15 Best Property Management Software in 2023

15 Best Property Management Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
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Real-estate is a profitable venture, making it a popular option among entrepreneurs. However, property management can be demanding, considering the duties and responsibilities of property operators and staff. In the United States, the two most common property management services offered by 80% of industry players are maintenance/repairs and rent/fee collection (iProperty Management, 2022), which are associated with one another as the quality of building maintenance services offered by property management companies contributes to resident satisfaction (Ramli, A. M. A., et al., 2021). In turn, resident satisfaction may contribute to better rates of rent collection.

To improve service quality and ensure growth, the global property management industry has ramped up the adoption of technology over the years. Property owners, operators, and staff have been utilizing efficient online tools like property management software to maintain daily operations, acquire new residents, and keep current tenants satisfied. This guide outlines the different property management software tools available on the market, with insights on their features and pricing to help you determine which one is the most suitable for your business.

Best Property Management Software Table of Contents

  1. Property Management Software Statistics
  2. Property Management Software Trends
  3. List of Best Property Management Software

The global real-estate market expanded from $9.6 trillion in 2019 to $10.5 trillion in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic (Hariharan et al, 2021). Despite this, apartment rentals in major cities around the world experienced a negative growth rate in 2020. However, many people are still more likely to rent instead of buying their own homes due to uncertain long-term housing situations brought about by the pandemic, according to London School of Economics Professor Emeritus Paul Cheshire (Financial Times, 2022).

Since 2021, the number of residential renters have been growing globally. At the same time, rental prices are soaring because properties have only recently been attempting to recover from rental price cuts between 21% and 50% due to the economic impact of the pandemic, according to real-estate firms Serhant and Rightmove (Financial Times, 2022).

Source: CoStar Group, 2022

Despite a negative rental growth rate of 0.1% between July and August 2022 in the United States, the market is still up year over year after experiencing a 20-month positive growth streak starting in December 2020 (CoStar Group, 2022). Therefore, residents and prospects expect property owners and managers to keep pace regarding the quality of their services and facilities.

Property Management Software Statistics

Recent property management software statistics show that professionals in the industry are often saddled with a number of day-to-day responsibilities that go beyond maintaining facilities and communicating with tenants. Luckily, online property management software solutions have been supporting rental businesses in their efficient execution of these tasks. Be it marketing, lease signing, accounting, resident requests, and rent collection, there are solutions out there to make the processes more efficient. Digitization and automation of data storage, property monitoring, and financial transactions with clients and vendors all in one integrated platform allow property owners and managers to shift their focus to improving connections with business partners, residents, and prospective tenants. Thus, long-term profitability and benefits for technologically equipped rental businesses may compensate for the financial costs of software implementation.

Source: iPropertyManagement, 2022

The pandemic may have contributed to the 9% decrease in the global demand of property management software in 2020 in comparison with 2019, but the market has since been expanding to address changing consumer preferences and the call for improvement on consumer interactions (Fortune Business Insights, 2022).

property management software market size

Meanwhile, 2021 property management software statistics reveal that property managers accounted for 35.9% of the global property management market share by end-user, the largest among users that also include housing associations and real-estate agents. The segment is expected to grow rapidly between 2022 and 2029 due to the demand from property managers for technologically supported operating systems. With these in mind, it only goes to show that the property management software market is poised to grow further and develop advancements to cater to the needs of the industry.

share of property managers

The property management and real estate industry is ever-changing, especially as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. Property management software trends show that there have been shifts in business opportunities in the industry, particularly when it comes to the type of properties being rented and who the tenants are. Take the following, for instance:

