Best Evidence Management Software in 2023

Best Evidence Management Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
Chief Data Scientist & Head of Content

Mishandled criminal evidence is all too often a problem across the globe. In each instance, the public’s faith in the criminal justice system is severely eroded. Law enforcement property managers are often held responsible for these occurrences.

However, the reality is frequently more nuanced. Lack of resources might be a problem for appropriate evidence management in certain circumstances. Below are some of the best evidence management software on the market, along with their features, unique functionalities, and key benefits.

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The failure to properly handle evidence is often the consequence of broader systemic issues with how law enforcement collects, analyzes, and stores its evidence. An average of 1.5TB of evidence is generated in today’s law enforcement or security incidents, which may make it overwhelming to maintain correct documentation, maintain chain of custody, or uncover evidence (AWS Cloud, 2021). These issues are what evidence management software solutions aim to solve.

Digital photographs, video surveillance, body camera footage, audio recordings, and filmed interviews are all types of evidence that police officers and criminal investigators keep track of using evidence management software. Standard features include police records, reports from forensics and labs, CAD narratives, and more.

Evidence management systems help authorities develop more efficient workflows by concentrating evidence into a single hub for simple file access and sharing, preserving a chain of custody and ensuring that an accurate audit trail is always accessible. It is common for these platforms to also have the capacity to evaluate current digital data. And, they can also work seamlessly with other digital tools such as crime analysis software solutions. This enables investigators to identify connections more quickly, develop new leads, and solve cases.

The State of Evidence Management

In 2021, a survey of law enforcement personnel, forensic lab examiners, investigators, and agency managers revealed that there is a need for more effective tools to accelerate time for evidence (Cellebrite, 2021).

Evidence management challenges

Among evidence management challenges, handling DVDs, CDs, USB drives, and paper case files are considered the top challenge by FBI members and other police executives (NICE Public Safety and FBI National Academy Associates, 2019).

Source: NICE Public Safety and FBI National Academy Associates

More efficient evidence management through a software solution holds the key to resolving these. Handling evidence using DVDs, for example, takes a lot of time as different versions need to be created—DVDs worth a proprietary original video, DVDs with transcoded versions, and DVDs with redacted versions (NICE Public Safety and FBI National Academy Associates, 2019).

DVDs used for investigation

How can evidence management software help in tracking evidence?

As the variety of digital evidence grows, the need for robust evidence management platforms also becomes more important. Aside from the increased cost of gathering, filtering, and sharing this high volume of evidence, it makes the system more vulnerable to evidence tampering. Fortunately, with the prevalence of digital evidence platforms, users can automate processes as well as effectively track every piece of evidence.

Use of AI for investigation

While evidence management can streamline processes, you still have to check the specific features that each software offers. In particular, if your work entails unlocking digital evidence, you have to take into account that the investigation of digital evidence presents a huge challenge as it involves unlocking devices and accessing data from encrypted apps.

evidence processing difficulties

Source: 2021 Digital Intelligence Benchmark Report

Evidence Management Software Tools Secure Evidence

Another important area in evidence management is the chain of custody documentation as it is the most critical process of evidence documentation. Evidence management software provides an efficient chain of custody documentation that can safeguard evidence.

wrongful convictions due to false evidence

Evidence management software uses barcoding tools in facilitating a more effective chain of custody. The evidence tracking technology of evidence management software also ensures that investigators will not be overwhelmed by the task of organizing evidence for each crime under investigation. In 2021, however, the FBI was not able to release quarterly crime stats due to a lack of data from agencies.

law enforcement agencies in the US

Documenting evidence requires time. On average, it takes investigators 48 hours to review digital evidence (Cellebrite, 2021). By streamlining and automating evidence collection, sharing, and processing, evidence management software significantly cuts the time that it takes to document every piece of evidence.

Source: 2021 Digital Intelligence Benchmark Report

The use of evidence management software is crucial for the efficient functioning of the criminal justice system. Over 90% of public safety agencies agree that having a central intelligence hub is essential to gain insights and model processes, people, and assets. (Accenture, 2021).

