Marketing Careers: 2023 Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary

Marketing Careers: 2023 Guide to Career Paths, Options & Salary
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Marketers are responsible for spreading the word about their company’s services and products. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics describes marketers as the ones who surveil market trends, initiate marketing campaigns, set up pricing schemes and targeting strategies, and promote awareness of what they offer (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 2023).

As simple as it may seem, marketing gets more complicated as you try to break it down. At the same time, it is also marvelously dynamic and offers job positions to individuals of all talents and strengths. Whether you are armed with analytical mastery or creative competence, marketing has a place for you.

This article lists the best marketing careers, including what marketers do, how to get into the workforce, and common jobs for marketers. Analyzing data that our research team has compiled, we can help you sketch out your plans and determine your career goals in marketing.

Marketing Careers Table of Contents

  1. Why pursue a career in marketing?
  2. Marketing Career Outlook
  3. Required Skills for Marketing
  4. How to Start Your Career in Marketing
  5. How can I advance my career in marketing?
  6. Alternative Career Options for Marketing

Why pursue a career in marketing?

There is no escaping marketing, making it a ubiquitous component of our experiences. No wonder, this career direction can be put to many good uses. There is no degree of attribute that is too trivial to ignore when your clientele is the people. Any type of understanding of human nature and psychology is fair play for marketing. You may be wondering, “Is marketing a good career?” There are some things you can do to make sure you are seeking the right marketing careers such as securing a bachelor’s degree, which can already qualify you as an SEO specialist or content marketer. But opportunities in marketing do not stop there.

You can also try getting into the PR, events, and ecommerce industries. If you get into grad school, you can be hired for leadership roles in diverse industries. Since it is part of every business, marketing is a long-lasting career path.

CAs for marketing careers salary, marketing strategists can earn between $51,000 to $152,000 annually. The additional pay, including cash bonus, tips, commissions, and profit sharing, is estimated at $19,774 annually (Glassdoor, 2022).

See what makes marketing a purposeful career, marketing degree requirements, and how to kick off and improve your career in the field.

Source: HubSpot

Marketing Career Outlook

There are tons of ways a brand can advertise its services and products, but it can do better with an effective marketing team. In Statista’s 2021 study, marketing careers are forecast to increase by 10% from 2021 to 2031, a faster pace than any other career, and presumably not ending at any time.

Marketing is also a good choice for remote workers, as another Statista survey discovered that 35% of American employees have been offered full-time remote work setups. Marketing remote jobs grew by 177% in 2021 as well (LinkedIn, 2021).

IndustryPercent of Industry EmploymentAnnual Mean Wage
Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services5.40%$71,930
Advertising, Public Relations, and Related Services8.30%$73,960
Management of Companies and Enterprises2.51%$89,230
Computer Systems Design and Related Services1.58%$89,390
Other Information Services5.67%$104,330
Source: BLS, 2022

Required Skills for Marketing

Marketers use both their innate skills and learned experience to be good at what they do. Generally, formal education is compulsory and marketing practicums are advised. Featured below are the pointers needed to succeed in various marketing careers paths.

Essential Skills for Marketing

Today, marketers must be able to master the use of different types of digital marketing tools. These tools make it easier to plan and publish content, segment and engage audiences, and manage campaigns for SEO and social media marketing. Below are some of these tools:

Marketing automation systems. Many enterprises mandate their marketing teams to be skilled at using marketing automation systems. These systems are used for publishing content on various channels, tracking metrics, and automating marketing tasks.

But companies should also be careful about utilizing these systems. According to a study by Corsaro et al. titled “Sales and marketing automation in the post-COVID-19 scenario: value drivers in B2B relationships” and published in the Italian Journal of Marketing in 2021:

“55% of participants reported difficulties in obtaining real-time data to feed into their systems. This is specifically due to potential costs associated with data acquisition and data privacy… However, sometimes the implementation of chatbots and conversational AI does not live up to the promise as lacking in relationship-building skills and emotional engagement that are fundamental in B2B settings. On the other hand, these solutions could lead to overwhelmed customers (47%), who end up receiving several communications and interaction requests, which are quite often not relevant to their current needs. This can potentially harm the relationship with final customers and result in them leaving the company.”

