Best Public Sector Software in 2023

Best Public Sector Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
Chief Data Scientist & Head of Content

The public sector is arguably one of the most complex institutions to run. While agencies in this sector have already adapted IT solutions in the past few decades, they are slow to adapt to changes and many are still utilizing paper-based processes. It is only recently that government offices are discovering the benefits of telework, with almost 80% of employees in federal offices reporting productivity increases due to the implementation of telecommuting through technology (Konkel, 2021). As these institutions serve the public, the need for modern public sector software is not only advantageous but necessary.

The pandemic has highlighted the need for smart solutions to run public sector processes, from local community projects to federal tax returns. As a result, there is a renewed effort among various government bodies to explore and implement public sector software. In fact, the global public sector software market is set to grow to $17 billion by 2025 (Statista, 2022). By leveraging solutions such as government software, administrative solutions, citizen request software, and more, these offices can optimize their processes to further improve public services and similar endeavors. If you have not already invested in one, this guide will help you explore the best public sector software on the market.

Best Public Sector Software Table of Contents

  1. Demands & Expectations of Citizens in the Modern Age
  2. How can governments provide services through public sector software?
  3. List of Best Public Sector Software

Demands & Expectations of Citizens in the Modern Age

Governments have an obligation to deliver services that meet the needs of citizens, and when the satisfaction level is low, this affects the trust level of citizens in government agencies. Unfortunately, in 2020, the global net satisfaction for government digital services stood at 63%. More concerning is that a 2021 study revealed that only 12% of customers say that digital government services meet all their needs. For the majority, only three in five people experience seamless online transactions while seven in 10 people frequently encountered issues (Boston Consulting Group, 2021)

low digital government satisfaction

Breaking this satisfaction rating further, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) 2021 survey shows that the Federal Government only received a 63.4% satisfaction rating. Meanwhile, The Department of Interior gained the highest satisfaction rate at 77% (American Customer Satisfaction Index, 2021).

Source: American Customer Satisfaction Index

In a world where customer experiences are conditioned by digital leaders and technology giants, governments are expected to provide services that are at par with private entities. When asked about the level of service provided by online government agencies, 37% of respondents feel that most needs have been met, while 36% say that government online services were only able to meet some of their needs (Boston Consulting Group, 2021).

Boston Consulting Group, 2021

Among the reasons for this is the slow adoption of technology solutions due to concerns about data protection and user reluctance. According to a recent survey, 41% of individuals feel that once they have provided personal information, they have very little control on how their data would be used by government agencies (Boston Consulting Group, 2021). This, then, negatively affects the seamless delivery of digital services to citizens.

personal data sharing concerns

How can governments provide services through public sector software?

Citizens want flexible, quick, and tailored solutions. Administrative platforms, government ERP, citizen management tools, and government IT solutions can provide targeted, flexible, and digital public services. Digitizing public services can offer significant benefits, which include 24/7 accessibility, reduction in public administration costs by approximately 50%, and at least 60% time savings on case handling (McKinsey and Company, 2021).

benefits of digital government services

Against criminality, they want their police agencies to be equipped with the best crime analytics software to resolve cases swiftly and bring the criminals to justice. It promotes security and allows people to sleep well.

Globally, 87% of customers say that a great experience increases trust in government (Boston Consulting Group, 2021). However, creating digital, AI-enhanced public services can be complicated, considering the expectations of the public. For instance, around 90% of citizens use three or more devices to access online government services. (Boston Consulting Group, 2021).

Source: Boston Consulting Group

Technologies such as government software and public sector software can help increase the confidence of citizens in government agencies as it promotes transparency and increases efficiency. While realizing the full potential of these technologies remain a challenge for governmental organizations, the pandemic has boosted the digitalization of agencies and there is no turning back.

A recent survey of 198 economies by the World Bank (2021) reveals that 30% of economies made significant investments in GovTech. Meanwhile, 32% of governments reported having ongoing projects to improve GovTech maturity.

