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Finland Established: 2010 Scholars: 21
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Position in the ranking is based on each scientist’s D-index using data compiled from Microsoft Graph by December 6th 2021.

This ranking lists all the best researchers from the Engineering and Technology discipline and affiliated with Aalto University. There are a total of 21 researchers included with 1 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the D-index values for the best scientists in Aalto University is 782 with a mean value for the h-index of 37.24. The total sum of publications for the best scientists in Aalto University is 3,129 with the mean value for publications per scientist of 149.00.


Aalto University is a multidisciplinary higher education institution with a main campus in the district of Otaniemi in Espoo, Finland, and campuses in Mikkeli and Helsinki. Currently, it is composed of six schools that offer over 90 programs in the fields of arts, architecture, design, business, engineering, science, and technology. Offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, the university’s combination of disciplines brings a new dimension to academics. Additionally, it also opens opportunities for students to customize their study experience based on their passions and career goals.

Founded in 2010, Aalto University’s establishment is all thanks to the conclusion drawn by a workgroup led by Anne Brunila of Finland’s Ministry of Finance. The workgroup thought that the country had too many higher education institutions and that consolidating some of them into one university will be beneficial to the country. Following this recommendation, Yrjö Sotamaa, then president of the University of Art and Design Helsinki, backed the merger of the schools that will become Aalto University’s founding schools.

The Finnish Ministry of Education appointed the Ministry of Finance official Raimo Sailas to study the merger. His group deduced that the merger will be beneficial to the Finnish economy and education sector. On November 11, 2007, the government launched the merger project. On May 29, 2008, it was announced that the merger’s resulting university will be named after the renowned Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto, in recognition of his contributions and achievement in art, technology, and economics.

On January 1, 2010, Aalto University started operating as the product of the merger of the Helsinki School of Economics, the Helsinki University of Technology, and the University of Art and Design of Helsinki. Ultimately, the university has a goal to identify and solve grand challenges in society and build an innovative future through the study and application of science and technology, design and art, and business and economics.

As a foundation-based university, the institution was formed, thanks to donations from government organizations and departments, as well as other financiers from different Finnish industries. The university is known for engaging its students in multidisciplinary projects that encourage learning in practice. Because of this, the institution enables students to have practical knowledge and experience when they graduate. Aalto University also provides its students with life and professional skills that are valued in the real world, which is why over 80% of its graduates are immediately employed after graduation.
D-index D-index (Discipline H-index) only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline in contrast to General H-index which accounts for publications across all disciplines.
659 World 3 National Kimmo Kaski

Kimmo Kaski

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 59 Citations 15,333 266
1052 World 6 National Risto Lahdelma

Risto Lahdelma

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 55 Citations 8,289 125
1097 World 7 National Constantin R. Simovski

Constantin R. Simovski

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 54 Citations 11,763 254
2198 World 11 National Antero Kukko

Antero Kukko

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 43 Citations 7,244 116
2679 World 14 National Jan Holmström

Jan Holmström

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 39 Citations 9,049 132
2778 World 15 National Hannu Hyyppä

Hannu Hyyppä

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 38 Citations 7,067 137
2819 World 16 National Jari Saramäki

Jari Saramäki

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 38 Citations 12,236 84
2923 World 17 National Raimo P. Hämäläinen

Raimo P. Hämäläinen

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 37 Citations 6,413 148
3106 World 19 National Matti Karjalainen

Matti Karjalainen

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 37 Citations 8,493 196
3353 World 22 National Kevin Otto

Kevin Otto

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 36 Citations 7,509 131
3503 World 23 National Pekka Korhonen

Pekka Korhonen

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 35 Citations 6,713 120
3762 World 27 National Jyrki Wallenius

Jyrki Wallenius

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 34 Citations 9,197 111
4070 World 29 National Harri Lipsanen

Harri Lipsanen

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 33 Citations 5,351 245
4476 World 31 National Iiro Harjunkoski

Iiro Harjunkoski

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 33 Citations 5,875 129
4753 World 34 National Pentti Kujala

Pentti Kujala

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 32 Citations 4,833 166
4958 World 35 National Simo Särkkä

Simo Särkkä

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 32 Citations 5,186 154
5683 World 40 National Matti Rossi

Matti Rossi

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 31 Citations 7,376 113
5684 World 38 National Jakub Montewka

Jakub Montewka

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 31 Citations 3,922 91
5827 World 43 National Seppo J. Ovaska

Seppo J. Ovaska

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 31 Citations 4,314 218
5829 World 42 National Kai Sirén

Kai Sirén

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 31 Citations 4,215 94
6253 World 46 National Ahti Salo

Ahti Salo

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 30 Citations 4,696 99
7026 World 49 National Heikki N. Koivo

Heikki N. Koivo

Aalto University, Finland
D-index 30 Citations 5,657 196

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We list only scientists having Microsoft Academic Graph D-Index >= 30 within the area of Engineering and Technology. If you or other scholars are not listed, we appreciate if you can contact us.