Best Virtual Classroom Software in 2023

Best Virtual Classroom Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
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It is undeniable that the pandemic has greatly hastened the shift to digital learning. Based on UNESCO figures, school closures impacted 1.38 billion enrolled learners, from the pre-primary up to tertiary education levels. As a result, LMS and eLearning statistics show that adoption rates of elearning and online tools are high in the United States.

In this guide, you will learn all about the best virtual classroom software that functions much like a physical classroom. This will provide you with an overview of each platform’s capabilities as well as get into the specifics of their key features and how much their pricing packages cost. In this way, it is easier to explore your options and decide which software is best for your school or organization.

Best Virtual Classroom Software Table of Contents

Virtual Classroom Statistics

Recent statistics show that the number of online learners is increasing, thanks in large part to the shift to virtual platforms due to the pandemic. In 2016, for example, the number of online learners registered under an eLearning platform reached 21 million. However, in 2020 the numbers nearly tripled to 71 million and finally to 92 million in 2021 (Wood, 2022).

registered elearners

Moreover, the same data shows that the United States is the top country with the most online learners at 17. 3 million. Other top countries include India (13.6 million), Mexico (4.8 million), and Brazil (3.7 million). On the other hand, the top countries for learner growth mostly come from emerging countries such as Paraguay at 98%. This is followed by Lebanon 97% and the Philippines at 85%.

Source: World Economic Forum, 2022

Why Virtual Classroom Software Is Important

There are many benefits to online learning. For one, online education statistics report that eLearning courses reduce energy consumption by 90%. On the other hand, 72% of organizations believe that leveraging online learning gives them a competitive advantage. It also improves productivity by 25% (Todorov, 2022).

Source: Thrive May Way, 2022

Among college students in the U.S., online learning is perceived to be better than their classroom experience. In a survey, 41% said their college-level online learning experience is better than their classroom experience for the same educational level. On the other hand, 38% said the level of their learning experience is the same for both methods while 15% said online is not as good as their in-class experience (Magda et al, 2020).

Source: Wiley Education Services, 2020

A recent study also validates the positive outlook that students have on eLearning. According to 81% of students, eLearning provides them with scientific material in an interesting way. In addition, 80% of students said that eLearning boosts the possibility of communication and interaction with students and teachers. Meanwhile, 78% of students said that eLearning allowed students to get in touch with the teacher by email anytime, anywhere, and provides access to subjects every day of the week (Rawashdeh et al, 2021).

student views on elearning

Despite the advantages it offers, there is a problem with access to online learning depending on the income level of the country where the learners are from. Data shows that an internet-only remote learning strategy is highest for high-income countries at 53%. In contrast, such a strategy accounts for only 9% of upper-middle-income and lower-middle-income countries. For low-income countries, 67% use a combination of four remote learning strategies (internet only, TV only, TV and radio only, and take-home package and tutoring) while 33% use a combination of three remote learning strategies only (Muñoz-Najar et al, 2021).

Source: World Bank Group, 2021

Online students in the U.S. have also expressed concerns about having classes online than on campus. A quarter of them report being concerned about balancing education with work, family, and household obligations. On the other hand, 15% have expressed concerns about the quality of instruction and academic support while 14% cited adapting to an online or remote learning environment (Duffin, 2021).

Source: Statista, 2020

Best Virtual Classroom Software in 2023

1. VEDAMO Virtual Classroom: Best for Collaboration

Vedamo dashboard

VEDAMO Virtual Classroom is a web conferencing tool that helps teachers deliver interactive and collaborative learning sessions. It equips them with tools like online whiteboards, screen sharing, breakout rooms, and more. VEDAMO can be used both by freelance teachers and university professors to give students an engaging learning experience.

