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China Established: 1893 Scholars: 8
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The ranking is based on h-index, citations and number of DBLP documents gathered by August 9th 2021.

This ranking lists all top computer scientists affiliated with Wuhan University. There is a total of 8 researchers included with 1 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the H-index values for top scientists in Wuhan University is 417 with a mean value for the h-index of 52.13. The total sum for the DBPL publications for top scientists in Wuhan University is 1956 with a mean value for DBLP publications is 244.50.

Note that the research institution or university for a scientist is set based on the affiliation data featured on their Google Scholar profile.


Wuhan University (WHU) is a research university based in the city of Wuhan in Hubei, People's Republic of China. WHU is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China, having been classified by the Chinese Ministry of Education as a "Class A Double First Class University."

WHU currently offers over 220 programs at the undergraduate, master's, doctoral, and PhD programs through its Faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Sciences, Information Sciences, and Medical Sciences. The university has been recognized for the strength of its science programs, ranking globally for the subjects of civil engineering, chemical engineering, energy and fuels, chemistry, geosciences, and materials science. In addition to these programs, the university offers courses in disciplines considered in China as "Double World Class''; these disciplines include theoretical economics, law, Marxist theory, biology, library intelligence and data science, and surveying and mapping.

Students at WHU also have the option to study at at the Hongyi Honor College of Wuhan University, an interdisciplinary college with a liberal curriculum. Aside from these programs, WHU offers various study-abroad programs through its associations and joint programs with universities around the world, including universities in Germany, France, Dublin, England, Scotland, and the United States.

Wuhan University traces its roots to Ziqiang Institute, a school founded in 1893 by the governor of the provinces of Hubei and Hunan during the late Qing Dynasty. After several name changes, the institute became Wuhan National University in 1928, one of the first comprehensive national universities in modern China. The university had assumed its current name by 1949. In 2000, Wuhan University was reestablished as a result of a merger of four major universities in the area: the Hubei Medical University, the Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electrical Engineering, and the Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping.

Aside from being one of the oldest universities in modern China, Wuhan University has also gained recognition as a leading research university in the country. The university is affiliated with numerous academicians from the Chinese Academies of Sciences and Engineering. WHU is also home to several key state laboratories as well as laboratories and research centers at the level of China's Ministry of Education. Moreover, a number of institutes at WHU also facilitate interdisciplinary research.

The university also collaborates with several overseas universities, working on more than 10 international joint research platforms. These research platforms explore fields of study such as geospatial information science and nano-optics.

Articles on DBLP
275 World 14 National zhang liangpei

zhang liangpei

Wuhan University, China
H-index 96 Citations 36,775 576
3224 World 149 National Debiao He

Debiao He

Wuhan University, China
H-index 52 Citations 9,582 212
3228 World 150 National Huanfeng Shen

Huanfeng Shen

Wuhan University, China
H-index 52 Citations 9,418 160
3409 World 161 National Bo Du

Bo Du

Wuhan University, China
H-index 51 Citations 9,497 281
5492 World 260 National Qian Wang (王骞)

Qian Wang (王骞)

Wuhan University, China
H-index 42 Citations 16,551 159
5671 World 269 National Jiayi Ma

Jiayi Ma

Wuhan University, China
H-index 42 Citations 7,024 157
5729 World 273 National Yanfei Zhong

Yanfei Zhong

Wuhan University, China
H-index 42 Citations 6,179 184
6153 World 290 National Zongpeng Li

Zongpeng Li

Wuhan University, China
H-index 40 Citations 7,754 227

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