Best Admissions and Enrollment Management Software in 2023

Best Admissions and Enrollment Management Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
Chief Data Scientist & Head of Content

The main goal of an educational institution is to attract more enrollees. But aside from the socioeconomic factors that affect students’ decisions to matriculate, educators have to grapple with enrollee prospecting, too. Plus, there is the matter of ensuring that the entire process is simplified.

Both concerns can be addressed by the right school administration technology. Specifically, the best admissions and enrollment management software applications listed below can address and resolve the aforementioned marketing and recruitment woes in student admissions.

In the United States, enrollment in primary and secondary schools has been increasing. In fall 2000, it was 53.4 million. By fall 2010, that number increased to 54.9 million. And most recently, in fall 2020, enrollment went up to 55.4 million (National Center for Education Statistics, 2022). The college enrolment rate, on the other hand, was 40% in 2020. This figure covers 18- to 24-year-olds only (NCES, 2022).

NCES, 2022

With more students matriculating or registering, educational institutions need to have an efficient admissions workflow. Not only that, they have to ensure that the process is convenient for students and their parents as well. This is where admissions and enrollment management software come in. This software solution provides tools for the application, registration, and enrollment processes. And in some cases, they have features for marketing and recruitment as well to attract more leads.

Key Admissions and Enrollment Statistics

Even though education is now accessible as ever, enrollment rates have not been always high in many parts of the world. Enthusiasm, however, has been high, especially since the late 1990s. The United Nations Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth (2022) revealed that in 1999, it was predicted that the primary school enrollment ratio was to increase by nine percentage points in 2015—reaching 93% from the base year’s 84%. The latest data from The World Bank (2022), however, shows that since 2008, the ratio has just been hovering around 89%.

U.S. primary school enrollment ration since 2008

And, after the school year ending in 2018, around 258 million children and youth were out of school (UNESCO, 2022b). Another worrying part is that over 600 million children and adolescents around the world are not able to attain minimum reading and mathematics proficiency levels even though about 66% of them are in school (UNICEF, 2022).

Source: UNICEF, 2022

That coincides with the finding that primary school attendance is still a challenge across many developing countries. While official enrollment figures are high, attendance rates do not correspond with them. Indeed, in some countries, participation rates went down by five points according to household surveys compared to administrative data (Our World in Data, 2022). It’s a situation where a good academic advising software could help.

Meanwhile, at the tertiary level, there are around 220 million tertiary students in the world. This figure is up from 100 million in 2000. In some regions, students enrolled in tertiary programs have even doubled. A prime example is Latin America and the Caribbean. Together with that is an intensified demand for good quality tertiary-level education. This brings us to why software for managing admissions and enrollment is crucial.

Source: Our World in Data, 2022

Why Admissions and Enrollment Management Software Is Important

Primary and secondary school enrollments have been increasing, as previously mentioned. That is thanks to the increase in public school spending per pupil, with New York being the highest spender. But at the tertiary level, the outlook is less than positive. Undergraduate enrollment decreased by 1.25 million students from 2014 to 2019. The global COVID-19 crisis also had an impact on higher education enrollment. One report showed that college matriculation declined by 2.5% or around 400,000 students in the fall of 2020. This is double the rate of the decline reported in the previous year. Community colleges and public colleges were not spared the effects of the pandemic (RecDiv, 2021). This is despite online education for higher learning becoming available at the onset of the global coronavirus crisis.

impact of COVID-19 on tertiary-level enrollment, fall 2020

Thus, institutions have to boost their recruitment efforts. Admissions and enrollment management software can lend a hand in this arena. While not all solutions in this category have them, there are many that offer CRM, recruitment, and marketing tools. By using these, institutions can reach out to more students and parents. Similar features can assist recruitment officers in engaging them to ensure they stay in the pipeline and choose their school eventually. This is applicable for re-enrollments as well. Also, this is advantageous to educational institutions, as marketing strategies are among the factors that impact a school’s growth.

Apart from those, such software solution can provide essential information that can be relevant to institutions. It can help schools improve the admissions experience and make enrollment management more effective. Additionally, leveraging the data gleaned from the system can aid the school in financial planning with regard to student recruitment (NAIS, 2022).