  • Increased Occupancy in Central Business Districts. Employment and business opportunities are additional driving forces behind apartment-occupancy and office-rental growth in central business districts (CBD) and suburban markets. CBD office rentals went from -3.9% in 2020 to 1.5% in 2021 and are expected to continue to outperform suburban markets within the current year. Location, relative affordability, and slightly higher vacancy have been the top considerations for renters throughout the pandemic, triggering the rise in rentals, according to 2022 real estate and property management software trends.
  • The Rise of Millennial Tenants. Notably, rental applications from high-earning renters among Millennials—digital natives who comprise a large portion of today’s population—increased by 20% in 2021 compared to the previous year (Ciuntu, 2021). In contrast, Generation X applications exhibited a lower growth of 12% while Baby Boomers were at 7%. This only goes to show that in the coming years, property managers can expect younger tenants who potentially have different needs from other generational cohorts.
  • Demand for Smart Homes. According to a 2021 Security.org research, 78% of homebuyers are willing to pay more for homes with smart devices, which are in high demand among Millennials. Seventy-seven percent of the devices included in the research were more likely to be desired by Millennials than by older generations. This presents an opportunity for property owners and operators to reach the demographic by enhancing their facility and property management systems.

demand for homes with smart features

List of Best Property Management Software

1. Entrata

Entrata dashboard

Entrata is a comprehensive property management software that is designed to support owners and operators through a variety of management tasks using different features for marketing, leasing, management, and accounting, among others. The software company also supports renters at every stage of their journey—from house-hunting as leads to becoming rent-paying residents.

Entrata’s marketing tools include ProspectPortal, a website builder with user-informed templates, a user-behavior tracker, and a virtual assistant to help convert leads into prospects. Once a new resident’s lease has been signed with the help of Leasing Center agents, communication and transactions between property staff and residents then take place in ResidentPortal.

Entrata Key Features

  • Streamlines marketing and lead conversion through ProspectPortal
  • Automates lease-signing with custom lease design
  • Integrates accounting elements, such as ledgers, returns, and payments
  • Simplifies physical and financial steps for residents through virtual rent and fee collections
  • Assists operators in managing vendors, orders, and invoice creation
  • Improves facility management using its detailed work-order feature
  • Stores unlimited data and documents securely for the long term


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2. AppFolio Property Manager

AppFolio Property Manager dashboard

AppFolio Property Manager is a business accounting and property management software solution developed by AppFolio, Inc., a cloud-based real-estate management software tools provider based in California. Initially created to cater to small and mid-sized residential property managers, the company’s first-ever product has since expanded its offering and client base to serve commercial establishments and community associations today.

The features of AppFolio Property Manager currently include staffing, training, marketing, leasing, maintenance, accounting, reporting, and communications.

AppFolio Key Features

  • Simplifies accounting processes with an intuitive user interface
  • Offers real-time customizable reporting for diverse portfolios
  • Reduces time spent on manual data compilation with performance insights dashboards
  • Centralizes communication with residents using an in-app text- and email-sending feature
  • Provides a mobile experience for operators and residents
  • Streamlines maintenance workflows
  • Automates payments and integrates records
  • Optimizes staffing and training processes
  • Assists qualified leads using its AI leasing assistant, Lisa


AppFolio Property Manager offers pricing plans for different property types. Residential subscriptions start at $1.40/unit/month while Commercial subscriptions start at $1.50/unit/month. Community Associations may also avail of the platform for $0.80/unit/month. Note that onboarding fees are based on portfolio sizes.

3. Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze dashboard

Founded in 1984, Yardi Breeze is a global American software company for real estate companies. In 2018, the company launched an app of the same name to serve as a simple property management software for smaller portfolios.

Yardi Breeze caters to residential properties, commercial establishments, affordable housing, storage units, associations, manufactured housing, and public housing. It offers marketing, managing, accounting, and live-chat features under two pricing plans—Breeze and Breeze Premier—through any supported browser and compatible device.

Yardi Breeze Key Features

  • Allows operators to maintain properties from any device
  • Centralizes communications with prospects, residents, and owners
  • Provides an online application experience, from screening to leasing
  • Reduces delinquencies using streamlined rent and fee collection
  • Tracks finances and assists in the identification of problem areas
  • Assists in accounting functions, such as payables, receivables, and general ledger
  • Provides comprehensive reports to property owners
  • Streamlines maintenance work through online resident requests


Yardi Breeze offers pricing plans for different property types:

  • Residential and Association subscriptions start at $1/unit/month.
  • Commercial subscriptions start at $2/unit/month.
  • Affordable Housing subscriptions start at $3/unit/month.