Key Features

  • Online whiteboard for sharing and presenting discussions and ideas
  • Video conferencing for a maximum of 50 participants
  • Screen sharing to show additional software and multimedia applications to participants
  • Breakout rooms for individual and group activities
  • Recording with playback feature
  • Media player for using or sharing multimedia materials
  • Session templates that help in planning lessons
  • Integrations with Moodle, Canvas, and Schoology


  • Virtual Classroom plan with unlimited sessions for $25 a month
  • Learning Management System plan for $43 a month with unlimited virtual sessions and unlimited published courses

2. BrainCert: Best Tool for High-Impact Learning

BrainCert dashboard

BrainCert is one of the best virtual classroom software, which gives users all the tools they need to teach and collaborate online. The solution enables them to host various types of training online such as certification exams, compliance training, self-paced blended courses, and more. BrainCert unifies four products in one: an eLearning platform, enterprise LMS, virtual classroom-as-a-service, and meeting rooms.

Key Features

  • Web-based, HTML 5 virtual classroom
  • Course builder where users can create courses from scratch, customize existing templates, and automate workflows
  • Testing platform for conducting proctored exams and shareable tests
  • Unified content management, which allows for secure uploading or embedding of content from your local computer or the cloud
  • Adaptive Simulcast, which maximizes video quality for the best viewing experience
  • WARP technology determines network congestion to provide stable connectivity
  • Integration with PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, Scribd, YouTube, and more
  • Meeting rooms with a fully branded personalized link
  • Enterprise LMS with enterprise-grade security


  • Braincert offers two pricing plans: Enterprise LMS and a Virtual Classroom API. Pricing packages are quote-based and are available upon request from the vendor.
  • Can be used in various industries such as retail, healthcare, IT, and more

3. Kaltura Virtual Classroom: Ideal Tool for Learning from Anywhere

Kaltura dashboard

Kaltura Virtual Classroom is an online virtual classroom platform that provides you with all the tools for effective learning. This plug-and-play solution does not require users to download software so you can get to teaching right away. In addition, you get access to tools like a digital whiteboard and on-screen quizzes.

Key Features

  • Digital whiteboard for explaining concepts and understanding ideas
  • Up to 30 breakout rooms per session
  • Chat and moderated Q&A to encourage everyone to speak up
  • Cloud recording and automatic sharing in your course gallery
  • Moderator controls with detailed participant permissions and “lock the door” features
  • Persistent rooms where files can be uploaded and stored in a room and saved across sessions
  • Content playlist for uploading PDFs, videos, and presentations in preparation for class
  • Quizzes with multiple-choice questions
  • Interactive polls with a single-click setup for engaging your audience


  • Free 14-day trial plan
  • Standard plan at $19 per month, which is ideal for small classes
  • Pro plan at $45 per month for small or mid-size businesses
  • Quote-based Enterprise plan

4. Sanako Connect: Tailored for Language Educators

Sanako-Connect dashboard

Sanako Connect is a virtual classroom software that helps language educators make the most out of their teaching time. The tool gives them the flexibility to conduct synchronous, asynchronous, or hybrid teaching sessions. It also allows them to record individual students’ speaking practices and group or pair students for activities.

Key Features

  • Accessible from various devices such as tablets, laptops, and Chromebooks
  • Join via a unique link, no login details required
  • Real-time feedback of students’ audio recordings
  • Split class into pairs or groups for conducting speaking and conversational practices
  • Record individual speaking practices
  • Create and assign various exercises such as gap-fill exercises
  • File sharing for review and feedback of students’ work
  • Manage student submissions and share with colleagues


  • Pricing is available upon request from local resellers
  • Local resellers can also recommend customized solutions
  • Ideal for professional language teachers, language departments, high schools, and universities

5. Adobe Connect Virtual Classrooms: Top-Notch Solution for Engaging Virtual Experiences

Adobe-Connect dashboard

Adobe Connect for Virtual Classrooms is an advanced web conferencing application that provides learners with engaging virtual experiences. With this tool, you can keep students productive, foster collaboration, and spark creativity in the classroom while achieving learning objectives. All these features are available on a platform with security features and encryption to protect your data while on the cloud.

