Best Political Campaign Software in 2023

Best Political Campaign Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
Chief Data Scientist & Head of Content

Politics is perhaps among the most divisive topics that anyone can talk about. According to a survey, more young people in the United States agree that political involvement rarely has tangible results in 2022 than they did in 2018. For holders of a political science degree, one of the challenges in today’s political climate is understanding the pulse of the voters and knowing how to leverage it for campaigns.

In this article, you will learn about the best political campaign software for engaging donors, voters, and supporters. You will also get an overview of the software’s capabilities as well as the details of its key features and pricing packages. With this, you can decide whether you want a comprehensive, all-in-one solution or software that addresses only certain aspects of your campaign.

Best Political Campaign Software Table of Contents

State of Technology Use in Political Campaigns

Technology has fundamentally changed the practice of campaigning for elections. In the last election cycle of 2019-2020, recent statistics show that many voters have been seeking information about politics and political candidates online (Center for Campaign Innovation, 2020). Candidates, on the other hand, spent roughly $3.8 billion on digital channels (Tech for Campaigns. 2020). Based on how voters consume information and how candidates reach, persuade, and mobilize voters, campaigning is now digital.

How US voters found political info

By integrating email, social media, donation management tools, voter file, and AI-powered supporter management and relational organizing systems, political campaign tools have transformed the way pre-election activities are conducted. This kind of technology-enabled politicians to save on campaign costs while at the same time gaining efficiency in the process. Through the use of technology, politicians are able to campaign more effectively by using voter targeting (Culliford et al., 2020).

use of data during 2020 elections

Why Use Political Campaign Software

Political campaign software is used to manage campaigns, fundraising events, and compliance. By using a database of voter demographics, political campaign platforms perform voter targeting. These databases, also known as voter files, are at the core of political campaigns as predictive voter modeling is based on the vast amount of information it provides.

behavioral data used for voter modeling

Aside from mobilizing voters, fundraising management is also a key feature of political campaign software. One particular area of donation management that has been proven effective in the most recent election cycle is small-dollar donors.

Source: ActBlue, 2020

Peer-to-peer (P2P) texting is another way campaign managers identify supporters. Within a mobile-first landscape, P2P texting is the preferred channel to engage audiences.

impact of text vs email

The personalized approach of P2P texting is considered a massive asset for managing political campaigns as it facilitates two-way communication that is able to get voter feedback and initiate one-on-one conversations.

Source: Campaign Innovation, 2020

Privacy Concerns in Digital Campaigns

While the use of campaign analytics has transformed political competition, there is public pressure to redirect the use of various online platforms in voter targeting.

privacy concerns in political campaigns

Source: Technology Review, 2020

Nonetheless, social media platforms remain one of the most effective tools for increasing engagement and tracking voter sentiment.

Source: Pew Research Center, 2020

The use of political campaign software brings analytics technology and enables political parties to design data-driven campaigns. From the data collected by the automated platform, accurate predictive modeling is achieved. This eliminates guesswork and helps with precise voter targeting. Through multiple digital channels, interactions are automated to ensure consistent campaign relationship management.

political messages in america

Take time to read the following list of the best political campaign software as each has a unique set of features that might help enhance your next campaign. In case you want to learn more about these products, you can also take a look at B2B software marketplace platforms. They can give you all the data you need to make an informed decision.

List of Best Political Campaign Software

1. Aristotle Campaign Manager: Fundraising, Compliance, and Accounting Platform

Aristotle dashboard

Aristotle is a cloud-based campaign relationship management platform that can be used for political and non-profit fundraisers. By using Aristotle, campaign managers can run successful campaigns by engaging and convincing voters to take action. This three-in-one product combines compliance, fundraising, and business reporting features in one solution, making it one of the best political campaign software that offers a good value for money.

Key Features

  • Dynamic donor profiles allow you to view information about donors such as their donation history, limits, giving potential, and more.
  • Customizable call sheets for referencing donor information when reaching out to potential contributors
  • Additional databases give you access to more information such as contact numbers, emails, advocacy, and other data.
  • Simplified compliance reports conduct automatic analysis of your data to check for compliance errors and limits.
  • Compliance data integrity report spots errors before state or Federal Election Commission regulators catch them.
  • Real-time financial widgets help political accountants to view all the critical data at a glance.
  • Data cleansing scrubs mailing and email lists through the National Change of Address and the Social Security Administration.