Source: World Bank GovTech Maturity Index

These only goes to show that digitizing public services is an imperative for every society to have the capacity to thrive in the user-centric environment of the 21st century. So, to help you get started, here we provide you with a list of the best public sector software solutions that will give you the tools that can help you deliver the most effective and seamless experience to your constituents.

List of Best Public Sector Software

Administrative Platforms

At its most basic form, administrative platforms are designed to streamline processes in government offices. This could be as simple as school management in local districts or managing administrative workflows in federal institutions. Administrative solutions make it easy for employees to increase their productivity without losing the quality of their work. Additionally, these solutions are often part of digital transformation projects in government offices.

1. Tyler Technologies Civic Services: Connecting Government Offices With Citizens

Tyler Technologies dashboard

Through the use of Tyler Technologies’ Civic Services solutions, public institutions are able to collaborate with people in a way that is both efficient and successful, which consequently enables the agency and the community to flourish. It makes it possible for the government to carry out activities efficiently, such as allowing new firms to develop in a compliant manner, open their doors, and maintain compliance. In addition to this, its mobile solutions bring automation to the field, which enables personnel to carry out their duties in a manner that is both more effective and more satisfactory. Tyler technologies provide a wide range of platforms for government agencies, from business management to parks and recreation management suites, to crisis management software.

Key Features

  • Enhance organizational operations by combining all regulatory facets of the institution into a single entity platform and simplifying processes that allow citizens to engage online all day.
  • Manage all aspects of the authorizing, regulating, reviewing, and approving processes, as well as the inspections and enforcement activities.
  • Conduct inspections whenever and anywhere using any web-enabled device and a browser. Employees can access individual records from the field to the office to improve responsiveness and efficiency.


  • Tyler Technologies provides broad solutions to many aspects of the public sector, such as administration, courts and public safety, and more. Offices can contact the vendor for custom solutions and pricing.

2. Accela Civic Platform: Leveraging Technology to Solve Government Problems

Accela dashboard

The Accela Civic Platform is a cloud-based SaaS solution that can be customized to fit the specific requirements of government agencies of any size, from major states to local municipalities. It includes everything that an agency needs to make it simpler for residents to create and manage a company, apply for licenses, and schedule inspections. In addition, the platform offers agencies the scalability and adaptability they need to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the industry.

Key Features

  • The workflow engine is responsible for delegating tasks to users, managing service level agreements (SLAs), rerouting approvals and stages, and ensuring that all processes remain on schedule.
  • Inspectors, code enforcers, construction workers, and other mobile users can now access the data and forms they need on the go from their favorite PC, tablet, or phone, thanks to a comprehensive set of advanced mobile interfaces provided with all municipal solutions.
  • Citizens can handle licenses and permits, submit applications and documents, monitor progress, and schedule inspections using Accela’s SaaS platform, which saves them substantial time and effort.


  • Accela’s product suite includes platforms for building communities, growing businesses, protecting citizens, and much more. The service provider offers customized solutions and pricing upon request.

3. CentralSquare: Creating Amazing Public Experiences

CentralSquare dashboard

CentralSquare is devoted to innovating solely for the public sector by using the power of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and data science. Built to create smarter and safer communities, it provides a comprehensive enterprise management suite for managing all aspects of the community. A completely customizable user interface allows the platform to adapt to any and all current processes. In addition, the vendor offers a public safety suite that facilitates faster reaction times by sharing information across jurisdictions. Through the use of integrated public safety applications and wearables, it enhances safety by customizing workflow and reaction strategies for the various agencies.

Key Features

  • CentralSquare Public Safety Suite Enterprise helps communities handle large call volumes and cut response times using customized workflows and response plans.
  • The Public Admin Suite Enterprise provides configurable workspaces that adapt to different processes and workflows.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your programs with AI-powered advanced analytics and algorithms that significantly reduces reporting time.