Key Features

  • Separate students into breakout rooms by assigning participants to rooms or automatically splitting them
  • Layouts that enable you to create a storyboard for your presentation
  • Rooms that can be customized with images, logos, and colors that fit your brand image
  • Shareable templates for faster and more convenient room set-up
  • Persistent usable rooms where participants can just “walk in”
  • Engagement dashboard that helps speakers gauge the attention of their audience and other relevant metrics
  • Drawing and annotations feature allows speakers and participants to add shapes, text, and comments on a virtual flipchart
  • Pods or functional windows that serve as visual storyboards
  • Sidebar where the presenter can view notes and a searchable outline during a PowerPoint presentation


  • Adobe Connect Learning starts at $370 a month
  • Virtual Classroom 200 costs $370 a month

6. WizIQ Virtual Classroom: Intuitive and Cost-Effective Solution

WizIQ dashboard

WizIQ is an intuitive and cost-effective virtual classroom and learning management software that gives teachers all the tools they need to conduct online classes efficiently and effectively. With WizIQ, you can set up your virtual classroom, create online courses, and conduct tests all on one platform. This one-stop solution can fit the needs of clients in diverse industries, such as government, higher education, corporate training, and more.

Key Features

  • Advanced interactive whiteboard with full-screen mode, which lets you include maps and annotations
  • WizIQ online exam builder, which lets you build different kinds of tests in various formats and in multiple sections
  • Gauge learner performance and take remedial measures with the help of eLearning analytics
  • Create course content in text, audio, video, PPT, and HTML formats and upload them into the cloud
  • Attend live classes on the go and take self-paced courses with the WizIQ mobile learning solution
  • Integrations with Moodle, WordPress, Drupal, and JoomlaWizIQ Meet let people collaborate through screen sharing and annotation in over 60 languages


  • WizIQ Live Classroom offers three plans: Professional, Enterprise, and Pay-per-Use
  • WiZIQ Learning Management System offers two plans: Elite and Infinite
    Pricing starts at $25 per month billed annually

7. LearnCube: Solution for Teachers, Tutors, and Trainers

LearnCube dashboard

LearnCube provides teachers, tutors, and trainers with all the tools they need to conduct teaching, tutoring, and training online. LearnCube features a virtual classroom that is customizable and does not require downloads, which makes online teaching easy and convenient. LearnCube is used by language schools, tutoring companies, and corporate trainers in more than 100 countries.

Key Features

  • Online whiteboard with ESL-specific tools like Learning Cards for generating word pronunciation and verb conjugations
  • Class Review feature lets you share past class content for students to go over, including files and whiteboard annotation
  • Multiple tabs for sharing different learning materials such as PDF, video, audio, and more
  • Virtual classroom software for conducting both one-on-one and group classes
  • Simple scheduling featuring drag-and-drop calendar entries and the ability to set up recurring classes
  • Readily available performance reports on attendance, teacher ratings, and student feedback
    Seamless integration with existing apps through API


  • LearnCube offers six products: Whiteboard, Virtual Classroom, Online Language School, Developer API, Corporate Language Training, and Large-Scale solutions. Pricing is available upon request from the vendor.
  • All plans come with a free 14-day trial period

8. Breakroom: Virtual Classroom Software for Immersive Learning

Breakroom dashboard

Breakroom provides users with a rich and immersive learning experience in the metaverse, which is one of the notable trends in higher education. With Breakroom, learners can connect, collaborate, and have an engaging learning experience in real-time. The solution offers 3D immersive experiences, a digital headquarters, a 3D virtual platform for events, and a 3D virtual classroom. The solution features customizable environments, which can be accessed from a browser or desktop app.

Key Features

  • Immersive digital headquarters, which mimics the in-person experience
  • Virtual breakrooms provide a safe haven for teams to mingle and catch up with others online
  • Built-in monetization, which includes a marketplace featuring an array of virtual goods
  • Virtual events with fully customizable elements like branding, user experience, and user design
  • Gamification tools like quests and quizzes to boost participant engagement
  • Highly customizable avatars that take into account diversity and inclusivity
  • 3D virtual classrooms with collaboration tools such as webcams, messaging, whiteboards, and screen sharing


  • Breakroom offers four plans: Essential ($14.99), Basic ($14.99), Team ($12.74), Professional ($16.99), and Enterprise ($16.99). Rates are per user per month and billed annually.
  • The four plans can also be paid on a monthly basis at the following rates: Essential ($19.99), Basic ($19.99), Team ($16.99), Professional ($16.99), and Enterprise ($16.99).
  • They also offer add-on plans: Premium Support ($60,000), Priority Support ($120,000), and Customer Success Plan ($240,000).

