Best Scholarship Management Software in 2023

Best Scholarship Management Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
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The increasing cost of education is leaving very limited options to students. Fortunately, scholarships from both public and private sectors are there to provide opportunities to numerous deserving students. The United States Department of Education alone awards about $46 billion worth of scholarships each year (Hanson, 2022). This means educational institutions are processing thousands of applications and managing existing scholars during the same period. As a result, scholarship management software has become an essential tool to ensure that each scholar receives benefits accordingly.

The best scholarship management software solutions assist education and scholarship organizations in expediting and automating the process of accepting applications for scholarships. With it, there is a significant reduction in the amount of paperwork, which allows evaluators to concentrate more on vetting applicants. This ultimately results in a more positive experience for everyone involved. To help you choose which one suits your organization, this guide will examine the best scholarship management software on the market, their core functions, and pricing.

Best Scholarship Management Software Table of Contents

The Rising Cost of Tuition

Education is perhaps among the most important investments one can make to secure a bright future. It can help one build a network of professional contacts, find better job opportunities, as well as gain financial stability. However, quality education does not come cheap.

In recent years, for instance, college tuition and fees have grown by at least 20% for public two-year in-district, public four-year in-state, and private nonprofit four-year colleges in the past decade (Akers, 2020).

Source: Manhattan Institute, 2020

This increase in the cost of attending college has also been observed since the 1980s (Hess, 2020). So, it is no longer surprising that a student working part-time at a minimum wage could only cover 68.2% of his or her college education in 2016 whereas a student with an equivalent job in 1987 can cover 106.5% of the cost (Berman and Zehngebot, n.d.).

Source: CNBC

To make up for the deficit, students often opt to apply for loans (Hanson, 2022). In fact, student loan statistics reveal there are 43.4 million students with federal student loan debt as of 2022. However, with the current cost of tuition and fees, particularly in higher education, student borrowers find it challenging to repay them while saving up and making ends meet upon graduation.

state of student loans

The Role of Scholarship in Solving Tuition Woes

Scholarships are a great way to offset student debt. So, many families explore this option when looking for funding sources for tuition fees (Sallie Mae and Ipsos, 2021).

Source: Sallie Mae, 2021

However, as schools offer different types and values of scholarships, opportunities may vary from student to student. According to recent scholarship statistics, an average scholarship is worth $7,400 (Hanson, 2022). This may be lower or higher depending on a student’s family income, whether or not the student can secure private scholarships, need-based scholarships, merit-based scholarships, or athletic scholarships.

scholarships in numbers

With different scholarship types that a student can apply for, it can be difficult for schools and other academic organizations to manage applications properly. To help separate the chaff from the wheat, it is important for scholarship awarding bodies to have the right tools for the process. The tools could be in the form of financial aid management software or the focus of this article, scholarship systems. Below, this guide details the most popular scholarship management software. It can help narrow down your options and find which one works best for your organization.

List of the Best Scholarship Management Software

1. SmarterSelect: Scholarship Management Software Priced for Non-Profits

SmarterSelect dashboard

SmarterSelect streamlines the collection and assessment of scholarship applications for universities and other institutions. It makes it easy for users to gather applications, organize assessors, and choose award winners. Moreover, it takes less than 24 hours to develop a frictionless application experience by utilizing the easy program builder and the templates in the Program Library. Using sophisticated automation, the platform saves applicants valuable time while making the application process easy and manageable. Additionally, since it accelerates the evaluation process for all participants, assessors can work together more effectively and efficiently.

Key Features

  • It comes with all the core features to track, organize, and create better relationships with scholarship applicants and reviewers.
  • Institutions can easily create scholarships, grants, awards, and other special awards using one platform.
  • The Program Library provides tons of templates on top of the application program builder, making it easy to develop even the most complex scholarships.
  • The built-in automation and collaboration features mean small teams can get more things done in less time.


  • The solutions provider offers free scholarship management software for 10 users, 10 programs, and all the core functionalities.
  • For larger institutions, SmartSelect offers high-tier plans, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 per year depending on your required features.