The management of evidence using technology allows investigators to review evidence and effectively share them with prosecutors and other specialists. Poor management, on the other hand, undermines the right to a fair trial. Evidence management software is poised to improve the methods and techniques, as well as the scope of criminal investigations.

List of the Best Evidence Management Software

1. Genetec Clearance: Data-Driven Evidence Management for the Information Age

Genetec Clearance Dashboard

Genetec Clearance is a digital evidence management system that is designed to assist law enforcement officers in the organization of case files and evidence. It eliminates the need to copy data to DVDs or shared storage, which enables organizations to easily and securely transmit evidence. This guarantees that only authorized personnel within and outside the organization can access critical information. Digital evidence might be overwhelming for law enforcement, but Clearance makes it easier for them to go through it. From a single application, they can manage cases and files, allow immediate access to evidence, and guarantee that information is only shared with authorized stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Upload material captured by any device, including security cameras, body-worn devices, smartphone grabs, audio, images, or documents, and save it all in one location.
  • Clearance makes use of the most modern encryption protocols to protect the confidentiality of the data and guarantee that it can only be accessed by authorized personnel.
  • Define the length of time files should be stored in the program and use automated retention schedules to make sure compliance with any standards and regulations.


  • Genetec provides a wide range of security and similar products such as Clearance, AutoVu, Stratocast, and more. Pricing for these customized solutions is available upon request.

2. iCrimeFighter: Easily Share Evidence Without Relying on DVDs

icrimefighter dashboard

Since its inception by law enforcement officials in 2011, iCrimeFighter has been a leader in the field of Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS). It eliminates the need to burn CDs, DVDs, and other media, allowing police officers, attorneys, and other stakeholders to easily share evidence. For cops, the iCrimeFighter mobile apps enable them to capture and upload digital evidence from the field. Since the software takes care of everything, they don’t have to worry about maintaining their digital cameras, audio recorders, video cameras, or note pads. As an additional feature, the Evidence Anywhere module delivers a secure link through email, and the recipient can safely upload digital evidence into the case file. This service is often utilized to gather evidence from retailers that provide photos and videos to police agencies through iCrimeFighter.

Key Features

  • iCrimeFighter allows other cooperating law enforcement agencies and the district attorney to exchange access to cases or data with one another over a secure connection.
  • Through the use of iCrimeFighter desktop app, law enforcement personnel are able to upload full phone dumps as well as body cam films to their private cloud storage.
  • Every single piece of digital evidence can be tracked from the moment it is uploaded until it is downloaded. The history provides details on any changes, views, downloads, or removals made by particular users.


  • iCrimeFighter is a leader in evidence management systems and offers numerous features, from web apps, desktop software, and mobile applications. These solutions are available for demonstration along with pricing information.

3. ACISS Property and Evidence Management: Online Property and Evidence Management Systems for Law Enforcement

ACISS Web Property & Evidence dashboard

ACISS Web Property & Evidence is a comprehensive solution that can be used to manage and monitor all forms of investigative property and evidence, from the time it is submitted until it is discarded. This module allows for integrated bar coding and indexing of inventory, as well as a simplified disposal procedure, which allows for the efficient removal of irrelevant inventory. It is adaptable for usage in departments of any size. The platform is able to serve numerous units within a single organization as well as manage the property of different organizations simultaneously using a single system. ACISS Property & Evidence enables the fast and straightforward finding of any and all property objects that have been inventoried, ensuring that teams and departments are ready for an audit at a moment’s notice.

Key Features

  • The platform comes with integrated barcode scanning and printing, which makes it easy to collect, track, and manage evidence and property inventories.
  • Automatic production of fully configurable laboratory forms and invoices for property transactions.
  • Security model that can be configured for use by supervisors, custodians, and other workers in the evidence room.


  • ACISS offers demo sessions of their solutions, such as the Web Property and Evidence Management module, Law Enforcement Records Management feature (RMS), and more. Pricing is provided by the vendor upon request.