  • Aristotle provides quote-based pricing packages, which are available upon request from the vendor.
  • The vendor also offers a free demo upon request from their website.

2. Ecanvasser: Smart Solution for Digital Canvassing

Ecanvasser dashboard

Ecanvasser is billed as a smart digital canvassing solution that helps campaigners plan and manage their campaigns from start to finish. The solution provides paper-based door-to-door canvassing that helps you save time and effort. It also features a centralized platform where you can access key campaign data.

Key Features

  • The Walk app gives your campaign team a map or walk list and assigns them directly to canvassers’ mobile devices.
  • The Go app extracts online and offline data so you can turn supporters into new members and grow your base.
  • The central dashboard allows you to streamline your list of supporters and turn your database into a visual representation of your community.
  • Enterprise-grade security lets you scrub your database, configure privacy settings, and manage data audits.
  • Seamless integration with MailChimp, Salesforce, CallHub, and NationBuilder.
  • Chapter management helps distributed organizations to map their chapter network and tap the power of their grassroots network.
  • Customizable canvassing user interface allows you to canvas in person, by phone, or SMS


  • Ecanvasser offers three fixed-rate plans billed monthly: Starter ($149 per month), Standard ($299 per month), and PRO ($599 per month)
  • They also offer the same fixed-rate plans billed annually: Starter ($1,429 per month), Standard ($2,869 per month), and PRO ($5,759 per month)
  • The vendor offers a quote-based Enterprise plan.

3. TrailBlazer: Tool for Achieving Fundraising Goals

Trailblazer dashboard

TrailBlazer is a software designed for political campaigns, nonprofit donor management, and political action committees (PACs). By using Trailblazer, treasurers and PAC managers can achieve their fundraising goals faster. Not only does it aid candidates in winning elections, but it also comes with full financial accounting and donor relationship management.

Key Features

  • Advanced voter segmentation allows you to target specific voters to achieve better outcomes for canvassing and increasing voter turnout.
  • Mobile poll watching allows you to record whether or not a voter has voted on their smartphone.
  • Report creation automatically compiles schedules and attaches disclosure reports and saves time in preparing FEC reports.
  • Text-to-give feature using Vanco Payment Solutions allows donors to securely contribute through text.
  • DonorSearch wealth screening identifies key donors and provides information about their donation history with other nonprofit organizations.
  • Reserved seating for events allows attendees to buy and choose their seats online as well as print their own tickets.
  • Custom expense reports can be created in just a few clicks. These detail expenses by the payee, invoice, or category.


  • Pricing for TrailBlazer Non-Profit Manager starts at $50 per month plus, setup fees which, cost $295 to $495
  • Pricing for TrailBlazer Political Campaign Manager and PAC Manager are quote-based, which are available upon request from the vendor.

4. NationBuilder: Helping Build Movements in Communities

NationBuilder dashboard

NationBuilder is a community organizing software that helps individuals and organizations to easily mobilize their community and lead them to action. The software is tailored to campaigns, movements, and nonprofit organizations. By using NationBuilder, they can grow their support base, spread the word about their advocacy, and connect with voters to win an election.

Key Features

  • Dynamic people database where users can create lists, use filters, and add tags that get updated with each supporter interaction
  • Hosted action website, which allows users to track visitor actions across the site for better community engagement
  • Recruiter tracking shows a leaderboard and tracks the number of supporters and volunteers that advocates recruit into the community.
  • Readymade templates ,which make it easier and faster to set up pages for events, petitions, donations, and more
  • User-created content lets volunteers create their own events, set up fundraising pages, and more.
  • Dynamic walk and call lists help volunteers plot canvassing routes to maximize voter outreach.
  • Audience segmentation lets users apply filters and tags to pinpoint people for certain emails and text messages.


  • Annual pricing is as follows: Starter ($34 per month), Pro ($160 per month)
  • Monthly pricing is as follows: Starter ($41 per month) and Pro ($183 per month)
  • The vendor also offers a quote-based Enterprise plan
  • There are also various add-ons for the Starter and Pro plans, ranging from $9 per month to $39 per month. Add-ons for the Enterprise plan are billed at custom rates.

