20 Best Public Records Management Software in 2022

20 Best Public Records Management Software in 2022
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
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In the era of the Internet of Things, more governments move to electronic record-keeping. Public records management software, therefore, becomes essential. These tools streamline request intake and completion and help agencies index electronic records for faster access. Due to the high volume of paper records and human error, old record systems are time-consuming and difficult to manage. Records requests would take weeks to process, and the audit trail is prone to mistakes.

As part of public sector software tools, consider public records management software that creates multiple public records request forms, customizes workflow assignments, provides communication tools, stores public records electronically, and complies with FedRAMP, CJIS, and HIPAA to protect government data.

This guide helps you decide which is the best public records management software for your organization. It gives you the trends and benefits that could help underpin your decision as well as a list of software worth considering.

Best Public Records Management Software Table of Contents

  1. Trends in Public Records Management
  2. Benefits of Public Records Management Software
  3. List of Best Public Records Management Software

Trends in Public Records Management

COVID-19 forced local governments to digitize records. Where CIOs spent years trying, a pandemic reduced paper use immediately. This difficulty has created opportunities, with governance, security, innovation, procurement, and retention benefiting most from automating records. As municipal governments migrate to a remote labor paradigm, implementing record governance is more important than ever.

The following trends will help guide you in your decision to choose the best public records management for your organization.

Enhanced Transparency

Crime rates are high, even juvenile or student crimes. Somehow, access to public information may seem a viable means for people to protect themselves. However, unregulated access to public records could be dangerous.

The 2020 protests in Portland, where many arrestees were doxed and harassed after their photos were released, triggered the enactment of the law prohibiting the release of mugshots except in emergency situations and to other law enforcement agencies. As such, governments are advancing transparency while continuing to protect individual rights. The main concern is what information can be made available to the public. (Granicus, 2022)

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Data Security

Married to the initiatives of enhancing transparency are the risks of data breaches. Over 1.1 billion records were lost in India’s national ID database Aadhaar in early 2018. This included iris and fingerprint scans that could be used to open bank accounts and receive financial aid. Meanwhile, a 2014 Yahoo hack affected at least 500 million user accounts. Just this May of 2022, the United States Department of Defense was duped into paying a phishing actor $23.5 million. (Toulas, 2022) These are only a few of the biggest hacks that data scientists had to deal with, but data breaches continue to be a problem today.

Source: Information is Beautiful

As the world enters the digital age, corporations and governments rely more on technology to collect, analyze, and store personal data. This has led to a rise in cyber-crimes. The year 2019 saw 1,506 data breaches in the U.S. while in 2018, cyber-crime exposed 471 million personal records nationwide. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (2022), after a record-setting 2021, data breaches are off to a rapid start in 2022; more than 90% are cyberattacks.

share of cyberattacks among data breaches in 2022

Globally, a single data breach cost nearly $4 million in 2020. Each leak cost the healthcare industry $7.13 million. Energy and finance followed. Each breach cost $6 million, $2 million more than the global average. (IBM Security, 2021) As cybercriminals become more skilled and digital attacks become more common, organizations are spending more on cyber security to prevent breaches. As a result, global spending on cyber security and insurance has risen from 75.6 billion in 2015 to 124 billion in 2019. (Marsh & Microsoft, 2019)

global average cost of a data breach

Rising Number of Litigations

GovOA notes an increase in the number of litigations that also raises the number of records requests. (Granicus, 2022) This is no surprise as U.S. courts reported increases in the filing of cases at the Court of Appeals (5%) alone. There were also increases in civil (16%) and criminal (3%) and pre-trial cases (5%) in district courts. Lawyers, the public, and even the top law schools contribute to the rising records request rates.

Source: United States Courts

Increased Fundings

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds were a big deal in 2021, especially in the public record space. Organizations were being asked what they’re spending that money on and how they plan to spend the money on public records requests and their overall process. Many organizations were encouraged to use their funds for digitizing records request management processes. (Granicus, 2022)

no. of global internet users

Meanwhile, IT funds for government agencies have also increased. The 2022 civilian federal agency IT budget is roughly $58.44 million. The 2022 budget projections exclude the Department of Defense, which received $38,815 in 2021. As a leadership and government goals change, IT budgets are reallocated. The Health and Human Services IT budget climbed to $6.9 million in 2022 from $6.4 million in 2021. (US Office of Management and Budget, 2020)

Source: US Office of Management and Budget

Benefits of Public Records Management Software

The best public records management software connects you to the requested information. First, it stores your physical and electronic documents and data in a single digital location. With your information in one location, you can search quickly and deliver results digitally. The solution gathers papers and uploads them online for speedy delivery.

The following are the benefits of implementing public records management software.

