20 Best Law Enforcement Software in 2023

20 Best Law Enforcement Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
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Law enforcement software improves policing practices and builds community trust. It automates report writing, investigations, and record management while reducing human error and improving public security and safety. Many law enforcement agencies implement these solutions to increase efficiency and improve outcomes, which is important given the increased public attention to police tactics.

This guide presents trends in law enforcement, why you ought to consider the best law enforcement software, and some examples with listed features to help you make informed decisions.

Law Enforcement Software in 2023 Table of Contents

  1. Trends in Law Enforcement
  2. The Benefits of Law Enforcement Software
  3. List of the Best Law Enforcement Software

Trends in Law Enforcement

The year 2022 will bring more technological innovation and new challenges. The trends highlighted in this section can underpin agencies’ decisions on when and where they can leverage tools and software.

Community-Oriented Policing

In 2022, United States community-policing initiatives will expand. The Department of Justice announced over $139 million in grant funding for this initiative, through which federal, state, and local agencies have prioritized reorienting their policing models to meet community needs. New programs will build trust between law enforcement and disenfranchised communities in rural areas, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

grant funding for community-oriented policing


In 2020, there were 398.5 violent crimes per 100,000 Americans. Total property crime was 1,958.2 per 100,000 people. (Statista, 2021e) However, access to such statistics has been challenging. As such, future law enforcement transparency initiatives are likely. These go hand-in-hand with community-oriented policing. An agency may make crime rate statistics easily accessible or release high-profile or sensitive bodycam footage before FOIA requests or media pressure.

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Anti-Bias Education

More of this is expected in 2022 with the Justice Department’s proposed 2022 budget. Anti-bias initiatives were proposed for $42 million this year. (Handler, 2021) These programs will expand everywhere in different ways.

budget for racial profiling, implicit bias, de-escalation, use of force police training

Police Force Diversification

2022 will bring another graduating class, and efforts are directed toward diversifying recruitment. In New York State alone, 87% of troopers are white, and fewer than 12% are females. (Voorhees, 2021) As such, agencies and cop schools are gearing up to recruit with diversity in mind.

demographics of NYC police

The force is looking into recruiting individuals with degrees in accounting, teaching, social work, and all different backgrounds. (Voorhees, 2021) This year will bring new law enforcement roles. More officers have technical skills and the ability to leverage smart technologies, which help cities reduce crime by 30% to 40% and response times for emergencies by 20% to 35%. (Deloitte, 2021) Meanwhile, data analytics tools are becoming more affordable and available so that smaller municipalities can hire people for these roles.

smart tech use in police work

Biometrics Access Control

Biometric access controls will be expanded next year. This growth is in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a recent survey revealed that 48% of the respondents agreed that new technological solutions are needed to manage future pandemics. On top of that, digital identity had the most significant development in the biometrics industry last year, along with border control and security and national identity. (Biometric Institute, 2021) It makes sense for law enforcement to leverage this technology.

Source: Biometric Institute

More than half of the polled professionals in 2021 agreed that biometrics would play a key role in enabling digital identities. A similar percentage agreed that identity verification systems and technologies would continue to grow. (Biometric Institute, 2021) In response, criminal investigations will use biometric records more often. The FBI recently introduced NGI, which it considers as the world’s largest and most efficient electronic repository of biometric and criminal history information. Suspect NGI and other systems will speed up suspect identification and background checks. (FBI, 2021)

Source; Biometrics Insitute Industry Survey 2021

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is heavily used for service operations and product and service development in high tech and telecom, according to 39% and 37% of respondents, respectively. (McKinsey; Stanford University, 2021) Law enforcement is also gearing up to leverage it further. Several international bodies, including the United Nations, evaluate future law enforcement AI applications and discuss their tactical, legal, and ethical implications. The NIJ supports AI research projects in public safety video and image analysis, DNA analysis, gunshot detection, and crime forecasting. (Redden et al., 2020)

ai use in tech and telecom

Modern police technology generates a lot of data, too much for human analysts to crunch alone. Data volumes are expected to grow to 180 zettabytes by 2025. (Statista, 2021b) Thus, more AI analytics tools will replace overworked human analysts. Natural language processing (NLP), for instance, can help 911 call centers triage high-volume calls. Some precincts can translate foreign language calls to English and back to the caller’s native language.

data volume by 2025


Every year, pundits tout new law enforcement equipment as the next big thing, but few devices last. Nevertheless, the use of drones is becoming widespread from use in sensing and imaging for environment monitoring to maintaining public safety with law enforcement use. In public administration alone, 32% of drones were used for localization or detection in 2021, while 28% were used for mapping and surveying. (Droneii, 2022) Law enforcement drones are expected to survive in 2022.