5. Chetu Political Campaign Management: Fully Integrated Solution

Chetu dashboard

Chetu is a political campaign management software that helps industry players boost their political marketing efforts and place winning candidates for elections. It includes a marketing automation software that streamlines interactions with voters and donors across multiple digital channels. By using the solution, individuals and organizations can easily organize political fundraising events and employ data-driven approach to campaigns.

Key Features

  • The political advertising manager enables campaigners to plot and schedule ad placements on different platforms for maximum effect.
  • Optimally designed to consider conversion, load speed, mobile responsiveness, advanced search capabilities, and more
  • Fundraising management enables you to utilize crowdsourcing platforms, configure one-click donations, implement contribution limits, and more
  • Event and travel management lets you create travel packages, manage room blocks, and more on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Event and venue management helps you create and track badges, manage guest lists, handle multichannel ticketing, and more.
  • Analytics assists political campaigners with relevant data on news and updates on law firms, lobby firms, corporations, and more.
  • Voter database where you can check demographic information such as names, age gender, race, income, and the like


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing packages, which are available upon request.

6. Tatango: Dedicated Tool for SMS Political Marketing

Tatango dashboard

Tatango is a leading SMS political marketing software that enables agencies, political campaigners, and non-profit organizations to send mass text messages for fundraising. In three easy steps, you can set up your text campaign and leverage Tatango’s high open rates to get your message across. By using the solution, you can reach voters in minutes and exponentially grow your subscriber list.

Key Features

  • Messaging report tracks key data about your text messages such as open rate, click rate, number of recipients, success rate, bounce rate, and more.
  • Subscriber segmentation helps you classify subscribers by zip code, event attendance, and other attributes so you can send them the appropriate text messages.
  • SMS keywords let mobile users engage in SMS marketing campaign through their mobile phones, a website form, or a point-of-sale opt-in.
  • Merge tags allow users to dynamically insert supporters’ first names into messages to personalize the text for a positive experience.
  • Communicate with customers and make them remember your campaign with shortcodes where they can send SMS keywords.
  • Opt-in SMS that are tailored to supporters’ interests help motivate them to sign up for your subscriber list
  • Integrations with WinRed, ActBlue, EveryAction, Anedot, and NationBuilder


  • Clients are billed for SMS and MMS messages they send or receive in the software.
  • Tatango charges a setup fee and a monthly fee to use the software. Details about pricing packages are available upon request from the vendor.

7. Maptitude P&E: Mapping Solution for County and State Elections

Maptitude dashboard

Maptitude P&E is a precinct and election management software that is powered by a geographic information system that can be used for county and state elections. With Maptitude P&E, users can get rid of coding errors in the voter registration system, update street index files in minutes, and give the public access to informative maps. Aside from the P&E software, Maptitude also provides training, technical support, software customization, and other services.

Key Features

  • Re-precincting automatically computes the number of registered voters in a selected geographical area, as well as generates a list of voters where the precinct has changed.
  • Precint splits allow you to connect precinct layers with other relevant layers to see unique or split precincts within districts.
  • Create unique ballot styles based on geographic layers and print them sorted by precinct, style, district IDs, number of voters, and other criteria.
  • Full geographic editing allows you to edit street names, add, remove, and realign streets and other required updates to underlying geographical layers.
  • Targeted language assistance such as interpreters and translations at polling places can be provided based on analyzing census data.
  • Static and interactive maps can be made available to the public showing district boundaries and driving directions.
  • Metes and bounds report allows you to query a precinct and print a map of it with an accompanying legal description.


  • The cost of the first copy of the Maptitude P&E management solution ranges from $6,000 to $10,000 for a single-user desktop license. Pricing is based on the number of registered voters.
  • Additional copies of the Maptitude P&E management solution costs 50% off the first copy price.
  • Annual maintenance of the solution costs 20% of the purchase price.

8. CallHub: CRM-Integrated Telephony Services

CallHub dashboard

CallHub is a solution that combines call center software, voice broadcasting software, and SMS marketing software to assist organizations in reaching the right people at the right time. CallHub can be deployed in a variety of use cases such as grassroots advocacy, voter outreach, issue advocacy, donor stewardship, and more. With CallHub, you can use voice and text as powerful campaign tools to engage meaningfully with your subscribers.

