Best School Transportation Software in 2023

Best School Transportation Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
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Today, school administrators and student transportation professionals face many pain points. In a survey, 23% of respondents said that routing difficulties negatively affect their transportation operations (HopSkipDrive, 2022). This is on top of other issues like bus driver shortage, COVID 19-related issues, and meeting individual student needs. To address this, schools need to leverage school bus routing software and transportation software.

In this guide, get to know the best school transportation software on the market today. Learn about the overview of the software in general as well as details on their features and pricing packages. With this information, you can discern which solution is right for your school, your environment, and your needs.

Best School Transportation Software Table of Contents

  1. State of School Transportation
  2. Student Commute in the Post-Covid World
  3. List of Best School Transportation Software

State of School Transportation

Education is an important part of a child’s well-being. This is why parents strive to find schools that offer high-quality curricula and are staffed with dedicated teachers who will go above and beyond to help nurture their kids’ minds. However, just as important as these factors is the accessibility of these schools.

Data from the Varkey Foundation (n.d.) shows that parents regard a school’s distance from home as equally important to the credentials of the teachers in an institution. It is followed by the environment of the school (30%), the academic record of the school (30%), and the school’s ethos (27%).

Source: Varkey Foundation

After all, kids need to be able to attend their classes before they can reap the rewards of a good education. Perhaps more important is the ability to go to school and get home without long commute times. This is especially because a quarter of students often walk or bike to school or rely on their parents to drop them off at school before work (Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2021).

Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Unfortunately, not all families are privileged enough to own a car to transport their kids to school. These said, it’s not surprising that roughly 25 million schoolchildren rely on school buses to get to school (American School Bus Council).

schoolchildren that take the bus

According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Transportation, 20% of low-income households do not own any vehicle so the majority of kids coming from these families (70%) opt to take school buses (Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2021). Meanwhile, 99% of non-low-income households own at least one car but almost half of the children from these families still take school buses daily.

Student Commute in the Post-Covid World

As the world recovers from the impact of the pandemic, more and more schools are resuming in-person learning. As of 2021, 35.4% of students have already enrolled in face-to-face programs while 21.2% opted for hybrid instruction (NCES, 2021). More recent data shows that 38.24% of schools reported resuming in-person programs in their districts (HopSkipDrive, 2022).

Source: NCES, 2021

However, with COVID-19 still looming over our shoulders, it seems that many parents (54%) are opting to drop their kids off at school instead ( Inc, 2021). As such, student ridership in school buses across districts have dropped.

Source: Inc., 2021

While this trend is primarily due to parents’ concern about a surge in COVID-19 infections (72%), schools and bus contractors also note other pandemic-related problems that exacerbated the problem (HopSkipDrive, 2022). Among these include staffing shortages (66%), lack of funding (57%), school bus utilization concerns (23%), and more complicated bus routes (22%).

Source: HopSkipDrive, 2022

The staffing shortage, in particular, has been hard on school districts. Data reveals that over 50% of school districts are experiencing severe driver shortage as of 2021 (National Association for Pupil Transportation, 2021)

Source: National Association for Pupil Transportation, 2021

Without drivers, students who reside far from campus may become increasingly tardy. Even more alarming is the fact that transportation has a strong link to chronic absenteeism, with 67% of schools reporting that access to school buses has affected student attendance (HopSkipDrive, 2022).

limited access to school buses

To alleviate this problem, transportation directors and schools will need to find ways to make the job more attractive. This could include paying for training, offering hiring incentives, implementing protective measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, or providing more work benefits.

Before that, however, schools will still need to find a way around the limited number of buses that cater to hundreds of students returning to school. This is where the best school transportation software tools prove useful.

