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Sweden Established: 1878 Scholars: 43
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Position in the ranking is based on each scientist’s D-index using data compiled from Microsoft Graph by December 6th 2021.

This ranking lists all the best researchers from the Environmental Sciences discipline and affiliated with Stockholm University. There are a total of 43 researchers included with 7 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the D-index values for the best scientists in Stockholm University is 1,997 with a mean value for the h-index of 46.44. The total sum of publications for the best scientists in Stockholm University is 4,566 with the mean value for publications per scientist of 106.19.


Stockholm University is a preeminent public university located in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1878, it is one of Europe’s distinguished institutions of higher education and research. It also ranks high among the largest and oldest universities in Scandinavia. Furthermore, the university is known for its international academic environment that focuses on the development of a sustainable democratic society.

The university began as Stockholm College, a radical alternative to the legacy educational establishments. The college held its first open lectures in the fall 1877, a tradition the institution has kept to date. Initially, the institution started without exams or diplomas, instead offering alternatives to the traditional schools in Lund and Uppsala. In 1904, the college earned the right to grant degrees and by 1960, after years of resounding reforms, the college was given university status and was renamed Stockholm University.

From that point on, Stockholm University grew to become the best institution in the changing and globalized world. Its main campus in Frescati is well-known not only for the quality of education it provides but also for its lush park environment. This is because it sits in the heart of the world’s first National City Park. Besides, the institution has eight other campuses, including Albano and AlbaNova campus, Frescati Hage, Garnisonen (Journalism, Media, and Communication Studies), Kista campus, Kräftriket, Lilla Frescati, and Sveaplan campus.

These campuses are home to four faculties comprising 53 academic departments, centers, and institutes that serve the sole purposes of fostering education and research, which answer directly to the faculty boards. Education is available at different levels, including Ph.D., master’s, and bachelor’s degrees. In total, the university offers 190 programs of study and more than 1,700 courses within its four departments: Human Sciences, Natural Sciences, Law, and Humanities.

Currently, Stockholm University is home to more than 33,000 students, including more than 1,500 doctoral students. Of the total number of full-time students, more than 23,000 are enrolled under the Faculty of Human Science while more than 3,000 belong to the Faculty of Science.

In addition, there are more than 5,500 members of staff pulling the strings in different scientific areas. These include several researchers who are members of the committees tasked with selecting Nobel Prize winners. Beyond producing Nobel committee members, Stockholm has produced four winners of the prize, including Tomas Tranströmer (2011), Paul Crutzen (1995), George de Hevesy (1943), Hans von Euler-Chelpin (1929), and Svante Arrhenius (1903).
D-index D-index (Discipline H-index) only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline in contrast to General H-index which accounts for publications across all disciplines.
103 World 1 National Johan Rockström

Johan Rockström

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 100 Citations 104,911 215
226 World 2 National Patrick M. Crill

Patrick M. Crill

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 87 Citations 25,624 207
271 World 4 National Leonard A. Barrie

Leonard A. Barrie

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 84 Citations 21,885 174
535 World 11 National Örjan Gustafsson

Örjan Gustafsson

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 72 Citations 17,120 213
688 World 12 National Michael S. McLachlan

Michael S. McLachlan

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 68 Citations 11,641 180
803 World 14 National Ilona Riipinen

Ilona Riipinen

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 65 Citations 15,916 172
952 World 15 National Johan Ström

Johan Ström

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 63 Citations 10,764 174
970 World 16 National Jonathan W. Martin

Jonathan W. Martin

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 62 Citations 14,215 141
1088 World 18 National Ian T. Cousins

Ian T. Cousins

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 60 Citations 14,816 142
1450 World 23 National Henning Rodhe

Henning Rodhe

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 56 Citations 33,072 118
1536 World 24 National Hans-Christen Hansson

Hans-Christen Hansson

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 55 Citations 12,749 121
1542 World 25 National John N. Cape