Key Features

  • Power Dialer automatically calls one person at a time from a list to make sure that every person on a list is contacted.
  • Predictive dialer places calls ahead of time so volunteers are connected to a person as soon as a call ends.
  • Dynamic CallerID changes your caller ID to match the region of the person you are calling.
  • Patch through calls lets voters talk to decision-makers so they can have a discussion about issues that they care about.
  • Analytics gives campaign managers access to key data such as conversions, agent performance, and calling activity through time.
  • Caller ID Authentication shows an indicator saying “Caller verified” to build trust and confidence and improve the likelihood of the call being answered.
  • Robo Dialer lets you make as many simultaneous calls as you want and save time waiting for phone lines to be free.


  • Voice broadcast pricing starts at $0.046 per minute
  • Call center outgoing call pricing starts at $0.069 per minute
  • Call center incoming call pricing starts at $0.026 per minute
  • Outgoing text pricing starts at $0.034 per SMS text
  • Incoming text pricing starts at $0.012 per SMS text received on a 10-digit number

9. Political Data Intelligence: Tool for Mobilizing People

Political-Data-Intelligence dashboard

Political Data Intelligence is a software that equips candidates and groups with the tools they need to organize, activate, and win. Their two main products are Campaign Center and Voter and Data Counts, which are offered in California while OutreachCircle and Calltime.AI are offered throughout the U.S. Individuals can rely on PDI data and strategy advice to make insightful election decisions.

Key Features

  • Mobile app ties together your field operations with Campaign Center activities so you spend less time on. administrative work and more time campaigning
  • Volunteer management allows you to keep track of volunteer leadership and designate certain tasks and activities to volunteers.
  • CRM where you can create a universe of voters and target them based on geography, demographics, vote history, and more
  • Event management helps you organize a single or recurring event and see all events in a calendar view.
  • Printable walk/phone lists allow you to conduct door-to-door campaigns much faster and more efficiently.
  • Peer-to-peer texting lets you assign a list of contacts to supporters and send them texts using the owner’s own phone number.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing packages, which are available upon request.
  • They offer a free trial and a demo of their Call Time product.

10. Anedot: Free Donation Tool

Anedot dashboard

Anedot is a financial services software that helps organizations maximize donations and raise more money. The solution can be used by churches, ministries, colleges, universities, schools, political campaigns, and nonprofit organizations to receive online gifts and donations. This free political campaign software helps organizations increase donor generosity by giving them access to easy-to-use fundraising tools.

Key Features

  • Upsell allows you to increase your monthly donations by prompting donors to take action after they give a donation.
  • QR codes and text-to-give options are available at no cost to give donors convenient ways to give donations.
  • Recurring giving lets donors send donations on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.
  • Credit card updater automatically updates expired cards to enable you to receive recurring donations.
  • Action recovery sends emails to supporters who do not complete filling out a form so you can reach out to potential donors.
  • Customizable email receipts are automatically sent to donors when they complete a donation.
  • Can be integrated with Crimson, RumbleUp, NationBuilder, ISPolitical, and more


  • Anedot does not charge monthly fees, setup fees, or integration fees.
  • Processing costs are charged at 3.3% + 30¢ for donations from credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal.
  • Processing costs are charged at 4% + 30¢ for donations from credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

11. ISPolitical: Software for Managing Campaign Finances

ISPolitical dashboard

ISPolitical is a campaign finance management platform that helps political treasurers manage campaign finances and increase fundraising results. With the software, they can access campaign data anytime, streamline workflow through AI tools, and easily submit compliance reports. All these features are housed in a platform that ensures the privacy and security of client data.