2. Versatile Submission Platform for Any Type of Industry

Submit dashboard is submission management software that aims to make application administration, data analytics, and compliance easier. From government organizations to TV and film production enterprises, the platform is ideal for any institution that collects inputs from a large number of individuals. Educational institutions may use their capabilities to handle education programs, ranging from kindergarten to post-graduate. It is scalable to any scholarship program on a single common platform, making scholarship administration and monitoring easier.

Key Features

  • The platform adapts to any type of program, including student admissions, scholarships and fellowships, research programs, accreditations, grants, and student placements.
  • Users can streamline their selection process using multiphase submissions, autoscoring, and auto-tagging features.
  • Administrators have access to a clear view of their programs at all levels through role-based permissions, smart folders, and file exports.


  • provides custom solutions to different types of organizations. Pricing is available upon request.

3. SmartSimple Cloud: Configurable and Modular Solution for Scholarship Management

SmartSimple Cloud dashboard

SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management is an all-inclusive solution that simplifies collaboration and streamlines the entire award and scholarship process. From applications and award matching to approvals and reporting, this platform can handle your requirements regardless of the complexity or scale of the programs being managed by the organization. It is constructed with a suite of highly versatile modules that can be quickly adopted to satisfy all of the specific needs and processes that are associated with the award and financial aid programs. Users have the option to incorporate, alter, or change as much or as little of the SmartSimple Cloud for Scholarship Management as they see necessary to guarantee that it genuinely supports their processes and workflows.

Key Features

  • Create and configure award and scholarship application forms using various field types, filtering and search tools, and automated communication.
  • Centralize all scholarship application information and awardee data from application date to status.
  • Publish customizable application portals where applicants can submit and track their submissions.
  • Develop awards and financial aid programs using frameworks, rules, eligibility parameters, and much more.
  • Track funds and other financial resources to ensure clarity, auditability, and accuracy across multiple programs.


  • SmartSimple offers implementation services priced at a one-time fee of $10,000.
  • The platform includes subscription costs depending on usage and access to the system. It has a comprehensive plan that costs $6,000 per year and a customizable plan that starts at $75 per month).

4. Submittable: The Intuitive Scholarship Management Solution

Submittable dashboard

Submittable is an online scholarship administration platform that helps foster talent, assist reviewers, and simplify administrative processes for programs of all sizes. Educational institutions can attract busy potential candidates with a straightforward, modern scholarship application procedure and excellent communication methods. With a configurable scholarship application review method, it also saves time, aids reviewers, and helps to identify top candidates. Administrators can minimize the amount of time they spend on manual tasks by centralizing the scholarship administration platform and automating the award and reporting processes.

Key Features

  • Build branded forms using drag-and-drop tools and accept over 50 file types from PDF to video.
  • Smart online forms automatically hide or reveal custom questions depending on applicants’ responses.
  • Save time using automated functionalities such as assigning submissions to reviewers, communicating with applicants, and more.
  • Collect application fees, track distribution of award money, monitor payment installments, and more in one centralized platform.


  • Submittable offers three packages that come with various features. Prices are available upon request.

5. OpenWater: All-in-One Scholarship Management Software for Multi-Step Processes

OpenWater dashboard

The all-in-one scholarship software from Openwater effortlessly handles the full multi-step, multi-review process, transferring applicants to scholarship awardees. With OpenWater Scholarships, all responsibilities—by applicants, judges, chairs, and administrators—are done in a single unified, completely integrated system. The service provider assists in the development of a custom-branded portal that corresponds to the existing website and visual identity. Its powerful analytics skills help to clear up ambiguities and streamline communication both inside and outside. Every action item has a status that can be easily checked, and reminders are issued automatically.

Key Features

  • Easily publish branded websites and portals where applicants can submit applications and other documents.
  • Advanced application forms allow applicants to continue later without losing their progress.
  • Organize users such as administrators, judges, reviewers, applications, and more.
  • The platform can be integrated with numerous business applications such as Airtable, PayPal, HubSpot, and much more.


  • OpenWater provides numerous solutions for academic institutions, from scholarship management to virtual conference platforms. Pricing is available upon request.

6. Reviewr: The Submission Management Tool for Seamless Digital Experiences

Reviewr dashboard

Reviewr is a platform that reinforces the digital experience by collecting, managing, and reviewing digital submissions on the cloud. The submission management software enables educational institutions and other organizations to spend less time managing and more time creating a difference. It offers specialized recipes that are developed on the basis of many years of experience and the feedback of thousands of customers. These tried-and-true methods make the most of grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial assistance by using tools that are specifically designed for the job. Reviewr combines all the bells and whistles with a tried-and-true strategy for streamlining processes and boosting participation.

