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Canada Established: 1848 Scholars: 11
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Position in the ranking is based on each scientist’s h-index using data compiled from Microsoft Graph by May 25th 2021.

This ranking lists all top researchers from the Computer Science discipline and affiliated with University of Ottawa. There are a total of 11 researchers included with 0 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the h-index values for top scientists in University of Ottawa is 704 with a mean value for the h-index of 64.00. The total sum of publications for top scientists in University of Ottawa is 4,393 with the mean value for publications per scientist of 399.36.


The University of Ottawa is one of Canada’s English-French speaking academic institutions and is among the largest bilingual universities in the world. In the university ranking by Times Higher Education for the year 2020, the University of Ottawa placed among the top 150 universities in the world, which further solidifies its reputation for offering world-class quality education. Meanwhile, among the best universities in Canada, the University of Ottawa ranks seventh place.

Also known as uOttawa, the university has 10 faculties that administer more than 450 academic programs offered to both local and international students. Among these faculties is the Faculty of Law, which also ranks among the 100 best law schools in the world. The Faculty of Law is divided into Common Law and Civil Law sections and considered as one of the best legal education institutions and the largest law school in the country.

Noteworthy programs under its Faculty of Medicine include undergraduate and postgraduate studies in medical education and medical research. Other core programs offered by the university cover social sciences, science, engineering, and business fields. When it comes to arts and languages, uOttawa is one of the universities that actively offer tailored programs for second-language training through one of its core programs, Bilingualism Studies.

Established in 1848, uOttawa was founded by the first Roman Catholic bishop of the Bytown diocese, oblate priest Joseph-Bruno Guigues. The university was first called Bytown College and was originally located in a wooden building beside the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. Later on in 1856, the institution was moved to a property in Sandy Hill donated by businessman and political figure, Louis-Théodore Besserer. When uOttawa gained its university status in 1866, it also became the last institution to receive a Royal Charter from London. However, it was not until July of 1965 when the university became a publicly funded corporation, independent from other institutions, including religious organizations.

For the past 20 years, uOttawa has been exerting dedicated efforts in the research field, making it one of the top research-intensive universities in the country. Part of this growth is reinforcing its STEM-focused research studies by launching the STEM Complex in 2018. The STEM Complex is composed of facilities dedicated to research studies in innovating teaching and learning.

Aside from uOttawa’s goal to be an internationally acclaimed university, part of its growth plan is to establish sustainability not only in terms of environmental matters but also when it comes to the financial stability and the physical and mental well-being of those within its community.
Articles on DBLP
345 World 11 National John Mylopoulos

John Mylopoulos

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 92 Citations 45,144 558
420 World 16 National Ivan Stojmenovic

Ivan Stojmenovic

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 88 Citations 37,111 372
474 World 17 National Lionel Briand

Lionel Briand

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 86 Citations 32,227 362
777 World 26 National Azzedine Boukerche

Azzedine Boukerche

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 77 Citations 23,379 866
799 World 29 National David Sankoff

David Sankoff

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 76 Citations 30,179 151
1647 World 66 National Hussein T. Mouftah

Hussein T. Mouftah

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 63 Citations 18,702 590
2938 World 125 National Abdulmotaleb El Saddik

Abdulmotaleb El Saddik

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 53 Citations 14,135 495
3416 World 146 National Amiya Nayak

Amiya Nayak

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 51 Citations 9,277 258
3625 World 153 National Emil Petriu

Emil Petriu

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 50 Citations 9,087 253
3993 World 176 National Gregor v. Bochmann

Gregor v. Bochmann

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 48 Citations 9,950 265
4084 World 177 National Paola Flocchini

Paola Flocchini

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 48 Citations 7,627 224
5422 World 255 National Daniel Amyot

Daniel Amyot

University of Ottawa, Canada
H-index 43 Citations 6,686 181

Our research was coordinated by Imed Bouchrika, PhD, a computer scientist with a well-established record of collaboration on a number of international research projects with different partners from the academic community. His role was to make sure all data remained unbiased, accurate, and up-to-date.

We list only scientists having H-Index >= 40 within the area of Computer Science. If you or other scholars are not listed, we appreciate if you can contact us