Best Microbiology Scientists in Taiwan

The 2nd edition of ranking of the best scholars in the field of Microbiology was created using data derived from a wide range of data sources including OpenAlex and CrossRef. The bibliometric data for evaluating the citation-based metrics were gathered on 21-12-2022. Position in the ranking is based on a researcher’s D-index (Discipline H-index), which includes exclusively papers and citation values for an examined discipline.
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The focus of our Microbiology research’s best scientists ranking is a credible list of leading researchers from the area of Microbiology, established by means of a thorough examination of 166,880 scholars determined from a variety of bibliometric data sources. For the field of Microbiology, over 43737 researchers were examined.

What is D-index acceptance threshold for Microbiology
The D-index threshold for approving a scholar to be evaluated is set to 40 if the majority of of their publications are in the field of Microbiology. The acceptance requirements for researchers to be considered into the ranking of top scholars are based on the D-index, proportion of the publications made within the selected discipline as well as the awards and achievements of the researchers. The D-index threshold for listing best scholars is set as an increment of 10 depending on the overall number of researchers projected for each area od study whilst ensuring that the top 1% of best researchers are considered into the ranking. There should be a proximity of 30% or less between a scientist’s general H-index and their D-index.

Extra verification rules
Since our main goal is to guarantee that only credible scholars are included in our ranking we believe that numbers are never supposed to be an absolute tool to evaluate the work of scholars. This is why we manually check each profile and cross-correlate it against publications in a varied range of trustworthy sources. Although it’s not a factor impacting a scientist’s position in ranking, the number of documents published in prominent journals and conference proceedings should be a valuable secondary implication of their contribution to research in a specific field of study. Position in the ranking is based on every scholar’s D-index according to data gathered from OpenAlex and CrossRef, which are the most prominent and well-established bibliometric databases of this kind accessible to the research community. A comprehensive definition of our research procedures can be found on our methodology page.

Our agenda
Our mission is to inspire scholars, businessmen and administrative bodies around the world to examine where leading experts are heading and to offer a way for the entire research community to find out who the leading experts in specific areas of study, in different countries, or even within research institutions are.
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Key findings for Microbiology
With 34 scholars Taiwan ranks in spot 18 globally.

As far as scientific affiliations are concerned, the institution with the highest number of leading researchers in Taiwan is National Taiwan University with 15 scholars affiliated with it being present in the Microbiology ranking. It is followed by National Taiwan University with 5 researchers. Ranking thirds is Academia Sinica with 4 researchers.

Prominent researchers featured in Taiwan are representing National Health Research Institutes, National Cheng Kung University, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Chang Gung University, National Taiwan University, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taipei Medical University, Academia Sinica.

Professor Po-Ren Hsueh from National Taiwan University is featured as the best scholar in Taiwan in our ranking with a D-index of 110. Ranking on spot no. 2 in Taiwan is Jia-Horng Kao from National Taiwan University with a D-index of 94. The third position in Taiwan is taken by Michael M. C. Lai from Academia Sinica with a D-index of 94.

The average D-index for the top 3% scientists is 110 in comparison to an average of 63 for all 34 scientists listed in ranking.

The average number of published articles in the field of Microbiology for the top 1% of scientists in the ranking is 272 against an average of 272 for all 34 researchers.

The average number of citations for the top 10% scholars is 38458 against an average of 15850 for all 34 scholars.

Useful resources:

D-Index D-index (Discipline H-index) only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline in contrast to General H-index which accounts for publications across all disciplines.
123 World 1 National D-index 110 Citations 49,681 997
314 World 2 National D-index 94 Citations 38,493 657
330 World 3 National D-index 94 Citations 27,202 233
594 World 4 National D-index 83 Citations 22,884 567
632 World 5 National D-index 82 Citations 21,723 332
991 World 6 National D-index 73 Citations 28,027 554
1135 World 7 National D-index 71 Citations 16,306 296
1171 World 8 National D-index 70 Citations 25,186 162
1214 World 9 National D-index 70 Citations 15,686 376
1404 World 10 National D-index 67 Citations 16,232 238
1474 World 11 National D-index 66 Citations 13,947 187
1493 World 12 National D-index 66 Citations 11,883 218
1522 World 13 National D-index 65 Citations 16,973 430
1585 World 14 National D-index 65 Citations 11,589 330
1588 World 15 National D-index 65 Citations 11,165 258
1632 World 16 National D-index 64 Citations 14,407 222
1810 World 17 National D-index 62 Citations 18,453 140
1897 World 18 National D-index 61 Citations 19,926 160
2094 World 19 National D-index 60 Citations 10,942 210
2130 World 20 National D-index 60 Citations 8,675 230
2181 World 21 National D-index 59 Citations 12,444 189
2341 World 22 National D-index 58 Citations 9,748 373
2458 World 23 National D-index 57 Citations 9,830 155
2485 World 24 National D-index 57 Citations 8,746 209
2577 World 25 National D-index 56 Citations 11,069 264
2659 World 26 National D-index 55 Citations 24,827 159
2740 World 27 National D-index 55 Citations 9,789 152
3501 World 28 National D-index 49 Citations 7,140 127
3696 World 29 National D-index 47 Citations 7,596 96
3937 World 30 National D-index 45 Citations 6,427 178
3988 World 31 National D-index 44 Citations 8,707 116
4020 World 32 National D-index 44 Citations 7,244 114
4099 World 33 National D-index 43 Citations 9,097 78
4141 World 34 National D-index 43 Citations 6,863 271

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