  • CentralSquare utilizes new tech, such as AI, data analytics, and more, to provide smart solutions for public administration and safety. Bespoke solutions and pricing are available upon request.

4. Civica: Leading Public Sector Software Worldwide

Civica dashboard

With Civica, organizations operate more efficiently and provide greater results to the people and communities they serve. Its solutions include everything necessary for an organization’s successful operation, including people processes, analytics, governance, financial, logistics, and digital services. By using the most recent digital technology, it is able to automate, simplify, and enhance essential services. Civica has more than three decades of industry expertise, and the company is dedicated to putting people first and continuously improving results for citizens.

Key Features

  • Manage interaction with clients and citizens in order to deliver improved insights and management.
  • Automate operations to improve service delivery to customers, suppliers, and workers while simultaneously reducing risk.
  • Improve financial planning and management by creating a single view of resources across systems.


  • With operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland, North America, Singapore, and other countries, Civica software helps to maintain and improve public services all around the globe. Interested offices can contact the vendor for pricing and custom features.

5. GovPilot: Accomplishing More With Less

GovPilot dashboard

With more than 125 different digital modules and gold-standard procedures, GovPilot makes it possible for local governments of any size to run their digital services and operations more efficiently. With these modules, local government services and operations can be replaced with proven-effective digital processes that save time and money. More efficient, effective, and responsive municipal government can be achieved by removing communication silos and time-consuming manual tasks. In addition to this, they make it possible for citizens to communicate with their government in an uncomplicated manner and give the online convenience that they have grown to expect.

Key Features

  • The end-to-end digital workflows offered by GovPilot represent the gold standard of effective local government process automation. These workflows were developed with the input and feedback of actual government employees.
  • Conduct searches and create visual representations of data throughout the whole organization. Display the various digital map layers, which may include assets, zones, parcel data, and more.
  • By eliminating time-consuming PDFs, paper forms, sent-in checks, walk-ins, and phone calls, GovPilot’s digital forms enable people to swiftly and simply access and pay for services directly from their computers or mobile phone.


  • GovPilot offers a unique module-based solution aimed toward various operations for local and municipal agencies. Pricing is based on the number of templated modules along with training support services.

Government ERP

The financial, accounting, and risk management sectors, among others, all rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP). Any organization, no matter how big or small, or who it is aimed at, should make ERP an integral element of its management strategy. Government agencies, contractors, and other public-sector workers all benefit greatly from ERP. There must be a considerable structure and channels for allocating resources in order for the proper solution to be implemented. As budget cycles and schedules tighten, ERP systems must be nimble and adaptive to meet the needs of government workers and offices.

1. CivicPlus: Complete Solution That Empowers Local Government

CivicPlus dash dashboard

CivicPlus acts as a connection point for productive engagement between people and various levels of government. It helps build digital communication channels, notifies people of vital news, and creates platforms where their questions and thoughts may be made available to others. In addition, the solution makes it simple for towns to run efficiently while also enabling public employees to cooperate, plan, communicate, and serve the inhabitants of their communities. It is equipped with self-service capabilities that are adaptable and easy to integrate, making it possible for residents to communicate with their government at any time and from any device.

Key Features

  • Eliminate paper, reduce stages, and get work done to reduce data duplication and increase transparency and accountability in government operations.
  • Allow citizens to access and pay for services on their own which reduce operational costs and additional labor.
  • Engage, communicate, and attract participation by eliminating communication silos using a centralized platform that integrates with existing systems.


  • CivicPlus provides the perfect solution in three steps: (1) a local government office provides their current operational challenges, (2) CivicPlus builds the right solution suite, and (3) the institution starts engaging with its citizens while improving their work processes. Pricing and features are available upon contacting the vendor.