  • Save Time. Finding records can take time. As you take longer, requesters can grow more anxious. Time-saving public records software allows you to digitally search files and offer online requests for self-service. Such speed and attentiveness boost public trust and happiness.
  • Reduce Costs. Public records management software also saves money. It reduces shipping, paper, and printing costs. Timely fulfillment also lower compliance fees and fines.
  • Streamline Processes. User-friendly reports help identify bottlenecks and track requests. Workflows can notify employees of pending approvals and deadlines, allowing you to prioritize.
  • Provide Control Over Records. Open, transparent government and administration require accessible public records. As demand for public records like those provided by the best government procurement software rises, governments must acquire control over request management.

The market abounds with public records management software. While each one offers unique features, the best public records management software would be one that meets your organization’s needs at the price most reasonable to you. Below are some examples of software that you can compare to find what matches your needs best.

List of Best Public Records Management Software

1. GovPilot: Promotes Digital Transformation

GovPilot dashboard

Designed for all types of local governments, GovPilot is an affordable, all-in-one software that helps modify, automate, and unify all operations and services and invites constituents to be more engaged. This software allows local governments to be more receptive to the community’s needs, ensuring satisfaction with its services.


  • 125+ solutions for all departments
  • Task assignment
  • GIS mapping
  • Event-based triggers
  • Project tracking
  • Workflow management and alerts
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Automated services and processes
  • Unified platform


  • Book a consultation to know more about its four packages.

2. Everlaw: Simplifies Complex Legal Work

Everlaw dashboard

Everlaw is a cloud-based technology that enables litigation and investigation teams to work together more effectively. The robust yet user-friendly litigation solution helps firms increase profits and give a competitive edge. At the same time, it satisfies the particular requirements of federal, state, and municipal investigative and legal departments.


  • Powerful litigation solution
  • Efficient and cost-effective corporate solutions
  • Secure and scalable features that increase collaboration
  • Value-driven federal solutions
  • Fastest review speed
  • All-in-one legal software
  • Storybuilder that organizes case timelines
  • Smart search capabilities
  • Fast data delivery
  • Cloud storage
  • Quick deployment of legal holds
  • Supports native file types
  • Provides resources to journalists, law students, and pro-bono lawyers


  • Pricing per request through the Everlaw website.

3. ZyLAB ONE: Encourages Ediscovery Automation

ZyLAB ONE dashboard

ZyLAB ONE is an eDiscovery platform that makes data importation uncomplicated, accelerates quality control, and eases legal data assessment. Powered by AI, ZyLAB ONE provides legal discovery solutions for every need. It complies with the highest security standards, making the platform safe and secure.


  • Conducts internal investigations with minimal risks
  • Safeguards regulated data and ensures compliance
  • Easy-to-master eDiscovery platform
  • Simplified freedom of instruction with auto redactions
  • Cost-efficient DSAR
  • GDPR compliance check


  • Request for a quote

4. Relativity: Aids in Faster and More Relevant Investigations

Relavility dashboard

On top of organizing data, Relativity aims to help users to unearth the truth and act accordingly. The platform helps manage massive amounts of data and identify key issues fast during investigations and litigations. It is a powerful SaaS with proactive security.


  • End-to-end discovery solution
  • Centralized workplace
  • Powerful data privacy solution
  • Streamlined early case assessment
  • Faster and more relevant investigations
  • FedRAMP authorized software
  • Effective legal hold management
  • Industry-led patent search and analytics
  • Complete coverage on surveillance and reduced errors
  • Automated trade reconstruction
  • App Hub
  • Information management risk reduction
  • Fast and reliable data transfers
  • Mitigated risk in InfoGovernance


  • Contact Relativity for pricing.

5. JustFOIA: Streamlines Email Request Management

JustFOIA dashboard

JustFOIA promises to be the easiest data management solution by providing end-to-end services designed for law enforcement, K-12 education, and higher education. It keeps the records requests process streamlined by delivering requests directly to the right person on time. At the same time, it guarantees compliance with state and local laws and collects and invoices payments securely.


  • Simplified email requests management
  • Optimized public portal
  • Streamlined requests management
  • Automated workflow process
  • Centralized communication
  • Customizable redaction feature
  • Easy and secure payment gateways
  • Laserfiche integration
  • Enhanced internet security
  • Single sign-on capability
  • Transparent reporting
  • Robust learning management platform


  • Reach out to JustFOIA for pricing

6. Arkase: Facilitates Complaint Case Management Customization

Arkase dashboard

ArkCase is an open standard platform that delivers adaptability, expansion, and resilience. This platform speeds up the deployment of case management systems by facilitating the expansion of the modular features (i.e., Enterprise Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Business Process Management).


