waiting time with QR code payment functionality
  • Offers multiple payment options
  • Generates real-time staff performance reports
  • Offline function keeps restaurants running all the time


Lightspeed Restaurant pricing plans start at $69 per month.

5. Square Restaurant POS Software

Square POS dashboard

Square Restaurant POS Software caters to all kinds of restaurants. Whether you own a quick-service, full-service, or casual restaurant, a bar, or a ghost kitchen, Square Restaurant offers features that can streamline your processes.

With Square Restaurant, you can update your menu and manage repeat orders. You can even monitor staff performance from the platform. For those with a limited budget and who want to begin using POS software on their existing devices, this product is a good option. You can also facilitate online, delivery, and dine-in orders using Square Restaurant POS.

Square Restuarant POS Features:

  • Syncs on-premise, online, and delivery orders across all devices
  • Automated analytics and employee management tools
  • Increases your market reach with the online site
  • Promotes convenience with tableside and online payments
  • Provides one-on-one in-person or remote customer support
  • Improves the adoption of a POS with a simple set-up


Pricing for Square Restaurant POS Software starts at $60 per month. The vendor also offers a free plan.

6. SoftTouch POS

SoftTouch dashboard

SoftTouch POS has a stable, cloud-based platform with various features, such as inventory management, liquor dispenser monitoring, landed cost integration, and more. It has many customer-friendly features that encourage brand loyalty by managing reward programs and gift card disbursement.

Whether you provide counter or table service, drive-thru, takeout or delivery, SoftTouch POS has efficient integration for all restaurant owners. With comprehensive functionality, this platform can aid your business as you scale while at the same time securing your data.

SoftTouch POS Key Features:

  • Delivers personalized services with the in-built caller ID recognition
  • Improves accuracy of delivery services with advanced mapping
  • Enhances customer service through auto-fill address feature
  • Proximity scanner facilitates touchless sign-on
  • Includes handheld solution for table-side ordering
  • Enhances solution with data center-hosted cloud infrastructure


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7. SpotOn

SpotOn dashboard

SpotOn, formerly Appetize, allows for easy integration with other popular platforms to ensure you can transfer your company’s data securely. You can connect it with QuickBooks, QSR online, DoorDash, and more. It has a multi-location management option for fine dining, quick service, and casual full-service restaurants.

If you want to scale your business through marketing, Appetize can help as it stores guest data and enrolls them to loyalty programs. It can capture your customers’ emails to facilitate digital wait listing and contract tracing.

SpotOn Key Features:

  • Enables partners to scale integrations
  • Offers custom end-to-end POS solution
  • Integrates digital marketing and loyalty at checkout
  • Offers robust fully-interactive reporting
  • Provides digital reservations and organizes with varying table layouts
  • Facilitates faster transactions through an interactive touchscreen display


SpotOn pricing starts at $60 per month for one station.

8. Heartland Digital Dining

Heartland-digital-Dining dashboard

Heartland Digital Dining has an award-winning support team that promises to answer your call within 30 seconds or less. Customer service is at the center of this POS software, bringing convenience to any tableside assistance your employees provide.

Your team members can collect orders and effectively respond to any questions from your customers with this handheld POS platform. You can also keep track of valuable information, including the ability of your employees to sell your products and which meals are the most profitable.

Heartland Digital Dining Key Features:

  • Includes payments processing and online payment tools
  • Gives customers a consistent and seamless checkout experience
  • Empowers users to go mobile with the cloud POS solution
  • Keeps track of customer seating to ensure accurate table service
  • Leverages customer information for improved marketing strategy
  • Allows custom business documents to align with branding


Heartland Digital Dining pricing packages start at $89 per month.

9. BPA Restaurant Professional

BPA POS dashboard

BPA Restaurant Professional is a comprehensive platform that manages everything from supply coordination to global payroll software management. It reduces team workload so you can focus on other aspects of the business and cut down on costs in the long run.

You can use BPA Restaurant Professional for reward programs, gift cards, labor management, food recipes, and more. This POS can also process your earnings with Clearent or Global Payments integrated, allowing for greater flexibility when customers want more payment options.

BPA Restaurant Professional Key Features:

  • Provides robust inventory management system
  • Allows for customization through an easily configurable interface
  • Offers versatile management with single-station and multiple-station options
  • Ensures flexibility in your menu with its user-friendly set-up
  • Keeps your data secure with its EMV and PCI-compliant features
  • Eliminates double entry and extra accounting fees


The single station software license of BPA Restaurant Professional is priced at $70, plus, $55 per month for support.

10. Sapaad

Sapaad dashboard

Sapaad is a user-friendly platform, offering restaurant owners cloud-based services. It facilitates online ordering with its delivery management system, allowing you to cater to customers who prefer takeout or delivery services. It also services dine-in customers with its tableside payment features, kitchen display systems, QR ordering, and offline mode.

You can use Sapaad to manage your inventory and ensure that you fully stock your kitchen. It also offers a customer profile feature that lets you customize your services toward your target market or develop a strategy based on your current customer base.

