20 Best Academic Scheduling Software in 2022

20 Best Academic Scheduling Software in 2022
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
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One of the most common problems in academic scheduling is ensuring that all students have access to the courses they need in order to graduate. This can be a challenge, especially for larger schools, where there may be hundreds of students, all trying to get into the same popular course.

Another common problem is timing. Many students struggle to balance their course loads with extracurricular activities, work, and family obligations. As a result, they may find themselves having to choose between attending class and missing out on important life experiences.

To address these issues, schools need technology. They can turn to the best academic scheduling software.

In this guide, we present the best academic scheduling software. Many of them are fully integrated into a student information system or school administration software. A few though are standalone academic scheduling tools, while some solutions are part of an LMS. Similarly, academic scheduling software may cater to schools and corporate training alike. We hope you find the most-fitting software below.

Best Academic Scheduling Software Table of Contents

  1. Academic Scheduling to Get more Complex
  2. Time Spent by Students Taking Classes
  3. Online Learning Fuels Flexible Academic Scheduling
  4. Academic Scheduling Software Benefits
  5. List of Best Academic Scheduling Software

Academic Scheduling to Get more Complex

Student Population Continues to Grow

The need to streamline the academic scheduling process will only get more important in the coming years as the United States student population continues to grow despite the rising cost of college. Public college enrollment in 2022 stands at 14.77 million. It is expected to increase to 15.1 million by 2030.

Meanwhile, private college enrollment will increase from 5.26 million students in 2022 to 5.38 million in 2030.

Source: Statista

Over 80 Bachelor Degree Programs to Choose From

The U.S. Department of Education recognizes more than 80 bachelor degree programs. They are spread across myriad types of colleges and universities in the U.S.

In 2020, the most number of degrees were conferred in Business with 387,900 graduates (National Center for Education Statistics, 2022). Overall, more than half (58%) of bachelor’s degrees conferred in 2020 were concentrated in six fields, namely: business, health, social sciences and history, engineering, biological and biomedical sciences and psychology.

Source: NCES, 2022

Time Spent by Students Taking Classes

In the United States, the academic year typically runs from late August or early September to mid-May. Most colleges and universities follow a semester system, with two terms of around four months each. However, some schools operate on a trimester system, with three terms of around three months each. In addition, a growing number of schools are adopting a quarter system, with four terms of around three months each.

Regardless of the specific schedule, 55% of students spend 15 hours per week to prepare for class, with 4% spending five or less hours (National Survey of Student Engagement, 2011). The same survey found out that 49% of freshmen study harder than they thought to meet faculty expectations.

This includes time spent in class as well as time spent on homework and other assignments. In addition, many students also participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports or clubs. As a result, the average student has a very busy schedule.

Broken down into the types of thinking they do for assignments, most freshmen spend the most time analyzing basic concept elements (89%) and least on memorizing (64%).

Source: National Survey of Student Engagement

Online Learning Fuels Flexible Academic Scheduling

In recent years, there has been a trend towards more flexible academic scheduling, primarily online education. Abetted by the pandemic in the spring of 2020, the number of students having enrolled in at least one online course increased by 97% (NCES, 2021).

In 2019, there were 6.0 million students enrolled in at least one distance education course. By the fall of 2020, 75% or 11.8 million college students were enrolled in at least one distance education course, with 44% or 7.0 million exclusively enrolling in online course.

In addition, many schools are now allowing students to choose from a variety of courses in order to create a schedule that fits their individual interests and needs. Oxford reported that, “Online learning is the fastest-growing market in the education industry with a 900% growth rate globally since the year 2000” (Oxford, n.d.).

As a result of these changes, students have more control than ever over when and how they complete their coursework.

study hours students spend per week

Academic Scheduling Software Benefits

The academic scheduling process is a complex and vital part of every school year. It involves many stakeholders, including administrators, faculty, students, and parents. The goals of the scheduling process are to create a balanced and challenging curriculum that meets the needs of all students.

With the best academic scheduling software, the entire process is streamlined and parts of it are automated. It begins with an analysis of student enrollment data. This data is used to determine the number of sections needed for each course. Once the number of sections is determined, administrators work with faculty to create a schedule that meets the needs and preferences of both groups. Next, administrators develop a master schedule that includes all courses and sections. Finally, students are placed into courses based on their preferences and course requirements.

