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International Workshop on Machine Learning for Medical Image Reconstruction

International Workshop on Machine Learning for Medical Image Reconstruction

Singapore City , Singapore

Submission Deadline: Saturday 23 Jul 2022

Conference Dates: Sep 22, 2022 - Sep 22, 2022

Impact Score 0.50


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Research Impact Score: 0.50
Contributing Best Scientists: 3
Papers published by Best Scientists 2
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 514
Research Ranking (Medicine) 65

Conference Call for Papers

The aim of the workshop is to drive scientific discussion of advanced machine learning techniques for image acquisition and image reconstruction, opportunities for new applications as well as challenges in the evaluation and validation of ML based reconstruction approaches. Specifically, this will include topics such as those listed below (but not limited to):

Compressed sensing methods

Sparsity and low-rank methods

Machine learning for image super-resolution

Machine learning for image synthesis

Machine learning for quantitative imaging

Deep learning for image reconstruction including

Machine learning for

X-ray CT image reconstruction

MR image reconstruction

SPECT and PET image reconstruction

Ultrasound and optical imaging

Multimodality fusion or joint image reconstruction across two or more modalities

Applications of ML for image reconstruction in


Cardiac imaging

Abdominal imaging

Fetal and/or neonatal imaging

Validation of ML for image reconstruction

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