4. Altia Insight: Efficiently Uncover Connections, Patterns, and Critical Information in a Centralized Solution

altia dashboard

Because it stores all of the important information and documents in one location, Altia Insight is able to recognize patterns, unearth connections, and cohesively manage investigative data. This, in turn, assists in the resolution of crimes and the preparation of documents that are ready for court. It is made very easy to follow the progression of investigations, as well as allocate resources and share information both within the team and with other organizations. The end-to-end evidence management software provides a modern and efficient solution to an otherwise complex process.

Key Features

  • The platform serves as a centralized system to manage every type of case and investigation by storing all evidence assets and additional materials in one place.
  • Allocate resources, monitor progress, and set up the direction of any investigation.
  • All information, documents, and assets in Insights are searchable, which makes it easy to determine connections, patterns, and more.


  • Altia Solutions, Inc. offers numerous solutions, from evidence and records management to end-to-end forensics accounting. The company provides demonstrations of its products and pricing information upon request.

5. Axon Evidence: Eliminating Data Silos in Evidence Management

axon evidence dashboard

Axon Evidence simplifies the process of connecting and managing expanding collections of data, including video, images, documents, and more, under a single and secure system by providing extensive intake, smooth playback, and easy search capabilities. It makes it simple to investigate evidence in more depth and get finer insights into the locations and timespan during which evidence was gathered. Axon Performance allows investigators to analyze metrics in near-real-time as well as review indicators that have been tuned for reporting. The software also provides a sophisticated case management experience, including bulk actions, access limits, automatic recommendations, AI-based redaction, and transcription. The ability to offer access to external partners or distribute material with a secure link is available to departments or organizations. And since this is the only scalable solution on the market designed specifically for public defense and prosecutors, they may exchange evidence with their frequent collaborators without any hassle.

Key Features

  • Store and manage all types of data, such as body-cam videos, in-car recordings, interview room videos, CCTV captures, audio files, images, and much more.
  • Redaction Assistant reduces the amount of time needed for redaction by using artificial intelligence to recognize and conceal everyday items, such as license plates, screens, and faces.
  • Automatic metadata tagging and automated retention periods based on CAD/RMS can help increase user compliance while saving time and money.


  • Axon is a leading service provider of solutions for law enforcement, federal institutions, and correctional facilities, including one of the best jail management software around. For custom applications and their prices, contact the vendor for more information.

6. Motorola Solutions: Managing Evidence Data Across All Operations

motorola solutions dashboard

Motorola Solutions provides an entire family of products that allows police and other law enforcement organizations to manage data across their entire operation. The data pertaining to incidents and 911 calls, as well as sensor information, radio logs, pictures, and videos, are consolidated, intelligently structured, and can be digitally shared in order to reduce complexity, achieve compliance, and boost productivity. The next-generation records and evidence management solution is created for modern operations. It automates organization while simplifying sharing of evidence and similar assets across teams, institutions, and other stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Keep all traditional, structured document data together in one location, along with all relevant photographs, video, and any other types of multimedia.
  • Ensure that organizations and teams satisfy the criteria for incident-based reporting and that all data can be quickly located and swiftly removed as required.
  • Deliver information digitally while maintaining the integrity of the chain of custody, whether it is a full case file to partners or body-cam video to the general public.


  • Motorola Solutions offers an entire set of products for records and evidence management, such as Spillman Flex® Records, PremierOne® Records, CommandCentral Evidence, and more. For more information, customers can request for demonstration and pricing.

7. Condor Investigate: Enterprise-Level Investigation Software

condor dashboard

Condor Investigate aids in the recording and administration of all phases of an investigation, including planning, gathering evidence, and information, producing a brief, and managing the results. It is a flexible solution that is designed to support the collection, sharing, and tracking of information. This helps improve accountability and communication within teams and across departments. Condor Investigate is built for the highly complex and non-linear nature of investigations. By simplifying operations, stakeholders can eliminate bottlenecks and save time. This can be accomplished by storing all relevant information in a single system and allowing several users to monitor and evaluate investigations at the same time.

