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ACII 2021 : International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction

ACII 2021 : International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction

Nara, Japan

Submission Deadline: Friday 16 Apr 2021

Conference Dates: Sep 28, 2021 - Oct 01, 2021

Impact Score 3.13


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Research Impact Score: 3.13
Contributing Top Scientist: 39
Papers published by Top Scientists 73
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 226

Conference Call for Papers

The general conference topics include:
Ethical Issues in Affective Computing
Fairness and bias
Transparency and explainability
Inclusive Design
Creating models for user diversity (ability, language, culture, gender, age)
Social impact of affective computing systems
Psychology & Cognition of Affect in Designing Computational Systems
Computational Models of Emotional Processes
Issues in Psychology & Cognition of Affect in Affective Computing Systems
Cultural Differences in Affective Design and Interaction
Recognition and Synthesis of Human Affect from ALL Modalities
Facial and Body Gesture Recognition, Modelling and Animation
Affective Speech Analysis, Recognition and Synthesis
Recognition and Synthesis of Auditory Affect Bursts (Laughter, Cries, etc.)
Motion Capture for Affect Recognition
Affect Recognition from Alternative Modalities (Physiology, Brain Waves, etc.)
Affective Text Processing and Sentiment Analysis
Multimodal Data Fusion for Affect Recognition
Synthesis of Multimodal Affective Behavior
Affective Interfaces
Design of Affective Loop and Affective Dialogue Systems
Human-Centred Human-Behaviour-Adaptive Interfaces
Interfaces for Attentive & Intelligent Environments
Mobile, Tangible and Virtual/Augmented Multimodal Proactive Interfaces
Distributed/Collaborative Multimodal Proactive Interfaces
Tools and System Design Issues for Building Affective and Proactive Interfaces
Evaluation of Affective, Behavioural, and Proactive Interfaces
Affective, Social and Inclusive Robotics and Virtual Agents
Emotion in Robot and Virtual Agent Cognition and Action
Embodied Emotion
Biologically-Inspired Architectures for Affective and Social Robotics
Developmental and Evolutionary Models for Affective and Social Robotics
Models of Emotion for Embodied Conversational Agents
Personality in Embodied Conversational Agents
Memory, Reasoning, and Learning in Affective Conversational Agents
Group Dynamics
Multiparty interaction
Multimodal interaction
Affective Databases and Annotation Tools
Consumer Products

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