The entire process abetted by academic scheduling software is designed to ensure that every student has access to quality education.

growth rate of students enrolled in at least 1 online course 2019 vs. 2020

List of Best Academic Scheduling Software

1. ConexED – Appointment Scheduling System for Higher Education

ConexED dashboard

ConexED is a scalable and adaptable appointment scheduling software that can be used for one-to-one and group meetings, large virtual or on-campus events, and equipment reservations. One of the features that sets ConexED apart is its ability to create safe pathways and increase engagement through its comprehensive reporting system. This system provides data-driven insights that can help educators make better decisions about their students’ support needs. Additionally, ConexED’s automated SMS system ensures that students receive timely and student-centered support.

Key Features

  • Online and on-campus appointment scheduler
  • Scheduler and virtual meeting integration
  • SAML2 Single Sign On and OAuth 2.0 guest registration options
  • Automated email and SMS reminders
  • Communication templates
  • Business Intelligence visualizations


  • By quote

2. OpenEduCat – Online Appointment Scheduling Platform Dedicated to Education

OpenEduCat dashboard

OpenEduCat is an online appointment scheduling platform that is dedicated to education. It allows students to book and cancel appointments online with their tutors, professors or teachers in a safe environment. Once an appointment is booked, users will get their confirmation through their registered email or contact details. All online appointment-related alerts and notifications can be sent via users’ contact details. In addition, OpenEduCat adapts to different time zones, making it easier for students to schedule appointments no matter where they are located.

Key Features

  • Online booking
  • Email or contact no. confirmation
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Time zones
  • Calendar synchronization


Pricing will depend on your inclusions:

  • By package such as small school, high school, or university
  • By no. of apps such as admission, campus, alumni, LMS
  • By no. of users from 500 to unlimited users

3. Alma – SIS-Integrated Advanced Scheduling

Alma dashboard

Alma is a cloud-based Student Information System (SIS) that offers advanced scheduling capabilities to help streamline the class registration process. Alma’s integrated approach to scheduling allows students to easily search for and enroll in classes, view their schedules, and receive reminders about upcoming assignments and exams. In addition, Alma’s walk-in scheduling feature makes it easy for students to schedule last-minute appointments with their advisors or professors.

As a fully-integrated school system, Alma integrates with student information systems (SIS) to import student data and course catalogs. This data can then be used to generate class schedules that take into account student preferences, teacher availability, and classroom capacity. Alma also offers a number of features that makes it easy to track classroom utilization, identify scheduling bottlenecks, and resolve conflicts.

Key Features

  • Fully SIS-integrated features
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Walk-in scheduling


  • By quote–scheduling features are part of the core SIS module.

4. EMS Campus –  Streamlines and Automates Your  On-campus Class, Meeting and Exam Scheduling

EMS Campus dashboard

EMS Campus offers a comprehensive solution for on-campus scheduling that streamlines the process and helps you save time. The software allows you to auto-assign courses based on various factors, ensure equipment availability, view time block availability for class schedules, and quickly identify violations. In addition, EMS Campus helps you to improve space utilization by providing a detailed view of how your space is being used. With EMS Campus, you can easily see where there are opportunities to increase efficiency and make better use of your resources.

Key Features

  • Wizard and drag-and-drop functionality to add classes and exams quickly
  • Replicate course preferences and requirements each semester
  • SIS-integration for room assignments
  • Track space usage, cleaning schedules, overcrowding signals


  • By price quotation.

5. symphonyX – Comprehensive Automated Calendar and Notification System

symphonyX dashboard

symphonyX is a powerful and comprehensive automated calendar and notification system. It generates an automated schedule of all course events and activities based on the syllabus. It also features a seamless interface for interactions between the faculty and students of each course. All academic activities such as labs and tutorials are managed by symphonyX, ensuring that everyone is always aware of what is happening and when. The system also provides reminders for upcoming deadlines and events, so that nothing is ever forgotten or missed.

Key Features

  • End-to-end suite for course management
  • Faculty interface
  • Student interface
  • Admin interface


  • By price quote.

6. Omnify – Automate Class Scheduling

Omnify dashboard

Omnify is a cutting-edge technology that automates class scheduling. This allows users to free themselves from repetitive operational tasks and conduct online classes by integrating their Zoom accounts. Additionally, it helps businesses automate communication, reminders, follow-ups, and reporting for performance analysis. Omnify also provides a customized website where businesses can list their classes. This makes it easy for customers to search and find the right class for them.

Key Features

  • Online classes
  • Service store
  • Client portal
  • Discount management
  • Custom forms
  • Reports & analytics


  • Solopreneur – $39 per month for 1 staff
  • Starter – $99 per month for 5 staff
  • Plus – $199 per month for 20 staff
  • Pro – $499 per month for 50 staff

7. Destiny One – Proctoring and Exam Scheduling

Destiny One dashboard

Destiny One proctoring and exam scheduling capabilities allow you to centrally manage the process, automate administration, and cut down on repetitive tasks. The student-friendly workflows make it easy for students to find and schedule exams, while the auditable process ensures academic integrity. With Destiny One, you can streamline the proctoring and exam scheduling process while ensuring that all students have fair and equal access to exams.

