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ACM Symposium of Eye Tracking Research & Applications

ACM Symposium of Eye Tracking Research & Applications

Tubingen , Germany

Submission Deadline: Friday 28 Oct 2022

Conference Dates: May 30, 2023 - Jun 02, 2023

Impact Score 0.50


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Research Impact Score: 0.50
Contributing Best Scientists: 4
Papers published by Best Scientists 4
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 270
Research Ranking (Psychology) 20

Conference Call for Papers

The ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research & Applications (ETRA) solicits original research on a diverse set of topics related to eye tracking. Research contributions are welcomed across a range of topics including, but not limited to:

Data Analysis :
Novel methods, such as deep learning or other machine-learning based methods
Pattern recognition for scanpaths
Clustering of gaze date
Event detection
Large-scale data processing
Prediction methods :
Gaze prediction
Action, intent, or attribute prediction
Visualization :
Visual representation of gaze patters and other eye tracking data
Visual analytics and combination with machine learning
Eye tracking devices :
Head-mounted eye tracking
Remote eye tracking
Novel sensors
Perception and cognition; Empirical studies :
Perception, attention and oculomotor control
Visual search and scene perception
Eye movements in reading and communication
Eye-hand coordinationn
Eye tracking in naturalistic tasks
In-the-wild studies
Gaze based interaction :
Novel interaction methods
Virtual and augmented reality
Multi-modal interaction
Security, privacy and ethics
Applications :
Medical / Health
Virtual/Augmented Reality
Graphics and virtual avatars
Media accessibility

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