Key Features

  • Create beautiful marketing landing pages and microsites with only a few clicks and without the assistance of IT staff.
  • Its modern approach to custom data collection is designed around interactive forms, user profiles, and customized workflows.
  • Reviewr serves as a common center and dashboard for all submitted data.
  • With the use of custom processes, review teams can be simply assigned to groups of submissions that have precise control over their security.


  • Reviewr provides solutions for programs such as scholarships, grants, awards, contests, and more. For custom pricing, contact Reviewr.

7. CommunityForce: Application Management and No-Code Forms for All Organizations

CommunityForce dashboard

CommunityForce is a no-code, reliable, and scalable platform for managing forms and applications. Designed for businesses, organizations, and educational institutions seeking digital transformation, it helps to seamlessly manage the whole application lifecycle of scholarships using a single centralized solution. The platform makes it possible to initiate relief programs in a matter of days rather than months. Moreover, it simplifies the process by automating tasks that are laborious and repetitive in order to save time. As a result of its high volume relief capabilities, institutions are able to process as many as 50,000 application submissions in no more than 30 minutes.

Key Features

  • Create a form that perfectly meets specific requirements with hundreds of question types and file uploads, or use one of the pre-built templates.
  • Launch custom-branded portals and sites by adding unique logos, colors, and brand elements.
  • Automated pre-screening of applications results in time savings by eliminating applications that are not eligible.
  • Make it simple for candidates to collaborate on applications together and submit them in a coordinated manner as a group.


  • CommunityForce offers a free Copper plan, which is enough for one program and 100 submissions per year.
  • Paid plans are designed to handle larger volumes of submissions, unlimited programs, and custom sites. Rates range from $75 to $500 per month depending on the number of admins and submissions.

8. Evalato: A Comprehensive but User-Friendly Awards Management Tool

Evalato dashboard

Evalato is a next-generation awards administration software that assists in collecting applications, empowering judges, and selecting the most deserving winners. It makes it easier for candidates to prepare and send in their applications. And, it gives companies the pleasure of organizing everything in such an uncomplicated manner. The comprehensive but user-friendly evaluation suite provided by the platform allows judges to carry out their duties in a quick and straightforward manner, using any personal or mobile device. The awards management suite makes it simple for organizations to choose the best applications and give them recognition.

Key Features

  • Create webpages using the built-in creator or embed them on a website.
  • The platform supports more than 40 languages and over 160 currencies, making it easy for global organizations to publish forms and web pages for different geolocations.
  • Evaluate in a few clicks through faster approvals and shortlisting that includes multiple evaluation rounds, review types, a fully-featured judging portal, and much more.
  • Integrate with more than 3,000 business applications for a truly centralized process.


  • Evalato offers unlimited free testing with no set-up, training, or any other training fees.
  • All paid packages include all features. Plans cost from €1,900 to €3,900 per program depending on the number of applicants you will be processing.
  • The vendor offers a multi-program plan priced at €6,900 for two programs. They charge €1,500 per additional program.

9. Embark Campus: End-to-End Admissions Software with Advanced Solutions

embark campus dashboard

Embark Campus is the most powerful, end-to-end online admissions software on the market, intended to accommodate programs of all shapes and sizes. It is able to assist educational institutions in accomplishing their objectives, whether they want a simple application consisting of a single page or an institutional solution to handle various programs and workflow among thousands of reviewers. The platform has cutting-edge capabilities that can be applied to a wide variety of use cases, including enrollment, application, assessment, and recruiting.

Key Features

  • Create inquiry forms and send automated or individual emails through tablets, mobile phones, or personal computers.
  • Publish dynamic application portals using custom branding, branding logic, and more.
  • Accept numerous types of files, from documents to videos.
  • Reviewers can also collaborate with each other by leaving comments and divisions on the platform.


  • Aside from Embark Campus, the service provider also offers College Cents and other solutions for different types of education and financial aid programs. Pricing is available upon request.