Source: Droneii

While 318,000 of the drones registered in the U.S. are commercial drones (FAA, 2021), the police have been increasingly using drones for crime scene work, search and rescue, accident reconstruction, crowd monitoring, and more. Some models are equipped with thermal imaging or 3D mapping software for GPS-enhanced precision. Many police drones are equipped with zoom cameras, making them invaluable in high-risk, “armed and dangerous” situations.

registed drones in usa

Next-Generation Bodycams

As more cities and communities equip police departments with body-worn cameras, supervisors and the public can get a street-level view of on-duty police work. More bodycams are expected to be produced and used in the coming years, with the market growing to reach $1.5 billion by 2025. (Market Research Future, 2022)

Source; Statista

According to the latest data from the National Institute of Justice, nearly a third of the agencies that acquired body-worn cameras in 2018 were local police departments. Nearly half were sheriffs’ offices. Expect that this year, with the release of next-generation body cameras, agencies will upgrade, and more agencies will also use this technology. Some models now have touchscreens and live playback controls to help officers review civilian videos and interactions. Other new cameras can be mounted on tripods for added surveillance when needed.

The Benefits of Law Enforcement Software

Meanwhile, the global law enforcement software market is growing and is expected to reach $22.1 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 9.8%. Post-COVID-19, the law enforcement software market will grow as more agencies migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud, boost departmental operations, and improve processes. While APAC technology spending has increased, the COVID-19 pandemic is imminent. (Research and Markets, 2022)

global law enforcement software value 2026

Both public safety groups and their communities gain from law enforcement software through the following.

  • Streamlining data collection and analysis: Securely store and manage big data. Share and analyze data to improve collaboration and decision-making. Data management streamlines law enforcement operations and investigations.
  • Creating a centralized database for investigative data: Law enforcement can access evidence, family records, biometrics, and criminal history from a centralized database. Identifying data patterns and trends allows for more proactive staffing and resource allocation.
  • Using actionable insights: Incident mapping helps police track incident sites, detect crime patterns, and reduce recurrence. This feature improves reaction times and resource allocation by updating staff on crime scene locations.

body-worn camera acquisition for general purpose law enforcement and large police departments

List of the Best Law Enforcement Software

Depending on the goals and demands of an organization, the best law enforcement software may incorporate a range of functionalities, including evidence management, incident mapping, investigation management, case management, and dispatch management.

1. Adashi First Response

Adashi First Response dashboard

Adashi First Response helps agency staff respond to and manage critical incidents. It is designed for public safety, giving first responders adaptable technology for any incident. It brings ease and efficiency to daily workflows from the moment responders start their shift until a commander manages an incident.


  • Dispatch integration
  • Incident notification
  • Automatic vehicle routing
  • Critical information dashboard
  • Multiple system integrations
  • Custom mapping layers
  • Two-way instant messaging
  • Dynamic interface
  • Locally-stored data
  • Reliable communication


  • Request for quote

2. Presynct OnDemand

Presynct_OnDemand dashboard

Presynct OnDemand lets police departments and security companies log activities, create reports, track incidents, and analyze data. It allows users to log and review security incidents using a form, while the NoteM8 mobile app lets users log reports with photos, videos, and voice recordings.


  • Mobile reporting
  • Daily activity log
  • Data input
  • Confidentiality marking
  • Audit trail
  • Proactive measures
  • Incident reporting
  • Dispatch
  • Case Management


  • Starts at $39.00 per month

3. Kaseware Law Enforcement

Kaseware dashboard

Kaseware Law Enforcement provides innovative, optimized, and efficient law enforcement intelligence. Its case management and analytics platform help improve organization, mobility, and safety. This all-in-one investigation software is ideal for investigations and other cases.


  • Streamline operations
  • Obtain actionable intelligence
  • Police investigation management tools
  • Link analysis
  • Automatic graphing
  • Records management
  • Case management
  • Data security


  • Request for quote


LEFTA SHIELD Suite dashboard

LEFTA SHIELD Suite is a one-stop solution for internal documentation. Ten apps for one price, one login, and one profile. Leverage an early warning system and statistics and learn how it can protect your agency from liability. It includes law enforcement software for mission-critical processes.

Software in Suite

  • Academy Training Software
  • Field Training Software
  • Managing Employee Training Records
  • Use of Force Software
  • Internal Affairs
  • Field Contact and Profiling Software
  • Vehicle Pursuit Reporting Software
  • Employee Conduct Tracking
  • Employee Vehicle Damage Documentation Software
  • Command Center

Some Features

  • Monitor data for liability issues and adjust training policies
  • Build community trust through transparency
  • Track employee use-of-force trends
  • Attach body camera, videos, and incident documents
  • Integrate CAD, PowerDMS, etc.