List of Best School Transportation Software

1. Tyler Technologies Traversa: Unified Transportation Management Tool

Tyler Technologies dashboard

Tyler Technologies Traversa provides transportation management and school bus routing software for school districts and contractors or shared services agencies. It offers a range of solutions like field trip management, GPS tracking and tablets, parent communication, and vehicle maintenance. With Tyler Technologies, students have a safe riding experience, parents have peace of mind, and school transportation contractors can operate as efficiently as possible.

Key Features

  • Has a bus stop app for parents and students to access bus stop location, route, and pick-up times from a mobile app
  • Comes with activity trip management for simplifying trip requests and can be enhanced for districts with more complicated needs
  • Features printable driver sheets for each trip, integrated driver and vehicle inventory, workflow for requests and approvals, and more
  • Has a telematic GPS that delivers precise longitude, latitude, time, and odometer readings
  • Its mobile app allows parents to view their child’s bus route, bus stop location, and daily estimated pickup time without having to call the district.
  • Offers an on-board tablet for showing the name and photo of each student scheduled for pick-up and drop-off at each stop
  • Fleet maintenance keeps digital records of parts and work orders.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.

2. School Bus Manager: Simple Bus Routing and Planning Solution

SchoolBusManager dashboard

School Bus Manager is a school transportation software that makes it easy for anyone, regardless of skill level, to build school bus routes. With its intuitive interface, all you have to do is to upload the children’s file and you can start building trips. This lets you eliminate building routes manually, which simplifies overall transportation operation and saves you time and money.

Key Features

  • Build routes on the software, as well as keep track of buses, children, and drivers.
  • Turn-by-turn directions can be automatically added to every route and trip.
  • Take attendance of children on board the bus all on one screen.
  • Quickly search children’s information such as contact information, attendance, session times, and more.
  • See pins of children, schools, and routes on a map.
  • The software highlights pick-up and drop-off addresses.
  • It also integrates with the local department of education and is compatible with ChildPlus software.


  • School Bus Manager offers four fixed-rate plans: Lite ($99 per month), Plus ($179 per month), Standard ($399 per month), and Pro ($599 per month).
  • All plans include a one-time setup fee.
  • It also offers a quote-based plan for routes with more than 5,000 children.
  • The vendor offers a free 30-day trial.

3. BusBoss: Easy-to-Use School Bus Routing Tool

BusBoss dashboard

BusBoss is a comprehensive school bus routing software geared toward bus contractors, IT managers, transportation coordinators, and school administrators. The software helps them lessen the work of scheduling bus routes and provides them with the tools to optimize such routes. By using BusBoss, users can enjoy an efficient school bus routing system while enjoying cost savings.

Key Features

  • Auto-create stop locations tool automatically identifies the best stop locations for all students based on enrollment, road restrictions, and other criteria
  • Has a route optimization tool that analyzes existing routes and comes up with hypothetical routes with complete bus schedules, passenger lists, and more
  • Comes with an editing feature for school bus routing maps to add new roads, bus stops, house locations, and more
  • Sets alternate addresses for route daily pick-up and/or drop-off locations
  • Provides bus passes for tracking attendance, ridership, library checkout, and more
  • Has student incident tracking of problems by date and driver, with the ability to print or email reports to parents and school principals
  • Can integrate with GPS tracking as well as student information systems such as Tenex, Skyward, Sapphire, and more


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.

4. Safe Fleet: Smart and Fully-Integrated Transportation Management

SafeFleet dashboard

Safe Fleet is a comprehensive transportation management solution that helps school districts ensure students get to and from school safely and efficiently. The platform’s features include school bus routing, vehicle tracking, student tracking management, video surveillance, and parent notifications in one platform. School districts that implement Safe Fleet can reduce commute times, lessen parent complaints, and ensure that drivers stay on track and on time.