10. RQ Awards: Seamless and Efficient Management of Scholarship, Fellowship, and Similar Programs

RQ Awards dashboard

RQ Awards‘ primary mission is to streamline the processing of award, scholarship, grant, fellowship, and mentoring programs for various groups, organizations, and educational institutions. By automating the administration of their programs from beginning to end, the platform makes it simpler for applicants, reviewers, and administrators to do the work that needs to be done. Since RQ Scholarships is built on the RQ Awards Online Software, it is possible to have a customized configuration for any scholarship program. RQ Scholarships is a user-friendly online scholarship application program that can handle everything, from simple forms to intricate multi-phased evaluations. With this at your disposal, you can save hours of work with automatic eligibility checks and bespoke data reports.

Key Features

  • RQ Awards provides a project manager that will work with clients to create a truly bespoke online awards system that is consistent with branding guidelines and needs.
  • Create online application forms that can accept documents, images, and videos along with advanced workflow options and eligibility checks.
  • The online review portal includes customized scoring, rubrics, and review criteria.
  • Administrators have an overview of the program through system notifications, reporting, and more.


  • RQ Awards offers custom features for different use cases and comes with unlimited users, administrator accounts, applications, and support. Pricing is available upon request

11. AwardSpring: Configurable yet Easy-to-Implement Awards Management Platform

awardspring dashboard

The simple and user-friendly platform provided by AwardSpring was purposefully developed to provide assistance to any individual who is a part of the process of scholarship administration. With stress-free implementation, administrators, students, reviewers, and sponsors can all save time and minimize the amount of administrative work they need to complete. The software configures the organization’s website and trains its staff so that they have a positive and productive experience right from the start by using its time-tested and milestone-based SpringBoard approach. It synchronizes with the Student Information System (SIS) that is already in place, which ensures that all of the student data and information that is important is correct and up to date. AwardSpring is superior to manual approaches in terms of the amount of time and effort required to manage the scholarship cycle for any organization.

Key Features

  • The application can be fully customized and is available at any time, from any location, and on any device.
  • Workflow management that allows for the sending of reminders, follow-up management, and other features.
  • Reporting that provides a look into the application pool, the progress being made by reviewers, and historical data.
  • Works seamlessly with any existing Student Information System and other important back-end tools to create a truly optimized workflow.


  • AwardSpring NOW is created for small foundations, organizations, and institutions that need a cost-effective solution. Prices start at $99 per month for the first scholarship and an additional $29 per month for the next five programs.
  • AwardSpring PRO is perfect for universities, colleges, and other larger institutions that need a fully-featured scholarship management application. The base tier starts at $4,500 per year for up to 25 scholarships.

12. Good Grants: Modern Grants Solution that Reinforces Decision-Making

Good Grants dashboard

Through robust decision-making techniques, Good Grants delivers an unparalleled experience to scholarship applicants. Academic institutions are able to administer their scholarship programs in a single location, and they may do so with low-cost, flexible, and transparent options that make it simple to get started right away. It provides organizations with access to all of the resources necessary to run scholarship programs in an effective and efficient manner. Track applications and the progress of decisions in real-time, interact with applicants and reviewers, automate repetitive operations, and simply manage everything using one platform.

Key Features

  • The platform provides a centralized application where organizations can manage applications, reviewers, assets, and any other aspects of their scholarship programs.
  • It has a robust collection of review tools that, thanks to its five various review modes, can be adapted to the requirements of each scholarship assessment procedure.
  • Users can choose from a variety of question types, utilize conditional logic, establish privacy levels on sensitive question fields, correlate certain fields with specific categories, and much more.


  • Good Grants provides packages for different use cases starting at Intro (€109 per month), which comes with all the basic features to manage, track, and review grants and scholarship programs.
  • Advanced features are available in Premium (€459 per month) and Enterprise (custom quote upon request).

13. SurveyMonkey Apply: Scholarship Management that Streamlines Application Collection

Survey Monkey Apply dashboard

Using SurveyMonkey Apply, organizations can develop a scholarship application and review process that is completely frictionless, simplify administration, and reward the appropriate students more quickly. It makes assisting students easy, efficient, and effective by providing them with a user-friendly scholarship site, applications that are optimized, and robust communication tools. SurveyMonkey Apply can be easily integrated into pre-existing workflows, and it can automate the monotonous and time-consuming processes that are a part of any process. As a result, more time can be spent on the activities that are most important.