9. Google Workspace for Education: An Easy-to-Use and Secure Solution

Google-Workspace for Education dashboard

Google Workspace for Education combines cloud computing and productivity and collaboration tools in a flexible solution that helps institutions enhance the way they teach. The solution gives educators user-friendly tools that boost their productivity and enhance collaboration and connection. On the other hand, it helps students achieve their maximum potential by submitting their best work within a secure online environment.

Key Features

  • Work with others in real-time using various tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, and Jamboard
  • Includes access to Google Jamboard, a digital whiteboard that allows up to 50 users to write and draw from a web browser or mobile app
  • Communication tools such as Google Meet, Chat, and Gmail allows you to connect with teachers, administrators, learners, and guardians
  • Stay organized by listing down school-related activities in Google Keep, Calendar, or Tasks
  • Build courses, organize classwork, and conduct assessments using Google Classroom and Assignments
  • Exportable Gmail and Classroom logs let you gain insights for analysis in Big Query or through your own analytics tools
  • Administrative controls allow you to manage devices, control permissions for file sharing, and configure other security controls


  • Google Workspace for Education comes in four editions: Education Fundamentals (free), Education Standard ($3 per student per year), Teaching and Learning Upgrade ($4 per license per month), and Education Plus ($5 per student per year).
  • The Education Standard and Education Plus editions allow for one free staff license for every four student licenses.

10. 2BeLive: Alternative to Generic Video Meeting Solutions

2BeLive dashboard

2BeLive is a live streaming video platform that promises users a smarter, simpler way of teaching online. With its professional-grade video and audio quality and other powerful features, 2BeLive offers educators an alternative to generic video meeting solutions for virtual or remote learning. Whether they have virtual, hybrid, or blended learning models, the solution is flexible to support your learning requirements.

Key Features

  • Content hosting allows you to easily launch a presentation and share learning materials with learners
  • The comprehensive dashboard presents insights into key metrics like attendance, assessment, and engagement data
  • Customization options for log-in pages to incorporate your branding into the platform
  • An integrated paywall helps you to easily charge and collect payments for your online courses for quick monetization of your content
  • Multimedia whiteboard, which fosters collaboration with others through two-way interactions
  • Conduct quizzes and question-and-answer sessions to test comprehension and measure learning outcomes
  • Emojis, animations, and augmented reality masks make learning interactive and fun


  • 2BeLive pricing packages are quote-based and are available upon request from the vendor

11. AnyClassroom: The Virtual Classroom Solution for Specialized Software

AnyClassroom dashboard

AnyClassroom provides users with access to specialized learning software such as graphic design, engineering, or database software within an intuitive solution. With AnyClassroom, you can optimize your existing physical infrastructure to accommodate both onsite and remote students. With AnyClassroom, users can book complete classrooms or individual devices and use the software at their designated time slot. With this, you can make the most out of your existing software while granting access to students at any time and from any device.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based web console where you can enroll devices to be used in class and assign the devices into groupings for virtual class sessions
  • Create classroom bookings that allow you to book a room on a certain date and grant one-time access to enrolled devices
  • Send classroom booking details through an API which provides access to the student and automatically closes the connection at the end of the class
  • Error detection allows you to see the devices that do not have an AnyDesk license associated with them
  • The statistics panel shows you the number of devices, classrooms, and users as well as the number of reservations and temporary access links
  • The device panel gives you an overview of available devices as well as adds filters to find devices quickly and detect devices that need adjustments
  • Instant reservations which allow students to request a device and will be automatically assigned if the device is available


  • AnyClassroom pricing packages are quote-based and are available upon request from the vendor.

