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China Established: 1898 Scholars: 14
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Position in the ranking is based on each scientist’s h-index using data compiled from Microsoft Graph by May 25th 2021.

This ranking lists all top researchers from the Computer Science discipline and affiliated with Peking University. There are a total of 14 researchers included with 0 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the h-index values for top scientists in Peking University is 739 with a mean value for the h-index of 52.79. The total sum of publications for top scientists in Peking University is 4,579 with the mean value for publications per scientist of 327.07.


Peking University (PKU) is a distinguished public university located in the Haidian District of Beijing, China, east of the Summer Place and south of Yuan Ming Gardens. Founded in 1898, PKU is a member of the prestigious C9 League of universities in Mainland China. Also, being the first key national university in China, it has carved an indelible reputation for being one of the leading universities in China, Asia, and the world as a whole.

Peking University is the first comprehensive Chinese institution of higher learning focusing on basic sciences and arts. It’s also the birthplace of the country’s earliest dissemination of marxism and the first activity base of the Communist Party of China. The institution came into existence in 1898 as Jingshi University, with its main campus located in downtown Beijing. A year after the Chinese Revolution of 1911, the university changed to its current name and moved the main campus to its present place, Yan Yuan location.

Peking University lives up to its billing as one of China’s best institutions of higher learning. At present, the institution has five faculties, 70 directly affiliated departments, and 50 schools and colleges. It also has over 200 institutes and research centers, including one national engineering laboratory, two national engineering research centers, and 12 national key laboratories. Not to mention, at provision or ministry level, the institution has 61 institutes and laboratories.

As a world-class center for teaching and research, Peking University is home to more than 42,000 full-time students and over 3,500 foreign students. Some of the programs of study at the students’ disposal include 128 undergraduate programs, 244 master's programs, 301 Ph.D. programs, 81 national key disciplines, and four dual degrees. To streamline learning, the institution has over 8,600 faculty members (including administrative staff). Among its faculty, 48 members are of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences, 21 academicians are of the Third World Academy of Sciences, and nine are members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Currently, Peking University has more than 300,000 alumni and the list includes some notable names. Actually, among all institutions of higher learning in China, Peking University has produced most of the high-profile public administrators. As of 2017, more than 80 alumni were serving in the Chinese government at vice-ministerial positions or higher. Besides, two of its alumni: Zhao Leji and Li Keqiang, are members of the seven-member committee of the Chinese Communist Party.

Another notable alumnus is Tu YouYou, the 2015 Nobel Prize winner. She claimed the award for her exceptional contribution to malaria treatment research. She is recognized as the first native Chinese scientist to claim the Nobel Prize for science.
Articles on DBLP
243 World 13 National Wen Gao

Wen Gao

Peking University, China
H-index 98 Citations 46,330 1,266
1262 World 63 National Tao Xie

Tao Xie

Peking University, China
H-index 68 Citations 15,692 226
1295 World 66 National Xiaoming Li

Xiaoming Li

Peking University, China
H-index 67 Citations 22,314 439
1596 World 81 National Lingyang Song

Lingyang Song

Peking University, China
H-index 64 Citations 14,022 418
1825 World 92 National zhouchen lin

zhouchen lin

Peking University, China
H-index 61 Citations 19,999 252
3002 World 143 National Ying Tan

Ying Tan

Peking University, China
H-index 53 Citations 11,290 83
3237 World 152 National Lu Zhang

Lu Zhang

Peking University, China
H-index 52 Citations 8,720 180
3351 World 155 National Xiaotie Deng

Xiaotie Deng

Peking University, China
H-index 51 Citations 11,202 315
3609 World 170 National Guangming Xie

Guangming Xie

Peking University, China
H-index 50 Citations 9,570 118
3620 World 171 National Xiang Cheng

Xiang Cheng

Peking University, China
H-index 50 Citations 9,192 208
4283 World 211 National Baoquan Chen

Baoquan Chen

Peking University, China
H-index 47 Citations 8,530 176
4549 World 223 National Siwei Ma

Siwei Ma

Peking University, China
H-index 46 Citations 8,139 348
4848 World 235 National Hongbin Zha

Hongbin Zha

Peking University, China
H-index 45 Citations 7,261 343
5413 World 255 National Tiejun Huang

Tiejun Huang

Peking University, China
H-index 43 Citations 6,896 248
5759 World 274 National bin cui

bin cui

Peking University, China
H-index 42 Citations 5,605 172

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