École normale supérieure de Lyon

École normale supérieure de Lyon

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France Established: 1880 Scholars: 5
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This ranking lists all top computer scientists affiliated with École normale supérieure de Lyon. There is a total of 5 researchers included with 0 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the H-index values for top scientists in École normale supérieure de Lyon is 271 with a mean value for the h-index of 54.20. The total sum for the DBPL publications for top scientists in École normale supérieure de Lyon is 972 with a mean value for DBLP publications is 194.40.

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École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENSL) is one of the leading small universities in France and is known for its high research activity, multidisciplinary programs. It is also popular for serving as an institution that trains public servants, educators, and researchers. As a grande école, it is recognized as an elite and selective institution. Although the school is a founding constituent of the University of Lyon, it operates autonomously.

ENSL is organized into 14 departments that cover a wide range of disciplines, from sciences to humanities. It offers 44 undergraduate and graduate programs as well as a number of joint degrees in partnership with domestic and foreign universities. The university’s most highly regarded courses include earth and marine sciences, philosophy, mathematics, biological sciences, physics and astronomy, natural sciences, and computer science.

Research at ENSL is conducted in its 30 centers and institutes and 13 scientific platforms. High-priority studies are performed in its nine laboratories of excellence, which specialize in fields like cognitive function, infectious diseases, science and technology, computer science, and modernity. The university maintains collaborative agreements with research organizations like the French National Center for Scientific Research and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research. It is also a member of recognized various domestic research networks.

ENSL has two campuses in the Gerland district. The main campus is characterized by cobbled roads and contemporary buildings flanked by green stretches. It has an eight-hectare garden where students and faculty can study or relax, two sports gymnasiums, a library network of 1.2 million documents, and one residential facility for learners per campus. Students are welcome to join the school’s various festivals as well as its 20 extracurricular organizations.

Established in 1880 by French statesman Jules Ferry, ENSL was once two separate institutions, respectively serving both genders, dedicated to training aspiring educators in France. In the 1950s, both schools offered four-year degrees and then moved to the Gerland district in 1987. The two institutions merged in 2010 and the resulting university was named École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

As of 2020, ENSL opens its doors to 2,300 students and 800 faculty members and researchers. It maintains strategic partnerships with around 214 universities from 54 nations, including China, Japan, Norway, Germany, and Canada. In addition, the university is associated with a Fields Medal, 38 CNRS winners, and five Academy of Sciences members.

ENSL’s notable alumni include Jean-Marie Girier (politician), Augustin Trapenard (journalist), Adele Van Reeth (philosopher), David Louapre (YouTuber), Ian Brossat (politician), and Gaspard Koenig (philosopher).

ENSL aims to assimilate research with education as it actively monitors and improves its programs for both activities. It also intends to maintain its status as an institution that conducts high-level academic research.

Articles on DBLP
1622 World 24 National Patrick Flandrin

Patrick Flandrin

École normale supérieure de Lyon, France
H-index 63 Citations 26,073 91
2070 World 34 National Rémi Gribonval

Rémi Gribonval

École normale supérieure de Lyon, France
H-index 59 Citations 16,125 219
2852 World 56 National Yves Robert

Yves Robert

École normale supérieure de Lyon, France
H-index 54 Citations 11,491 365
3328 World 69 National patrice abry

patrice abry

École normale supérieure de Lyon, France
H-index 51 Citations 12,181 166
5105 World 131 National Benoit Libert

Benoit Libert

École normale supérieure de Lyon, France
H-index 44 Citations 7,223 131

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