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Belgium Established: 1817 Scholars: 15
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This ranking lists all top researchers from the Computer Science discipline and affiliated with Ghent University. There are a total of 15 researchers included with 0 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the h-index values for top scientists in Ghent University is 765 with a mean value for the h-index of 51.00. The total sum of publications for top scientists in Ghent University is 3,615 with the mean value for publications per scientist of 241.00.


Ghent University (UGent), or Universiteit Gent in Dutch, is an esteemed public research university located in Belgium. With a student body of more than 40,000 and a staff of nearly 10,000, UGent is considered as one of largest universities in the Flemish Region today. UGent prides itself on attracting and welcoming students from all around the globe, with 10% of its population coming from different countries. The primary language of instruction utilized at the university is Dutch, but there are also select postgraduate programs taught in English.

UGent is considered a pluralist university. As such, it is not associated with a specific ideology or religion. This allows the school to remain open to students of all backgrounds, cultures, religions, nationalities, gender, and race. The university also maintains a global perspective as it welcomes international students and employees. It also regularly participates in the Erasmus exchange program of the European Union.

The university in Ghent was founded on October 9, 1817 by King William I of Orange, with JC van Rotterdam serving as its first rector. It started with four faculties: Humanities, Science, Medicine, and Law, which collectively enrolled a total of 190 students. The university originally used Latin for instruction but later adopted the French language for all programs. In 1903, Flemish politician Lodewijk De Raet campaigned for the use of Dutch as the language of instruction. The first Dutch courses were offered in 1906. Today, UGent maintains its identity by providing about 230 programs in Dutch.

The university is considered one of Belgium’s major research institutions. It is also among the biggest beneficiaries of the Research Foundation - Flanders. The university’s annual research investment is estimated to be around £180 million.

While the university’s main campus is located at the heart of the city, its campus in Ostend serves as home to the GreenBridge Incubation Centre, which provides support and resources for startup technology companies. The center also performs its own sustainability research, focusing on seas and oceans.

UGent also has an arm in the Songdo Global University Campus (SGUC) in Incheon, South Korea. As the first European university to be accepted in SGUC, UGent provides bachelor’s programs in Molecular Biotechnology, Food Technology, and Environmental Technology.

Ghent University is affiliated with several Nobel Prize winners, including Joseph Guislain, Peter Piot, Walter Fiers, and Marc Van Montagu. Its notable alumni include Robert Cailliau, who is known for developing the internet with Tim Berners-Lee.
Articles on DBLP
774 World 11 National De Baets Bernard

De Baets Bernard

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 77 Citations 25,228 494
1284 World 16 National Piet Demeester

Piet Demeester

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 67 Citations 26,387 508
1310 World 17 National Etienne E. Kerre

Etienne E. Kerre

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 67 Citations 19,501 250
2754 World 44 National Yvan Saeys

Yvan Saeys

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 54 Citations 17,291 80
2985 World 47 National Luc Martens

Luc Martens

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 53 Citations 11,731 196
3117 World 49 National Rik Van de Walle

Rik Van de Walle

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 52 Citations 14,443 0
3288 World 50 National Ingrid Moerman

Ingrid Moerman

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 51 Citations 15,386 282
3346 World 52 National Benjamin Schrauwen

Benjamin Schrauwen

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 51 Citations 11,583 101
3372 World 54 National Lieven Eeckhout

Lieven Eeckhout

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 51 Citations 10,565 253
3642 World 59 National Mario Vanhoucke

Mario Vanhoucke

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 50 Citations 8,529 75
4153 World 67 National Wilfried Philips

Wilfried Philips

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 47 Citations 12,477 469
4174 World 68 National Marc Leman

Marc Leman

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 47 Citations 11,421 71
4195 World 69 National Mario Pickavet

Mario Pickavet

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 47 Citations 10,588 214
4265 World 71 National Tom Dhaene

Tom Dhaene

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 47 Citations 8,876 130
4334 World 72 National Chris Cornelis

Chris Cornelis

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 47 Citations 7,134 128
4455 World 75 National Didier Colle

Didier Colle

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 46 Citations 9,666 212
4601 World 77 National Koen De Bosschere

Koen De Bosschere

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 46 Citations 7,017 210
5014 World 80 National Bart Dhoedt

Bart Dhoedt

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 44 Citations 9,151 295
6282 World 96 National Tony Belpaeme

Tony Belpaeme

Ghent University, Belgium
H-index 40 Citations 5,488 106

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