  • Customizable complaint case management
  • Efficient correspondence management solution
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use FOIA features
  • AI-infused legal case management solution
  • Reliable ROI management


  • Offers free account
  • Enterprise Gold starts at $60 per user per month
  • Request Enterprise Platinum quote

7. eCase: Bolsters End-to-End PQ Management

eCase dashboard

eCase is an easy, online, end-to-end case management system created especially for the United Kingdom’s public sector. eCase assists with all facets of case management in the U.K. public sector, including central and local government, independent organizations, and agencies like police departments and hospital trusts efficiently and consistently.


  • End-to-end PQ management
  • Simplified Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, Environmental Information Requests (EIR), and Data
  • Protection (DPA)/Subject Access Requests (SAR) management
  • Specially-designed Ministerial Correspondence (MC) and MP Correspondence process
  • Time-efficient case management for private offices and special advisers
  • All-in-one case management system
  • Secured management of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and Data Protection (DPA) / Subject Access
  • Requests (SAR), CRU referrals, and other correspondence for the police force and the local government


  • Price starts at £24,938 per year for 5,000 cases per year
  • contact eCase for eCase Premium pricing

8. NextRequest: Boosts Open Records Request Workflow

NextRequest dashboard

NextRequest is a records request platform that enables government agencies of all sizes to work asynchronously and remotely together. Public records specialists created their FOIA request management software to improve and transform the way governments handle records requests with its streamlined and automated features.


  • Simplified open records request workflow
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Audit Trails
  • Request Diversion
  • Tasks
  • Automated Routing
  • Customizable FAQs
  • Email Bridge
  • Due Date Tracking
  • Multi-Departmental Tools
  • Centralized & Decentralized
  • Message Templates
  • Email Automation
  • Time-Tracking
  • Document Workflow


  • Contact sales department.

9. GovOS: Eases Digitization of Government Services

GovOS dashboard

GovOS is a government software platform that enables local governments to automate and simplify processes. Get easy access to resources and information and cutting-edge digital services. It enhances government efficiency, transparency, and constituent participation. This software benefits business, individuals, and agencies using several cloud-based solutions.


  • Transformative records management solution
  • Streamlined business licensing and tax compliance
  • Enhanced community engagement solution
  • Digitized government services
  • Transparent public data management
  • Predictive government


  • Contact GovOS for pricing

10. Tyler Records Management Software: Maintains Multiple Records Retrieval

Tyler Records Management Software dashboard

Tyler Records Management Software is a fully-integrated land and official records solution. It provides an all-in-one software that lets you create better, more efficient procedures for records management. Because of its adaptability, you can set up the system to best suit your needs and those of your constituents.


  • Customizable records management solution that allows multiple retrievals of records
  • Streamlined integration with outside title companies and third-party software
  • Automated scanning and indexing features
  • Quick and painless retrieval of records
  • Efficient records management that promises ease and security
  • Integrated public administration solutions


  • Contact Tyler Technologies.

11. Libria MSF&W: Allows Flexible, Intuitive, and Configurable Workflow

Libria MSF&W dashboard

Libria MSF&W provides a comprehensive FOIA solution that promptly delivers the appropriate information to the appropriate individuals. It manages the FOIA lifecycle, including request capture, tracking, document gathering, correspondence, fulfillment, preservation, and reporting.


  • Flexible, intuitive, and configurable workflow
  • Enhanced security features
  • Commendable technical support
  • Monitored compliance with FOIA requirements


  • Annual subscription
  • Implementation fee

12. Accela: Provides Automated Citizen Portal

Accela dashboard

Accela provides a robust, cloud-based government software to enhance productivity, boost public involvement, and foster the growth of vibrant communities. It helps to minimize costs and addresses emerging challenges through digital government services. It creates an ecosystem that provides a better government experience to all.


  • Quick and easy approval of building permits and inspections
  • Automated citizen portal
  • Improved service request management
  • Self-serve license application and automated routing
  • Convenient occupational licensing
  • Simplified alcoholic beverage regulation
  • High compliance with short-term rental regulation
  • Safe, efficient, and transparent cannabis regulation
  • Leveraged COVID-19 response solutions
  • Complete fire prevention solution
  • Streamlined public health solution


  • Contact Accela for pricing

13. Exterro: Consolidates Privacy Compliance Processes

Exterro dashboard

Exterro is a comprehensive legal GRC software platform that automates the intricate relationships between privacy, legal operations, digital investigations, cybersecurity response, compliance, and information governance. Thousands of legal teams, trust corporations, law firms, governments, and law enforcement organizations use the app to manage their risks and provide more successful results.


  • Optimized and unified eDiscovery software
  • Streamlined GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy compliance processes
  • Gold Standard in Digital Forensics
  • Comprehensive Legal GRC Platform
  • AI-driven Legal GRC
  • Comprehensive risk management and compliance solution


  • Contact Exterro for pricing

14. MyGov: Enables Access to Assets and Features on a Map

MyGov dashboard

MyGov is a GIS data mapping software that offers a plethora of information that helps save time, efficiently plan projects, decide on emergency management strategies, and improve communication between government agencies and the general public. It also offers Permits, Code Enforcement, Work Orders, and Asset Management solutions.


