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Microbiology D-index 42 Citations 12,312 75 World Ranking 3141 National Ranking 1262


What is she best known for?

The fields of study she is best known for:

  • Gene
  • Virus
  • Immune system

Her primary scientific interests are in Virology, Virus latency, Immunology, Virus and Viremia. All of her Virology and Viral replication and Viral load investigations are sub-components of the entire Virology study. Her Virus latency research is multidisciplinary, relying on both T cell, In vitro, Genome and In vivo.

Her Immunology study incorporates themes from Ex vivo and Follow up studies. As part of the same scientific family, she usually focuses on Virus, concentrating on Virus Integration and intersecting with Disease reservoir and Peripheral blood mononuclear cell. Her studies deal with areas such as Viral disease, Lentivirus, Long term follow up, Gene and Antiretroviral therapy as well as Viremia.

Her most cited work include:

  • Activation of the ATM Kinase by Ionizing Radiation and Phosphorylation of p53 (1780 citations)
  • Long-term follow-up studies confirm the stability of the latent reservoir for HIV-1 in resting CD4+ T cells. (1210 citations)
  • Replication-Competent Noninduced Proviruses in the Latent Reservoir Increase Barrier to HIV-1 Cure (870 citations)

What are the main themes of her work throughout her whole career to date?

Janet D. Siliciano mostly deals with Virology, Virus, Immunology, Viremia and Viral load. Her Virology research includes elements of T cell, Provirus and Antiretroviral therapy. The concepts of her Virus study are interwoven with issues in Virus Integration, Genome and In vivo.

Her work deals with themes such as Disease reservoir and Drug resistance, which intersect with Immunology. The Viremia study combines topics in areas such as Gastroenterology, Peripheral blood mononuclear cell, T lymphocyte and Clone. Janet D. Siliciano focuses mostly in the field of Viral replication, narrowing it down to topics relating to Polymerase chain reaction and, in certain cases, DNA.

She most often published in these fields:

  • Virology (67.68%)
  • Virus (43.43%)
  • Immunology (39.39%)

What were the highlights of her more recent work (between 2017-2021)?

  • Virology (67.68%)
  • Virus (43.43%)
  • Proviral dna (5.05%)

In recent papers she was focusing on the following fields of study:

Janet D. Siliciano mainly investigates Virology, Virus, Proviral dna, Viremia and Antiretroviral therapy. While working on this project, Janet D. Siliciano studies both Virology and Latency. Her work carried out in the field of Virus brings together such families of science as Genome and Viral genomes.

Viremia connects with themes related to Viral replication in her study. In her research, Regulation of gene expression is intimately related to Provirus, which falls under the overarching field of Antiretroviral therapy. The study incorporates disciplines such as Virus latency and T cell in addition to In vivo.

Between 2017 and 2021, her most popular works were:

  • A quantitative approach for measuring the reservoir of latent HIV-1 proviruses (178 citations)
  • Expanded cellular clones carrying replication-competent HIV-1 persist, wax, and wane. (113 citations)
  • Differential decay of intact and defective proviral DNA in HIV-1–infected individuals on suppressive antiretroviral therapy (33 citations)

In her most recent research, the most cited papers focused on:

  • Gene
  • Virus
  • DNA

Janet D. Siliciano spends much of her time researching Virology, T cell, Virus, In vivo and Provirus. She integrates several fields in her works, including Virology and Random intercept. Her T cell research focuses on In vitro and how it relates to Polymerase chain reaction, DNA, Cell culture, Cell and Effector.

Her research integrates issues of Regulation of gene expression and Genome, Viral genomes in her study of Virus. Her In vivo research is multidisciplinary, incorporating perspectives in Virus latency, Viremia, Homeostasis and T-cell receptor. Her biological study spans a wide range of topics, including Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, Antiretroviral therapy and Proviral dna.

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Best Publications

Activation of the ATM Kinase by Ionizing Radiation and Phosphorylation of p53

Christine E. Canman;Dae Sik Lim;Karlene A. Cimprich;Yoichi Taya.
Science (1998)

2458 Citations

Long-term follow-up studies confirm the stability of the latent reservoir for HIV-1 in resting CD4+ T cells.

Janet D Siliciano;Joleen Kajdas;Diana Finzi;Thomas C Quinn;Thomas C Quinn.
Nature Medicine (2003)

1670 Citations

Replication-Competent Noninduced Proviruses in the Latent Reservoir Increase Barrier to HIV-1 Cure

Ya Chi Ho;Liang Shan;Nina N. Hosmane;Jeffrey Wang.
Cell (2013)

1063 Citations


Janet D. Siliciano;Christine E. Canman;Yoichi Taya;Kazuyasu Sakaguchi.
Genes & Development (1997)

1011 Citations

Comparative Analysis of Measures of Viral Reservoirs in HIV-1 Eradication Studies

Susanne Eriksson;Erin H. Graf;Viktor Dahl;Matthew C. Strain.
PLOS Pathogens (2013)

530 Citations

A vinculin-containing cortical lattice in skeletal muscle : transverse lattice elements ("costameres") mark sites of attachment between myofibrils and sarcolemma

Jose V. Pardo;Janet D'Angelo Siliciano;Susan W. Craig.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (1983)

487 Citations

Broad CTL response is required to clear latent HIV-1 due to dominance of escape mutations

Kai Deng;Mihaela Pertea;Anthony Rongvaux;Leyao Wang.
Nature (2015)

454 Citations

Defective proviruses rapidly accumulate during acute HIV-1 infection.

Katherine M. Bruner;Alexandra J. Murray;Ross A. Pollack;Mary G. Soliman.
Nature Medicine (2016)

440 Citations

New ex vivo approaches distinguish effective and ineffective single agents for reversing HIV-1 latency in vivo

C Korin Bullen;Gregory M Laird;Christine M Durand;Janet D Siliciano.
Nature Medicine (2014)

436 Citations

Residual Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Viremia in Some Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy Is Dominated by a Small Number of Invariant Clones Rarely Found in Circulating CD4+ T Cells

Justin R. Bailey;Ahmad R. Sedaghat;Tara Kieffer;Timothy Brennan.
Journal of Virology (2006)

356 Citations

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