12. Class: Best Virtual Classroom Software for Focused Learning

Class dashboard

Class is a virtual classroom built on Zoom that helps instructors in K-12, higher education, and corporations facilitate virtual learning. With Class, users can have a central repository for their learning content while instructors can ensure that they deliver informed quality instruction. The tool also promotes collaboration while its analytics features allow you to make data-driven decisions.

Key Features

  • Instructor Podium identifies the main speaker in the meeting so students can focus on what he is saying
  • Focus Tracking allows you to identify students who do not have Class as their primary app so you can guide their attention to the course material
  • Automatic attendance tracking shows time in and time out, instances of tardiness, and total absences to date, which can be shared with your LMS
  • Presenter Mode allows instructors to show your presentation and visual aids to guide participants to key points of your lecture
  • Create assignments that can be automatically graded during class or at a future date
  • Maximize collaboration with breakout rooms, one-to-one video conversations, group chat, peer-to-peer chat, or participant-facilitator chat
  • Real-time feedback on audience interaction such as sorting by non-verbal cues, breakout room activity view, and one-to-one sidebars with participants


  • Class pricing packages are quote-based and are available upon request from the vendor.
  • Interested clients can get a free demo by contacting the vendor.

13. Kahoot!: Best Virtual Classroom Software for Gamification

Kahoot! dashboard

Kahoot! is one of the best digital learning software that offers game-based learning to make education engaging and fun for students. Users can choose to build their own game or choose from more than 100 million ready-to-play games. This versatile software can be used for both physical and virtual classrooms as well as schools and school districts.

Key Features

  • Create learning games in minutes from scratch, a question bank, or by mixing and matching questions
  • Varied gameplay features such as true/false questions, “type answer” questions, word cloud, open-ended questions, and more
  • Host learning games live or via a video conferencing tool where questions and answers can be shown on a screen
  • Assign self-paced games to students as part of distance learning review and formative assessment
  • Share games to students after class directly in Microsoft Teams as well as with your colleagues
  • Collaborate with other teachers in groups and co-create Kahoot! games with them
  • Reports and assessments allow you to download reports, check reports for actionable insights, and share them with fellow educators


  • Kahoot! offers four individual plans: Basic (free), Kahoot! Pro ($3 per teacher per month/$36 billed annually), Kahoot! Premium ($6 per teacher per month/$72 billed annually), and Kahoot! Premium ($6.75 per teacher per month/$81 billed annually)
  • Kahoot! also offers plans for schools and school districts through Kahoot! EDU, which is billed at $11.40 per teacher per month or $684 for five licenses billed annually

14. Blackboard Collaborate: Best Virtual Classroom Software with Accessibility Features

Blackboard-Collaborate dashboard

Blackboard Collaborate is billed as an education-first virtual classroom that helps students and educators to be more digitally connected to their coursework and to each other. This robust all-in-one platform features a one-click virtual classroom where brainstorming sessions can be conducted and learners can participate through an interactive whiteboard. With Blackboard Collaborate, students can feel less isolated while learning online while teachers can assist learners through virtual office hours, making learning fun and enjoyable within a secure platform that offers global connectivity. Most importantly, it has accessibility features that help address common disabilities, which can be seen in U.S. schools, based on the latest American school statistics.

Key Features

  • Accessibility features such as full-screen reader support, global keyboard shortcuts, and live close captioning to support students who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Network connection management enables the system to monitor and adjusts based on your connection speed so you can still join a session with a poor connection
  • Support for different language preferences such as Arabic, Brazilin Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, and more
  • Various annotations such as drawing, brush, eraser, text, shapes, highlighter, and pointer allow moderators and presenters to emphasize key points of their content
  • Sharing settings allow you to share your files, camera, blank whiteboard, and your application or screen
  • Session security settings allow you to limit invitations, restrict guest access and permissions, and require users to join a course from an LMS before joining a session
  • Session engagement insights help moderators assess class engagement through data such as the number of raised hands and chat messages sent


  • Blackboard Collaborate pricing plans are quote-based and are available upon request from the vendor.
  • Interested clients can also request a demo before signing up for a subscription.