Sapaad Key Features:

  • Customizes orders based on custom preferences
  • Provides multilingual menus and invoices
  • Offline mode ensures continued operations at all times
  • Manages various branches with a multi-location-friendly platform
  • Device-agnostic design runs on any device be it Android, iOS, or Web
  • Lets you access all running orders on one screen


Pricing starts at $59.99 per month. Sapaad offers a 14-day free trial.

11. Beyond Menu POS


Beyond Menu POS is a bilingual POS platform that allows you to switch the interface from Chinese to English seamlessly. You can customize your menus and delivery fees, giving you more flexibility to cater to different locations. BeyondMenu POS also offers driver management support to ensure you stay on top of every process involved in the business.

The software supports caller ID, so you can provide your customers with the personalized service they deserve. It also has an autocomplete address feature to make it easier for your customers to add their addresses to the system.

BeyondMenu POS Key Features:

  • Seamlessly handles any type of order
  • Accommodates multiple orders with the order entry system
  • Easily split or combine orders
  • Handles all types of payments
  • Keeps track of employee performance
  • Provides insights on sales and other key metrics
  • Monitors payouts and identifies cashier discrepancies


Pricing for BeyondMenu POS is $250 for the one-time set-up fee, plus, $100 each for additional stations.

12. Floreant POS

Floreant dashboard

Floreant POS is an open-source POS software that provides business owners with a free option to manage their restaurants. It uses Linux and Raspberry PI, so your hardware for this POS platform can be low-cost. Moreover, as an open-source program, you can modify Floreant POS to suit your needs.

Floreant POS stays on top of industry trends by actively updating the software daily. Depending on your business needs, you can upgrade it with new plugins. Floreant POS supports taxes, tableside service, kitchen control, and more.

Floreant POS Key Features:

  • Runs on Linux and Raspberry PI
  • Install and use anywhere, even in remote areas
  • Directly connects to terminal cash drawers
  • Easily configure store and terminal
  • Generates sales and payroll reports
  • Customize to match any store you own
  • Payout system manages employee tips



13. onePOS


onePOS is an all-around POS platform that provides cloud-based services to restaurant owners. It supports online ordering, kiosk services, and kitchen displays to ensure a streamlined process for your business. You can also use it to offer your customers various payment methods that are integrated with EMV, Google Pay, NFC, ApplePay, and more.

Stay on top of company activities on any device with onePOS as it is accessible on Windows, Android, and iOS. The onePOS team can also help you migrate your data from your previous platform

onePOS Key Features:

  • Process customer orders with integrated online ordering
  • Supports a variety of payment standards including EMV, NFC, and ApplePay
  • Keeps sales data backup safe for five years
  • Facilitates efficient scheduling with the oneSchedule app
  • Builds customer loyalty with loyalty programs and gift cards
  • Manages your data on-site and off-site using a hybrid-cloud system


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14. Pure iPos – Restaurant POS Software

Pure iPOS dashboard

Pure iPos is a cloud-based platform that helps your team manage your restaurant’s day-to-day tasks. It allows you to focus more on delivering excellent customer service and delicious meals rather than administrative tasks such as billing and monitoring sales.

For billing purposes, Pure iPos offers flexibility. If your customers want to split the bill, you can easily do so with Pure iPos. For every sale made, PureiPos automatically updates your inventory. In this way, you can stay on top of how much you need to order from your vendors and keep your kitchen inventory optimized.

Pure iPos Key Features:

  • Manages all your branches from a single location
  • Controls user access and protects data stored on the POS platform
  • Provides detailed reports for data-driven decisions
  • Collects valuable customer data for marketing and CRM purposes
  • Monitors your business by generating reports from the POS platform
  • Facilitates flexible billing for superior customer experience


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15. 2ndKitchen 2Go

2ndKitchen-2Go dashboard

2ndKitchen 2Go is a free POS software that can help you scale your restaurant business by partnering with nearby businesses in your area. It partners your company with local establishments to ensure the swift delivery of meals to customers.

2ndKitchen 2Go increases customer satisfaction as the proximity factor enables an average five-minute delivery time. You can also have your business featured in online menus to improve your market reach. 2ndKitchen 2Go helps you gain access to potential customers in residential communities, hotels, bars, and more.

2ndKitchen 2Go Key Features:

  • Commission-based pricing requires no setup and no monthly fees
  • Facilitates quick payment of orders
  • Takes care of customer support and menu creation
  • Optimizes inventory planning
  • Allows for immediate software deployment
  • Quick delivery time enhances customer loyalty


Commission-based pricing.

Scale Your Business Using PoS Software

Using POS software can streamline operations and increase sales through digital engagement and mobile transactions. Indeed, if you want to scale your business, adopting this restaurant technology will benefit not just your internal operations, but your customers as well.

With POS software in place, you can focus more on formulating growth strategies and less on administrative tasks. Be sure to consider your budget and your business requirements before deciding which POS software to use. You can also consider investing in suitable inventory management platforms and CRM software to automate other areas of your business and build a solid foundation for growth.

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