2. Factumsoft: Tailored ERP for Any Organization

Factumsoft dashboard

Factumsoft ERP provides the best services to keep communities safe and the economy thriving. It makes it easier for public members to participate in institutions’ activities while also enhancing their efficiency. The software solutions that are designed for the public sector are developed from the ground up to assist organizations in simplifying the process of managing government agencies as a whole, responding more quickly to concerns raised by citizens, improving planning and reporting, and maximizing both revenue and capital investments.

Key Features

  • Develop a digitally empowered, dynamic, and outcome-driven government workforce using features such as business administration, government and grants subsidy management, and more.
  • Easy fund and resource management through payment enforcement, grantor management, debt recovery, and other features.
  • Connect citizens with government offices and services via the self-service portal, social protection functionalities, healthcare automation, and permits and licenses.


  • Factumsoft offers various software building blocks created to address key processes in the public sector. The vendor offers custom solutions and pricing upon request.

3. Sparkrock 365: Purpose-Built ERP Software for Government Offices

Sparkrock 365 dashboard

Sparkrock 365 is an enterprise program that combines accounting, human resources, payroll, and scheduling for employees. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the most widely used ERP system in the world, serves as the system’s backbone. The platform connects resources, operations, and organizational control in a way that makes it simple for the finance and procurement teams to optimize their impact. Frontline workers and their supervisors can make rapid, precise choices based on real-time information, thanks to this technology. Organizations can keep an eye on personnel expenditures, thanks to Sparkrock 365’s scheduling and time entry tools, as well as automated processes that speed up decision-making and eliminate accounting errors.

Key Features

  • The platform integrates workforce and finance management, making reporting easy while reducing repetitive data entry and risk.
  • Streamlined financial and procurement processes through features like cash management, project and grant accounts, financial analysis, and more.
  • Optimizing workflows with functionalities such as position management, benefits tracking, and expense claims.


  • Sparkrock 365 leverages Microsoft 365 technologies to create customized solutions for human service organizations, non-profit institutions, and educational bodies. For more information about pricing and features, contact the service provider.

4. Infor CloudSuite Public Sector: Modern ERP for Government Operational Processes

Infor dashboardInfor CloudSuite Public Sector is a prominent ERP) package that includes related apps that are integrated and deployed in a multi-tenant cloud environment. It helps ensure the security of unified systems in order to eliminate organizational and data silos. Additionally, the technology helps fuel government worker productivity and HR systems, which ultimately results in more streamlined service delivery. On top of that, it simplifies several administrative processes like licensing, invoicing, and asset management, making it possible for the community to flourish.

Key Features

  • Accountability of finances via integrated accounting for projects and grants is made possible by software designed for municipal finance.
  • Automate staff scheduling, time tracking, attendance reporting, and absence management.
  • End-to-end process automation and management using municipal permitting software.


  • Infor develops a wide range of solutions for state and local government, from government ERP software to supply chain planning platforms. Interested institutions should contact the vendor for custom features and pricing.

5. Oracle Government Cloud: Management Solutions for State and Local Government

Oracle dashboard

The Oracle Government Cloud is an all-encompassing solution that can help public organizations foster innovation and greater connections with their constituents. It enables governments to provide power to the back office, make it possible to provide services remotely, and enhance communities overall. Moreover, it helps governments establish credibility by creating a more connected and knowledgeable community. Using its autonomous cloud infrastructure, users can also ensure high system performance while lowering costs and simplifying development.

Key Features

  • Using advanced analytics and machine learning, institutions can significantly improve their decision-making processes using predictive insights.
  • Improve business and community interactions with chat functions, virtual assistants, and email communications.
  • Provide support to various public service programs using cloud-based features such as first responders, healthcare, and educational institutions.


  • Oracle is a trusted brand in custom on-premise and cloud solutions. State and local governments wanting to implement bespoke platforms should contact the vendor for more information about pricing.

Citizen Management Tools

All levels of government are stepping up their efforts to better serve the public’s needs by improving the quality, timeliness, and accuracy of their responses to queries and requests for information regarding policies, practices, and processes. The citizen management technologies that are helping to optimize functions, resources, and labor are what are powering these operations. In the end, the purpose of citizen management platforms is to cultivate working relationships that are more effective and efficient, to better anticipate and meet the needs of citizens, and to develop a more in-depth working understanding of what citizens want, expect, and require from those who serve them.