Moreover, the technology can transform the school’s overall internal processes. The institution will no longer be a separate entity but can become connected to the outside world through communication features. Other tools can streamline workflows and make registration much easier for parents and students in the way the best POS system for restaurant use fosters ease and organization in dining operations. That said, here are the best admissions and enrollment management software of the year.

List of Best Admissions and Enrollment Management Software

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1. MySchool SIS: The Software for Intuitive Enrollment Management

MySchool SIS dashboard

MySchool SIS is a powerful system. Yet, it allows for simple admission and enrollment processes. Parents or guardians no longer have to fill up lengthy forms. All they need to do is open the intuitive portal to submit applications. This also means that information gathering is more accurate. What’s more, the portal enables parents and guardians alike to enroll several students at once with the bulk enrollment feature.

Administrators as well can have their admission and enrollment tasks lightened. MySchool SIS shows the statuses of applications on one screen. This allows them to review, track, and process applications with ease. Additionally, there are applications statistics on the screen. Because of this, administrators can track their work and ensure that they are on track.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use portal for applications submissions
  • Fast enrollment of multiple students with bulk enrollment
  • Accurate information gathering with digital forms
  • Quick form building with drag-and-drop form builder
  • Streamlined processes with configurable multi-stage workflows
  • Instant messaging of applicants for clearer communications


  • MySchool SIS has three options for pricing.
  • First is Manage, which costs $20 per student per year.
    Next is Communicate. This tier costs $30 per student per year.
  • Last is Enterprise, which costs $40 per student per year.
  • All plans require a minimum of 100 licenses.

2. Teachmint: An Intelligent End-to-End School Management Software

Teachmint dashboard

Teachmint is a smart end-to-end school management application. It allows you to intelligently oversee administrative processes in your school. To that end, it offers admissions and fee management features that can ease related workflows.

Other users vouch for its user-friendliness. So, you do not have to spend a lot of time learning the ropes of this software. Additionally, it enables you to use the data you enter into the system. With this, you can get a full view of your admissions and enrollment KPIs.

Key Features

  • End-to-end school management
  • Intelligent school administration
  • Smoother workflows in admissions and enrollment
  • Data-driven with admissions and enrollment KPIs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast implementation


  • Pricing is available upon request.

3. Classe365: A Unified Solution with Robust Marketing Tools

Classe365 dashboard

Classe365, as its name suggests, covers a wide spectrum of school management needs. It unifies a wide array of tools that make administrators’ lives easier. And with that, it paves the way for more efficient management of administrative tasks and students.

The software has a pre-admissions and enrollment module that covers every stage of the admissions procedure. This allows the school to answer queries and build relationships with parents, guardians, and students. From there, it makes application and admission convenient, as parents or students can complete the application and pay fees online.

Key Features

  • Helps build relationships with parents and students during the inquiry stage
  • Offers convenience in application with online forms
  • Manages students’ journeys with admission stages tracker
  • Provides the opportunity to pay fees online
  • Secures transactions to give payers peace of mind
  • Painless SIS update


  • Pricing depends on student size.
  • For schools with up to 100 students, the fee is $50/month or $540/year.
  • For schools with up to 250 students, the fee is $150/month or $1,620/year.
  • For schools with up to 500 students, the fee is $250/month or $2,700/year.
  • For schools with up to 1,000 students, the fee is $500/month or $5,400/year.
  • For schools with more than 1,000 students, contact the vendor for a custom quote.

4. SchoolAdmin: A Strategic Enrollment Management Software

SchoolAdmin dashboard

SchoolAdmin is an admissions and enrollment software that is designed to help educational institutions to thrive. It is a strategic system that integrates admissions, enrollment, and billing tools in one platform. With this, it is possible for private K-12 schools to attract the right families.

One of the ways SchoolAdmin makes those possible is by offering paperless admissions. The software has dynamic and responsive forms that can help increase conversion. And when it comes to enrollment, everything is painless because of automated and personalized admissions. Schools can get paid rather quickly as well, because of automated reminders and custom fee schedules.

Key Features

  • Increases conversion with dynamic and responsive forms
  • Improves user experience with forms that can be embedded on the school website
  • Eases the admissions process by enabling administrators to score and review applications right on the platform
  • Painless enrollment by personalized and automated admissions
  • Adaptable solution with mobile-friendly enrollment applications
  • Quicker payments with reminders and fee schedules


  • Interested schools can request a quote.