  • Subscription prices vary per agency size but start at $1,965.00 per year.

5. Omnigo

Omnigo dashboard

Omnigo manages safety, incidents, and security and is ideal for police, schools, and hospitals. It aids in investigations, reporting, CAD, and more and is available on-premise or cloud-based. Its incident management tools include detection, response, reporting, remediation tracking, and prevention. So, you can generate intelligence reports based on policies.


  • Dispatch
  • Pre-planning & incident management
  • Records management
  • Safer communities
  • Evidence management
  • Public safety
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming & hospitality
  • Corporate
  • Courts


  • Starts at $115.00 per month

6. Magnet AXIOM

Magnet AXIOM dashboard

Magnet AXIOM is purpose-built to recover, process, and analyze digital evidence from various sources. Recover deleted data and investigate digital evidence from computer, mobile, cloud, and vehicle sources in one case file.


  • Find key evidence quickly
  • Analyze your evidence in one case
  • Artifact-first approach
  • Investigate and categorize media efficiently
  • Maximize your existing lab infrastructure
  • Streamline your evidence workflow


  • Offers free trial
  • Request for quote

7. Matrix Suite

MatrixPolice dashboard

Matrix Suite streamlines justice community information to automate smart workflow and quick legal processes while reducing office errors and waste. The Matrix Suite of applications and web solutions automates police case submission, prosecutor case processing, defense attorney discovery, and court filing.

Software in Suite

  • MATRIX Prosecutor
  • MATRIX Investigator
  • MATRIX Police
  • MATRIX Civil
  • MATRIX Advocate compensation


  • Personalized dashboard
  • Incident and case management
  • Investigative events
  • Parties and locations
  • Reports (arrest, investigative, officer summary, crash, etc.)
  • Evidence management
  • Offenses
  • Files
  • Matter exchange
  • Calendar, notes, to-do and discussions
  • Review/transfer worklist
  • Reporting
  • Search


  • Request for quote

8. LexisNexis Accurint Virtual Crime Center

Accurint Virtual Crime Center dashboard

LexisNexis Accurint Virtual Crime Center is a criminal investigation and analysis software that gives law enforcers actionable intelligence to drive informed decisions. It allows users to analyze crimes and respond fast and efficiently.


  • Law enforcement experience
  • Special investigations unit
  • Industry-leading coverage
  • CJIS compliant sharing
  • Uncover non-obvious connections
  • Flexible 24-hour training
  • Near-real time updates
  • Custom delivery methods
  • Transparent pricing


  • Request for quote


SAFE dashboard

SAFE helps law firms and police departments streamline evidence management, data visualization, and barcode scanning. It has an API for integrating with third-party apps. Users can retrieve database information and build customizable widgets, set case follow-up dates, view or edit legal records, and track hardware across locations. The mobile apps for Android and iOS allow for remote case tracking and evidence upload.


  • Evidence management
  • Digital evidence
  • Asset tracking
  • Workflows & API
  • Dashboard
  • Stats & reporting


  • Offers free trial
  • Price estimate at $4,300.00 per year

10. Virtual Case Management (VCM)

Virtual Case Management dashboard

Virtual Case Management (VCM) is a legal management platform for private investigators, law firms, claims adjustors, and corporations. It lets professionals access case information, assign tasks, and receive appointment reminders. It offers managers details in a centralized database.


  • Private investigators & process servers
  • Legal industry
  • Law enforcement analysis
  • Claims adjusters
  • Computer information technology
  • Customized for your business


  • Free trial available
  • The plans available are Bronze Plan ($24.99 per month), Silver Plan ($99.99 per month), Gold Plan ($199.99 per month), and Platinum Plan ($299.99 per month).

11. WebEOC

WebEOC dashboard

WebEOC helps local, state, and federal agencies prepare emergency plans and promote situational awareness. It includes a resource request module to deploy and track personnel, equipment, and documentation in compliance with NIMS regulations.


  • Unrivaled flexibility
  • Collaboration promotes faster response
  • Built for any user, any skill level
  • Faster alerting with notifications
  • Emergency preparedness expertise
  • Easy board building with low code/no code editor
  • WebEOC mobile app
  • Real-time collaboration with Microsoft Teams & Slack


  • Request for quote

12. digiTICKET

digiTICKET dashboard

digiTICKET allows officers to create and submit tickets electronically with no need to spend time on the roadside, thus increasing officer, violator, and community safety. It eliminates illegible handwriting and error-prone data entry, transferring ticket data to court and records management systems.


