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China Established: 1897 Scholars: 13
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Position in the ranking is based on each scientist’s h-index using data compiled from Microsoft Graph by May 25th 2021.

This ranking lists all top researchers from the Computer Science discipline and affiliated with Zhejiang University. There are a total of 13 researchers included with 0 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the h-index values for top scientists in Zhejiang University is 712 with a mean value for the h-index of 54.77. The total sum of publications for top scientists in Zhejiang University is 3,394 with the mean value for publications per scientist of 261.08.


Zheijang University (ZJU) is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. Belonging to the esteemed C9 league, an alliance of nine elite universities in the country, the educational institution is included in the world’s top 100 universities, according to Times Higher Education. To maintain a conducive environment for research, the school offers around 7.7 million volumes of research, housed in five expansive academic libraries.

Much of ZJU’s research is centered on technology, entrepreneurship, and preserving the environment, reflective of its top courses offered to students—these include economics, management, engineering, medicine, natural sciences, law, and art. As such, the school has produced a laundry list of notable alumni in the government sector, the medical and scientific fields, world-class athletes, and the CEOs of large enterprises.

Founded in 1897, the school was initially known as the Qiushi Academy. It was established by Lin Qi, the mayor of Hangzhou, with him envisioning the university to have modern facilities and employ more sophisticated means of instruction. The academy went on to annex Zheijang Medical School, a slew of agricultural and industrial schools, and eventually the National Che Kiang University—recognized at the time as the “Cambridge of the East”—by 1949. In 1988, ZJU was officially established, consisting of four central colleges.

Currently, ZJU has over 54,000 enrolled students (around 7,000 of whom are international students), around 3,000 full-time faculty members, and seven campuses. It has more than 8,000 courses distributed to nearly 150 undergraduate programs, around 300 master’s programs, and almost 300 doctorate degrees. The university also has seven hospitals and a museum. In addition, ZJU has partnered with over 190 universities from more than 30 countries worldwide for its international programs.

As one of the most recognized schools in China, ZJU has reaped its share of notable achievements. Scientists from the institution developed the country’s first dual inner water-cooled turbo-generator in 1958 as well as invented an advanced videography system used to document nuclear explosions in 1964. The school also produced China’s first Polyshield Tunnel Boring Machine and synthesized the world’s lightest solid substance. Furthermore, as a testament to its dedication to research, ZJU has over 6,300 SCI-indexed publications and more than 2,000 patents for invention.

ZJU aims to be a world-class university that nurtures future leaders and conducts transformative research to impact the lives of people in China and the world. It has largely done so with its dedicated focus on research and innovation. As such, university ranking systems recognize the institution as one of the pearls of Asia.
Articles on DBLP
754 World 33 National Kui Ren

Kui Ren

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 77 Citations 35,748 357
1122 World 50 National JIMING CHEN


Zhejiang University, China
H-index 70 Citations 17,005 358
1200 World 55 National Xiaofei He

Xiaofei He

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 68 Citations 31,331 203
1322 World 69 National Hongye Su

Hongye Su

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 67 Citations 17,292 251
1362 World 70 National Deng Cai

Deng Cai

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 66 Citations 25,802 268
1600 World 82 National Zheng-Guang Wu

Zheng-Guang Wu

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 64 Citations 12,996 131
2002 World 101 National Jiajun Bu

Jiajun Bu

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 60 Citations 12,700 354
2689 World 126 National Kun Zhou

Kun Zhou

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 55 Citations 12,127 201
2813 World 132 National Yueting Zhuang

Yueting Zhuang

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 54 Citations 13,162 350
4044 World 198 National Zhaoyang Zhang

Zhaoyang Zhang

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 48 Citations 8,703 412
4288 World 212 National Song Zhihuan

Song Zhihuan

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 47 Citations 8,481 54
4526 World 221 National Fei Wu

Fei Wu

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 46 Citations 8,554 230
4574 World 225 National Zhiqiang Ge

Zhiqiang Ge

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 46 Citations 7,844 54
4592 World 226 National Yongheng Yang

Yongheng Yang

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 46 Citations 7,355 40
5118 World 247 National Gang Pan

Gang Pan

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 44 Citations 6,870 172
5694 World 271 National Peng Cheng

Peng Cheng

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 42 Citations 6,714 147
6004 World 286 National Caijun Zhong

Caijun Zhong

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 41 Citations 6,455 224
6258 World 292 National Xi Li(李玺)

Xi Li(李玺)

Zhejiang University, China
H-index 40 Citations 5,919 181

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