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Environmental Sciences H-index 118 Citations 63,148 328 World Ranking 35 National Ranking 21


What is he best known for?

The fields of study he is best known for:

  • Ecology
  • Statistics
  • Climate change

His primary areas of investigation include Vegetation, Remote sensing, Climatology, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index and Climate change. His Vegetation study incorporates themes from Greening, Albedo, Northern Hemisphere, Scale and Spatial heterogeneity. His studies deal with areas such as Radiative transfer, Leaf area index, Photosynthetically active radiation and Moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer as well as Remote sensing.

His Climatology study combines topics from a wide range of disciplines, such as Carbon cycle, Surface runoff, Precipitation and Stage. His biological study spans a wide range of topics, including Temperate forest and Atmospheric sciences, Atmospheric temperature, Solar zenith angle. His Climate change study integrates concerns from other disciplines, such as Ecosystem, Land use and Biosphere.

His most cited work include:

  • Increased plant growth in the northern high latitudes from 1981 to 1991 (2739 citations)
  • Climate-driven increases in global terrestrial net primary production from 1982 to 1999. (2368 citations)
  • Global products of vegetation leaf area and fraction absorbed PAR from year one of MODIS data (1378 citations)

What are the main themes of his work throughout his whole career to date?

The scientist’s investigation covers issues in Remote sensing, Vegetation, Climatology, Leaf area index and Atmospheric sciences. His Remote sensing research includes themes of Canopy, Photosynthetically active radiation, Land cover, Moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer and Radiative transfer. His Moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer study combines topics in areas such as Meteorology and Radiometry.

His Vegetation research is mostly focused on the topic Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. His study on Climatology also encompasses disciplines like

  • Climate change which is related to area like Ecosystem, Phenology and Physical geography,
  • Amazon rainforest that intertwine with fields like Dry season. The various areas that Ranga B. Myneni examines in his Atmospheric sciences study include Carbon cycle, Carbon sink, Latitude and Terrestrial ecosystem.

He most often published in these fields:

  • Remote sensing (37.26%)
  • Vegetation (31.13%)
  • Climatology (27.83%)

What were the highlights of his more recent work (between 2017-2021)?

  • Atmospheric sciences (19.10%)
  • Greening (7.78%)
  • Leaf area index (22.64%)

In recent papers he was focusing on the following fields of study:

Atmospheric sciences, Greening, Leaf area index, Climate change and Vegetation are his primary areas of study. The study incorporates disciplines such as Carbon, Carbon cycle, Satellite and Precipitation in addition to Atmospheric sciences. His Leaf area index research is multidisciplinary, relying on both Soil science, Primary production, Surface runoff and Remote sensing.

Ranga B. Myneni has included themes like Pixel, Land cover, Grassland, Geostationary orbit and Moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer in his Remote sensing study. His Climate change research integrates issues from Afforestation, Ecosystem, Physical geography and Temperate climate. Ranga B. Myneni has researched Vegetation in several fields, including Global warming, Effects of global warming, Atmosphere and Earth system science.

Between 2017 and 2021, his most popular works were:

  • China and India lead in greening of the world through land-use management (404 citations)
  • Increased vegetation growth and carbon stock in China karst via ecological engineering (138 citations)
  • Characteristics, drivers and feedbacks of global greening (118 citations)

In his most recent research, the most cited papers focused on:

  • Ecology
  • Statistics
  • Climate change

Ranga B. Myneni focuses on Climate change, Atmospheric sciences, Leaf area index, Vegetation and Biome. He interconnects Agroforestry, Afforestation, Ecosystem and Land use in the investigation of issues within Climate change. His Atmospheric sciences research is multidisciplinary, incorporating elements of Carbon, Carbon cycle and Precipitation.

As part of his studies on Leaf area index, Ranga B. Myneni often connects relevant subjects like Remote sensing. Ranga B. Myneni combines subjects such as Radiative transfer, Representativeness heuristic, Photosynthetically active radiation and Moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer with his study of Remote sensing. His Vegetation research integrates issues from Greening and Global warming.

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Top Publications

Carbon and Other Biogeochemical Cycles

P. Ciais;C. Sabine;G. Bala;L. Bopp.
Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2014)

2457 Citations

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS): land remote sensing for global change research

C.O. Justice;E. Vermote;J.R.G. Townshend;R. Defries.
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (1998)

1545 Citations

Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) instrument description and experiment overview

D.J. Diner;J.C. Beckert;T.H. Reilly;C.J. Bruegge.
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (1998)

978 Citations

Evidence for a significant urbanization effect on climate in China

Liming Zhou;Robert Earl Dickinson;Yuhong Tian;Jingyun Fang.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2004)

800 Citations

A large carbon sink in the woody biomass of Northern forests

R. B. Myneni;J. Dong;C. J. Tucker;R. K. Kaufmann.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2001)

794 Citations

Amazon rainforests green‐up with sunlight in dry season

Alfredo R. Huete;Kamel Didan;Yosio E. Shimabukuro;Piyachat Ratana.
Geophysical Research Letters (2006)

754 Citations

Remote sensing of vegetation and land-cover change in Arctic Tundra Ecosystems

Douglas A. Stow;Allen Hope;David McGuire;David Verbyla.
Remote Sensing of Environment (2004)

752 Citations

Climatic control of the high-latitude vegetation greening trend and Pinatubo effect

Wolfgang Lucht;I. Colin Prentice;Ranga B. Myneni;Stephen Sitch.
Science (2002)

740 Citations

Contribution of semi-arid ecosystems to interannual variability of the global carbon cycle

Benjamin Poulter;David Frank;Philippe Ciais;Ranga B. Myneni.
Nature (2014)

702 Citations

Greening of the Earth and its drivers

Zaichun Zhu;Zaichun Zhu;Shilong Piao;Shilong Piao;Ranga B. Myneni;Mengtian Huang.
Nature Climate Change (2016)

681 Citations

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