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SPE Improved Oil Recovery Conference

SPE Improved Oil Recovery Conference

Oklahoma , United States

Submission Deadline: Tuesday 07 Sep 2021

Conference Dates: Apr 25, 2022 - Apr 29, 2022

Impact Score 0.70


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Research Impact Score: 0.70
Contributing Best Scientists: 6
Papers published by Best Scientists 14
Research Ranking (Earth Science) 17

Conference Call for Papers

Suggested Topics

Gas Injection
• Field or Pilot Case Studies
• Immiscible and Miscible Displacement
• Foams and Thickeners
• Gas Supply and Sourcing including Midstream Applications
• Well and Injectivity Improvement Technologies
• Tight Oil Technologies

Waterflooding and Water Treatment Technologies
• Field or Pilot Case Studies
• Flood Optimization and Remaining Opportunities
• Water Sourcing and Disposal
• Well Design and Injectivity Improvement
• Improved Waterflooding through Water Chemistry and Low Salinity

Chemical Flooding
• Field or Pilot Case Studies
• Polymer and Mobility Control
• Alkaline/Surfactant/Polymer Methods
• Exsitu Chemical EOR or Nano Emulsion EOR
• Wettability alteration
• Foams
• Solvents
• Emulsions, Surface Facilities, and Separation Technologies
• Hybrids and In Combination with other IOR technologies

Viscous (Heavy) Oil Recovery
• Field or Pilot Case Studies
• Cyclic Steaming
• Steamflooding
• Vapex, Gas, Solvents or Gas Additives
• Low Carbon Methodologies: Integration of Cogeneration
• Chemical Additives and Foams
• Insitu Combustion
• Well Enhancements and Wellbore/Near Wellbore Techniques

Novel EOR/IOR Technologies
• Field or Pilot Case Studies
• Microbial
• Nanoparticles and Technologies
• Low Carbon Ventures - CO2 Sequestration Projects
• Use of unconventional technologies to enhance economics
• Waterflooding Enhancements and New Concepts

Field Case Histories
• Operations Management of Injection Processes
• EOR Screening, Pilot Design and Appraisal Performance
• Field Implementation and Reconfiguration Experiences
• Challenging Developments: Oil Rims, Marginal Fields, Complex Reservoirs, Offshore
• Real-time Data Analytics and Field Management
• Optimization of Reserves and Project Economics
• Carbon Capture and Utilization in EOR

Water and Gas Conformance Control
• Field or Pilot Case Studies
• Diagnostic and Evaluation Methods
• Foams and Gels
• Integrated Treatment Methodologies
• Mechanical, Chemical, Cement or Combination Systems

Reservoir and Field Management
• Field or Pilot Case Studies
• Economics of EOR
• Brownfield and Reconfiguration Strategies
• Field Implementation, Surface Facilities, and HSE Challenges
• Uncertainty Assessment and Risk Management
• Targeting Methods for Bypassed Oil
• Operations Cost Management and Synergies
• Regulatory Framework Challenges and Solutions
• Incentive Driven IOR Projects and Technologies
• Surveillance 4 D and Real Time Data Use
• Data Driven Analytics, Machine Learning, and Life Cycle Data Management
• Sensor Technologies uses for Flood Surveillance

Reservoir Characterization in IOR Projects
• Field or Pilot Case Studies
• Optimizing Volumetric Sweep Efficiency
• Petrophysical and Geological Modeling, Flow Unit definition
• Accounting for Geological Heterogeneity/Sacle-up when applying IOR
• Between Well Characterization - Far Field Mapping
• Spatial and Temporal Data Acquisition and Modeling
• Integrated Asset Modeling: Coupling Surface Facilities to Simulation Models

Unconventional Reservoirs in EOR/IOR
• Field or Pilot Case Studies
• Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs for EOR
• RTA and other Diagnostic Techniques as applied to IOR project evaluation
• Surfactantand Wettability Alteration Methods
• Chemical Based Applications and Stimulation
• Miscible and Immiscible Gas Injection for Unconventionals
• Non-gas EOR in unconventional reservoirs (water, thermal and chemical)
• Cyclic Injection or Single well EOR concepts
• Conformance
• Infill drilling and Refracturing to Improve Recovery

Conceptual Modeling/Analytical Solution Methods/Basic Data
• Basic Data: Fluid Characterization, PVT
• Basic Data: SCAL and Rock Properties
• Nano/Small Pore Space Recovery Mechanisms
• Conceptual Modeling: Pore Scale Modeling of IOR/EOR processes

Carbon Capture And Sequestration in EOR projects
• Field or Pilot Case Studies
• Regulatory Aspects and 45Q/Tax Certification
• Low Net Carbon Methods
• Piloting Aspects
• Subsurface Characterization
• Synergistic gas storage (topics that covers what reservoir will not give you in natural ways -just like EOR)
• Direct and Mobile Carbon Capture
• Sequestration and Utilization
• 4Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Remove

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