5. STARS Campus Solutions: The Solution for Effective Marketing Strategies

STARS Campus Solutions dashboard

STARS Campus Solutions combines CRM software and SIS system into one dynamic platform. To be specific, it has vendor and student payables, CRM, executive dashboard, and POS system modules, among others. These make it a comprehensive solution for post-secondary institutions.

STARS Campus Solutions’ CRM allows institutions to be more effective in their marketing. This is because it integrates with lead sources and sends text message alerts regarding new leads. Because of this, colleges can increase admissions. And to maintain financial health, institutions can use the vendor and student payables module to check outstanding balances. They can also use the same for accounts reconciliation.

Key Features

  • Student payables modules to track students’ accounts
  • Increases leads with CRM that integrates with sources
  • Mass emailing and texting to leads
  • Automatic email replies to queries or groups of leads
  • Alerts admissions representatives of new leads for possible conversion
  • Student portal for fast payments online


  • STARS Campus Solutions pricing is not available publicly. Colleges and other post-secondary institutions can request a quote.

6. Alma SIS: The Software for Attracting Re-enrollment

Alma dashboard

Alma SIS, despite its name, covers a lot of ground when it comes to school management. It has a module called Alma Start that is designed specifically for admissions and enrollment. The module includes an activity log, custom form creator, custom workflow maker, and digital signature support. There is also an exporting capability as well as integration with the core Alma SIS system.

Furthermore, schools can look forward to updates on the re-enrollment of students. In line with that, users can easily check the rankings and scorings of students during the enrollment process. Administrators can also enjoy working on a dynamic mobile interface.

Key Features

  • Activity log that shows processes in the enrollment of each student
  • Form builder for custom registration forms
  • Workflows to help automate procedures
  • Digital signature for faster enrollment
  • Visibility of ranks and scores to assist registrars in processing matriculation
  • Mobile interface for working on the go


  • Schools can get in touch with the vendor for custom pricing.

7. Embark Campus: An Advanced Comprehensive Admissions Software

Embark Campus dashboard

Embark Campus is a sophisticated admissions software. It is suitable for any institution and program. Because it is an end-to-end solution, the software encompasses recruitment, apart from application, evaluation, and enrollment.

The recruitment module has inquiry forms, applicant communication features, and mobile engagement. Its application portal can match the institution’s branding. And within that, interested students can send references as well as portfolios. Also, administrators can conduct online interviews with applicants. Lastly, admissions officers can notify applicants of their decision and use a follow-up form to collect their decision and tuition or deposits.

Key Features

  • Inquiry forms for prospective students
  • Individual and scheduled emails for interested applicants
  • Mobile-responsive layout for on-the-go engagement with students
  • Branded application portal
  • Application forms with branching logic
  • Follow-up enrollment forms to collect decisions of applicants and financial deposits


  • Campuses can ask for a bespoke quote.

8. PowerSchool: A Software with Robust Admissions and Enrollment Solutions

PowerSchool Unified Classroom Special Programs dashboard

PowerSchool is a unified school administration software that includes enrollment solutions. There are two online options to choose from. First is a complete enrollment and registration package that can integrate with any SIS. The second is a built-in solution exclusive to PowerSchool only.

Despite the difference in environments, both deliver robust tools for data management, workflow customization, approval automation, and more. With either solution, schools and districts can reduce data entry. Plus, they can have accurate enrollment numbers, allowing them to staff appropriately. Payment is a breeze as well because parents and guardians can do it online conveniently and securely.

Key Features

  • Less data entry with online forms
  • Promotes student safety with secure forms and medical information
  • Provides accurate enrollment numbers
  • Accurate staffing with the help of on-point enrollment data
  • Mobile-responsive for handy, on-the-go enrollment, payment, and information management for families
  • Secure online payments and donations


  • Schools and districts interested in the products can ask for a quote from the vendor.

9. Camu: A System for Admissions and Enrollment Modernization

Camu dashboard

Camu is a cloud-hosted system that helps higher education institutions in their digital transformation. With its student information system, colleges and institutes can oversee student records, assessments and examinations, and student services, among others. Importantly, administrators can manage admissions and enrollment using the same solution.

