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Mathematics D-index 61 Citations 21,910 145 World Ranking 232 National Ranking 123

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Awards & Achievements

2018 - SIAM Fellow For his fundamental contributions to the mathematical foundations of information and computational sciences.

2017 - Member of the National Academy of Sciences

2013 - Fellow of the American Mathematical Society

2001 - Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences


What is he best known for?

The fields of study he is best known for:

  • Mathematical analysis
  • Algebra
  • Algorithm

The scientist’s investigation covers issues in Mathematical analysis, Discrete mathematics, Algorithm, Pure mathematics and Linear subspace. His study in Mathematical analysis is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing from both Rate of convergence and Adaptive algorithm. Ronald A. DeVore interconnects Function, Algebra and Compressed sensing, Restricted isometry property in the investigation of issues within Discrete mathematics.

His Compressed sensing study combines topics in areas such as Finite field and Signal processing. Ronald A. DeVore usually deals with Algorithm and limits it to topics linked to Wavelet transform and Data compression and Image compression. Ronald A. DeVore works mostly in the field of Pure mathematics, limiting it down to topics relating to Combinatorics and, in certain cases, Numerical analysis, as a part of the same area of interest.

His most cited work include:

  • A Simple Proof of the Restricted Isometry Property for Random Matrices (2130 citations)
  • Iteratively re-weighted least squares minimization for sparse recovery (954 citations)
  • Image compression through wavelet transform coding (849 citations)

What are the main themes of his work throughout his whole career to date?

His main research concerns Mathematical analysis, Discrete mathematics, Combinatorics, Applied mathematics and Wavelet. The Mathematical analysis study combines topics in areas such as Besov space, Finite element method and Pure mathematics. His Discrete mathematics study combines topics from a wide range of disciplines, such as Greedy algorithm and Compressed sensing.

Particularly relevant to Restricted isometry property is his body of work in Compressed sensing. Ronald A. DeVore has researched Combinatorics in several fields, including Space, Hilbert space, Smoothness, Function and Numerical analysis. His research integrates issues of Spline, Partial differential equation, Nonlinear system, Rate of convergence and Piecewise in his study of Applied mathematics.

He most often published in these fields:

  • Mathematical analysis (28.24%)
  • Discrete mathematics (21.76%)
  • Combinatorics (18.52%)

What were the highlights of his more recent work (between 2015-2021)?

  • Applied mathematics (18.52%)
  • Combinatorics (18.52%)
  • Partial differential equation (7.87%)

In recent papers he was focusing on the following fields of study:

Applied mathematics, Combinatorics, Partial differential equation, Discrete mathematics and Banach space are his primary areas of study. His Combinatorics research is multidisciplinary, relying on both Sequence, Scalar and Hilbert space. His research in Scalar intersects with topics in Pointwise, Mathematical analysis and Elliptic partial differential equation.

His work focuses on many connections between Discrete mathematics and other disciplines, such as Dimension, that overlap with his field of interest in Algorithm, Basis, State and Bounded function. His Function study integrates concerns from other disciplines, such as Smoothness and Rate of convergence. His Smoothness research includes elements of Numerical analysis, Variable and Piecewise.

Between 2015 and 2021, his most popular works were:

  • Nonlinear Approximation and (Deep) ReLU Networks. (51 citations)
  • Data Assimilation in Reduced Modeling (41 citations)
  • Orthogonal Matching Pursuit under the Restricted Isometry Property (29 citations)

In his most recent research, the most cited papers focused on:

  • Mathematical analysis
  • Algebra
  • Algorithm

Ronald A. DeVore mostly deals with Combinatorics, Numerical analysis, Discrete mathematics, Applied mathematics and Sequence. His biological study spans a wide range of topics, including Elliptic curve, Bounded function, Scalar and Hermite polynomials. His Numerical analysis research includes themes of Computational complexity theory, Banach space, Partial differential equation and Curse of dimensionality.

His work deals with themes such as Elliptic operator, Elliptic partial differential equation, Lipschitz continuity and Restricted isometry property, which intersect with Discrete mathematics. He combines subjects such as Greedy algorithm, Smoothness, Polynomial, Variable and Piecewise with his study of Applied mathematics. His Greedy algorithm research incorporates elements of Function and Rate of convergence.

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Best Publications

A Simple Proof of the Restricted Isometry Property for Random Matrices

Richard G. Baraniuk;Mark A. Davenport;Ronald A. DeVore;Michael B. Wakin.
Constructive Approximation (2008)

2661 Citations

Image compression through wavelet transform coding

R.A. DeVore;B. Jawerth;B.J. Lucier.
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (1992)

1396 Citations

Compressed sensing and best k-term approximation

Albert Cohen;Wolfgang Dahmen;Ronald DeVore.
Journal of the American Mathematical Society (2008)

1339 Citations

Iteratively re-weighted least squares minimization for sparse recovery

Ingrid Daubechies;Ronald DeVore;Massimo Fornasier;C. Si̇nan Güntürk.
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics (2008)

1206 Citations

Deterministic constructions of compressed sensing matrices

Ronald A. DeVore.
Journal of Complexity (2007)

668 Citations

Some remarks on greedy algorithms

Ronald A. DeVore;Vladimir N. Temlyakov.
Advances in Computational Mathematics (1996)

646 Citations

Adaptive Finite Element Methods with convergence rates

Peter Binev;Wolfgang Dahmen;Ron DeVore.
Numerische Mathematik (2004)

611 Citations

Adaptive wavelet methods for elliptic operator equations: convergence rates

Albert Cohen;Wolfgang Dahmen;Ronald DeVore.
Mathematics of Computation (2001)

609 Citations

Data compression and harmonic analysis

D.L. Donoho;M. Vetterli;R.A. DeVore;I. Daubechies.
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (1998)

571 Citations

Approximation from shift-invariant subspaces of ₂(^{})

Carl de Boor;Ronald A. DeVore;Amos Ron.
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (1994)

499 Citations

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