Key Features

  • Safe Fleet Compass delivers routing and tracking and real-time route optimization.
  • Web-based reporting enables users to plan routes and track students in real-time without having to install software or maintain servers.
  • Safe Fleet Path automates the process of generating precise driver directions, bus stop times and schedules, and student assignments.
  • Safe Fleet Navigator automatically displays drivers’ routes or other pre-defined routes and guides them through every step of their daily routine.
  • School Bus Hub app allows parents to see bus arrival schedules, expected student arrival times for school or home, and verify if the student has arrived at their destination.
  • Field trip planning software allows users to set up a workflow for trip request approval, compute estimated trips online, and create detailed trip reports.
  • Fleet maintenance lets you make the most out of maintenance inventory, find opportunities for parts and labor savings, and more.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.

5. Samsara for K-12: Transportation and Student Safety Solution

Samsara dashboard

Samsara for K-12 is a bus tracking and school bus fleet management software for school districts. The solution enables school districts to manage all facets of their operations such as vehicle telematics, equipment monitoring, video-based safety, site visibility, and app and driver workflows from one platform. By implementing Samsara, school districts can help ensure student safety, answer and resolve incidents faster, and gain operational efficiency.

Key Features

  • Real-time video with AI-powered dash cams or 360-degree videos from third-party cameras help enhance driver and student safety.
  • Operational safety feature checks when stop paddles are enabled and bus conditions remotely.
  • Student tracking is possible through bus activity logging with NFC ID readers and ridership reports.
  • Event capture records important events with just a click of a button for the protection of students and employees.
  • Proximity search allows you to swiftly address complaints by checking previous trips of your buses and vehicles.
  • Real-time maintenance lets you pinpoint buses that have fault alerts and, thus require live engine diagnostics.
  • Comes with automated processes for pre- and post-trip inspections such as morning school bus inspection or sanitization for activity buses


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.
  • Pricing will depend on what resources the client wants to monitor, the number of vehicles it has, and the industry it is in.

6. QRyde: AI-Powered Cloud-Based Transportation Platform

QRyde K12 dashboard

QRyde is a cloud-based school transportation software for K-12 school districts that helps schools ensure student safety and accurate billing. The solution is powered by QRyde Cloud, which comes with built-in artificial intelligence and big data management capabilities. QRyde enables school districts to operate their transportation more efficiently while giving them the flexibility to have the solution customized according to their needs.

Key Features

  • Real-time tracking technology helps users to create better routes and manage resources more efficiently.
  • Automated data and scheduling management lets you eliminate manual and error-prone data entry tasks.
  • Transaction management enables school districts to reconcile vehicle miles and driver hours and create vendor invoices.
  • Reporting dashboard allows users to track all processes, from schedule planning to student pick-up and drop-off to billing and payment.
  • Mobile data solution lets users dispatch vehicles over the cloud in real-time.
  • Scheduling and dispatch tool ensures orderly scheduling of routes and streamlined management of transportation operations from day to day.
  • Vendor payment system lets school districts reimburse vendors faster compared to funding agencies.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.

7. TrackSchoolBus: Bespoke Software for School Transportation

TrackSchoolBus dashboard

TrackSchoolBus is a school transport provider software for schools, school districts, and transport providers that helps users address transportation challenges. With the software, they can manage trips, digitalize bus fare collection, track their fleets, and more. By implementing the solution, school transportation service providers can manage all facets of their services, from bus routing to accounting to data collection, eliminating the need to purchase school accounting software only for the purpose.

Key Features

  • Online payment system lets parents make payments anytime from their mobile phones and track their transactions online.
  • Trip card collects data about the trip, optimizes data, allows for instant vehicle assignments in case of breakdowns, and more.
  • Tracking management allows you to keep tabs on your fleet 24/7, with parents tracking only while their child is using the service and schools only during school transportation times.
  • Nanny management helps you stay on top of nannies or school bus attendants by assigning them to specific vehicles, documenting their attendance, and more.
  • Parking management lets you view vehicles when they are in transit as well as when they are parked or not parked in a designated slot.
  • On-demand trip management allows students who need temporary transportation to search and book seats on buses that are in transit.
  • On-board Wi-Fi management gives students free Wi-Fi while riding on the bus.