Key Features

  • Make the most of the resources by classifying and arranging investigations according to the framework and procedures of specific teams, departments, or institutions.
  • Every aspect of the investigation is recorded and stored in one central location, making it easier for teams to access and analyze new evidence and information as it becomes available.
  • Automate the creation of briefs and the addition of components as required. Produce a variety of variations to meet different needs while reducing human error and saving time.


  • Condor provides investigation and intelligence management solutions trusted by Australian law enforcement and other agencies.
  • Aside from Condor Investigate, the company offers platforms for records management, intel tracking, operations management, and more. Interested parties may contact the vendor for further information and pricing.

8. VeriPic Digital Evidence Manager: Digital Evidence Management in One Solution

veripic dashboard

With VeriPic Digital Evidence Manager, law enforcement agencies are able to handle all case data in a centralized location from any device and location of their choosing. In a single location, officers can manage evidence from several different systems and devices. They can also benefit from features like audit trails, security, and encryption. Connect several places without using any specialized networks or virtual private network connections (VPN). Along with VeriPic’s mobile application, cops can capture photos, videos, and audio statements without any specialized device.

Key Features

  • The platform’s District Attorney’s license allows officers to share digital evidence with any stakeholder. Depending on the specifics of the institution’s records policy, users can choose to restrict who has access to certain files or allow everyone to share everything.
  • VeriPic Cloud includes GPS coordinates along with the photos and displays location information along with relevant images.
  • The mobile app makes it easy to capture videos, images, and audio evidence and sync them directly to the cloud platform.


  • VeriPic also offers a desktop version of the Digital Evidence Manager along with other products such as Mug Shot System, Body Worn Cameras, Video Redaction, and much more. Agencies can contact the company for more information about product features and pricing.

9. Digital TraQ: Digital Evidence Management Solution

quetel dashboard

Digital TraQ by QueTel makes it easy to augment physical evidence items through digital assets captured via video surveillance, body-worn cameras, digital cameras, audio recordings, and more. Police officers and similar users do not need to rely on DVDs and similar media anymore. Investigators, prosecutors, and other stakeholders can easily copy, access, and refile evidence using the platform. Aside from raw digital files of evidence, the software can store and manage video enhancements, forensic images, and other evidentiary documents.

Key Features

  • Upload all types of digital assets containing evidence and similar resources in one easy-to-access platform along with relevant metadata.
  • The system automatically checks the originality and authenticates files to ensure the integrity of evidentiary documents and assets.
  • Share files securely and easily with prosecutors, investigators, and other stakeholders, even the public.


  • QueTel offers numerous products that help manage evidence from evidence management systems, lab management applications, impound systems, and much more. Pricing and more information about their functionalities are available upon request.

10. EvidenceOnQ: User-Customizable Property and Evidence Management Solution

evidenceonq dashboard

EvidenceOnQ gives organizations the ability to handle property and evidence in an effective manner during their entire lifecycles. It lessens the amount of paper used, eliminates repeated labor efforts, reduces the number of handwritten documents, and automates the chain of custody. Every department facet will benefit from the time savings and increased productivity afforded by having a user-configurable system that can be tailored to meet their specific requirements. It ensures that there is a clear and unbroken chain of custody and full accountability while all certification requirements are met.

Key Features

  • Customize all aspects of the platform based on specific requirements, workflows, and processes of teams, departments, and agencies.
  • Reduce repetitive tasks by going paperless and automating various processes without sacrificing the chain of custody.
  • Access and share information with authorized stakeholders in just a few clicks.


  • FileOnQ does not only offer evidence management software; the vendor also carries solutions for found property, asset management, and more. Interested agencies can contact them for demo and pricing information.