Key Features

  • Customizable dashboard gives you an overview of transactions, donations to third parties, pledges, and other key financial data.
  • Enhanced check writing allows you to upload signatures, set approval limits, and print on blank check stock.
  • Enhanced two-factor authentication requires a person to log in from one device to confirm their identity using another device.
  • Data scouring through a unique ISP algorithm detects signals when a person or organization is ready to give a bigger amount for donation.
  • Integrations with Dropbox, Winred, Actblue, Efundraising, Anedot, NationBuilder, and other solutions
  • Donor tracking gives you access to information about potential donors, historical contributors, and other data to boost fundraising efforts.
  • Multi-committee support allows you to simultaneously print checks across different committees as well as schedule and file reports.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing packages, which are available upon request.
  • Their terms of service include flexible business terms and volume discounts.
  • They also offer a free trial.

12. CampaignSidekick: Tool to Quick-start Your Ground Campaign

Campaign-Sidekick dashboard

CampaignSideKick is a direct voter-contact technology solution that helps individuals find voters, optimize manpower, and win more votes. The solution promises users that they can hit the ground running with their campaign within 48 hours or less. The solution helps them eliminate the guesswork, reduce frustration, and secure more votes.

Key Features

  • Data management helps campaign organizers manage data sets and turn them into visual representations.
  • Task management helps campaign organizers manage volunteers, handle events, track voter registrations, and more.
  • Survey builder lets users create and activate surveys to gauge voter sentiment on issues or a particular candidate.
  • Phone banking allows you to call voters while showing demographics and other key voter information.
  • Desktop dynamic dialer allows you to easily toggle between primary and secondary callers.
  • Survey report shows canvasser activity from the 50,000-foot level and tracks the percentage of voters canvassed, canvassed but refused survey, voters who were not home, and more.
  • Walk lists can be created at the county, city, and precinct levels and can be viewed as maps.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing packages, which are available upon request.
  • They also offer a 30-minute demo for those interested in the solution.

13. VoteSharp: Tool for Voter Relationship-Building

VoteSharp dashboard

VoteSharp is a constituent relationship tool that is designed for elected leaders in legislative and local districts to map voter information, target voters, and engage with them. It helps them build relationships with voters and be responsive to their needs. Its information base also aids them in taking action in an organized way.

Key Features

  • Registered voter data in a district is updated quarterly and is accessible from an intuitive and keyword-searchable interface
  • Map of registered voters are shown in color-coded pins.
  • Record-keeping feature allows you to store information about visits, phone conversations, and town hall meetings.
  • Voter profile allows you to categorize voters based on key issues or concerns and their views on a particular piece of legislation.
  • Email customization allows you to build email lists and send personalized emails based on constituents’ interests.
  • Voter correspondence allows you to log in the details about your interactions with voters whether through phone call, email, or letter.
  • Sharing feature allows candidates to share data with other candidates from overlapping districts provided mutual permissions are in place.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing packages, which are available upon request.
  • They also offer a live demo for those interested in the solution.

14. Crowdskout: Software for Data-Driven Advocacy

Crowdskout dashboard

Crowdskout offers best-in-class grassroots outreach software that puts together people-centric data with mobilization and engagement tools. The software provides users with four solutions: Advocacy CRM, Data Solutions, Data Augmentation, and Community Building in one platform. By using Crowdskout, political campaigns, nonprofit organizations, public affairs agencies, and political action committees can better engage with their audience by leveraging data-driven insights.

Key Features

  • CRM and data management allow you to track contact information and group audiences when you launch campaigns.
  • Proprietary Civic Health score lets you gauge the civic level engagement of your audience using first- and third-party data.
  • Civil Pulse surveys give you a glimpse of where American voters stand on a certain issue currently or over a period of time.
  • Civic graph allows you to use the software’s proprietary data sets and data models to predict attributes and individual behavior.
  • Nested hub environment where you can build an online community to support a cause and encourage action at the local level
  • Phonebanking enables supporters to call target audiences armed with custom scripts to guide productive conversations with constituents.
  • Native integrations with Hustle, Mailchimp, Eventbrite, WordPress, Facebook Ads, and more


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing packages, which are available upon request.

15. Filpac: All-in-One Campaign Management Software

Filpac dashboard

Filpac is a campaign management software that helps candidates and organizations to grow their membership, raise funds, and win elections. The solution can be used by candidates, officeholders, committee treasurers, party organizations, and political action committees. With Filpac, you can enlist supporters for more help and engage the right people for politics, fund-raising, or party membership.