  • Improved officer safety
  • Automate the ticketing process
  • Scan driver’s license or pull driver or vehicle data from state switch
  • Enter ticket data
  • Add violations
  • Print ticket
  • Capture photos, electronic signatures, and/or voice notes.
  • Synchronize tickets to the web application.
  • Manage tickets
  • Manage statutes and court dates.
  • Create reports


  • Monthly subscription plan
  • Purchase plan
  • Contact support for pricing details

13. eFORCE

eFORCE Jail Management Software dashboard

eFORCE is dedicated to making the community feel safer using a robust suite of browser-based law enforcement and mobile police software. It offers CAD, RMS, Mobile, Jail, Court, and Civil browser-based products. The software is ideal for sheriffs, police, dispatch centers, campus police, ISDs, jailers, and court officials.


  • Computer-aided dispatch
  • Records management
  • Jail management
  • Mobile software & iOS app
  • Municipal court software
  • Automatic vehicle locator


  • Price is quote-based.

14. Rave 911 Suite

Rave 911 Suite dashboard

Rave 911 Suite provides 911 teams, first responders, and emergency managers with the capabilities of handling, dispatching, and responding to emergencies efficiently and effectively. It includes Smart911, georeferenced floor plans, and text-from-911 features.


  • Critical 911 caller info
  • Two-way communication
  • Enhanced location data
  • Access & functional needs registry
  • Situational awareness for first responders
  • Live video streaming & two-way texting
  • Secure and useful caller notes
  • Critical facility information
  • Accurate resident data on interactive maps


  • Price is quote-based.

15. Spillman Records Management

Spillman Records Management dashboard

Spillman Records Management allows an agency to have a centralized, single-source database for insights and the gathering of accurate data. The software empowers users with the most accurate and up-to-date information through its record management system.


  • Enter and access data through a single-source database
  • Streamline searching and reporting
  • Instantly see related records with involvements
  • Analyze crime statistics in your area
  • Integrated jail management software with records


  • Offers free trial
  • Request for quote

16. Rhodium Incident Management Suite

Rhodium Incident Management Suite dashboard

Rhodium Incident Management Suite provides a complete command and control solution. Rhodium is intuitive and scalable for daily incidents to multi-agency responses. It is ideal for law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, and emergency management.


  • Cloud-based
  • Security measures
  • Interface capabilities
  • Customizable
  • Incident/event pre-planning


  • Request for quote

17. Pipl

Pipl dashboard

Pipl is an identity management software that helps investigators and fraud analysts access current and historical information on individuals. Law enforcement, cybercrime, and insurance fraud management professionals can find email aliases, social media handles, phone numbers, education details, and job information.


  • Global coverage
  • Discover real people behind email addresses
  • Uncover the identity behind a social-media account
  • Connect people to devices or vice-versa


  • Offers free trial
  • Request a quote

18. OperationsCommander

OperationsCommander dashboard

OperationsCommander manages parking and security with one database. OPS-COM offers a user-managed portal and an administrative interface to customize the system. It manages parking permits, validation, and enforcement. OPS-COM offers in-field vehicle validation and traffic control with remote handhelds and LPR cameras.


  • Parking enforcement simplified
  • Automated license plate recognition
  • Artificial intelligence under the hood
  • Enforcement with remote data access
  • Violation admin
  • Incident admin
  • Park admin


  • Offers free trial
  • Request a quote

19. Valor IMS

Valor IMS dashboard

Valor IMS is an incident management system that provides computer-aided dispatch, mobile data modules, and records management in a unique cross-platform environment. It provides CAD, RMS, mobile, and citizen reporting applications that can work independently.


  • Computer-aided dispatch
  • Records management system
  • Mobile support
  • SafeGuard
  • Universal alarm control


  • Starts at a $59.00 flat rate per month

20. SmartDraw

SmartDraw dashboard

SmartDraw is a diagram and chart tool that helps agencies manage diagramming processes with predefined templates. Document retention, customization, team collaboration, and single sign-on are key features (SSO).


  • Generate organizational charts automatically
  • Organizational chart templates & examples
  • Intelligent org chart formatting
  • Free support
  • Better collaboration


  • Offers free trial
  • Starts at $9.95 per month, billed annually for a single user

Law Enforcement Software for Better Policing

Law enforcement software prioritizes data security in this age when the Internet of Things thrives. Cloud-based systems are more secure. Cloud solutions streamline evidence collection and simplify case management. Meanwhile, AI improves police work as it is used for facial recognition and image or video search. It spots patterns and outliers. Altogether, the best law enforcement software ensures that the police force can efficiently and effectively perform their duties while citizens rest assured of their safety and security.

Along with the best citizen request software tools, law enforcement software are solutions in the right direction for governments to connect, engage, and meet the ever-growing demands of their citizens for timely services.



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