15. inClass: Virtual Classroom Software for Individualized Learning

inClass dashboard

inClass is a cloud-based virtual classroom platform that helps students and teachers work alongside each other to simplify e-learning. The tool offers easy collaboration, hassle-free IT administration, and a secure platform which results in a smooth virtual classroom experience. This cost-effective solution helps educators boost efficiency while allowing students to reach their full potential through individualized learning.

Key Features

  • Create and manage content based on discussion topics and segregate them into groups
  • Allow multiple participants from anywhere in the world and add an end number of participants for a particular teaching session
  • Grade students immediately after giving live assessments during your virtual lecture
  • Assign questionnaires to students to gauge their understanding of the lesson
  • Conduct polls both from the virtual classroom platform and the video collaboration platform
  • Import participants from an address book or even from low network areas
  • Download and share samples based on groupings or topics of notes, polls, and questionnaires


  • inClass pricing plans are quote-based and are available upon request from the vendor.

16. InSpace: Virtual Conferencing Tool for Seamless Collaboration

inSpace dashboard

InSpace is a video conferencing platform that is specially designed for the education sector. This solution redefines virtual learning by strengthening the human connections that lie beneath every online interaction, as confirmed by the latest education statistics. InSpace can be used not only as a virtual classroom but also as a platform for offering campus tours, holding office hours, conducting assemblies, and hosting parent-teacher conferences.

Key Features

  • Proximity-based audio allows meeting participants to hear people closest to them, with the audio fading as the speaker moves away
  • The central screen provides an outlet for convenient sharing and collaboration for in-person, virtual, or hybrid classes
  • Integrations with YouTube, PowerPoint Online, and Miro Board
  • Presentation Room allows the speaker to invite everyone and share content from various sources such as a screen, mirror board, YouTube, Google Drive, or a PowerPoint presentation
  • Breakout rooms are available for in-person and virtual sessions and come with intuitive navigation for moving in and out of virtual rooms
  • The gesture feature allows participants to wave, give a thumbs up, and move around to engage with the speaker and other participants
  • Communicate with others through InSpace chat, which allows for group or private conversations


  • InSpace pricing plans are quote-based and are available upon request from the vendor.

17. BigBlueButton: Best Open-Source Option for Virtual Classes

BigBlueButton dashboard

BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing tool for online classes. Marketed as the only virtual classroom that is built from the ground up, a key selling point of the software is that it was created within the confines of a school instead of a boardroom. As such, it equips educators with all the tools they need to conduct online classes efficiently, from analytics to different engagement tools to a white-labeled platform.

Key Features

  • Offers high-definition audio/video conferencing that includes chat, poll, whiteboarding, and screen sharing features
  • Create and spread the word about your classes with a white-labeled platform that you can customize with your brand, logo, URL, or theme
  • Can be integrated with Sakai, Canvas, Moodle. Zoomla, WordPress, and other learning management systems
  • Engagement tools allow participants to raise their hands, use emojis, share notes, enter breakout rooms, and annotate the session
  • Analytics provides information about the class such as attendance, chat transcript, and poll answers
  • Classes can be live-streamed to Facebook or YouTube, or can be downloaded as 4K videos
  • Data privacy features allow you to host the software on your own server for greater control of which user data is tracked


  • BigBlue Button pricing starts at $12 per month
  • The vendor also offers a free trial.

18. Electa LMS: LMS-Integrated Virtual Classroom

Electa-LMS dashboard

Electa LMS is a comprehensive online education platform that comes with an integrated virtual classroom software. The solution is specifically designed to address the needs of learners and educators in an online setup. This feature-rich solution comes with live video, interactive whiteboards, and other features that are accessible from multiple devices. As such, it empowers users to deliver course content in synchronous, asynchronous, and blended learning setups.