Its admissions tools can streamline the whole process. Students can easily check the requirements online and click to apply. From the end of admissions officers, they can track applications and process them in bulk. This makes the enrollment workflow similarly smooth-flowing. On top of that, students can access the system from their mobile phones for on-the-go registration and tracking.

Key Features

  • Save more time with the online admissions system
  • Ease of checking requirements online
  • Students can apply with a click
  • Seamless processing of applications with tracking
  • More applications can be handled concurrently with bulk processing
  • Students can receive admission offers in real-time
  • Entire admission process can be accessed on mobile


  • Higher education institutions can get in touch with the vendor for pricing.

10. Blackbaud Enrollment Management System: The Software for a Connected Admissions Workflow

Blackbaud dashboard

Blackbaud Enrollment Management System makes it possible to have a connected admissions process. Its admissions portal includes tools for fast and easy applications. As well, it allows interested students to track the status of their applications. On the same page, they can make enrollment decisions once they have been accepted to the program or school.

Meanwhile, the enrollment solution includes a branded website. That can serve as a venue for prospective learners to discover more about the institution and send their inquiries. It personalizes the enrollment process for every student, which includes admissions milestones. Because of this, educational organizations can keep applicants engaged.

Key Features

  • Has an admissions portal that saves time
  • Application tracking for prospective students
  • Enrollment milestones that keep applicants engaged
  • Time-saving scheduling tools for admission officers for tours, interviews, and assessments
  • Offers personalized admissions experience with notifications and emails
  • Mobile forms for accessible applications
  • Self-scheduling of visits and interviews by applicants


  • Institutions can get custom pricing from the vendor.

11. TUIO: The Software for Integrated Admissions, SIS, and Tuition Management

tuio dashboard

TUIO is an online enrollment, tuition, and student information management system rolled into one. It enables schools to offer student registration and payments online. And because admissions, tuition, and student records are integrated, administrative work is less arduous.

In line with that, admissions information is centralized. Administrators, parents, and students can go to one place to update and access data such as emergency information. Each group has its own portal, thus ensuring security. Additionally, TUIO streamlines operations with real-time data changes. This is also helpful when it comes to reporting. Plus, parents can enjoy the convenience of online payments.

Key Features

  • Streamlined operations by combining enrollment management with SIS and tuition management
  • One source of truth with centralized admissions information
  • Secure logins with different portals for parents, students, and administrators
  • Convenient management with mobile-ready portals
  • Helps increase demand with waitlists
  • Fast and secure online payments and automated payments
  • Effective information use through reporting tools


  • Schools can book a demo and get a quote from the vendor.

12. EduSys School ERP: The Software to Fast-track Admissions

EduSys School ERP dashboard

EduSys School ERP is a school management software exclusive for schools in the United States. When it comes to admissions, it enables the fast-tracking of student registration. This is because the enrollment process is easy.

Staff can keep an eye on the whole process, too. In this way, they have all the details and can assist parents and students immediately and precisely when needed. EduSys School ERP also features a document management solution. With this, administrators can store documents provided by parents and students to ensure that everyone is always on the same page.

Key Features

  • Fast-tracks student registration with a user-friendly process
  • Admissions officers can track information provided during the procedure
  • Data tracking allows for fast assistance of parents and students as necessary
  • Secure document management solution
  • Quick document retrieval
  • Dashboard provides a quick look at admissions information
  • Inquiry management for building relationships and attracting more prospective students


  • Schools can book a demo and get a quote from the vendor.

13. SchoolCues: A Web-Based Solution for Small Schools

SchoolCues dashboard

SchoolCues is an intelligent school management software designed for small schools. It is a web-based solution that has an integrated mobile interface. Therein, administrators, students, and parents can access the admissions and enrollment system.

The module streamlines the registration, and enrollment procedures, which are usually time-consuming and laborious processes. During the workflow, users can update student information, including their medical and family information. In this way, the school can ensure the health and safety of the student while at school. On top of that, enrollment is made easier with the form builder and contract builder features. With these, parents can fill up and sign forms electronically. This helps admissions officers to easily complete registrations and enrollments.