1. Zencity: Connecting Local Governments With Residents

Zencity dashboard

Zencity‘s technology collects and analyzes millions of data points from all corners of the community, turning them into actionable information. It is a consolidated platform for data-driven choices. The solution assists government agencies in better comprehending the issues that are of utmost significance to the people they serve. Its artificial intelligence technology assists in locating data trend sources from among the hundreds of interconnected channels that continually gather organic resident output. Following this step, the information that was gathered is transformed into actionable insights, which ultimately lead to improved choices about legislation, funding, and communications across all facets of the community.

Key Features

  • Continuously collect and analyze data from both official and unofficial communication channels connecting various sectors of the community.
  • Gather information using one-time polling for specific issues and topics and generate actionable insights.
  • Leverage advanced technologies such as AI, sentiment analysis, and more to break down information and transform them into useful data, trends, and more.


  • Zencity develops solutions for counties, cities, state agencies, and law enforcement, helping them connect and engage with their constituents. Custom pricing information and platform demonstration are available upon request.

2. CityView Portal: Connecting Citizens and Government Staff

CityView Portal dashboard

The CityView Portal offers individuals, contractors, and companies a simple and efficient option to self-serve, which reduces the amount of work that has to be done by municipal personnel. Citizens have the ability to file code cases, submit applications for permits, make requests for meetings and inspections, read public information, and do many other things online at any time and from any location. Code complaints can be filed and monitored by the public, and municipal staff personnel will be able to see them right away. In addition, they can pay fines and fees, submit and monitor service requests, and do a great deal of other administrative tasks without the hassle of lining up in government offices.

Key Features

  • CityView web forms provide a modern and efficient solution for citizens to access relevant public information.
  • The CityView Portal uses established workflows and business principles to allow the local government to address the ever-changing demands of a digital community.
  • Interested constituents can sign up to get automated notifications of new developments in their neighborhood by subscribing to specific development activities and projects.


  • CityView is backed by four decades of experience in the industry creating software solutions for public institutions. For more information about available solutions and prices, contact the vendor to schedule a sales call.

3. ONEVIEW: Fully-Featured Civic Engagement Platform

OneView Civic Engagement Dashboard

The ONEVIEW Civic Engagement platform works as a consolidated center for all things connected to citizen engagement and offers a full-featured constituent relationship manager for government agencies. It provides a single source of truth for improved resource planning for community leaders. The platform also offers a comprehensive solution for constituent case management when used in conjunction with ONELINK and other specialized citizen engagement tools. It helps community leaders and stakeholders implement efficient software solutions that allow institutions to foster meaningful interaction and engagement with the community.

Key Features

  • Reduce training time and increase productivity by designing workflows, automating procedures, and integrating with current systems.
  • Coordinate the efforts of all departments that interact with the public and respond to their needs promptly and efficiently.
  • Make it easier for people to get answers to their problems by using the channels they currently utilize.


  • Rock Solid Technologies offers software solutions that are based on Microsoft to assist government agencies in improving their process management. Customized solutions and prices are available upon request for a demo.

4. Salesforce Public Sector Applications: Scalable IT Infrastructure to Facilitate Citizen Self-Service

Salesforce Government Cloud dashboard

Salesforce Public Sector Applications enhances the user experience of constituents by providing e-government tools that facilitate citizen self-service. App bundles that include licensing, permits, inspections, grant applications, and emergency resource requests help public institutions serve residents more quickly. With this, workers can work on a single platform from whatever location they want and institutions can increase the speed with which they can respond through a centralized view of all emergency requests and approvals. Users can also help constituents through the application procedures for their specific commercial, vocational, or personal needs, all while expediting site visits to ensure that company and resident initiatives continue to go ahead.

