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Los Angeles , United States

Submission Deadline: Sunday 10 Jul 2022

Conference Dates: Mar 26, 2023 - Mar 29, 2023

Impact Score 0.80


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Research Impact Score: 0.80
Contributing Best Scientists: 17
Papers published by Best Scientists 27
Research Ranking (Earth Science) 11

Conference Call for Papers

Special Topics for Geo-Congress 2023
Sustainable Design, Equity, and Social Justice: Environmental, Economic, and Societal aspects of sustainability incorporated into geotechnical engineering
Spatially Distributed Infrastructure: Quantifying regional resilience of roads, bridges, rail, airports, water, power
Ports and Harbors: Dredging, retention systems, liquefaction, crane facilities, deep foundations
Data, Remote Sensing, and Cloud Computing: Big data, data analytics, data integration, GIS
Virtual / Mixed Reality: Enhanced methods for visualization and public communication
Carbon Footprint of Construction: Engineering Solutions to reduce the carbon footprint in construction
Geotechnical Challenges on Major Projects: Sustainability and resilience considerations for current and long-term conditions (e.g., incorporating solar, future expansions)
Landslide Hazards: Characterization and mitigation of landslides
Wildfire Hazards: Geotechnical aspects of wildfires and associated debris flows
Twenty Eight by 28: Preparing for 2028 Olympic Games
Shake and Bake: Earthquakes, drought, and multi-hazard engineering

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