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The 23rd International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference

The 23rd International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference

Bengaluru , India

Submission Deadline: Friday 20 May 2022

Conference Dates: Dec 04, 2022 - Dec 08, 2022

Impact Score 3.50


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Research Impact Score: 3.50
Contributing Best Scientists: 39
Papers published by Best Scientists 105
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 162

Conference Call for Papers

Relevant topics for ISMIR 2022 include, but are not limited to:

MIR fundamentals and methodology: music signal processing; symbolic music processing; metadata, tags, linked data, and semantic web; lyrics and other textual data; web mining, and natural language processing; multimodality.

Domain knowledge: representations of music; music acoustics; computational music theory and musicology; cognitive MIR; machine learning/artificial intelligence for music; computational ethnomusicology.

Musical features and properties: melody and motives; harmony, chords and tonality; rhythm, beat, tempo; structure, segmentation, and form; representations of music; timbre, instrumentation, and singing voice; musical style and genre; musical affect, emotion and mood; expression and performative aspects of music.

MIR tasks: sound source separation; music transcription and annotation; music generation; optical music recognition; alignment, synchronization, and score following; music summarization; music synthesis and transformation; fingerprinting; automatic classification; indexing and querying; pattern matching and detection; similarity metrics.

Evaluation, datasets, and reproducibility: evaluation methodology; evaluation metrics; novel datasets and use cases; annotation protocols; reproducibility; MIR tasks.

Philosophical and ethical discussions: philosophical and methodological foundations; legal and societal aspects of MIR; ethical issues related to designing and implementing MIR tools and technologies.

Human-centered MIR: user behavior analysis and mining, user modeling; human-computer interaction; music interfaces and services; personalization; user-centered evaluation.

Applications: digital libraries and archives; music retrieval systems; music recommendation and playlist generation; music and health, well-being and therapy; music training and education; music composition, performance, and production; music videos, multimodal music systems; gaming, augmented/virtual reality; music heritage and sustainability; business and marketing.

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