Key Features

  • Establish an online community with the purpose of facilitating self-service for customers of any sort of license.
  • Modern collaboration technologies can help you streamline the whole life cycle of grant applications from beginning to end.
  • Assist communities in obtaining what they need by using a single portal that allows for the sharing of all crisis updates and the submission of requests for emergency services.


  • Salesforce offers a public sector license and permits management bundle starting at $30,000 per year. The vendor offers to add ones and other features for more functionalities.

5. CitiNexus: Flexible Citizen Management System

CitiNexus dashboard

Using CitiNexus, a user-friendly and adaptable citizen management system, local governments can engage their constituents and utilize data to better understand their requirements. The platform is a scalable solution built on the Dynamics 365 and Dynamics Portals platforms to enable cities to connect their residents, empower city workers, manage municipal operations and infrastructure, and transform and accelerate innovation and opportunity. In addition, CitiNexus has a full self-service site with 311 components. As a result, offices will be able to better understand their constituents and communicate with them in meaningful ways.

Key Features

  • Streamline support expenses by enabling individuals to self-service problems with access to a database of solutions and other information that can be accessed on the 311 sites.
  • Reduce service expenses by providing people with access to a library of knowledge base articles and the possibility of receiving alerts in order to avoid submitting typical ticket requests.
  • Keep an eye on social media conversations to keep tabs on public opinion and address any potential service concerns as fast as possible.


  • Aeon Nexus Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Partner that utilizes advanced technologies to provide solutions for public offices and institutions. Contact the service provider to determine unique software platforms and pricing.

Government IT Solutions

Government IT solutions refer to any software and infrastructure that helps with the administration, management, evaluation, and execution of processes in the public sector. Such platforms range from small applications that streamline a specific workflow to an entire suite of solutions that connect various departments and institutions. Modern government IT solutions also employ advanced technologies such as AI, data analytics, data visualization, and more that aim to further optimize operations, improve resource management, and minimize labor and expenditures.

1. Quest Public Sector: Simplifying IT Management in Federal Organizations

Quest Public Sector dashboard

Whether it is compliance and security, cloud migration and consolidation, or something brand new, Quest Public Sector assists federal agencies in finding simple answers to difficult challenges. The service provider offers a variety of services, such as the management and maintenance of legacy systems, the automation of endpoints, and data visibility management. With the help of these individualized solutions, offices within the federal government are able to perform access rights audits with ease and grant access to the appropriate stakeholders. In addition, its solutions assist organizations in developing and managing sophisticated database environments, which are fundamental to executing complicated procedures in the public sector.

Key Features

  • Quest Software makes it easy to overcome a variety of challenges, including digital transformation, cloud growth, security risks, and more.
  • Access control, privileged account management, and streamlined identity governance are all made possible by Quest One Identity for public sector IT personnel.
  • Quest also provides custom solutions for federal compliance and initiatives from cloud migration to data security.


  • Quest develops a wide range of solutions for various processes in the federal government. Interested offices should contact the solution provider for custom solutions and pricing.

2. Software AG Government Solutions: Leveraging Data to Create Solutions for the Public Sector

Software AG Government Solutions dashboard

Software AG Government Solutions creates innovative information technology solutions for all levels of government in the United States, including the federal, state, and municipal levels, as well as the aerospace and military sectors. Clients are able to reduce their investment risk with the aid of their technology and skills, which also allows them to overcome complex and critical IT integration difficulties. The provider makes available a comprehensive selection of solutions, including IoT and analytics, API and integration, digital transformation, legacy modernization, and a great deal more.

Key Features

  • Improve the efficiency of the digital infrastructure by implementing solutions and technologies that provide a seamless connection among information technology, business, and finance.
  • Maximize the return on legacy investments without compromising future expansion, connectivity, or the effectiveness of daily operations.
  • Streamlined procedures make it simpler for residents to get the government’s services. Trace the paths taken by citizens to have a better understanding of how the agency appears to them.


