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Workshop on PRedictive Intelligence in Medicine

Workshop on PRedictive Intelligence in Medicine

Singapore City , Singapore

Conference Dates: Sep 22, 2022 - Sep 22, 2022

Impact Score 0.70


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Research Impact Score: 0.70
Contributing Best Scientists: 5
Papers published by Best Scientists 2
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 895
Research Ranking (Medicine) 47

Conference Call for Papers

Topics of interests include but are not limited to predictive methods dedicated to the following topics:

Modeling and predicting disease development or evolution from a limited number of observations;
Computer-aided prognostic methods (e.g., for brain diseases, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, dementia, acute disease, neurodevelopmental disorders);
Forecasting disease/cancer progression over time;
Predicting low-dimensional data (e.g., behavioral scores, clinical outcome, age, gender);
Predicting the evolution or development of high-dimensional data (e.g., shapes, graphs, images, patches, abstract features, learned features);
Predicting high-resolution data from low-resolution data;
Prediction methods using 2D, 2D+t, 3D, 3D+t, ND and ND+t data;
Predicting image modality from a different modality (e.g., data synthesis);
Predicting lesion evolution;
Predicting missing data (e.g., data imputation or data completion problems).
Predicting clinical outcome from medical data (genomic, imaging data, etc).

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Workshop on PRedictive Intelligence in Medicine

Sep 22, 2022 - Sep 22, 2022

Singapore City , Singapore, Singapore

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