11. EvidenceWorks: Leader in Digital Evidence Management in the UK

evidenceworks dashboard

EvidenceWorks is the preeminent software application for the handling of digital evidence in the United Kingdom. It offers safe, strong storage capabilities, as well as data exchange features, assisting law enforcement agencies and other companies in lowering the risk of data loss. Additionally, it helps save money since there is no longer a need to locally store or manually transport media. It serves as a centralized repository of evidence assets captured from body cams, CCTVs, and other sources.

Key Features

  • A role-based security architecture manages access and usage for the organization, and there is a comprehensive audit record of all activities conducted using digitally signed media.
  • Enterprise operations are supported by a configurable workflow that facilitates change over time and efficient cooperation across teams and investigations.
  • Enable cops to manage digital media for a large-scale crime without the need for specialized video/technical teams.


  • Integrys provides an entire framework of solutions designed to improve entire police operations, from core police systems to data sources. Potential customers can request a quote as well as a demonstration of features.

12. Kaseware: A Platform Built for Evidence Inventory Management

kaseware dashboard

Kaseware’s evidence inventory system makes it easy for police officers and agencies to handle both physical and digital evidence from anywhere at any time. The top-of-the-line software offers users a consolidated area for data relating to investigations, making it possible for them to record evidence more effectively than before. It is equipped with smart auto-fill functions, which do away with the need to manually enter several items for the same case number. With more efficient methods of evidence handling, organizations have the ability to develop new leads, unearth critical connections, and ultimately solve cases more quickly.

Key Features

  • Kaseware’s platform employs cutting-edge barcode technology to initiate and manage a chain of custody for documents, as well as to provide automatic warnings for occurrences such as delayed checkouts and evidence destruction.
  • The mobile-friendly platform is also compatible with devices running on iOS and Android, such as smartphones, desktops, and tablets. This makes it possible for law enforcement personnel to see and handle evidence regardless of whether they are in the office or out in the field.
  • Log any relevant data, including images, into the system by scanning the evidence identification barcodes.


  • Licenses to Kaseware’s software are priced at a set monthly rate per user. There are a number of variables that may affect prices, like hosting alternatives and third-party add-ons.

13. PMI Evidence Tracker: Advanced Software Created by Cops for Cops

pmi evidence tracker dashboard

PMI Evidence Tracker is a powerful evidence management system that gives law enforcement agencies an inexpensive, versatile, and easy-to-use application for managing evidence and property. Police officers designed the system for police officers, and it can significantly lessen the burden on officers by providing a simple solution to a difficult situation. PMI Evidence Tracker gives law enforcement agencies access to the evidence management system that is the most user-friendly for law enforcement officers currently available on the market. This allows for increased levels of security and peace of mind.

Key Features

  • With a single configurable Evidence Log, add or update evidence in one place. A single screen is all that’s needed to enter evidentiary information.
  • Customize the Evidence or Asset Log to match the agency’s requirements. Users can change the titles of fields, move them around, add dropdowns, and make them mandatory.
  • Use barcodes to quickly compile a physical inventory of evidence or assets. The inventory can be completed in a few hours rather than days.


  • PMI Evidence Tracker comes packaged with user licenses, a barcode printer, a barcode scanner, and relevant hardware and support so customers can implement the system easily. Pricing starts at the Basic package costing $2,975.

14. Fotoware: Manage and Find Digital Evidence Using a Scalable Platform

fotoware dashboard

Fotoware makes it easy for police organizations to find and manage digital evidence assets of any type while providing features to share them securely. Using mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, the platform makes it simple to upload evidence straight to the system. Using the RESTful API, users can connect to third-party systems and build custom integrations that optimize their operations even more. It also connects with other mission-critical systems like case management and records management. Even more importantly, the FotoWare mobile app for police and law enforcement allows officers to retrieve evidentiary files from any device, including their own body-worn cameras, unmanned drones, and more.

Key Features

  • Keep all digital evidence in a single, safe location, from which officers can access it on any device they have.
  • The video playback function makes it simple to watch videos, and includes keyframes so that viewers may focus on specific moments.
  • Make albums to immediately share them with the prosecution and even interface with the system used by the court through the open API.


