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Abdirisak Ahmed Isse

Abdirisak Ahmed Isse

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Chemistry D-index 51 Citations 8,108 132 World Ranking 8606 National Ranking 275


What is he best known for?

The fields of study he is best known for:

  • Organic chemistry
  • Catalysis
  • Redox

Abdirisak Ahmed Isse focuses on Inorganic chemistry, Polymer chemistry, Atom-transfer radical-polymerization, Radical polymerization and Photochemistry. His Inorganic chemistry research is multidisciplinary, incorporating elements of Electrocatalyst, Electrochemistry, Electrode and Electron transfer. His Polymer chemistry study integrates concerns from other disciplines, such as Polymerization and Disproportionation.

His studies in Atom-transfer radical-polymerization integrate themes in fields like Cobalt-mediated radical polymerization, Reversible addition−fragmentation chain-transfer polymerization and Living free-radical polymerization. His studies examine the connections between Radical polymerization and genetics, as well as such issues in Copper, with regards to Ligand, Amine gas treating, Reaction mechanism and Methyl acrylate. His work carried out in the field of Halide brings together such families of science as Cyclic voltammetry and Alkyl.

His most cited work include:

  • Electrochemically mediated atom transfer radical polymerization (535 citations)
  • Absolute Potential of the Standard Hydrogen Electrode and the Problem of Interconversion of Potentials in Different Solvents (237 citations)
  • Mechanism of Photoinduced Metal-Free Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization: Experimental and Computational Studies. (209 citations)

What are the main themes of his work throughout his whole career to date?

His main research concerns Electrochemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Catalysis, Atom-transfer radical-polymerization and Photochemistry. In the subject of general Electrochemistry, his work in Cyclic voltammetry is often linked to Reaction rate constant, thereby combining diverse domains of study. His Inorganic chemistry research is multidisciplinary, incorporating perspectives in Electrocatalyst, Carboxylation, Electrode, Carbon and Glassy carbon.

His Catalysis research is multidisciplinary, incorporating elements of Halide, Copper, Molecule and Halogen. His work deals with themes such as Living free-radical polymerization, Radical polymerization and Dispersity, Polymer chemistry, which intersect with Atom-transfer radical-polymerization. A large part of his Photochemistry studies is devoted to Electron transfer.

He most often published in these fields:

  • Electrochemistry (40.76%)
  • Inorganic chemistry (38.22%)
  • Catalysis (33.76%)

What were the highlights of his more recent work (between 2017-2021)?

  • Atom-transfer radical-polymerization (25.48%)
  • Polymer chemistry (23.57%)
  • Catalysis (33.76%)

In recent papers he was focusing on the following fields of study:

His primary areas of investigation include Atom-transfer radical-polymerization, Polymer chemistry, Catalysis, Electrochemistry and Polymerization. His Atom-transfer radical-polymerization research incorporates themes from Electron transfer, Dispersity and Radical polymerization. His Polymer chemistry study integrates concerns from other disciplines, such as Reducing agent, Ligand, Ethyl acetate, Aqueous solution and Styrene.

The Catalysis study combines topics in areas such as Inorganic chemistry, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Carbon, Cyclic voltammetry and Amine gas treating. His work on Rotating disk electrode is typically connected to Interphase as part of general Electrochemistry study, connecting several disciplines of science. Abdirisak Ahmed Isse combines subjects such as Copolymer, Photochemistry, Halogen and Monomer with his study of Polymerization.

Between 2017 and 2021, his most popular works were:

  • Electrochemically mediated ATRP in ionic liquids: controlled polymerization of methyl acrylate in [BMIm][OTf] (26 citations)
  • Electrochemically mediated atom transfer radical polymerization of acrylonitrile and poly(acrylonitrile-b-butyl acrylate) copolymer as a precursor for N-doped mesoporous carbons (20 citations)
  • Probing the correlation between Pt-support interaction and oxygen reduction reaction activity in mesoporous carbon materials modified with Pt-N active sites (20 citations)

In his most recent research, the most cited papers focused on:

  • Organic chemistry
  • Catalysis
  • Redox

Abdirisak Ahmed Isse mainly focuses on Polymer chemistry, Atom-transfer radical-polymerization, Polymerization, Catalysis and Electrochemistry. Abdirisak Ahmed Isse usually deals with Polymer chemistry and limits it to topics linked to Acrylonitrile and Butyl acrylate. Within one scientific family, Abdirisak Ahmed Isse focuses on topics pertaining to Dispersity under Atom-transfer radical-polymerization, and may sometimes address concerns connected to Methyl acrylate, Degree of polymerization and Ionic liquid.

His studies link Photochemistry with Polymerization. Abdirisak Ahmed Isse has included themes like Carbon, Cyclic voltammetry, Ligand and Thermal stability in his Catalysis study. His study in Electrochemistry is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing from both Nuclear chemistry, Nitrogen, Mössbauer spectroscopy, Dispersion and Mesoporous material.

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Best Publications

Electrochemically mediated atom transfer radical polymerization

Krzysztof Matyjaszewski;Nicola Bortolamei;Andrew Magenau;Armando Gennaro.
Science (2011)

644 Citations

Absolute Potential of the Standard Hydrogen Electrode and the Problem of Interconversion of Potentials in Different Solvents

Abdirisak A. Isse;Armando Gennaro.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2010)

358 Citations

Mechanism of Photoinduced Metal-Free Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization: Experimental and Computational Studies.

Xiangcheng Pan;Cheng Fang;Marco Fantin;Nikhil Malhotra.
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2016)

275 Citations

Reversible-Deactivation Radical Polymerization in the Presence of Metallic Copper. A Critical Assessment of the SARA ATRP and SET-LRP Mechanisms

Dominik Konkolewicz;Yu Wang;Mingjiang Zhong;Pawel Krys.
Macromolecules (2013)

260 Citations

SARA ATRP or SET-LRP. End of controversy?

Dominik Konkolewicz;Yu Wang;Pawel Krys;Mingjiang Zhong.
Polymer Chemistry (2014)

232 Citations

Controlled Aqueous Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization with Electrochemical Generation of the Active Catalyst

Nicola Bortolamei;Abdirisak A. Isse;Andrew J. D. Magenau;Armando Gennaro.
Angewandte Chemie (2011)

231 Citations

Electrochemically mediated atom transfer radical polymerization (eATRP)

Paweł Chmielarz;Paweł Chmielarz;Marco Fantin;Marco Fantin;Sangwoo Park;Abdirisak A. Isse.
Progress in Polymer Science (2017)

200 Citations

Solubility and electrochemical determination of CO2 in some dipolar aprotic solvents

Armando Gennaro;Abdirisak Ahmed Isse;Elio Vianello.
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry (1990)

182 Citations

Mechanism of the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide at inert electrodes in media of low proton availability

Armando Gennaro;Abdirisak A. Isse;Maria-Gabriella Severin;Elio Vianello.
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions (1996)

165 Citations

Aqueous RDRP in the Presence of Cu0: The Exceptional Activity of CuI Confirms the SARA ATRP Mechanism

Dominik Konkolewicz;Pawel Krys;Joana R. Góis;Patrícia V. Mendonça.
Macromolecules (2014)

160 Citations

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