Key Features

  • Admissions and enrollment system gathers pertinent student data like medical information and family details to keep students healthy and safe.
  • Form builder and contract builder allow schools to create forms and contracts quickly.
  • Custom forms let schools gather the information they need from parents and students.
  • Online contracts let parents sign electronically to save time.
  • Parents receive confirmations and reminder emails from the automated system
  • The module can receive pertinent documents for admissions and enrollment.


  • SchoolCues pricing starts at $1 per child per month for one school year.

14. Slate: The Purpose-built Admissions System for Higher Education Institutions

Slate dashboard

Slate is a system purpose-built for higher education institutions. It provides tertiary education organizations with the tools they need for modern admissions and enrollment management. To that end, it has communications, applications, data management, and automation modules.

The communications module allows institutions to perform outreach activities to attract more students. Meanwhile, the applications module lets universities and colleges create custom applications. Plus, they get to have a custom applicant status portal where hopeful students can track their application status. Moreover, the automation module enables administrators to automate the execution of certain tasks using higher education scheduling software.

Key Features

  • Integrated communication channels to attract more applicants and re-enrollments
  • Automated marketing communications to target specific prospects or groups
  • Multiple application frameworks for each unique group and purpose
  • Application integration with third-party site or platform
  • Custom application portal for students to check application status
  • Project and task management automation


  • Institutions can talk with the vendor for custom pricing

15. Evalato: An Applicant-focused Admissions Software

Evalato Admissions Management Software dashboard

Evalato is a next-generation admissions software. It helps program managers in managing application submissions. With it, applicants can have a smooth application experience. And reviewers can have an easy time looking over each application.

This is possible because Evalato reserves a space for applicants to work on their applications. Meanwhile, administrators get access to a form builder that allows them to create sleek custom forms. The evaluation suite features a public voting feature in reviewing applications. And since results are real-time, successful applicants can receive emails immediately, too, thanks to automatic emails.

Key Features

  • Smooth application experience with personal workspace for applicants
  • Sleek custom forms that make information gathering easier
  • Secure online payments for applications via Stripe, PayPal, or Braintree
  • Rapid evaluations with public voting
  • Real-time evaluation results
  • Immediate notification of applicants through email, thanks to tags and automation


  • The Lite tier starts at €1,900 per program and supports up to 100 applications.
  • The Plus tier starts at €2,900 per program and supports up to 300 applications.
  • The Business tier starts at €3,900 per program and supports unlimited applications.
  • The Multi-Program tier starts at €6,900 and is good for two programs. Additional programs require a fee of €1,500.

16. Creatrix Campus: For AI-driven Recruitment and Enrollment

Creatrix Campus dashboard

Creatrix Campus is an end-to-end AI-driven campus management software. With it, schools can oversee everything from recruitment and admissions to alumni. To that end, it provides administrators with effective tools administrators for them to be efficient at their tasks.

To ensure that recruitment and admissions run smoothly, Creatrix Campus has purpose-built student recruitment tools. This platform enables administrators to customize workflows to suit their processes. Colleges and universities are provided with candidate tracking tools, too. With these, recruiters can ensure that their leads continue on their admissions journey.

Key Features

  • Customizable workflows to achieve efficiency, from recruitment to admissions
  • Automated decision-making based on preset criteria
  • Application forms that follow conditional logic and rules
  • Ability to import prospect lists, applications, and scores
  • Dashboards that show prospects’ statuses
  • Automatic follow-ups through email and SMS


  • Colleges can request a personalized quote from the vendor.

17. Classter: A Modular Online Enrollment Management Solution

Classter dashboard

Classter is a modular student information system. One of its modules is its online enrollment management software. With this, educational institutions can make their admissions process fully paperless. As well, this can help decrease admissions officers’ workload through its automation feature.

Among the features that are available in the enrollment module are admission portals. This is configurable so institutions can design it for their specific requirements. Additionally, Classter allows parents and students to complete the entire admission process online. Admissions officers can put up checklists for students to follow to ensure that they do all the required steps.