Key Features

  • Send students to a branded website where they can quickly discover scholarship opportunities, submit applications, and monitor the progress of their submissions.
  • Personalize the workflows as well as the criteria for any scholarship programs that allow users to establish either single-stage or multi-stage processes.
  • Gives those who are reviewing the application the chance to examine the application materials alongside the evaluation forms. No more switching between displays or rummaging through documents.
  • Automatically transfer information back and forth between SurveyMonkey Apply and existing SIS.


  • SurveyMonkey Apply provides custom solutions to the management of scholarships, grants, fellowships, and much more. Annual plans begin at $7,000 per year. Custom pricing is available upon request.

14. Zengine by WizeHive: Scholarship Management Catering to Unique Application Requirements

WizeHive dashboard

Zengine by WizeHive is an effective solution that takes into account the one-of-a-kind requirements of scholarship providers. Institutions have the ability to engage candidates from the very beginning of the application process with applications that lower barriers and increase fairness. They can put up both flexible and adaptable processes, making it easier to conduct evaluations, handle data, and administer programs. Additionally, the platform establishes long-term contact and progress reporting cadences with scholars, with a primary emphasis on the scholars’ continued enrollment and their eventual accomplishments.

Key Features

  • Create any type of submission portal, from a simple application form to a multi-step process through custom-made forms and workflows.
  • Make the entire application process easier using word counts, deadline timers, and text or email confirmations.
  • Automatically assign applications to reviewers and simplify the review process using the side-by-side layout.
  • Publish visual dashboards and reports to easily see the progress of students or the status of any scholarship program.


  • WizeHive provides solutions to many types of programs such as scholarships, fellowships, grants, internships, and more. Unique pricing is available upon request.

15. ScholarshipApp: Free Online Scholarship Management

ScholarshipApp Dashboard

ScholarshipApp is developed by the team behind ScholarshipOwl, a popular scholarship platform for students. This time, it aims to help academic institutions to create and manage programs through its free scholarship management software. It comes with dozens of features that help simplify the entire scholarship management process. Users can launch scholarship programs, accept applications, review applicants, and award scholarships in a seamless workflow.

Key Features

  • Create stunning landing pages without the time-consuming development process using the templates with different designs.
  • Publish smart forms where institutions can collect relevant information from personal data to documents.
  • The streamlined scholarship management workflow makes it easy to control and monitor all aspects of the program, from student submission to scholarship awarding.
  • Connect to over 1,000 applications using Zapier or develop custom applications using the available API.


  • ScholarshipApp is completely free.

16. Kaleidoscope: Platform for Scholarship and Applicant Network

Kaleidoscope Dashboard

Kaleidoscope is powered by the same organization behind the scholarship portal, offering students numerous opportunities and financial aid to fund their academic endeavors. The online scholarship management tool makes it easy for institutions to launch and manage scholarship or grant programs and help them tap into millions of qualified individuals. With its powerful yet simple features, even small teams can accept a sizable number of applications without getting overwhelmed. The platform also allows for a full view of existing funds and tracks any related financial details.

Key Features

  • The dashboard serves as the headquarters of the entire platform, simplifying and centralizing all program processes from one location.
  • Manage reviewers and assign applications for more efficient evaluation processes.
  • Manage, track, and view submissions and their progress regardless of the size of the program.
  • Easily launch scholarships and grants in just a few clicks.


  • Kaleidoscope provides numerous solutions to both applicants and institutions. Custom pricing is available upon request.

17. Blackbaud Award Management: Tool for Improving Scholarship Management and Donor Stewardship Practices

Blackbaud dashboard

The Blackbaud award management software seeks to be the catalyst to increase student access to awards, promote meaningful stewardship practices, and boost cross-functional visibility throughout the process. By including features that are both intelligent and well-optimized, it facilitates easier access for students to scholarship funding and rewards. Additionally, the platform makes it simple to establish meaningful methods to manage both scholarship contributors and non-scholarship donors. This improves the visibility of cross-functional processes across the whole scholarship process, from the financing to the awarding.

