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Finland Established: 1958 Scholars: 10
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The ranking is based on h-index, citations and number of DBLP documents gathered by August 9th 2021.

This ranking lists all top computer scientists affiliated with University of Oulu. There is a total of 10 researchers included with 1 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the H-index values for top scientists in University of Oulu is 540 with a mean value for the h-index of 54.00. The total sum for the DBPL publications for top scientists in University of Oulu is 2311 with a mean value for DBLP publications is 231.10.

Note that the research institution or university for a scientist is set based on the affiliation data featured on their Google Scholar profile.


The University of Oulu, Oulun ylioisto in Finnish, was founded on July 8, 1958. Thereafter, it quickly became one of the largest universities in Finland. In 1959, it only had the Faculty of Philosophy with programs in mathematics and biology, Faculty of Technology with civil and industrial engineering and architecture programs, and the Oulu Teaching School.

Today, it provides educational services through its eight Faculties, namely: Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Education, Humanities, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Science, Medicine, Technology, and the Oulu Business School.

The university engages in multidisciplinary research with focus on five thematic research areas: (1) sustainable materials and systems, (2) lifelong health, (3) digitization and smart society, (4) changing climate and northern environment, and (5) understanding humans in change. These are handled by four focus institutes namely the Biocenter Oulu, Eudaimonia Institute, Infotech Oulu, and the Kvantum Institute.

These interdisciplinary research activities also involve different collaborating faculties from the Faculty of Science to the Faculty of Humanities. Moreover, the Institution engages in what they call Arctic cooperation. This is done through the Thule Institute. It is the strategic coordination unit that works closely with other organizations.

Thule Institute projects involve the monitoring of the Arctic and terrestrial research. It is also in tight partnerships with other organizations, including the International Union for Circumpolar Health and the Arctic Council.

The University of Oulu is prolific in producing academic publications. Just in 2019, the university produced 2,829 publications and 63 invention closures. Moreover, since 2000, the institution has produced 69 spin-off companies based on their research since 2000. Also, it ranks within the top 3% of global universities, clinching a spot between 251 and 600.

Notable graduates include the former president of Finland and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Martti Ahtisaari, Hannu Rajaniemi the author of The Quantum Thief, Juha Sipilä the former prime minister of Finland, and Jarkko Oikarinen the developer of IRC Chat.

The university’s mission is to create new knowledge and produce future talents. It espouses a multidisciplinary approach to research and education with the responsibility to its wider audience in mind. It also seeks to foster research-based innovations. Finally, the university makes it a priority to create a start-up culture.

Articles on DBLP
316 World 1 National Matti Pietikainen

Matti Pietikainen

University of Oulu, Finland
H-index 93 Citations 70,466 283
1950 World 6 National Bennis Mehdi

Bennis Mehdi

University of Oulu, Finland
H-index 60 Citations 17,930 406
2158 World 9 National Steven M. LaValle

Steven M. LaValle

University of Oulu, Finland
H-index 58 Citations 30,304 165
2498 World 12 National Guoying Zhao

Guoying Zhao

University of Oulu, Finland
H-index 56 Citations 15,327 213
3198 World 17 National Matti Latva-aho

Matti Latva-aho

University of Oulu, Finland
H-index 52 Citations 10,456 417
3838 World 19 National Markku Juntti

Markku Juntti

University of Oulu, Finland
H-index 49 Citations 8,772 384
4587 World 27 National Juha  Kostamovaara

Juha Kostamovaara

University of Oulu, Finland
H-index 46 Citations 7,564 81
4630 World 29 National Abdenour Hadid

Abdenour Hadid

University of Oulu, Finland
H-index 45 Citations 18,887 143
5776 World 43 National Timo Ojala

Timo Ojala

University of Oulu, Finland
H-index 41 Citations 33,186 146
6089 World 44 National Juhani Iivari

Juhani Iivari

University of Oulu, Finland
H-index 40 Citations 12,705 73

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