  • Creates and edits custom map features and attributes
  • Allows for easy access to assets and features on the map
  • Lets users plot activity lists on the map.
  • Accessible location information
  • Connects GIS mapping to other MyGov modules
  • Sets zoom levels to show or hide layers


  • Contact Sales

15. Vuelio FOI Case Management: Records New Cases Automatically

Vuelio dashboard

Vuelio FOI Case Management streamlines your approach to FOIA requests and centralizes management of the entire procedure. Vuelio maintains a complete audit record of all actions made within the system and provides proof of the process of handling inquiries. Its end-to-end service ensures timely delivery and accurate responses.


  • Record new cases automatically
  • Send acknowledgment emails automatically
  • Access cases easily
  • Record pauses and delays for requests
  • Customize communication, requests, and exemptions
  • Engage subject matter experts
  • Categorize cases
  • Do root cause analysis and KPI reporting
  • Track status of cases
  • Generate FOI-compliant deadlines for timely responses


  • Get pricing through Vuelio.

16. eFORCE Software Suite: Helps Improve Public Safety

eFORCE Software Suite dashboard

eFORCE Software Suite is a records management system that collects and analyzes data and tracks cases. It provides a streamlined process for records requests and management. Its advanced tools and functionalities will save you tons of hours, making the whole process efficient and of the best value.


  • Case Management
  • Dispatching
  • Compliance Management
  • Scheduling
  • Incident Management
  • Ticket Management
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Incident Reporting
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Data Collection
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Field Reporting
  • Incident Mapping
  • Dispatch Monitoring


  • Contact eFORCE for a quote.

17. Hyland: Brings Efficient System Integrations

Hyland dashboard

Hyland is a records request solution that simplifies requesting and delivering records with its comprehensive tool. It leverages the services of over 19,000 lifetime clients with its services, including half of the Fortune 100 companies, with their new ideas and diverse perspective. In Hyland, they are committed to innovation and creativity to help the community.


  • Optimized and easy-to-use user interface
  • Efficient integration of internal and external systems
  • Automated processes that eliminate errors
  • Low code rapid application development
  • Modernized data security tools
  • Industry, privacy, and security regulations compliant
  • Dependable and secure cloud-hosting
  • Scalable content services platform


  • Contact Hyland for pricing information

18. AIRLIFT: Aids in Seamless Migration to the Cloud

cloudPWR dashboard

AIRLIFT, also known as cloud PWR, is a modern software solution that enhances content management and collaboration and exceeds security standards. It guarantees a streamlined legacy workflow and case management system using industry-leading technology created by industry experts.


  • Seamless migration from legacy to cloud
  • Automated business processing solution
  • Efficient case, public records, digital content, and change management
  • Electronic forms, workflow, and Signature
  • Integration of discovery and governance
  • Digital Modernization
  • Strict Regulatory Compliance


  • Contact sales for pricing

19. Edmunds GovTech: Enhances Compliance with Local Regulations

Edmunds GovTech dashboard

Edmunds GovTech provides a first-in-class solution that increases productivity and community satisfaction. It guarantees tools that exceed expectations, thereby providing better solutions to local government such as optimizing payroll and HR processes, and effective inventory control, among others, in its 50 years of service. Simply put, the platform makes life easy for their clients.


  • Continuity, standardization, and transparency across departments
  • Boost stakeholder empowerment
  • Increase citizen engagement
  • Easy access to KPIs and other pertinent reports
  • Scalability
  • Full integration of internal systems
  • Streamlined residents access
  • Compliance with local regulations
  • Cloud hosting
  • Improved cybersecurity


  • Chat with sales for pricing

20. Granicus: Aids in Eliminating Paper-Based Processing


Granicus Civic Engagement Platform enables government organizations to redefine the way they interact with the public through a unified experience that combines a website, online services, digital communications, and more. It enables contactless interactions and employs data, AI, machine learning, and two-way feedback that improves customers’ and employees’ experiences.


  • Intuitive digital front door
  • Unified solution
  • Streamlined digital communications
  • Increased engagement in legislative processes
  • Expanded connection
  • Elimination of paper-based processing
  • Improved customer service
  • Data-driven solutions


  • Contact sales for pricing

Leveraging Public Records Management Software

With digital transformation leading the way to the future of records management, public records management software becomes inevitable for governments. Such software helps government agencies archive, manage, and digitize public records, such as land records, marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, and legal contracts. 

Besides governments, lawyers, investigators, journalists, and even academic institutions benefit from a public records management software. More importantly, with governments focusing on transparency, even the public can benefit from easier retrieval of information, but under proper regulation.

Overall,  the best public records management software solutions make data management easy for government agencies and accessible to their constituents. 



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