  • The vendor offers five pricing plans: Basic Monitoring, Manual Attendance, Automated Attendance, Contactless Attendance, and School Bus Surveillance.
  • Pricing details are available upon request from the vendor.

8. Verizon Connect: Connected Fleet Management Ecosystem

VerizonConnect dashboard

Verizon Connect is a fleet management solution that helps school districts reduce costs and enhance student and driver safety. The solution features a robust set of functionality, including geofencing, vehicle tracking, safety tools, fuel cost monitoring, and vehicle maintenance. With Verizon Connect, you can make the most out of your budget by improving fleet efficiency.

Key Features

  • Offers a map view of all vehicles, allowing you to see the status, speed, and real-time locations of your vehicles on a map
  • Route replay allows you to see the route drivers take, stop times, arrival times, and comparison of actual and optimal routes.
  • Driver monitoring makes it possible to check whether drivers comply with speed limits, take unauthorized detours, or have harsh driving events.
  • Bus route optimization identifies the ideal drop-off and pick-up locations with real-time traffic updates, hazardous weather, and other potential issues.
  • Asset tracking helps you better manage bus inventory and in-vehicle equipment.
  • Automated record-keeping and data collection streamline compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Fleet visibility provides you with the ability to quickly change routes and schedules to respond to emergencies and last-minute needs.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.

9. Loqqat: Advanced Student Ridership Application

Loqqat dashboard

Loqqat is a smart and intuitive school bus management software that helps school administration and transport providers optimize their transport management systems. With features like route management, parent notification, and vehicle tracking, the system helps address the needs of both parents and school administrators. As such, it offers safety for students, peace of mind for parents, and convenience for school administrators and bus companies.

Key Features

  • Route management lets users define routes and assign buses based on student ridership and vehicle capacity.
  • Auto-trip generation allows users to automatically generate daily trips on chosen routes based on a predefined time window.
  • Vehicle tracking through Google Maps API provides the exact location of a bus at a given point in time for schools and parents.
  • Push notifications for parents let them know whenever their child is picked up or dropped off.
  • Proximity alerts let parents know about the estimated time of arrival of the bus so they can plan their child’s drop-off accordingly.
  • Student attendance is captured by a smart card, which students can tap against an NFC reader when they board the bus.
  • Parent app provides a platform where parents can communicate with teachers and school transport providers.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.

10. BusPlanner: End-to-End Route Planning Suite

BusPlanner dashboard

BusPlanner is a school bus routing and scheduling software that gives K-12 transportation professionals all the tools they need to manage routes efficiently. These include a user-friendly interface, powerful optimization tools, and a planning and analysis toolkit. All of these help users save time and money, ease the burden of managing routes, and optimize their transport management system overall.

Key Features

  • Comes with an intuitive interface where you can easily access data and maps
  • Robust search and query capabilities enable users to quickly look up information based on any criteria.
  • Offers data verification tools for overloaded runs, out-of-boundary students by board, and other information to ensure that data is correct
  • Customizable reports allow you to export summaries, details, manifests, student lists, and timelines.
  • Optional BusPlanner GPS module lets you analyze events on the road and apply the insights into your routing solution.
  • Task scheduler allows you to automate scheduled backups and nightly student imports and exports.
  • Student transportation information portal provides timely information to parents, students, public users, and professional users.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.

11. TripSpark Education: Single-Source Transportation Management for Schools

TripSpark dashboard

TripSpark Education is an end-to-end solution for school bus scheduling and routing for K-12 schools. It provides a wide range of solutions for student transportation such as a fully integrated multi-term calendar, field trip management, and an app for parents within a cloud-based, GPS/Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) platform. With TripSpark, schools can optimize bus schedules, get information at their fingertips, and monitor bus locations in real-time.