Content management platforms. These platforms are used to create, take forward, and publish content on websites. Content in these platforms is usually kept in a database and demonstrated in a presentation layer based on some templates such as a website. With these, you can control the design of your website, incorporate multimedia in your posts, arrange your content by categories and tags, and so much more.

Graphic design programs. Marketers may be also tasked to make designs to further marketing campaigns. This means they need to be able to use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop programs.

SEO tools. SEO capabilities are nice to have too. This is to help brands land the leading results on search engines. It also helps them have an extensive view of their website’s leverage, shortcomings, threats, and opportunities.

59% of businesses have a dedicated SEO team

General Skills

Written and verbal communication. Every marketing position entails multiple forms of communication. Marketers may talk with their colleagues and clients every day in person or via phone calls and/or email. These roles necessitate frequent communication of strategies and objectives through written and verbal structures.

Time management and organization. Marketers allot most of their time fulfilling many tasks all at the same time. Clients and their supervisors may also expect them to constantly beat strict deadlines.

Creativity. Marketers will have to communicate their plans or ideas to clients. They are also expected to develop creative campaigns for their leadership. Hence, creativity is another key to becoming an effective marketer.

How to Start Your Career in Marketing

What can you do with a business marketing degree? There are many marketing career paths possible, and each one contributes to various phases in a marketing campaign, be it planning, developing, or assessing outcomes. You can start your marketing career by obtaining an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

What Jobs Can Marketing Majors Get?

 Special Events PathPublic Relations PathCustomer Relationship Management PathSales/Marketing Path
The practice of organizing events and functions.Speaks, answers questions, and promotes during presentations, press conferences, and interviews.Maintains a system of communication with clients to make sure that their needs are being catered to and the brand is safeguarded.Promotes and sells a brand's service or product to potential customers.
Entry Level JobsExecutive Assistant ($52,935)Staff Writer ($52,835)CRM Coordinator ($59,085)Digital Marketing Specialist ($61,549)

Junior Management JobsSocial Media Manager ($56,903)

Marketing Coordinator ($59,180)
Account Supervisor ($76,157)

Communications Manager ($75,638)
CRM Specialist ($65,913)Marketing Team Leader ($67,000)

Account Executive ($86,132)
Middle Management JobsMarketing Events Manager ($62,670)Brand Marketing Manager ($77,112)

Client Relationship Manager ($85,115)

CRM Administrator/Manager ($102,000)
Sales Manager ($118,744)

Marketing Manager ($104,550)
Senior Management JobsEvents Director ($75,027)PR Director ($100,660)Head of CRM ($138,917)Director of Sales ($111,068)

Director of Marketing ($114,906)
*Values are estimates.

What can I do with an associate’s degree in marketing?

Marketing Assistant

This job benefits those who are new to the marketing landscape as they will learn about the kinds of higher-level marketing professions they might want to take in the future. A marketing assistant often assists a marketing leader with his or her clerical and administrative tasks, communicate with clients or customers to answer their questions and other concerns, gather and input data on marketing strategies, and write and coordinate press releases.

Median salary: $48,602 per year

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Social media coordinators create and facilitate social media campaigns for their companies. They develop content for social media, handle and monitor paid social campaigns, and keep up with new social media trends. This role requires creativity, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and an understanding of social media platforms.

Median salary: $38,989 per year

What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in marketing?

SEO Specialist

Marketing career options today include digital marketing jobs such as SEO specialists. SEO specialists study and enhance digital content to ensure it ranks high in search engine results. They figure out how to drive traffic to their websites and spot trends by regularly testing and evaluating data. They also evaluate data before and after executing paid search campaigns.

Median salary: $52,856 per year

Account Manager

Account managers are hired by marketing firms and agencies. They deal with clients and customers and form relationships with them by maintaining consistent communication, devising marketing strategies, and overseeing campaigns.

Median salary: $54,370 per year

Content Marketer

Content marketers develop several forms of content, which include blogs, whitepapers, video scripts, eBooks, and website copy. They are also knowledgeable of SEO principles to have their content placed well in search engines.

Median salary: $60,566 per year

70% of marketers investing in content marketing

Can you get a marketing job with just a certificate?