Key Features

  • Admission portal that allows students to self-register
  • Admissions checklists for students and their parents to ensure that they go through all the necessary steps
  • Students can complete the whole admissions process online
  • The admissions office receives notifications when students finish the enrollment workflow
  • Analysis feature offers a comprehensive look at the whole admissions process
  • Captures leads’ interests through sign-up forms


  • Classter has straightforward pricing that is available upon request.

18. HDSchool: The Software for Complex Admissions Procedures

HDSchool Dashboard

HDSchool is an intuitive school management system that enables schools to oversee complex procedures with ease. It helps schools with their admission process by streamlining the collection of tuition fees. The software is especially helpful when it comes to complex fee structures.

HDSchool helps make certain that students pay the required fees for admission. In case paying the full amount is not possible, students or their parents can opt for installments. Additionally, the software helps schools accept payment in various forms: cash, credit card, check, and NEFT.

Key Features

  • Helps schools with complex procedures
  • Assists in admissions through fees management
  • Gives administrators the option to define school fee types
  • Allows for the set up of penalties and late payment fees
  • Fee installment structure is supported.
  • Various payment options available


  • Single Computer costs $55 per month or $45 per month when billed annually.
  • Client Server costs $99 per month or $89 per month when billed annually.
  • Cloud Setup costs $110 per month or $99 per month when billed annually.
  • Each tier has a one-time setup fee.

19. OpenEduCat: The Open-source ERP for All Levels

OpenEduCat dashboard

OpenEduCat is an open-source ERP for educational institutions. This cloud-based system is suitable for schools as well as colleges, universities, and vocational centers. It is modular, with each module integrated with one another.

Among these is the admissions module. It has multiple features that make the registration process transparent as well as easy. Enrollment is convenient because there is an online system that allows students and parents to complete the process over the Internet. Another one of the functions that students can appreciate is planned admissions. This can fast-track their enrollment so they can avoid the hustle and bustle during the peak period.

Key Features

  • Convenient online enrollment
  • Planned admissions for fast and early registration
  • Seats management
  • Integrated communications that keep parents and students apprised of the admission status
  • Document management to store and access documents
  • Transparent registration procedure


  • Since OpenEduCat is modular, institutions only have to pay for the core system and their selected modules. In this case, the core software and the admissions module together will cost $328 for a one-year subscription.
  • There is an additional fee based on the number of users.
  • OpenEduCat also offers complete packages depending on whether your institution is a small school, high school, or university.

20. Maestro SIS: A Flexible Solution for Countless Customizations

MAESTRO SIS dashboard

MaestroSIS is a globally used solution that is powerful and flexible. The solution is customizable, allowing institutions to tailor it to their needs. Thus, they can avoid unnecessary costs. Plus, it is wholly web-based, making it easily accessible to administrators, students, and parents.

As one of the best admissions and enrollment management software around, the platform features an admissions toolbox that allows schools to attract more students with personalized email communications. There is a CRM to manage relationships with prospective students, too. Maestro SIS has a step-by-step application wizard that walks students through the application procedure. And evaluating students is easier because administrators can check the applicants’ profiles for transcripts, documents, interactive notes, and others.

Key Features

  • Customizable email templates allow personalized communications to increase recruitment
  • Automated follow-ups ensure that prospective students are kept engaged
  • CRM for keeping good relationships with leads and for tracking their statuses
  • Reports to show the results of an institution’s marketing campaigns
  • Application workflow wizard to guide applicants step-by-step
  • Communication tracking for records


  • Institutions can request a quote directly from the vendor.

Set Your Institution Apart

An institution’s unique selling point is what makes it attractive to prospective students and their parents or guardians. However, no matter how great a school is, it can still lose potential enrollees due to a number of reasons. One of these could be the inconvenience of the enrollment process.

An admissions and enrollment management software can transform the whole thing. Long queues will be a thing of the past. Troublesome cash or check payments at school counters no longer have to be the only option. Incessant calls and emails regarding application and admission status can dwindle or even stop.

The solution can transform and modernize long-winded processes. It can even be possible for the whole enrollment process to be completed online. With this alone, an institution can set itself apart from other schools. And if a college or university wants to further make itself stand out, it can follow the latest trends in higher education.

Of course, all of these are from the point of view of school recruitment. Academic institutions, however, are not all about that. They also know the needs of some sectors of their studentry where the best financial aid management software solutions matter.

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