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China Established: 1911 Scholars: 20
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Position in the ranking is based on each scientist’s h-index using data compiled from Microsoft Graph by May 25th 2021.

This ranking lists all top researchers from the Computer Science discipline and affiliated with Tsinghua University. There are a total of 20 researchers included with 0 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the h-index values for top scientists in Tsinghua University is 1,047 with a mean value for the h-index of 52.35. The total sum of publications for top scientists in Tsinghua University is 5,117 with the mean value for publications per scientist of 255.85.


Tsinghua University is a research university based in Beijing, China. It is recognized as China's most prestigious university and is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in Asia and in emerging countries.

The university currently offers nearly 300 bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs in a diverse range of subjects, including medicine, law, science, and arts and literature. Its science programs, including its programs in computer science, engineering and technology, chemical engineering, chemistry, and physics, are ranked as some of the best in the world.
In addition to these, Tsinghua University offers non-degree programs for international students and programs for continuing education and professional development. Students can also participate in MOOCs and other courses at the Tsinghua Global Summer School.

The university actively collaborates with numerous overseas universities to offer joint programs. For instance, a dual-degree program in business administration and management is offered by Tsinghua University in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Tsinghua University started out as Tsinghua College, a preparatory school established in 1911 for students to be sent to the United States. In 1925, the school started its first four-year undergraduate program and established its first research institute, changing its name to National Tsing Hua University. The university underwent another change in 1952, when educational reforms in China resulted in the university becoming a polytechnic university, specializing in engineering and the natural sciences. It was only in the 1980s when Tsinghua University evolved to adopt a multidisciplinary system, reincorporating schools for law, economics and management, and humanities and social sciences.

Tsinghua University continues to provide multidisciplinary education for students today and promote research-based learning. The university ranks highly globally for research performance indicators and has been recognized for the quality of its research publications in natural science. Research at the university is largely supported through government funding from national science and technology programs. More than 1,400 research projects and studies at Tsinghua University are funded by these sources annually.

Tsinghua is currently home to over 150 national and university laboratories and research centers dedicated to fields of science such as information science, quantum physics, and hydroscience and engineering. The university also operates several national laboratories and research centers for engineering, along with various key laboratories of China's Ministry of Education.

Aside from its high-level scientific research, Tsinghua University is also known for its highly diverse student body, hosting students from over a hundred countries each year. The university participates in numerous exchange programs with over 250 universities worldwide.
Articles on DBLP
120 World 6 National Wei-Ying Ma

Wei-Ying Ma

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 114 Citations 53,988 330
698 World 30 National Feiping Nie

Feiping Nie

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 79 Citations 22,035 404
1049 World 44 National Wenwu Zhu

Wenwu Zhu

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 71 Citations 21,742 320
1105 World 48 National Changshui Zhang

Changshui Zhang

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 70 Citations 20,067 355
1258 World 61 National Qionghai  Dai

Qionghai Dai

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 68 Citations 16,224 393
1316 World 67 National Tang Jie

Tang Jie

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 67 Citations 18,240 362
1890 World 94 National Jiwen Lu

Jiwen Lu

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 61 Citations 13,797 268
1960 World 97 National Maosong Sun

Maosong Sun

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 60 Citations 16,828 288
2188 World 105 National Jianmin Wang

Jianmin Wang

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 58 Citations 17,878 307
2294 World 114 National Guoliang Li

Guoliang Li

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 58 Citations 9,506 230
2372 World 117 National Shi-Min Hu

Shi-Min Hu

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 57 Citations 14,656 267
2409 World 118 National Linglong Dai

Linglong Dai

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 57 Citations 12,537 221
3280 World 153 National Jianyong Wang

Jianyong Wang

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 51 Citations 15,747 0
3371 World 158 National Zhisheng Niu

Zhisheng Niu

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 51 Citations 10,597 392
3400 World 160 National Jun Zhu

Jun Zhu

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 51 Citations 9,738 249
3741 World 179 National Yong Li

Yong Li

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 49 Citations 11,375 337
3789 World 184 National Wang, Xingzheng

Wang, Xingzheng

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 49 Citations 10,156 0
3801 World 185 National Zheng Yang

Zheng Yang

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 49 Citations 9,769 117
4053 World 199 National Shengbo Eben Li(李升波)

Shengbo Eben Li(李升波)

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 48 Citations 8,553 75
4119 World 202 National Jianhua Feng

Jianhua Feng

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 47 Citations 16,557 173
4490 World 218 National Juanzi Li

Juanzi Li

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 46 Citations 9,067 228
4516 World 219 National Shixia Liu

Shixia Liu

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 46 Citations 8,629 105
4670 World 228 National gao xiaorong

gao xiaorong

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 45 Citations 11,387 62
4996 World 243 National Huazhong Yang

Huazhong Yang

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 44 Citations 9,601 389
5380 World 252 National Ying-Qing Xu

Ying-Qing Xu

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 43 Citations 7,229 80
5528 World 261 National Mingsheng Long

Mingsheng Long

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 42 Citations 11,175 114
5553 World 262 National Weimin Zheng

Weimin Zheng

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 42 Citations 9,801 338
5874 World 279 National Peng Cui

Peng Cui

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 41 Citations 8,382 175
6032 World 289 National Sheng Zhou

Sheng Zhou

Tsinghua University, China
H-index 41 Citations 5,896 289

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