You may be wondering “What jobs are in marketing for those with a certificate?” Many industry experts believe that the only way to excel in the field is by learning beyond the four-walled classrooms. Thus, a certificate can be a good stepping stone to becoming a marketer. You can get one from an extension school, a community college, online courses, or a graduate school. With a marketing certificate, you can qualify for the best marketing careers at advertising agencies, marketing companies, fundraising and philanthropy organizations, and sales departments.

How can I advance my career in marketing?

You can form your career development plan in marketing and improve your marketing job salary. through continuing education. Courses in these programs may cover topics, such as marketing analytics, customer-focused marketing, and social media marketing.

You can also have the advantage by aiming for concentrated work experiences, like fellowship programs or internships. Joining professional organizations, enrolling in open courseware, and trying professional networking opportunities can also give you a good head start.

Master’s Degree Requirements

Before enrolling in a marketing master’s degree, most schools require that an applicant already be a bachelor’s degree holder. At the University of Minnesota, admission requirements include:

  • Completion and submission of an online application for the Master of Marketing program
  • A resume
  • An applicant statement
  • Two recommendations
  • Video essay
  • A $75 application fee
  • Interview (by invitation only)
  • English language test score (if applicable)
  • GMAT or GRE scores (optional)

The application deadlines are on April 1, 2023 (Round 3 and the final deadline for international students), June 1, 2023 (Round 4), and July 15, 2023 (Round 5).


You can become a professional certified marketer by pursuing the PCM credential at the American Marketing Association (AMA). This program offers tracks in marketing management, digital marketing pro, sales management, or content marketing. A PCM certification requires a passing score on an exam administered by ACM.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (AUB) also offers certifications in digital ad operations, digital media sales, and digital media buying and planning. For big corporations, IAB has group training sessions in store for them.

78% of businesses plan to increase their digital marketing budget

What can I do with a Master’s in Marketing?

Product Marketing Manager

Product marketing managers must have a good grasp of their company’s offerings. They must think of complex marketing methodologies that drive revenue and shape brand awareness.

Median salary: $89,610 per year

SEO Director

These directors enhance the online presence of their companies through SEO techniques. This role is a combination of IT and marketing. SEO directors are leaders, have top-notch technical skills, and can understand patterns in internet user communication.

Median salary: $93,510 per year

What can I do with a Doctorate in Marketing?

Marketing Director

Marketing directors manage the day-to-day operations of the marketing department, from leading a marketing team, and implementing campaigns, to providing analytics. They may work as an in-house marketing director at a company or work for an agency,

Median salary: $87,910 per year


As the main decision-maker in an organization, the CEO is usually a team leader, a strong strategic planner, and adroit at performing operations. CEOs are promoted marketing executives who gained substantial experience in branding and finance.

Median salary: $156,190 per year

Which certification is best for marketing?

AMA’s PCM certification and IAB’s certification make you eligible for the best marketing careers. When it comes to getting certifications for specialized skills, Google has the Google Analytics certification for those with sophisticated proficiency in the field. Twitter also offers the Flight School training to help aspirants pick up advertising on the site. For business owners, Facebook Blueprint offers numerous certification exams for marketers to demonstrate their marketing command.

Source: Zippia

Alternative Career Options for Marketing

Transitioning to unconventional careers in marketing may be more helpful for long-serving marketers to keep their skills relevant. Familiarizing oneself with these roles can help them come across the role that fits their skill set and career passions.

What else can a marketer do?

Business Development Specialist

Business development specialists single out new customer segments and business opportunities for their organizations. They may also build new services and products, design sales and marketing strategies, and perform research.

Median salary: $56,222 per year

Human Resources Specialist

HR specialists employ and train new hires in a company. As a marketer with adequate customer acquisition proficiency, you can create comprehensive employee acquisition, communication, and retention blueprints.

Median salary: $66,265 per year

Web Developer

Web developers think up websites and web pages and are at the helm of their technical aspects. This career is for marketers with high technical knowledge and deep understanding of website analytics.

Median salary: $77,027 per year

What Makes a Champion Marketer

Many businesses succeed and fail in their marketing strategies, apparently transcribing the very essence of marketing. Commercials and taglines aside, high-quality marketing comes from learned, well-versed, and go-getting marketers.

Most of all, they tell the truth. One of the most hard-to-change beliefs about marketing is that it is a dishonest profession. While some may resort to this avenue, the best marketers do not have to (Gambardella, 2020).


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