  • Fotoware provides powerful digital asset management tools not only to law enforcement but to other industries as well, such as media, marketing, retail, manufacturing, and more. Pricing is available upon request.

15. Omnigo: A Secure Platform Guarding the Integrity of Digital and Physical Evidence

omnigo dashboard

The end-to-end solutions provided by Omnigo simplify the process of managing evidence, allowing law enforcement personnel to maintain a chain of custody and handle property from the time it is received until it is disposed of using nearly any device. Teams and organizations now have a centralized location from which they can generate, share, and convert files and reports. In addition to this, they are able to report on the chain of custody while having simple access to all pertinent data. Furthermore, it makes it simpler for police forces to engage and include the community in a variety of initiatives and projects.

Key Features

  • Maintain a secure environment by limiting access to just those who need it, deleting material that is no longer required, and automating the process of requesting and receiving files.
  • Manage and store all digital evidence in a single area so that it can be retrieved promptly when necessary. Reports are easily retrieved, shared, and court-ready bundles can be generated in just a few clicks.
  • Individuals can submit and monitor digital files using community upload tools that encourage people to be more proactive in sharing evidence.


  • Omnigo offers numerous safety solutions aimed toward public safety, corporate, gaming and hospitality, and much more. Demonstration and pricing information are available upon request.

16. WOLFCOM Evidence Management System: Affordable Evidence Management Solution

wolfcom dashboard

The WOLFCOM Evidence Management System (WEMS) is a user-friendly, feature-rich, and CJIS-compliant software application that is used by hundreds of police departments and security organizations all over the globe. Through an intuitive interface, it makes the process of managing data like videos, audio, photographs, and documents simpler for law enforcement officials. Users who have been granted the relevant permissions and powers are able to produce audit trail reports, inspect, tag, and check the asset’s integrity. They can also automatically remove files in accordance with the department’s retention regulations, among many other capabilities.

Key Features

  • Handle all of the digital evidence that any department has, including videos captured by body cameras, digital photos, films captured in cars, videos captured by security cameras, documents, voice recordings, and other standard media files.
  • Widget Application Dashboards are easy to use and intuitive, offering a low learning curve to users.
  • When a file is added to the Evidence Management System, it will get a SHA2 256-bit Hash as soon as the system processes the file. This will ensure that the files are authentic and that they may be submitted into evidence in court.


  • More than evidence management solutions, WOLFCOM offers law enforcement-grade body cameras, video redaction systems, and much more. Interested parties are welcome to contact the vendor for more information about features and pricing.

17. Cellebrite Guardian: End-to-End Cloud-Based Evidence Management Software

cellebrite guardian dashboard

Cellebrite Guardian is a cloud-based system that is easy, safe, and scalable for the management, sharing, and evaluation of evidence. This technology allows law enforcement to manage evidence and the investigation process regardless of where they are located. The platform provides them with a highly secure and compliant solution to assist, organize, store, share, and evaluate evidence, beginning with the first intake and continuing through the review and final report. It was designed by and for users. Review all of the videos, photographs, audio, documents, and conversations that were submitted as part of the UFDR report from any device, anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  • Management of both physical and digital evidence within a single holistic system that is comprehensive, adaptable, and all-encompassing.
  • Advanced control of roles and permissions for an infinite number of users enables government organizations to rapidly communicate evidence while still complying with all auditing and monitoring requirements for the chain of custody.
  • Data is presented on a clear and easy dashboard, with retention control to rapidly detect stale evidence.


  • Cellebrite helps law enforcement organizations to update their investigative process and address a developing “public safety gap” caused by the ever-growing complexity of crimes and evidence in the digital world using solutions for government agencies, law enforcement institutions, and border security forces, and more. Pricing and custom solutions are available upon contact with Cellebrite experts.