Subscriptions for self-storage, manufactured housing, and public housing are also available by quote.

4. Innago

Innago Dashboard

Innago is one of the property management software companies that offer free, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use resident management software solutions, supporting small and mid-sized landlords of commercial properties, residential properties, and student housing. This mobile-compatible tool provides its users with a simple, flexible, and effective interface to smoothen the management process and support property operators in their daily operations.

Among its many functionalities are work order tracking, built-in communication, rental payment management, online leasing, document storage, and invoice automation. The platform also has a module for tenant screening where you can generate comprehensive reports on potential tenants.

Innago Features

  • Simplifies leasing and rent collection
  • Secures data and documents in the cloud
  • Streamlines maintenance work through online resident requests
  • Markets properties through listing and syndication to attract more tenants
  • Allows mobile access to operators and renters
  • Tracks expenses and generates reports
  • Protects operators and residents with renter’s insurance
  • Provides instant access to resident-screening reports

Innago’s base platform is available completely for free. However, charges may apply for certain services such as criminal and eviction history screening, ACH payment processing, and credit/debit card payment screening.

5. Avail

Avail Dashboard

Avail is a free rental property management software solution, which was founded in the US in 2012 by working professionals who are also part-time landlords handling their own family properties. Designed to help independent owners and operators, this platform comes with tools such as credit screening, online rent payments, and maintenance tracking.

In addition to the abovementioned, it comes with syndicated listings that will allow you to manage your listings on multiple platforms. These include Zillow, Zumper, Walkscore, Doorsteps.com, ApartmentList, and more. Moreover, the platform supports photo uploads and workflows, which can come in handy for maintenance requests.

Avail Key Features

  • Publishes listings for free through landlord accounts
  • Advertises listings automatically on the top listing sites in the US
  • Simplifies rental application and leasing
  • Provides a complete resident background check, including financial and criminal history
  • Streamlines rent payments with landlord-specific features
  • Optimizes maintenance progress through online resident-request records
  • Assists in accounting processes, such as bookkeeping and tax-filing


Avail’s basic plan is available for free. Should you need access to its premium features, the vendor offers paid plans, starting at $5/unit/month.

6. BuildingLink.com

Buildinglink.com dashboard

BuildingLink.com is a property management platform used by thousands of high-end buildings in the US and around the world. It is primarily built for condominiums, cooperative housing, homeowners associations (HOAs), and multi-family housing. As such, it offers features such as record-keeping and administration, maintenance, communications, front desk and staff operations, and resident services.

BuildingLink also integrates with other software, including Yardi, Entrata, and Condo Manager, to provide its users with services, such as accounting, payment solutions, and smart home automation.

BuildingLink.com Key Features

  • Streamlines record-keeping and administrative tasks
  • Ensures efficient maintenance of facilities
  • Enables in-app communications with residents
  • Elevates resident experience with mobile, portal, and smart-home features
  • Assists in the management of busy concierge desks and front offices
  • Equips property operators with actionable insights through IoT-sensor solutions
  • Offers customizable, cost-effective bundles for any property size



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7. On-Site

On-site dashboard

On-Site is an end-to-end cloud-based leasing platform designed to simplify the entire property management process. It focuses on lead-to-signed-lease conversion for single-family housing, multi-family housing, student housing, and affordable housing. With this, users can gain access to a marketing suite, leasing suite, property management module, and a renter portal.

With On-Site at your disposal, you can secure stronger leads, qualify renters using custom screening criteria, build online workflows, as well as digitize leases for your renters. The platform also makes it easy for renters to update leases, pay rent, and make maintenance requests online.

On-Site Key Features

  • Builds your brand and drives traffic for wide reach
  • Streamlines applications to turn leads into leases
  • Simplifies lease renewals, rent payments, and resident requests
  • Improves a property’s technology stack with Property Productivity tools
  • Tracks records and generates reports
  • Allows for applicant background checks
  • Stores data and documents securely in the cloud


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Skyline dashboard

SKYLINE is a fully integrated property management solution built for various property types. Built to create paperless workspaces, this platform comes with accounting functions, lease administration options, as well as facilities management tools. It also comes with a portal where users can dispatch user requests, process applications, manage documents, and more. As it is completely cloud-based, users can access the platform wherever they may be.