Key Features

  • Student tracking utilizes bar codes, RFID cards, and student ID numbers to check when and where each student gets on or off the bus.
  • Auto-filtering lets users instantly access real-time bus information without going through a lot of clicks.
  • The “Which Bus” feature lets users quickly find all vehicles located within a defined area as well as the day, time, location, and speed of each vehicle.
  • Field trip management helps you stay on top of all aspects of a field trip, from initial request to generating permission slips.
  • Comprehensive school bus reporting lets you access reports on idling, time, mileage, and school arrivals.
  • The “WheresTheBus” parent app gives parents information such as bus number, bus’ current location and distance, bus stop, 10-minute markers, and more.
  • The add-on School View module provides administrators with the real-time location of all buses assigned to their school.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.

12. SafeBus: Comprehensive Bus Routing and Tracking System

SafeBus dashboard

SafeBus is a school bus management platform that aids schools in taking charge of their growing school bus fleet. With SafeBus, you can track your fleet in real-time, optimize routes, generate reports, and more. By using the software, schools can ensure child safety, and give parents peace of mind, all while transmitting data in a secure environment.

Key Features

  • Live vehicle tracking allows you to see the location of your entire fleet with the exact GPS status of a vehicle on one map.
  • Color-coded filters let you check the status of a vehicle, such as whether they are stationary, moving, unreachable, or over speeding.
  • Its dashboard with charts and graphs gives you a quick overview of trip, driver, and vehicle performance.
  • The SOS feature gives the attendant the option to place an emergency call and get help straight from the app.
  • SafeBus parent app to track the bus in real-time, know the estimated time of arrival, and other details of the trip.
  • The intuitive drag-and-drop motions for managing trips make vehicle deployment fast and easy.


  • The vendor offers pay-per-student or per-vehicle pricing.
  • Global pricing starts at $0.50 per student per month.

13. BatOnRoute: Dynamic and Secure Bus Routing Tool

BatOnRoute dashboard

BatOnRoute offers a school transportation solution that allows schools and educational centers to manage bus routes and track them in real-time. This dynamic and intuitive solution streamlines the flow of information between schools and parents and enhancing transportation safety. BatOnRoute can be integrated with school portals such as Alexia, ClickEdu, and iSAMS.

Key Features

  • Various parent notifications for an estimated arrival at bus stop, boarding and disembarking, arrival and departure, and more
  • In-app map shows the real-time location of a bus based on GPS.
  • Parents can request route changes.
  • Manages bus routes, stops, and allocation of students for schools
  • Comes with live tracking of bus locations and the amount of time passed at stops
  • Distance traveled by bus is made available to schools.
  • Provides simple route change management and absence marking for schools


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.

14. busHive: Platform Specializing in Trip Management and Compliance

busHive dashboard

busHive is a transportation software that helps school districts and school bus contractors stay on top of daily school bus tracking and management tasks. busHive sets itself apart from its competitors by offering dispatch processes, charter and driver management, customer invoicing, and driver payroll all under one platform. By implementing busHive, schools can gain access to accurate information, reduce data entry, and boost overall performance.

Key Features

  • Dispatching platform with a color-coordinated system that indicates the drivers and buses at hand and reports on scheduling conflicts
  • Driver itineraries allow users to enter information so that it can give drivers exact directions for planning ahead before the trip.
  • Contractor invoicing keeps track of all contractor payments, generates invoices, and reviews any overdue payments.
  • Driver check-in allows you to accurately identify which drivers have checked in for daily school bus trips.
  • Online request forms allow you to import charter and field trip inquiries via API.
  • Financial reporting such as invoice overviews, aging reports, and revenue reports are available to the management team.
  • Integrates with PC Miler for quote generation as well as QuickBooks and Sage for accounting functions


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.

15. BusTracks: System Built to Optimize Transportation Costs

BusTracks dashboard

BusTracks is a student transportation software that helps school district business managers maximize their school transportation costs. BusTracks offers solutions for transportation management, vehicle satellite tracking, automated reporting, and consulting services and analysis. With BusTracks, schools can realize time and cost savings and boost overall efficiency in routing and scheduling.