18. Hytera Digital Evidence Management: Centralized Management of Multimedia Evidence Assets

Hytera Digital Evidence Management dashboard

The Hytera Digital Evidence Management (DEM) system enables the centralized management of multimedia evidence, such as audio recordings, videos, and still photographs acquired by body-worn cameras (BWCs) sported by law enforcement officials. It stores evidence in a centralized or distributed location. It also simplifies the process of viewing, downloading, editing, and sharing evidentiary files. The service allows for large-capacity cloud data storage and capacity expansion without adding a new point of failure. It protects evidence by encrypting it with AES256 and implementing many levels of access control to stop anybody from gaining illegal access.

Key Features

  • Digital evidence and assets are collected and stored on a safe network through centralized data management.
  • Evidence files from BWCs can be organized for uniform administration and categorized with tags for easy search.
  • Use the GNSS location data to link evidence to a particular case in any investigation.


  • Hytera provides two platforms created for small, single-site organizations and large, multi-site institutions. Detailed pricing is available upon inquiry.

19. MatterSuite: Automate Evidence Management Process for Law Firms

MatterSuite dashboard

MatterSuite is a legal evidence management software that organizes cases into their component elements for ease of use. Using the cloud, law enforcement organizations can keep track of, search for, and analyze every piece of a case in order to build compelling prosecutions. Evidence management can be centralized by a thorough audit of a case and the systematic storage of every piece of information. The platform gathers and consolidates data from many sources, making it easier to manage and use.

Key Features

  • E-discovery management allows users to process, examine, add tags, and create automated documents as part of their litigation operations.
  • Effective divisions of motion, cause of action, discovery, and research allow all relevant material to be shared and understood by the attorneys, allowing them to work together more efficiently and quickly resolve cases and legal issues.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork and labor required to maintain them by storing everything on the cloud.


  • MatterSuite simplifies the subscription by offering one flexible pricing at $29 per user per month, which comes with all the features that law firms need for easy evidence management.

20. SAFE by Tracker Products: Industry Standard Evidence Tracking Software

SAFE by Tracker Products dashboard

SAFE is an innovative evidence tracking system that will streamline, optimize, and safeguard the handling of physical and digital evidence. It is built with features and capabilities that allow law enforcement to fully control all areas of evidence management, from collection through disposal. The evidence tracker contains over 100 widgets that allow users to easily obtain extensive information about any evidence. They can also create their own widgets using SAFE’s custom functionality. Save any search as a Widget, so users don’t have to re-enter the same information over and again.

Key Features

  • A fully browser-based solution for evidence management that enables law enforcement personnel to input, examine, and edit data, as well as print reports, barcodes, and other information directly from their web browsers.
  • When cases or items are added and/or changed, the Automated Workflow with SMS notification feature makes it simple to configure emails and text messages to alert relevant stakeholders.
  • The system has an extremely powerful and enterprise-level search engine that is capable of searching on any field, including the custom fields that are added by end-users.


  • Tracker Products for Evidence Management starts at $4,300 per year per Concurrent Access Licence.

Modernizing Law Enforcement Processes Through Evidence Management Software

Over the course of the last several decades, the criminal justice system has become more reliant on forensic science and evidence, which has resulted in an increase in the amount of work for law enforcement property management. The chain of custody must be maintained at all times when employees and officers work through the various stages of the process of evidence management to ensure that forensic materials do not get contaminated, deteriorate, or otherwise compromised in any way.

Historically, evidence management relied on paper and was somewhat laborious to execute. It requires a significant amount of man-hours of categorizing as well as writing documentation. However, evidence management tools are now available to make this crucial procedure more efficient and less time-consuming.

With the best evidence management software, law enforcement agencies can handle digital and physical evidence without using paper. It’s an essential component of law enforcement software that enables police departments to leverage the latest digital innovations in their field and build trust for their ranks among the population they serve. It makes use of cloud technology, which stores data in a safe manner and enables users to use the system from anywhere, even in the field. Officers, for instance, can use their smartphones to snap pictures and videos, record and document interviews, and input barcodes from driver’s licenses into the system while still on the site of the incident. Modern solutions make these otherwise complex processes more efficient while increasing accuracy and compliance.



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