SKYLINE’s commercial real estate users include office, retail, industrial, and data centers, while its residential real estate clients include single-family housing, multi-family housing, condominiums, HOAs, and student housing.

SKYLINE Key Features

  • Integrates various accounting functions
  • Generates financial reports
  • Tracks and maintains property, unit, vendor, and resident data
  • Centralizes lease administration and facilities management
  • Offers user convenience with mobile services
  • Provides support through 24/7 client portals
  • Offers monthly SKYLINE trainings on platform features


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9. StarRez

StarRez dashboard

StarRez is a mobile-friendly resident and property operations tool that focuses on academic communities, multi-family housing, staff housing, and shared housing. It supports over a thousand customers in more than 25 countries in North America, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific with its housing accommodation automation solutions for small to large properties.

StarRez has a mobile application that allows its users to access all its features anytime and anywhere. Its general key features include resident screening, automated billing processes, and data security. For student-users, StarRez provides roommate-matching, room maintenance, and resident engagement. StarRez also has integration with other online tools and systems, such as PayPal, Microsoft Dynamics, and Mailchimp.

StarRez Key Features

  • Offers a complete view of all resident activities and engagement
  • Provides an online application experience from screening to leasing
  • Integrates with in-company HR systems and other software solutions
  • Automates billing processes and allows for multiple online payments
  • Offers built-in dashboards for reporting and insights
  • Streamlines communications with staff and residents

Improves staff workflow to ensure property and facility maintenance


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10. SimplifyEm

SimplifyEm dashboard

SimplifyEm is a property management software created by real estate professionals to simplify the process from end-to-end. Whether your portfolio is small or extensive, the platform provides various solutions to help you manage them to a tee. Among its features are tenant management, payment collection, and maintenance request tracking.

More than the basic functionalities already mentioned, this platform can easily collect digital lease signatures, track income and expenses, as well as automate a slew of repetitive tasks. It also comes with a built-in document storage to keep all important files in one place. There’s also a portal through which tenants and owners can communicate with ease.

SimplifyEm Key Features

  • Provides an online application experience from screening to leasing
  • Simplifies resident, vendor, and owner communications and transactions through portals
  • Automates fees, receipts, notices, and reports
  • Tracks full income and expenses
  • Improves staff performance with its work-order feature
  • Manages tenant and lease information
  • Maintains vendor communications and year-end taxes
  • Generates detailed reports for owners and operators
  • Offers unlimited document storage
  • Provides support through email and live phone


SimplifyEm offers pricing plans between $25/month for up to 10 units and $1,620/month for up to 2,000 units.

11. Property Matrix

Property Matrix dashboard

Property Matrix is a user-friendly property management software solution built for customization. The system can easily adapt to your existing workflows and enhance processes using automation. Among its many features are enterprise accounting, payment processing, and document management. It also has a communication hub where tenants, owners, and vendors can share files, submit requests, and the like.

The platform also offers enterprise class reporting features. It has an editable report designer where you can generate reports on every aspect of your business. Moreover, the platform can simplify the posting of property listings as it can directly post on platforms like Zillow, Trulia, Live Lovely, and more.

Property Matrix Key Features

  • Provides credit card and ACH options to residents, vendors, and owners
  • Optimizes handling of transactions through online payments, check scanning, and check printing
  • Includes an in-app communications hub for leads, residents, owners, and vendors
  • Integrates accounting processes using 100% built-in capabilities
  • Streamlines existing processes using customization features
  • Offers a comprehensive document-management tool
  • Enables efficient workflows using portals
  • Enhances marketing efforts using professionally designed websites


Property Matrix offers pricing plans starting at $450/month, including 250 units and a $1.75 charge for each added unit.

12. Pendo

Pendo dashboard

Pendo is an online property management platform based in Canada that provides services to properties of any size. Whether you manage one or 100 units, Pendo can streamline property management processes for you. It comes with tools to help you scan tenants, send out digital lease agreements, and collect payments.

