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Rising Stars D-index 40 Citations 8,605 418 World Ranking 584 National Ranking 15

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What is he best known for?

The fields of study he is best known for:

  • Statistics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Finance

His main research concerns Econometrics, Wavelet, Macroeconomics, Financial economics and Granger causality. His Econometrics research is multidisciplinary, relying on both Exchange rate and Wavelet transform. His Continuous wavelet and Wavelet power spectrum study in the realm of Wavelet connects with subjects such as Frequency domain and Positive correlation.

His work on Consumption and Consumer price index as part of his general Macroeconomics study is frequently connected to Openness to experience, thereby bridging the divide between different branches of science. Aviral Kumar Tiwari combines subjects such as Stock market index, Stock market, Quantile and Regression with his study of Financial economics. Aviral Kumar Tiwari interconnects Variance decomposition of forecast errors and Structural break in the investigation of issues within Cointegration.

His most cited work include:

  • Economic growth, energy consumption, financial development, international trade and CO2 emissions in Indonesia (523 citations)
  • The effects of financial development, economic growth, coal consumption and trade openness on CO2 emissions in South Africa (278 citations)
  • The environmental Kuznets curve and the role of coal consumption in India: Cointegration and causality analysis in an open economy (248 citations)

What are the main themes of his work throughout his whole career to date?

Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Wavelet, Monetary economics and Financial economics are his primary areas of study. His work in Econometrics is not limited to one particular discipline; it also encompasses Exchange rate. In most of his Macroeconomics studies, his work intersects topics such as Cointegration.

His studies deal with areas such as Variance decomposition of forecast errors and Structural break as well as Cointegration. Aviral Kumar Tiwari is studying Continuous wavelet, which is a component of Wavelet. Financial economics is closely attributed to Stock market in his work.

He most often published in these fields:

  • Econometrics (52.82%)
  • Macroeconomics (16.48%)
  • Wavelet (14.67%)

What were the highlights of his more recent work (between 2019-2021)?

  • Econometrics (52.82%)
  • Volatility (10.61%)
  • Monetary economics (12.64%)

In recent papers he was focusing on the following fields of study:

His primary areas of study are Econometrics, Volatility, Monetary economics, Spillover effect and Social connectedness. When carried out as part of a general Econometrics research project, his work on Copula is frequently linked to work in Cryptocurrency, therefore connecting diverse disciplines of study. His work deals with themes such as Bond, Real estate and Bond market, which intersect with Volatility.

His research in the fields of Short run and Oil market overlaps with other disciplines such as Unrest. The various areas that Aviral Kumar Tiwari examines in his Spillover effect study include Stock market index, Stock market and Metal prices. His Diversification study which covers Copula that intersects with Markov chain, Expected shortfall and Economy.

Between 2019 and 2021, his most popular works were:

  • The role of ICT and financial development in CO2 emissions and economic growth (26 citations)
  • Time-frequency causality and connectedness between international prices of energy, food, industry, agriculture and metals (26 citations)
  • Analyzing volatility spillovers between oil market and Asian stock markets (16 citations)

In his most recent research, the most cited papers focused on:

  • Statistics
  • Finance
  • Macroeconomics

His scientific interests lie mostly in Econometrics, Monetary economics, Spillover effect, Volatility and Portfolio. His Econometrics research is multidisciplinary, incorporating perspectives in Structural equation modeling and Bayesian probability. His work in the fields of Monetary economics, such as Short run, intersects with other areas such as Information and Communications Technology and Mixed effects.

The concepts of his Spillover effect study are interwoven with issues in Metal prices, Stock market and Price index. His Stock market research is multidisciplinary, incorporating elements of Country risk, Oil market, Economy and Systemic risk. His Tail dependence research incorporates elements of Business cycle, Economic policy and Emerging markets.

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Best Publications

Economic growth, energy consumption, financial development, international trade and CO2 emissions in Indonesia

Muhammad Shahbaz;Qazi Muhammad Adnan Hye;Aviral Kumar Tiwari;Nuno Carlos Leitão.
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (2013)

847 Citations

The effects of financial development, economic growth, coal consumption and trade openness on CO2 emissions in South Africa

Muhammad Shahbaz;Aviral Kumar Tiwari;Muhammad Nasir.
Energy Policy (2013)

428 Citations

The environmental Kuznets curve and the role of coal consumption in India: Cointegration and causality analysis in an open economy

Aviral Kumar Tiwari;Muhammad Shahbaz;Qazi Muhammad Adnan Hye.
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (2013)

354 Citations

Does Bitcoin hedge global uncertainty? Evidence from wavelet-based quantile-in-quantile regressions

Elie Bouri;Rangan Gupta;Aviral Kumar Tiwari;David Roubaud.
Finance Research Letters (2017)

336 Citations

Economic Growth, Energy Consumption, Financial Development, International Trade and CO2 Emissions, in Indonesia

Muhammad Shahbaz;Hye Qazi Muhammad Adnan;Aviral Tiwari.
Research Papers in Economics (2012)

333 Citations

Informational efficiency of Bitcoin—An extension

Aviral Kumar Tiwari;R.K. Jana;Debojyoti Das;David Roubaud.
Economics Letters (2018)

234 Citations

Economic Growth and FDI in Asia: A Panel-Data Approach

Aviral Kumar Tiwari;Mihai Mutascu.
Economic Analysis and Policy (2011)

220 Citations

Asymmetric impact of gold, oil prices and their volatilities on stock prices of emerging markets

Naveed Raza;Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad;Aviral Kumar Tiwari;Muhammad Shahbaz.
Resources Policy (2016)

214 Citations

A Structural VAR Analysis of Renewable Energy Consumption, Real GDP and CO2 Emissions: Evidence from India

aviral kumar tiwari.
Economics Bulletin (2011)

209 Citations

Oil price and exchange rates: A wavelet based analysis for India

Aviral Kumar Tiwari;Arif Billah Dar;Niyati Bhanja.
Economic Modelling (2013)

165 Citations

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