Key Features

  • Search functionality allows users to look up students by first name, last name, school, grade, and ID.
  • Standard or customized reports on walkers, hazardous, non-public, bus roster, stop list, charter school, and more
  • Set primary and two alternate addresses and address history for students
  • Special data options for handling the needs of students with special needs
  • DELORME maps software shows student homes, stops, routes, and boundaries, helping you optimize route maps.
  • Dynamic calendar management allows you to enter comments and document snow days and early dismissal days.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.

16. Crosswalk K-12: AVL-Powered School Transportation system

Crosswalk k12 dashboard

Crosswalk K-12 is a school transportation software that helps schools solve their most challenging transportation strategies. The solution is powered by a robust automatic vehicle locator that can stream location data from your vehicles. By implementing the solution, schools can optimize routes, stay on top of issues or defects in the vehicle, and give access to information for drivers to work efficiently.

Key Features

  • Student tracking ensures that students board the correct bus and do not get left behind at the end of a route.
  • Compatible with NFC cards as well as touchscreen and military-grade tablets with a built-in reader
  • Route optimization allows users to identify student homes, make rules, and publish and share routes with drivers.
  • Pre- and post-trip inspections help you enforce trip inspection guidelines for your state, share mechanical issues in real-time, and save inspection sheets in the cloud.
  • Field trip management allows you to handle online requests, streamline the approval process, and create shareable live maps.
  • Turn-by-turn directions allow users to share routes, stops, and student assignments with drivers.
  • Integrates with school information systems to reduce manual processes and automate data feed


  • The UniteGPS Route Optimization solution is offered under three pricing plans: Local ($3,500 per year), Town ($10,500 per year), and City ($26,000 per year).
  • Pricing is dependent on the number of students per year.
  • Free route consulting is available for the Local and Town plans. Route consulting costs $95 per hour for the City plan.

17. EZRouting: Cost-Effective School Transportation Management Tool

EZRouting dashboard

EZRouting is a school bus routing software that gives school staff and students ready access to bus routing information. It features an intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to use even without extensive training. Schools that leverage the solution can expect faster, simpler, and more effective school bus routes.

Key Features

  • Equipped with a Customer Portal where users can manage routes from anywhere on any device
  • Web-based routing app and bus tablet app provide student tracking and driver navigation capabilities.
  • Student-centric design puts all important information front and center so students can get the information they need with fewer clicks.
  • Calendar-based EZRouting is flexible to accommodate any type of schedule such as split custody and weekly daycare programs.
  • Intelligent route consolidation automatically computes expected seating capacity and route times.
  • Sandbox area enables users to make and handle various separate routing scenarios.
  • Seamless integration with school’s student management system ensures that student rosters are updated with minimal errors.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.
  • The vendor provides a demo upon request from its website.

18. RouteABus: Free Bus Routing Solution

RouteABus dashboard

RouteABus is billed as a true web-based routing solution that makes it easy for schools to manage bus stops and assignments. Solution components include a web-based bus stop locator, redistricting support and tools, school locator, and Fastlane services. With RouteABus, schools can streamline bus routing, generate optimal bus routes, and print bus schedules.

Key Features

  • Up-to-date maps, imagery, and street views eliminate the need to load or edit road data every year
  • Optional live data layers can be added such as weather, traffic, and road closures.
  • Auto-route feature automatically assigns students to buses, buses to routes, and routes to schools.
  • Bus Stop Locator lets parents enter an address, search for the nearest bus stop, and view the address and pickup/drop-off times.
  • Online redistricting tool allows school districts to have support for drawing attendance areas and giving turn-key redistricting support services.
  • Web-based school locator can be set up for any attendance area layer and be given as a map or text output.
  • Fastlane services provide vendor assistance in loading information about students, routes, and bus stops in the system so you can use the system right away.