  • Software AG Government Solutions is a growth-oriented software firm that is committed to providing information technology solutions to the markets for federal, state, and local governments in the United States, as well as the aerospace and defense industries. Pricing and custom solutions are available upon request.

3. BeyondTrust: Security Solutions for Public and Government Agencies

BeyondTrust dashboard

BeyondTrust is the industry standard when it comes to Privileged Access Management, and it provides the most streamlined method for avoiding data breaches caused by stolen credentials, misappropriated privileges, and compromised remote access. The scalable platform gives public enterprises the ability to rapidly grow privilege security in response to changing threats across endpoint, server, cloud, and DevOps environments. BeyondTrust integrates the industry’s most comprehensive set of privileged access capabilities with centralized administration, reporting, and analytics. This allows leaders to combat attackers with a decisive and well-informed strategy.

Key Features

  • Find, administer, audit, and keep an eye on privileged accounts and credentials.
    Maintain a policy of least privilege across all operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix.
  • Manage remote access on behalf of service desks, suppliers, and operators from a central location.
  • Manage identities and assets across all multi-cloud environments more efficiently by automating the process.


  • BeyondTrust provides enterprises with the insight and control they need to accomplish their compliance goals, decrease operational risk, and improve operational performance. All solutions and pricing are customized based on the needs of the agency.

4. Star Knowledge: Customized IT Solutions for Digital Transformation

Star Knowledge dashboard

Government and public sector enterprises have benefited from Star Knowledge‘s software development and modernization services, as well as the integration of legacy systems with web-based and mobile applications. They help businesses in the public sector and government in improving the management of their software development and new product development. As a result, public organizations are able to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing overall quality and productivity, which enable them to turn a profit.

Key Features

  • The all-encompassing migration strategy and solutions provided by the company aid organizations in migrating their workloads to the cloud while simultaneously lowering the associated risks and costs.
  • Modernize workplaces using Microsoft technologies such as implementing automation, data analytics, and more.
  • Provides a team of experts and skilled developers for numerous managed services and other IT solutions.


  • Star Knowledge provides government agencies with access to engineering, software, and business consulting talent. Each project is customized according to the needs of the office as well as pricing details.

5. BMC: Modernizing the Public Sector

BMC dashboard

With AI-powered technology solutions for service management, operations, automation, and security, BMC assists government agencies in optimizing their core information technology systems. It assists in planning, predicting, and optimizing resource needs both on-premises and in the cloud. Moreover, it makes it simple for government entities to identify potential safety hazards and compliance lapses and take corrective action. In addition, the company provides services that can automate and orchestrate complicated application operations, all the way from the factory to the foxhole.

Key Features

  • Plan the transition of the agency to the cloud, conduct an analysis of the expenses that are to be anticipated from the cloud, monitor, optimize, and manage the agency’s cloud operations, and optimize the on-premise data center environments.
  • Control compliance with regulatory and any other relevant compliance requirements, including the use of an automated transaction archive and audit capabilities to do away with any manual procedures.
  • Reduce the time it takes to bring applications into production by facilitating coordination between the development and operations teams.


  • BMC works with numerous companies and government agencies, providing them with bespoke solutions for various aspects of their operations. The vendor offers product trials as well as custom pricing.

Modernizing Government Processes with Public Sector Software

Government agencies and public-service entities handle some of the most complex workflows to cater to their constituents. Many of these processes are decades old, leading to inefficient operations. As society shifts to a more digital environment, these institutions must actively evaluate and transform the way they work and implement smarter solutions. Fortunately, the best public sector software is available to them.

These IT products and services are designed to optimize and improve various aspects of the government, from local offices to federal agencies. They are created to solve existing challenges such as court management, asset management, and more. They provide better visibility to processes, information, and resources resulting in better civic services and endeavors. And, with better technologies becoming more affordable, citizens can expect full digital transformation within the next few years.



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