Key Features

  • Through the use of a single website and nightly connection with a student information management system, it is now easier than ever to spread the word about scholarship programs to interested students.
  • A simple click of a button lets organizations create donor reports that can be printed, sent, emailed, or viewed online.
  • Access to scholarship processing information is made possible via the use of flexible permissions options, which also secure student data.
  • Blackbaud provides an active customer community so users can leverage knowledge from each other.


  • Blackbaud provides an entire family of solutions developed to promote social good. It offers products that range from financial management to corporate social responsibility tools. Pricing is available upon request.

18. Foundant: Software Designed for Philanthropic Programs

Foundant dashboard

Foundant for Scholarship Providers is an online platform that can organize and administer an unlimited number of scholarship possibilities. The Scholarship Lifecycle Manager (SLM) integrates the many processes involved in the scholarship application process into a single platform. Applicants may use its built-in capabilities to locate opportunities, contributors can use them to manage their requests, donors and evaluators can use them to access information, and scholarship coordinators can use them to monitor requirements and renewals. Then, organizations will be able to accelerate decision-making with online assessments, rapid views in-system through reports and post-award Follow Up forms for monitoring acceptance, requirements, and renewals.

Key Features

  • Save applicant answers or copy submissions from one form to another in just a few clicks.
  • Write and send custom email replies that are automatically sent after submission.
  • Create and run reports in just a few steps at any time to view the performance of scholarship programs.
  • Make decision-making and evaluations faster with quick views, follow-up forms, and other features.


  • Foundant offers various solutions for grantmakers, communication foundations, nonprofits, and scholarship providers. Pricing is available upon request.

19. Optimy: All-in-One Administration Tool for Faster Scholarship Management

Optimy dashboard

Management of scholarships and other similar programs is a snap with Optimy, thanks to its adaptable and efficient platform. Optimy makes handling scholarships and other types of assistance, whether financial or social, a breeze because of its simple interface and focus on the needs of the user. No more spending time downloading apps, wrangling paperwork, or looking through hundreds of emails; this all-in-one administration tool lets organizations streamline their scholarship and assistance operations.

Key Features

  • Gather data by launching custom forms, online portals, or importing from other information sources or databases.
  • Review and evaluate efficiently through automatic ranking, centralized dashboard, and smart filters.
  • Manage projects and programs efficiently while collaborating using the platform’s task, messaging, and document management features.
  • Ensure that all programs are on track by creating charts, budget reports, maps, and calendars.


  • Optimy provides custom solutions by determining the type of programs, features needed, and existing processes. Custom quotes are available upon contact with the service provider.

20. Electronic Form Solutions: Software Built to Automate Scholarship Management Processes

Electronic Form Solutions dashboard

Utilizing Electronic Form Solutions makes the process of collecting and evaluating scholarship applications simpler, more efficient, and more effective. The technology allows for the streamlined assessment of scholarship applications while also providing candidates with an effortless experience. It is relied on by both large and small organizations, assisting them in the processing and administration of applications for various grants, scholarships, and other programs. Paper-intensive processes that need application and approval can be streamlined and automated, thanks to its many features.

Key Features

  • The application can be accessed from any major browser and at any time and place via a cloud-based, branded Scholarship portal with proven uptime and stability.
  • Create fully personalized forms by making use of a user-friendly page builder to gather the data required for making an informed choice.
  • Organize the applications into groups based on the information that is most relevant to the program.
  • Automate application sorting and grading by creating custom rubrics.


  • Electronic Form Solutions offers tools and applications to manage applications, grants, and scholarships. Custom pricing is available upon request.

Create Better Opportunities Through Scholarship Management Software

Scholarships and similar programs are crucial to any academic institution and organization. However, these process-heavy endeavors often still rely on paper-based workflows. As schools, colleges, and universities focus on their digital transformation by implementing tech solutions from learning management systems to classroom software, financial aids, and relevant projects are often left behind. This leaves departments that are already understaffed with more tasks than they can manage.

Fortunately, the best scholarship management software and other similar tools—like the best education ERP software—are readily available in the market. They provide opportunities to streamline complex processes, from student submissions to applicant evaluations. This does not only improve productivity but increases the applicants’ experiences as well. And, with many of these solutions available as cloud applications, launching scholarship programs is no longer limited to geographical locations.



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