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Italy Established: 1962 Scholars: 15
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Position in the ranking is based on each scientist’s D-index using data compiled from Microsoft Graph by December 6th 2021.

This ranking lists all the best researchers from the Computer Science discipline and affiliated with University of Trento. There are a total of 15 researchers included with 3 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the D-index values for the best scientists in University of Trento is 780 with a mean value for the h-index of 52.00. The total sum of publications for the best scientists in University of Trento is 3,296 with the mean value for publications per scientist of 219.73.


The University of Trento is a dynamic university established in 1962 as an institution for social sciences. As a pioneering university in Italy, it housed the country’s very first Faculty of Sociology. The school expanded over the following decades, establishing additional faculties for other sciences and disciplines. Currently, it offers at least 25 undergraduate programs and 30 graduate degrees across a wide range of subjects, including science, technology, socioeconomics, humanities, and law, among others.

University of Trento’s primary priorities lie in the quality of teaching and research, as well as internationalization. The institution also strives to offer an excellent academic experience, tailoring programs to the requirements of students. The university ensures that its approach to education is supported by high-level and world-class scientific research.

The university was initially named as Istituto Universitario Superiore di Scienze Sociali, or Higher University Institute for Social Sciences in English. In 1972, it was renamed the Free University of Trento. At the time, the local government financially supported the university. By 1983, the university was once again renamed Università degli Studi di Trento and recognized as a state university.

Currently, the University of Trento is composed of ten departments, as well as several learning and research centers. The academic departments include the Faculties of (1) Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, and Environmental), (2) Economics and Management, (3) Industrial Engineering, (4) Information Engineering and Computer Science, (5) Humanities, (6) Law, (7) Physics, (8) Mathematics, (9) Sociology and Social Research, and (10) Psychology and Cognitive Science.

Aside from its academic departments, the University of Trento is also home to prestigious research centers renowned locally and globally. These include the Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO), the Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC), and the Centre for Biomedical technologies (BIOtech). It also houses the Microsoft Research-University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (CoSBi). To further promote internationalization, master’s and doctorate programs are held in English.

The university recognizes the idea that higher learning institutions of its size need to establish partnerships with more distinguished universities, industry leaders, and research centers worldwide. This will equip them with the required resources to keep up with the demands of the global academic arena. Because of this, the University of Trento has established a rich network that allows it to maximize educational opportunities and maintain productive relationships crucial in progressive research and education. Trento has several bilateral cooperation agreements that help it maintain an international stature. These partnerships also allowed the university to provide students with opportunities to study and work abroad.
D-index D-index (Discipline H-index) only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline in contrast to General H-index which accounts for publications across all disciplines.
240 World 2 National Lorenzo Bruzzone

Lorenzo Bruzzone

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 91 Citations 35,549 493
336 World 3 National Nicu Sebe

Nicu Sebe

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 85 Citations 26,324 454
749 World 10 National Andrea Massa

Andrea Massa

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 71 Citations 13,277 319
1730 World 29 National Fabio Casati

Fabio Casati

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 58 Citations 12,895 254
1758 World 30 National Fausto Giunchiglia

Fausto Giunchiglia

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 58 Citations 19,295 268
2651 World 50 National Gian Pietro Picco

Gian Pietro Picco

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 52 Citations 13,100 155
3054 World 62 National Farid Melgani

Farid Melgani

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 49 Citations 12,438 181
3109 World 64 National Paolo Giorgini

Paolo Giorgini

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 48 Citations 11,058 215
3330 World 67 National Giuseppe Riccardi

Giuseppe Riccardi

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 47 Citations 8,706 196
3972 World 89 National Bruno Crispo

Bruno Crispo

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 43 Citations 7,090 215
4405 World 105 National Giacomo Oliveri

Giacomo Oliveri

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 40 Citations 5,999 140
4470 World 107 National Roberto Sebastiani

Roberto Sebastiani

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 40 Citations 8,943 91
6119 World 160 National Davide Brunelli

Davide Brunelli

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 34 Citations 4,655 132
6747 World 182 National Roberto Battiti

Roberto Battiti

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 33 Citations 11,532 111
8028 World 235 National Pavel Shvaiko

Pavel Shvaiko

University of Trento, Italy
D-index 31 Citations 13,628 72

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