Key Features

  • Recruitment and enrollment
  • Communication and engagement
  • Student engagement and development
  • Continuing education and workforce development


  • By price quotation.

8. Creatrix Campus – Helps Higher Education Institutions to Manage Classes Remotely

Creatrix Campus dashboard

Higher education institutions face many challenges when it comes to managing classes remotely. Creatrix Campus helps to overcome these challenges by providing a platform that automates faculty preferences and giving students more control over their schedules. The software also provides personalized schedule management for students, making it easier for them to find the right classes for their needs. In addition, the platform offers schedule flexibility, allowing institutions to adjust their class schedules as needed.

Key Features

  • Collaboration tools
  • Reports and analytics
  • Customization options


  • By quote

9. Ad Astra – Higher Education Space and Event Scheduling Tool

Ad Astra dashboard

Ad Astra is a higher education space and event scheduling tool that offers a number of benefits to academic and event schedulers. It provides visibility into schedules, allowing schedulers to see what rooms are available and when. This can be helpful in optimizing resources and ensuring that events are held in appropriate locations. Additionally, Ad Astra provides centralized key schedule information, such as room capacity and type, which can be helpful in planning events. Likewise, Ad Astra offers custom reporting features, which can be used to generate reports on event attendance or space utilization.

Key Features

  • Schedule preferences
  • Visibility into all scheduled space
  • Resource scheduling
  • Room and section details
  • Custom reporting


  • By price quotation.

10. Setmore – Free School Scheduling Software for Teachers

Setmore dashboard

For teachers, Setmore can help to save time and energy when it comes to booking appointments. With features like 24/7 self-booking and automatic reminders, teachers can spend less time managing their schedules and more time focusing on providing a learning experience to their students. Likewise, Setmore’s social media integration makes it easy for parents and guardians to enroll their children in classes, keeping them informed of upcoming appointments and events. And for those who teach online, the software’s video class feature is a valuable tool for delivering lectures and other information to students in a format that is convenient and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Booking page
  • Website widget
  • Calendar
  • Desktop app
  • Payments


  • Free – up to 4 users
  • Premium – $5 per user/month for up to 2 users
  • Pro – $5 per user/month for 3 and more users

11. aSc Timetables – School Scheduling Timetabling Software

aSc Timetables dashboard

aSc Timetables is a school scheduling software that can evaluate over 5,000,000 possibilities to come up with a balanced schedule. It can automatically reschedule and accommodate changes in an instant. You can customize fonts, layouts, and logos, and export schedules to pdf, Excel, or share online. Likewise, the software can handle different class types.

Key Features

  • Automatic schedule generation
  • Manual input
  • Simple data entry
  • Mobile
  • Data import
  • Customizable
  • Electronic class register


  • Primary schools – $399 one-time payment
  • Standard – $499 one-time payment
  • Premium – $995 one-time payment
  • Pro – $3,995 one-time payment

12. Udio – Time-Saving School Management Software

Udio dashboard

Udio is a time-saving school management software that streamlines your processes and frees up your resources. It integrates your bookings, lessons and customer data, and the customer portal gives your customers full control over their bookings and payments. Udio also provides data-driven reports for business insights.

Key Features

  • Membership management
  • Built-in email platform
  • SMS integration
  • Booking and scheduling
  • Powerful reporting
  • Integrated payments
  • Customer portal
  • POS
  • Self check-in


  • Base module – $75 per month

13. Appointy – Made Simple with a 3-Step Setup

Appointy dashboard

Appointy is a class scheduling app that makes it easy to get started with a three-step setup. You can use Appointy to book classes, create class and staff rosters, and schedule classes on your mobile device. Appointy also allows you to accept payments, manage your student database, and market your business. Appointy is ideal for educational institutions, online and in-person tutoring services, sport classes, fitness classes, wellness institutes, online webinars and workshops and coaching businesses.

Key Features

  • 24×7 online booking system
  • Class and staff rosters
  • Scheduling mobile app
  • Attendee database management
  • No-show protection
  • Virtual class scheduling
  • Reporting and analytics


  • Free – 1 staff, 5 services
  • Growth – $19.99 per month
  • Professional – $49.99 per month
  • Enterprise – $79.99 per month

14. Oasis – for Health Science and Professional Schools

OASIS dashboard

Oasis is a central hub for student and faculty information in health science and professional schools. Its features include academic history, course requirements, grades (including a GradeBook and GPAs), notices, and surveys. Additional modules offer evaluation and calendaring capabilities. Oasis can be configured to share information with data management systems. This allows for seamless data exchange between different departments and schools.