Pendo also generates condition inspection reports to help make moving in and out easier for tenants. With this, all you need to do is snap photos of the property and take notes so you can keep a record of the condition of your property before someone moves in or after someone moves out. In addition to these, Pendo automatically tracks essential metrics like income, expenses, overdue rent, and more so you can cover all your bases at all times.

Pendo Key Features

  • Organizes leads and notifies operators of lead generation
  • Creates unlimited online applications for free
  • Provides pre-screening and full screening of applicants with Certn and Equifax
  • Monitors rent collection, upcoming vacancies, and expiring leases using Pendo Performance Dashboard
  • Assists in effortless rent collection through PendoPay
  • Generates financial and condition inspection reports


Pendo offers pricing plans starting at $10/month, including simple automation for properties with one to five rental units.

13. MRI Angus

Angus Anywhere dashboard

MRI Angus, formerly Angus AnyWhere, is a building operations platform developed by Angus Systems, which has been acquired in January 2022 by MRI Software, a global real-estate solutions company. MRI Angus focuses on the optimization of property management for owners, operators, and occupants.

The platform offers tools to help you manage tenant requests, visitor security, preventive maintenance, as well as property risk management. It can also generate a building directory, create a tenant handbook, manage certificates of insurance, and create custom property-specific surveys to improve the overall experience of tenants.

MRI Angus Key Features

  • Provides insights through dashboards, analytics, and reporting
  • Monitors resident requests through a mobile-friendly service portal
  • Integrates building directories on an interactive touchscreen
  • Enables real-time notification and response tracking on desktop or mobile
  • Streamlines maintenance schedules and processes
  • Assists in establishing a professional web presence
  • Provides a common online resource calendar with support and billing tools


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14. Condo Control

Condo Control dashboard

Established in 2008, Condo Control is a property management software company that serves condominiums, co-ops, HOAs, and management companies, among other industries. The company’s staff includes licensed property managers, security professionals, and property board members so you can rest assured that it can provide you with the functionalities that you require for operations.

With this at your disposal, you can gain access to record-keeping functionalities, tenant communication options, as well as a concierge module to improve tenant-facing functions. It can also integrate with various software solutions so it can play well with your existing processes.

Condo Control Key Features

  • Enables electronically shared documents, events, and messages
  • Maintains digital records of assets, reports, and maintenance projects, among others
  • Improves operations, such as package tracking, visitor parking, and security
  • Provides instant access through the Condo Control mobile app
  • Integrates with other software tools, such as QuickBooks, Yardi, and Condo Manager
  • Provides hardware tools, such as a Topaz Signature Pad, a printer, and an ID scanner
  • Offers in-depth training sessions in person, online, or through live webinars


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15. Guesty

Guesty dashboard

Founded in 2013, Guesty is a global all-in-one short-term and vacation rental management solution that boasts of supporting efficient property operations, helping clients increase revenue, and assisting them in scaling their businesses. The platform is a consolidation of communication, financial, growth, and operational tools for aparthotels, glamping, serviced apartments, urban rentals, and vacation rentals.

Among its many features are booking website creation, channel management, multi-calendar reservation views, payment processing, revenue management, task management, and 24/7 guest communication services. These aside, the platform also has robust reporting tools to help you gain insights into the performance of your properties.

Guesty Key Features

  • Automates bookkeeping processes
  • Generates actionable insights and key performance indicators
  • Automates routine tasks, such as customized message templates, price adjustments, and online payments
  • Offers branded booking websites to showcase comprehensive portfolios
  • Simplifies channel onboarding and maintenance using Channel Manager
  • Provides access to management tools through its mobile app
  • Offers 24/7 guest communication services


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Choose the Best Property Management Software for Your Business

Your choice of software solutions significantly depends on your business requirements, goals, and target market—whether you cater to single-family housing, multi-family housing, student housing, condominiums, or commercial properties, among others. Thorough assessment of business and resident needs and concerns, paired with in-depth research on the relevant features of management solutions capable of efficiently fulfilling your requirements may help you in your decision-making.



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