Key Features

  • Import feature lets you load lists from the GOP Datacenter and other sources so you can easily build profiles from thousands of voters.
  • Export list feature allows you to export a portion of your entire voter list in a format that is recognizable by list-enhancement vendors.
  • Precinct analysis divides districts into ticket-splitters, base Republican, aspiring Republican, base Democrat, and solid Democrat to know which precincts you should prioritize.
  • GOP Data Center provides you with access to enhanced voter files that are cross-referenced with public and consumer information.
  • Duplicate processing has a standardization program that makes it easier to match remaining duplicates.
  • Walk list includes street-level tags about constituents who have given their support or who have reached out to politicians on an issue
  • Prospecting lets you merge prospect lists from various sources so you get more precise and coherent individual profiles.


  • The software costs $1,085, which includes data file conversion, 30 days of unlimited toll-free support, and guaranteed state or FEC compliance through 2022.
    Warranty renewal and upgrades cost $600 per year.
  • Purchasing the software and hosting on the vendor’s remote server costs $1,814 through 2022. Server hosting is billed at $500 annually afterward.

16. i360: Political Technology Driven by Data Science

i360 dashboard

i360 offers a suite of products that take an approach centered on data science for politics and advocacy work as well as commercial applications. With i360, organizations can use sophisticated models developed by data scientists to forecast behaviors and actions. The solution combines predictive modeling with hard data to come up with an extensive data set which can help you make an impact where it matters most. While there are professionals with careers in public policy, i360 empowers anyone to come up with political modeling on key issues that affect society.

Key Features

  • Data management portal where data from field programs and call centers are compiled in real-time and can be viewed as reports anytime.
  • Comprehensive database composed of voter data, consumer data, aggregate data, member or supporter data, and political identification.
  • iWalk app features customized surveys with dynamic scripting and ordering logic, which make it easier for volunteers to conduct surveys in neighborhoods.
  • Predictive dialer instantly adjusts the volume of calls depending on the number of volunteers calling and the number of voters answering.
  • Political modeling combines large random sample surveys and advanced machine-learning algorithms to accurately predict public support for certain issues.
  • Custom modelling such as ticket splitter modeler, Lake Erie model, and more can be developed to address issues that are important for clients.
  • Deep Dive shows you an in-depth analysis of the demographics and psychographic breakdown of a district for a well-planned campaign.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing packages, which are available upon request.

17. Qomon: Software for Engagement and Mobilization

Qomon dashboard

Qomon is a citizen mobilization platform that allows you to run your organization efficiently from the headquarters to the field. The solution makes it easier to organize movements in your locality and better engage with donors and supporters, all while saving time and energy. Qomon can be used by campaigns, movements, elected officials, advocacy groups, nonprofit organizations, and business-to-public communities to inspire action and make an impact on their communities.

Key Features

  • The database gives you access to people’s and supporters’ contact information such as territory, geolocation, level of support, and the like.
  • Survey feature allows you to create surveys with various question types such as free response, single choice, multiple choice and then turn them into graphs.
  • Calling list lets you assign contacts for members to call, including scripts and materials, which they can use to have conversations with callers.
  • Canvassing lets you make the most out of door-to-door routes by assigning zones to a team member and collecting information when you knock on doors.
  • Peer-to-peer messaging lets users share messages to their contacts on WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, and other networks.
  • Action monitoring and geolocation let you check on the progress of your actions and change your strategy in real-time.
  • Profile analysis gives you a glimpse of data about your donors, contacts, respondents, or supporters such as average age, unemployment rate, population density, and more.


  • Qomon offers three pricing plans that have limits on the number of contacts: Basic (up to 1,000 contacts), Premium (up to 5,000 contacts), and Organisation (up to 50,000 contacts). Pricing is available upon request from the vendor.
  • They also have an Enterprise plan with no contact limit.