Key Features

  • Point-and-click admin interface
  • Access control
  • Real-time reports
  • Email automation
  • Electronic checklists
  • Survey builder
  • Configurable


  • By quote

15. Campus Cafe – Room and Course Scheduling for Postsecondary Schools

Campus Cafe dashboard

Campus Cafe has room and course scheduling features for postsecondary schools. They are integrated into a Student Information System that allows you to schedule classes and manage student attendance and class rosters. Additionally, you can use Campus Cafe to manage marketing, recruitment, applications, course registration, billing, transcripts, financial aid, and reporting. The software is available in both cloud-based and on-premise versions.

Key Features

  • Document management
  • CRM and activities
  • Portals for students, parents, faculty and alumni
  • Integration


  • By quote

16. College Scheduler by Civitas Learning – for Academic Planning and Registration

College Scheduler dashboard

College Scheduler is a platform that helps streamline the process of academic planning and registration for students. It unifies the various steps involved in these processes and makes it easier for students to monitor their progress and plan their schedules. The platform also includes features to help institutions accommodate their unique processes and student pathways. College Scheduler is designed to equip students with the tools they need to build conflict-free schedules and to collaborate with their advisors to build their ideal schedule. The platform also provides integrated advising analytics to help institutions better understand and support their students.

Key Features

  • Academic planning and registration
  • Student success pathways
  • Course scheduling
  • Individualized academic planning
  • Schedule options


  • By quote

17. Schedule25 – Fully Integrated Event Scheduling System

Schedule25 dashboard

Schedule25 is a fully integrated event scheduling system that streamlines every scheduling task from basic, online room requests to detailed event and resource management. It determines the optimal space allocation for your campus, maximizes utilization and class placement satisfaction, and custom designs integration. Schedule25 also has a built-in event management system that makes it easy to manage events and resources. With Schedule25, you can easily schedule courses, events, publish calendars, or manage events and resources.

Key Features

  • Facilities scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Mobile-accessible
  • What-if scenarios
  • Automated workflows
  • Custom-branding
  • Data integration


  • By quote

18. ProClass – Customizable Class Management

ProClass dashboard

ProClass is a versatile, customizable class management tool that can be used for scheduling classes and events. It offers many features to help you keep track of your schedule, including recurring dates and times, scheduled registration open dates and times, and specific date scheduling for classes without a standard or recurring schedule. You can also use ProClass to schedule make-up dates for missed or canceled classes or events, and to blackout dates for holidays, weather cancellations, or other interruptions. Plus, you can assign locations and rooms for your classes and events using ProClass.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated into a class management system
  • Recurring or irregular schedules
  • Registration scheduling
  • Emergency and blackout scheduling


  • By price quotation.

19. Classpro – Coaching Classes Management Software

Classpro dashboard

Classpro is a coaching classes management software that helps you manage your coaching class, and get a fully functional website. With Classpro, you can send and receive homework online, send 1,000+ automated personal reminders, track fees transactions, and enjoy other key features.

Key Features

  • Biometric attendance
  • Student performance diagnosis
  • Real-time reports
  • Student/parent app
  • Inquiry management


  • By quote

20. MAESTRO SIS – Faculty Conference Scheduling

MAESTRO SIS dashboard

MAESTRO SIS helps manage faculty conference scheduling, course enrollment, grades, attendance, and student test data. It also allows for academic pacing and gradebook management. The software makes it easy to view the real-time academic progress of each student and track their attendance. The grading scale feature ensures that all students are graded fairly and consistently.

Key Features

  • SIS-integrated
  • School administration
  • Student and parent portals
  • Tuition and billing


  • By price quotation.

Finding the Best Academic Scheduling Software

The best academic scheduling software is the one that best meets the needs of the user. There are a variety of features and tools available, and it is important to carefully consider all options before making a decision. These include integration, for instance, ensuring that the scheduling software integrates with your learning platform.

With so many choices available, it can be helpful to consult with others who have used various scheduling software programs to get their opinion on which ones are the most effective.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a program that is easy to use and that provides the features and flexibility that are most important to the user. By taking the time to research all of the available options, starting with our list above, it is possible to find an academic scheduling software program that will be an invaluable tool for success.

As with many organizations, academic institutions find their need for solutions grow more complex with time. Aside from academic scheduling, they have to think about admissions and scholarship management software to accommodate the various needs of their students from all economic backgrounds.

If they also welcome special-needs students, they will find that the best special education software solutions are key to facilitating the process seamlessly.



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