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Discipline name H-index Citations Publications World Ranking National Ranking
Ecology and Evolution H-index 115 Citations 58,790 367 World Ranking 35 National Ranking 2
Plant Science and Agronomy H-index 117 Citations 50,369 332 World Ranking 4 National Ranking 1

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Awards & Achievements

2004 - Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky Medal, European Geosciences Union

1993 - Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

1990 - German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina - Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina – Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Lisbon Academy of Sciences (Academia das Ciências de Lisboa)


What is he best known for?

The fields of study he is best known for:

  • Ecology
  • Botany
  • Ecosystem

The scientist’s investigation covers issues in Ecology, Ecosystem, Agronomy, Botany and Biodiversity. His Ecology study is mostly concerned with Species richness, Carbon cycle, Carbon sink, Ecosystem respiration and Taiga. His Ecosystem research is multidisciplinary, relying on both Productivity, Agroforestry and Lessivage.

His studies deal with areas such as Isotopes of nitrogen, Soil respiration, Evergreen and Water content as well as Agronomy. His research combines Nutrient and Botany. Ernst Detlef Schulze has researched Biodiversity in several fields, including Trophic level, Grassland, Land use and Ecosystem services.

His most cited work include:

  • Europe-wide reduction in primary productivity caused by the heat and drought in 2003 (2547 citations)
  • A global analysis of root distributions for terrestrial biomes (2052 citations)
  • Plant diversity and productivity experiments in european grasslands (1572 citations)

What are the main themes of his work throughout his whole career to date?

His main research concerns Ecology, Botany, Ecosystem, Agronomy and Biodiversity. His study in Forest ecology, Species diversity, Biomass, Plant community and Grassland are all subfields of Ecology. The study incorporates disciplines such as Forest management and Agroforestry in addition to Forest ecology.

He combines topics linked to Horticulture with his work on Botany. His research on Ecosystem frequently connects to adjacent areas such as Atmospheric sciences. His studies in Agronomy integrate themes in fields like Soil water, Canopy and Nutrient.

He most often published in these fields:

  • Ecology (28.94%)
  • Botany (24.82%)
  • Ecosystem (15.74%)

What were the highlights of his more recent work (between 2011-2021)?

  • Ecology (28.94%)
  • Biodiversity (13.90%)
  • Forest management (6.38%)

In recent papers he was focusing on the following fields of study:

His primary areas of investigation include Ecology, Biodiversity, Forest management, Ecosystem and Species richness. His Biodiversity research is multidisciplinary, incorporating elements of Biomass, Grassland, Agronomy, Land use and Trophic level. His Agronomy study integrates concerns from other disciplines, such as Biomass, Abundance and Soil biology.

His research integrates issues of Canopy and Forest ecology in his study of Forest management. His Ecosystem study combines topics in areas such as Atmospheric sciences and Biogeochemical cycle. As a part of the same scientific study, Ernst Detlef Schulze usually deals with the Species richness, concentrating on Niche differentiation and frequently concerns with Intraspecific competition and Specific leaf area.

Between 2011 and 2021, his most popular works were:

  • Positive biodiversity-productivity relationship predominant in global forests (517 citations)
  • Arthropod decline in grasslands and forests is associated with landscape-level drivers (219 citations)
  • A quantitative index of land-use intensity in grasslands: Integrating mowing, grazing and fertilization (215 citations)

In his most recent research, the most cited papers focused on:

  • Ecology
  • Botany
  • Ecosystem

Ernst Detlef Schulze mainly investigates Ecology, Biodiversity, Species richness, Ecosystem and Forest management. His work carried out in the field of Biodiversity brings together such families of science as Land use, Biomass, Grassland, Trophic level and Grazing. He combines subjects such as Niche differentiation and Temperate rainforest with his study of Species richness.

His Ecosystem research incorporates elements of Agroforestry and Agronomy. The study incorporates disciplines such as Canopy, Forest ecology, Physical geography and Basal area in addition to Forest management. The subject of his Fagus sylvatica research is within the realm of Botany.

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Top Publications

Europe-wide reduction in primary productivity caused by the heat and drought in 2003

Ph. Ciais;M. Reichstein;N. Viovy;A. Granier.
Nature (2005)

3092 Citations

A global analysis of root distributions for terrestrial biomes

R. B. Jackson;J. Canadell;J. R. Ehleringer;H. A. Mooney.
Oecologia (1996)

2689 Citations

Plant diversity and productivity experiments in european grasslands

A. Hector;Bernhard Schmid;Carl Beierkuhnlein;M. C. Caldeira.
Science (1999)

2134 Citations

Respiration as the main determinant of carbon balance in European forests

R. Valentini;G. Matteucci;A. J. Dolman;E.-D. Schulze.
Nature (2000)

1841 Citations

Maximum rooting depth of vegetation types at the global scale.

J. Canadell;R. B. Jackson;J. R. Ehleringer;H. A. Mooney.
Oecologia (1996)

1788 Citations

The Ecology and Economics of Storage in Plants

F. Stuart Chapin;Ernst-Detlef Schulze;Harold A. Mooney.
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics (1990)

1689 Citations

Old-growth forests as global carbon sinks

Sebastiaan Luyssaert;Ernst Detlef Schulze;Annett Börner;Alexander Knohl.
Nature (2008)

1522 Citations

A global budget for fine root biomass, surface area, and nutrient contents

R. B. Jackson;H. A. Mooney;E.-D. Schulze.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (1997)

1458 Citations

Ecophysiology of Photosynthesis

Ernst-Detlef Schulze;Martyn M. Caldwell.

1328 Citations

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function

Ernst-Detlef Schulze;Harold A. Mooney.

1162 Citations

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