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Bocconi University

Bocconi University is a private educational institution in Milan, Italy. Founded in 1902 by Italian politician Ferdinando Bocconi, the university was established in honor of his son, Luigi, who died in the Battle of Adwa during the initial Italo-Ethiopian War. It is regarded as among the best universities in Italy based on educational performance.

Bocconi University Key Statistics

The university’s organizational structure is divided into eight departments. These departments are the Department of Social and Political Sciences, Department of Management and Technology, Department of Legal Studies, and the Department of Finance. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs that specialize in numerous areas of study, including economics, accounting, data science, and marketing.

Bocconi University has more than 14,000 undergraduates and graduates. The university employs over 1,300 administrative staff members. Among its most notable alumni include former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, Italian politician Patrizia Toia, and former Italy’s Minister of Economy Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa.

Other Bocconi University key statistics include its affiliation with several academic organizations, including the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the EFMD Quality Improvement System, and the Association of MBAs. It also provides students with housing and sports facilities in addition to a university library which is geared with an extensive collection of books, journals, theses, and eBooks.

Bocconi University Research

The university is among the most active research organizations in Milan. Its researchers are funded by grants and fellowships from open research funding calls and the Grants Office which is the core contact point for national, European Union, and international sponsorship programs.

Its top three research fields are economics, business, and econometrics. They have also sent its researchers to important research conferences and symposia such as ENTER: Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism, FOCS: Foundations of Computer Science, and ACL: Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics.

Bocconi University’s most cited research publication is Biggs and Tang’s (1999) “Teaching for Quality Learning at University: What the Student Does,” which has been cited 21,648 times. Its second most popular work is Burt’s (1992) “Structural holes: The social structure of competition,” which was published in the Social Science Research Network and has received 18,573 citations.

Meanwhile, the university’s third most popular work is Etzkowitz and Leydesdorff’s (2000) “The dynamics of innovation: From national systems and "mode" 2 to a triple helix of university-industry-government relations.” Published in Research Policy, this article, which compares alternative models for evaluating the existing research system according to various social contexts, was cited by students and research professionals worldwide 10,886 times.

Its other most cited research outputs are Biggs and Tang’s (1999) “Teaching for Quality Learning at University” (10,569 citations) and James Kent et al.’s (2002) “The human genome browser at UCSC” (Genome Research, 9,070 citations).

Other Bocconi University research facts and figures are its industry-standard research centers and institutes. These include the Centre for Research on Management and Economics of Arts and Culture Institutions, the Bocconi Institute for Data Science and Analytics, and the Centre for Research on Health and Social Care Management.

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