Key Features

  • Course Builder that lets users create compelling course content, ranging from simple to complex topics with audio, video, and text lessons
  • Student management features allow instructors to create groups for students that are in line with the school structure
  • The live virtual classroom feature allows you to conduct synchronous classes complete with whiteboards, screen sharing, and other tools
  • The resource libraries feature lets you structure learning content into groups as part of your online library
  • Recorded sessions let students access and playback past classroom sessions as well as allow instructors to package them as part of paid course content
  • Give homework and assignments and conduct quizzes and automatically grade them in just a few clicks
  • Host forums and discussions for a course or topic to provide support and engage more deeply with students


  • Electa LMS offers three pricing plans: Live Virtual Classroom ($29.90 per month), Live Virtual Classroom Pro ($39.90 per month), and Electa LMS Complete Suite ($69.90 per month)
  • Each plan comes with a 14-day free trial.

19. Wooclap: Turning Smartphones into a Learning Tool

Wooclap dashboard

Wooclap is an interactive learning platform that promises to make learning engaging and effective. With Wooclap, you can add that much-needed pizzaz to your lectures and conferences, measure learner understanding, stimulate your audience, and boost learning and collaboration. Wooclap is being used by more than one million teachers and trainers to connect with their students through their smartphones.

Key Features

  • Multiple question types to gauge student learning such as poll, multiple-choice, and more
  • Participants can answer the questions on any device and choose whether to identify themselves or participate anonymously
  • In-event message walls encourage participants to ask their questions live as well as engage with other people’s comments
  • Presentation feature allows you to insert Wooclap questions to presentations, upload presentations in Wooclap, add images and videos, and tweak your content to your liking
  • Can be integrated with Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, Brightspace, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote
  • Reporting feature gives you a grid view of results as well as a question-by-question analysis of your audience’s answers
  • Accessibility features address the learning needs of people with disabilities, including compatibility with screen readers and alternative text for images and videos


  • Wooclap offers four pricing plans for education users: Free, Basic (€6.99 per month), Pro (€14.99 per month), and a quote-based custom plan
  • Wooclap offers a free pilot phase upon request to institutions in higher education

20. Ayotree: Best for School Administration

Ayotree dashboard

Ayotree is a robust and comprehensive school management software that provides not only an online classroom solution but also CRM, attendance, online payments, and classroom scheduling functions. Ayotree can be used by schools, professional tutors, and nonprofit organizations as well as by sports teams, small businesses, and other kinds of businesses. With this solution, teachers can engage with students from anywhere in the world, maximize their software investment, and get the 24/7 support that they need to run an efficient system.

Key Features

  • Integrations with Zoom, ClassIn, Vedamo, BigBlueButton, and other providers allow teachers to hold classes from anywhere
  • Student portal mobile app that lets students attend classes online, download course materials, pay invoices, take exams, and more
  • Scheduling feature that enables you to reserve classrooms and meeting spaces, whether on one campus or at multiple locations
  • Attendance and performance tracking and reporting tools, which fosters a positive and successful learning environment
  • Built-in CRM where you can see your history with customers, vendors, prospects, and partners
  • Payment gateway integrations with PayPal, Stripe, Square, and other platforms allow you to accept payments without transaction fees
  • Email alerts and newsletters allow you to send updates to individuals and groups


  • Ayotree offers three plans that can be paid annually: Standard ($22 per month), Premium ($45 per month), and Franchise ($157 per month)
  • They also have plans that can be paid on a monthly basis: Standard ($25 per month), Premium ($50 per month), and Franchise ($175 per month)

Find Virtual Classroom Solutions for Various Needs and Scenarios

The education software market is teeming with the best virtual classroom software that allows trainers and educators to address learners’ needs in person or online. For an all-around solution, Vedamo Virtual Classroom is a good choice as it features collaborative tools on top of the standard video conferencing capabilities. Meanwhile, there are solutions targeted to address specific needs such as Sanako, which is designed for language educators, Breakroom, which is for 3D immersive learning, and AnyClassroom, which is tailored for managing environments where students have to use specialized software. As to the skill level of users, Google Workspace offers a familiar interface that is great for beginners while Adobe Connect Virtual Classrooms are great for advanced users who want to get creative with storyboards and other custom solutions for class.

More often than not, virtual classroom software solutions take their cues from emerging trends that are making an impact on users. Thus, no matter what solution you choose, it pays to keep abreast of the latest online education trends. In this way, you can provide the best learning experience to students while adapting and being attuned to the call of the times.



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