18. Campaign Partner: Intuitive Campaign Website Builder

Campaign-Partner dashboard

Campaign Partner makes it easy and fast for anyone to build a political campaign website even without technical knowledge. The solution makes it possible to have professional-quality websites up and running in no time. With your own campaign website, you can accept donations, manage volunteers and donors, schedule events, and more.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use website editor lets you add pages and update your website, create photo galleries, and more.
  • Contribution forms allow you to accept online donations by mail or through Stripe, PayPal,, or other third-party payment processors.
  • Volunteer and donor management lets you keep a list of volunteers then sort and export contacts based on their signup preferences.
  • Easily organize events with the event scheduler by setting up recurring events and adding driving directions and interactive maps to ensure attendance.
  • Site traffic tracking lets you see important metrics such as page views, number and visitors, average time on site, and more, which are updated every 15 minutes.
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts allows you to easily share your site with contacts
  • Built-in SEO with free search engine submission, Google search results preview, and an XML sitemap for search engines to find your pages


  • The vendor offers three pricing plans: Simple ($29 per month), Complete ($49 per month), and Advanced ($64 per month).

19. Buzz360: Relational Outreach Tool to Spread Your Message

Buzz-360 dashboard

Buzz360 is a cause-based outreach platform that helps social good organizations scale their efforts, reach and persuade people, as well as mobilize supporters, volunteers, and voters. This relational outreach software helps conservatives have targeted outreach efforts by matching advocates with an identified target audience. With its rich set of features covering communications, event scheduling, and contact management, you have all the tools you need to launch and run a campaign.

Key Features

  • Friend-to-friend and peer-to-peer outreach enables advocates to send messages to friends and reach out to them through social networking platforms and other means.
  • Relational organizing allows advocates to reach out to people on their network so they can build relationships with them.
  • Smart match feature pairs advocates’ friends with persons in a targeted list or voter file.
  • Volunteer recruitment assists supporters in finding opportunities for them to contribute to the cause.
  • Landing pages and websites that include hosting and are optimized for mobile and conversions allow candidates and organizations to have an online presence.
  • Affinity texting helps supporters find something in common with other people in their area so they can reach out to them.
  • SMS broadcast outreach helps supporters and volunteers boost voter turnout, remind them of key issues, and spread the message about their campaign.


  • The vendor provides quote-based pricing packages, which are available upon request.
  • They also provide a demo of their SwipeRed app upon request.

20. Camtrack: Comprehensive Campaign Management Software

CamTrack dashboard

Camtrack is a campaign management software that is designed to meet the needs of political campaigns, fundraising efforts, and action committees all in one fully integrated solution. With Camtrack, users can boost resource efficiency while ensuring compliance with federal regulations. Integrations with leading software in payroll, bookkeeping, and online credit card processing ensure interoperability between systems and makes Camtrack a cost-effective solution.

Key Features

  • Prospecting allows users to categorize contacts based on geography, financial status, and voter criteria.
  • Contribution filing system lets you automatically prepare bank statements and thank-you-letters.
  • Import manager lets you seamlessly bring files from Excel, Intuit, and CSV formats and incorporate import files into your current database.
  • Integration with Anedot, Stripe, and the United States Postal Service
  • Mobile app gives you access to your database anytime as long as you have internet access.
  • Add-on full compliance services for Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations
  • Add-on hosting services to store your data from the vendor’s servers


  • A single user account of Camtrack starts at $350 a month while a multi-user account starts at $500 per month. A cloud upgrade is also available for an additional $100 per month.
  • Add-ons include FEC Compliance ($2,000 a month) and TEC compliance ($650 a month). They also offer hosting, and pricing is available upon request from the vendor.

Navigate the World of Politics Better

It is inevitable that a discussion of politics will turn into a debate topic for college students as well as professionals. Moreover, with public confidence in the government waning, it is imperative that candidates and political parties engage with voters on issues that matter to them the most. To find the right tool for them, they should consider their budgets, the size of their campaigns, how intuitive the tool is, and the number of volunteers they are managing.

Using the best political campaign software ensures that they maximize resources to achieve their goals. One of the leading tools on the market is Aristotle Campaign Manager, which empowers users to handle compliance, fundraising, and reporting from one platform. On the other hand, there are tools that address specific components of campaigns like Tatango, which is used for SMS-based political marketing, and Maptitude P&E, which provides you with access to maps for county and state elections.

Keep in mind that even the best government software cannot guarantee to meet your organization’s every requirement. After all, one size does not fit all needs, thus it is best to consider the needs of your candidate and organization to achieve the goals of your campaign when choosing the right software.



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