  • The vendor provides four pricing plans: Basic (free), Small, Medium, Large, and Enterprise.
  • Plans can be paid based on a tri-monthly or annual basis. Tri monthly plans range from $450 to $850 while annual plans range from $600 to $1,000.
  • Enterprise plans pricing details are available upon request from the vendor.

19. GoFleet School Transportation: Tool Prioritizing Fleet Optimization and Student Safety

GoFleet dashboard

GoFleet School Transportation is a school transportation software that addresses a host of transportation concerns for schools. This involves student safety, fleet safety, route management, and tracking visibility. By implementing GoFleet, schools can achieve an optimized fleet and ensure efficient operations.

Key Features

  • Student tracking lets users check when and where students get on or off the bus through NFC reader scanning.
  • Vehicle tracking provides bus locations and gives parents updates on the time a child’s bus will reach a designated stop.
  • Driver safety allows you to keep an eye on school bus drivers to make sure that students and children are protected while on the road.
  • Vehicle upkeep gives you complete visibility into sudden mechanical issues or upcoming maintenance.
  • Fleet optimization allows users to keep track of student ridership to adjust bus routes and stops.
  • Routing and dispatching show vehicle routes that are in progress and those that are expected to reach their destination.
  • ZenduCAM provides access to dash cameras for seeing trips, live playback of events, and more.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.
  • The vendor provides a demo upon request from their website.

20. Reaxium: Specialized Cloud-Based School Transportation Management

Reaxium dashboard

Reaxium is a school transportation solution geared towards school districts that empowers them to exceed service levels for students. The solution is composed of various features such as student ridership tracking, school bus tracking, contact tracing, digital seating chart, GPS tracking and telematics, and a student ID card system. By implementing the solution, school districts can make sure that their school bus system runs efficiently and is cost-effective while providing students with a safe riding experience.

Key Features

  • Web app allows school districts to track student ridership, monitor the school bus, conduct contact tracing, and more.
  • App for parents and legal guardians allows them to check bus route information, receive status updates about the bus, and get notifications about student ridership.
  • Sends out notifications to parents from drivers whenever the student’s bus encounters an incident or delay
  • Reaxium device for school bus drivers provides map and route assistance along with authentication and identification of students who board the bus.
  • School bus seating charts allow users to designate seats to students or assign seats on demand.
  • GPS tracking and telematics in partnership with Globalis allow users to know the exact location of their bus so they can proactively support their fleet.
  • Its partnership with Vision for a comprehensive student ID card system helps improve bus routing and provides ridership data with precision.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing, which is available upon request.
  • The vendor provides a demo upon request from its website.

The Road to the Right School Transportation Software

With the digitalization of education, apps such as the best school administration software make day-to-day tasks in schools much easier. The same can be said of managing one’s school bus transportation management system. To do so, one would need to consider not only the needs of students but also school staff and drivers.

For an overall excellent solution, Tyler Technologies offers comprehensive school transportation software that addresses the needs of parents, students, and school districts. On the other hand, busHive has a wide range of solutions for certain use cases, whether for school bus contractors, field trips, motor coach operators, and more. When it comes to usability of the tool regardless of skill level, School Bus Manager and BusPlanner stand out due to their easy-to-use interfaces.

With the variety of solutions that exist on the market today, it can be challenging to know which school bus transportation management system will suit your needs. You can narrow down your options by figuring out the software features that matter to you. You should also inquire about the vendor and the quality of support you can expect to get from them. From there, the selection process will be a whole lot easier.

For schools and the general public at large, transportation is a vital component of the movement for uplifting ubran life through the best smart cities software. But while it’s gaining ground in the more advanced countries, the less fortunates ones remain with other crucial issues to grapple with.

Meanwhile, school administrators have to deal with the more pressing needs of their physical structures, making finding a compelling facilities management software for schools a critical one.



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