John N. Cape

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 55 Citations 9,134 145
1804 World 30 National Caroline Leck

Caroline Leck

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 53 Citations 8,485 122
1848 World 34 National Thomas D. Bucheli

Thomas D. Bucheli

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 52 Citations 13,186 116
1928 World 35 National Beatrice Crona

Beatrice Crona

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 51 Citations 14,133 105
2042 World 39 National Matthew MacLeod

Matthew MacLeod

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 50 Citations 10,376 136
2290 World 42 National Ragnar Elmgren

Ragnar Elmgren

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 48 Citations 12,166 82
2369 World 46 National Örjan Bodin

Örjan Bodin

Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
D-index 47 Citations 13,046 93
2469 World 47 National Cynthia A. de Wit

Cynthia A. de Wit

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 46 Citations 38,561 85
2486 World 48 National Claudia Mohr

Claudia Mohr

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 46 Citations 9,118 100
2529 World 50 National Michael Tjernström

Michael Tjernström

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 46 Citations 6,985 145
2738 World 60 National Stefano Manzoni

Stefano Manzoni

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 44 Citations 9,616 106
2846 World 64 National Thorsten Mauritsen

Thorsten Mauritsen

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 43 Citations 9,928 99
3177 World 69 National Kevin J. Noone

Kevin J. Noone

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 41 Citations 22,838 92
3338 World 72 National Anders Moberg

Anders Moberg

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 40 Citations 13,041 81
3339 World 71 National Line Gordon

Line Gordon

Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
D-index 40 Citations 14,430 72
3388 World 73 National Christian Beer

Christian Beer

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 39 Citations 12,201 84
3588 World 79 National Tim M. Daw

Tim M. Daw

Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
D-index 38 Citations 9,882 66
3726 World 82 National Markus Meili

Markus Meili

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 38 Citations 6,194 81
3734 World 83 National Fredrik Wulff

Fredrik Wulff

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 38 Citations 7,629 70
3846 World 85 National Henrik Österblom

Henrik Österblom

Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
D-index 37 Citations 6,798 83
3903 World 88 National Radovan Krejci

Radovan Krejci

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 37 Citations 5,661 120
4121 World 96 National Victor Galaz

Victor Galaz

Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
D-index 36 Citations 9,323 55
4647 World 102 National Maja Schlüter

Maja Schlüter

Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
D-index 34 Citations 7,110 76
4694 World 103 National Volker Brüchert

Volker Brüchert

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 34 Citations 4,581 72
5061 World 109 National Birgit Wild

Birgit Wild

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 33 Citations 2,563 54
6200 World 126 National Rodrigo Caballero

Rodrigo Caballero

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 31 Citations 4,784 69
6388 World 129 National Mats Björk

Mats Björk

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 31 Citations 5,741 68
6443 World 134 National Peter Tunved

Peter Tunved

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 31 Citations 5,029 70
6839 World 137 National Lillemor Asplund

Lillemor Asplund

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 30 Citations 4,418 66
6928 World 140 National Sarah E. Cornell

Sarah E. Cornell

Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
D-index 30 Citations 19,618 73
6980 World 141 National Ingo Fetzer

Ingo Fetzer

Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
D-index 30 Citations 12,570 66
7301 World 152 National Albert V. Norström

Albert V. Norström

Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden
D-index 30 Citations 5,822 59
7303 World 150 National Wibjörn Karlén

Wibjörn Karlén

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 30 Citations 11,568 57
7306 World 148 National Per Holmlund

Per Holmlund

Stockholm University, Sweden
D-index 30 Citations 6,381 72

Our research was coordinated by Imed Bouchrika, PhD, a computer scientist with a well-established record of collaboration on a number of international research projects with different partners from the academic community. His role was to make sure all data remained unbiased, accurate, and up-to-date.

We list only scientists having Microsoft Academic Graph D-Index >= 30 within the area of Environmental Sciences. If you or other scholars are not listed, we appreciate if you can contact us.