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Discipline name D-index D-index (Discipline H-index) only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline in contrast to General H-index which accounts for publications across all disciplines. Citations Publications World Ranking National Ranking
Computer Science D-index 53 Citations 13,044 230 World Ranking 2422 National Ranking 1296
Electronics and Electrical Engineering D-index 53 Citations 13,294 300 World Ranking 941 National Ranking 443

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2021 - IEEE Fellow For contributions to heterogeneous wireless networks and wireless localization


What is he best known for?

The fields of study he is best known for:

  • Computer network
  • Telecommunications
  • Statistics

Ismail Guvenc mainly focuses on Computer network, Electronic engineering, Heterogeneous network, Macrocell and Femtocell. His Computer network research includes themes of Wireless network, Throughput and Interference. His Electronic engineering research is multidisciplinary, relying on both Energy, Communication channel, Bit error rate and Transceiver.

The concepts of his Heterogeneous network study are interwoven with issues in Handover, User equipment and Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing. His Femtocell research is multidisciplinary, incorporating perspectives in Channel, Co-channel interference, Resource block and Power control. Base station is closely attributed to Wireless in his research.

His most cited work include:

  • Enhanced intercell interference coordination challenges in heterogeneous networks (908 citations)
  • A Survey on TOA Based Wireless Localization and NLOS Mitigation Techniques (728 citations)
  • Enhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination Challenges in Heterogeneous Networks (636 citations)

What are the main themes of his work throughout his whole career to date?

Computer network, Electronic engineering, Base station, Communication channel and Real-time computing are his primary areas of study. His biological study spans a wide range of topics, including Interference and Heterogeneous network. His studies deal with areas such as Interference, Telecommunications, Energy, Bit error rate and Visible light communication as well as Electronic engineering.

His Base station research is multidisciplinary, incorporating elements of Cellular network, Handover, Throughput, Wireless network and Spectral efficiency. His Communication channel research incorporates elements of Transmitter, Algorithm and Antenna. Ismail Guvenc combines subjects such as Wireless, Quality of service, Transmission and Telecommunications network with his study of Real-time computing.

He most often published in these fields:

  • Computer network (24.31%)
  • Electronic engineering (24.08%)
  • Base station (23.62%)

What were the highlights of his more recent work (between 2019-2021)?

  • Real-time computing (19.95%)
  • Communication channel (22.48%)
  • Wireless (19.72%)

In recent papers he was focusing on the following fields of study:

His main research concerns Real-time computing, Communication channel, Wireless, Path loss and Base station. His work carried out in the field of Real-time computing brings together such families of science as Backhaul, Key, User equipment and Reinforcement learning. The Communication channel study combines topics in areas such as Testbed, Algorithm and Electronic engineering, Beamforming.

He has included themes like Transmission, Computer architecture and Mobile telephony in his Wireless study. His studies deal with areas such as Passive attack, Cellular network, Quality of service, Communications system and Efficient energy use as well as Base station. His Cellular network study is concerned with Computer network in general.

Between 2019 and 2021, his most popular works were:

  • Detection and Classification of UAVs Using RF Fingerprints in the Presence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Interference (26 citations)
  • Coverage Enhancement for NLOS mmWave Links Using Passive Reflectors (17 citations)
  • 3-D Trajectory Optimization in UAV-Assisted Cellular Networks Considering Antenna Radiation Pattern and Backhaul Constraint (9 citations)

In his most recent research, the most cited papers focused on:

  • Telecommunications
  • Computer network
  • Statistics

Ismail Guvenc mostly deals with Communication channel, Wireless, Path loss, Real-time computing and Acoustics. Ismail Guvenc interconnects Singular value decomposition, Electronic engineering, Beamforming, Testbed and Antenna in the investigation of issues within Communication channel. His Wireless research also works with subjects such as

  • Mobile telephony that connect with fields like Systems engineering and Technological evolution,
  • Transmission that intertwine with fields like Wireless network, Broadband and Dimension.

The various areas that Ismail Guvenc examines in his Path loss study include Non-line-of-sight propagation, Reflector and Radiation pattern. Ismail Guvenc has researched Real-time computing in several fields, including Cellular network, System model, Calibration, Base station and Reinforcement learning. His study in Base station is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing from both Network performance, Physical layer, Interference and Trajectory optimization.

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Best Publications

Enhanced intercell interference coordination challenges in heterogeneous networks

D Lopez-Perez;I Guvenc;M Kountouris.
IEEE Wireless Communications (2011)

1237 Citations

Enhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination Challenges in Heterogeneous Networks

David Lopez-Perez;Ismail Guvenc;Marios Kountouris.
arXiv: Networking and Internet Architecture (2011)

1003 Citations

A Survey on TOA Based Wireless Localization and NLOS Mitigation Techniques

I. Guvenc;Chia-Chin Chong.
IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (2009)

989 Citations

A Survey on Low Latency Towards 5G: RAN, Core Network and Caching Solutions

Imtiaz Parvez;Ali Rahmati;Ismail Guvenc;Arif I. Sarwat.
IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (2018)

464 Citations

Threshold-based TOA estimation for impulse radio UWB systems

I. Guvenc;Z. Sahinoglu.
international conference on ultra-wideband (2005)

422 Citations

UAV-Enabled Intelligent Transportation Systems for the Smart City: Applications and Challenges

Hamid Menouar;Ismail Guvenc;Kemal Akkaya;A. Selcuk Uluagac.
IEEE Communications Magazine (2017)

416 Citations

A Survey on Multicarrier Communications: Prototype Filters, Lattice Structures, and Implementation Aspects

Alphan Sahin;Ismail Guvenc;Huseyin Arslan.
IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials (2014)

399 Citations

UAV assisted heterogeneous networks for public safety communications

Arvind Merwaday;Ismail Guvenc.
wireless communications and networking conference (2015)

350 Citations

A hybrid frequency assignment for femtocells and coverage area analysis for co-channel operation

I. Guvenc;Moo-Ryong Jeong;F. Watanabe;H. Inamura.
IEEE Communications Letters (2008)

324 Citations

NLOS identification and weighted least-squares localization for UWB systems using multipath channel statistics

Ismail Güvenç;Chia-Chin Chong;Fujio Watanabe;Hiroshi Inamura.
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing (2008)

321 Citations

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