Best Mathematics Universities in Italy 2023

The 2nd edition of ranking of the best universities in the discipline of Mathematics was created using data consolidated from multiple data sources including OpenAlex and CrossRef. The bibliometric data for evaluating the citation-based metrics were collected on 21-12-2022. Position in the ranking is based on a sum of D-indexes (Discipline H-index) of all ranking scholar’s affiliated with a given institution. D-index includes exclusively publications and citation values for an examined discipline.
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The focus of our Mathematics research
Our best universities ranking is a reliable list of leading scholars from the discipline of Mathematics , created using a meticulous examination of 166,880 scholars discovered from various bibliometric data sources. For the discipline of Mathematics, more than 6262 scientists were examined.

What is D-index acceptance threshold for Mathematics
The D-index threshold for approving a researcher to be examined is placed at 30 if the majority of of their publications are in the area of Mathematics. The acceptance factors for scholars to be considered into the ranking of top scholars are based on the D-index, ratio of the publications made within the given discipline plus the awards and achievements of the scholars. The D-index threshold for including best researchers is set as an increment of 10 depending on the total number of researchers projected for each discipline whilst ensuring that the top 1% of best scientists are considered into the list. There should be a proximity of 30% or less between a researcher’s general H-index and their D-index.

Extra verification rules
As our primary aim is to make sure that only genuine researchers are included in ranking we are aware that metrics are never supposed to be an absolute means to quantify the work of scholars. For that reason we manually check every profile and cross-correlate it against publications in a broad range of trustworthy sources. Although it’s not a element impacting a scholar’s position in ranking, the quantity of papers published in major journals and conference proceedings should be a reliable secondary signal of their contribution to research in a selected area of science. Position in the ranking is established using every researcher’s D-index using information gathered from OpenAlex and CrossRef, which are the most trustworthy and well-known bibliometric databases of this type open to the scientific community. A thorough overview of our research policy can be found on our methodology page.

Our agenda
Our aim is to inspire scientists, businessmen and administrative bodies worldwide to investigate where top experts are heading and to offer a way for the whole research community to get to know who the leading experts in specific areas of study, in various countries, or even within research institutions are.
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Key findings for Mathematics
With 30 scientific affiliations Italy ranks in spot 6 globally.

As far as institutions are concerned, the affiliation with the highest number of top researchers in Italy is Sapienza University of Rome with 9 scholars affiliated with it being features in the Mathematics ranking. It is followed by Polytechnic University of Milan with 8 scholars and University of Bologna with 7 researchers.

The most prominent scholars in the area of Mathematics in Italy are associated with Polytechnic University of Milan, National Research Council (CNR), National Institute for Nuclear Physics, University of Padua, University of Parma, University of Trento, University of Bologna, University of Pavia, University of Naples Federico II, Sapienza University of Rome. Polytechnic University of Milan is featured as the best university in the Italy in our ranking with a total D-index of its ranking scholars at 393. Ranking on the second place is Sapienza University of Rome with a total D-index of 386. The third spot is taken by University of Bologna with a total D-index of 358.

The average total D-index for the top 10% universities is 117 against an average of 117 for all 30 institutions featured in our ranking.

The average number of publications in the area of Mathematics by scholars affiliated with the top 5% of scholars in the ranking is 517 in comparison to an average of 517 for all 30 universities.

The average number of citations of scientists affiliated with the top 5% universities is 24815 against an average of 24815 for all 30 universities.

University Details
Σ Publications
Σ D-Index D-index (Discipline H-index) only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline in contrast to General H-index which accounts for publications across all disciplines.
65 World 1 National Scholars 8 2,395 Σ D-index 393
68 World 2 National Scholars 9 1,622 Σ D-index 386
72 World 3 National Scholars 7 988 Σ D-index 358
99 World 4 National Scholars 7 1,282 Σ D-index 254
106 World 5 National Scholars 5 959 Σ D-index 242
129 World 6 National Scholars 5 852 Σ D-index 203
181 World 7 National Scholars 4 728 Σ D-index 154
194 World 8 National Scholars 4 732 Σ D-index 140
216 World 9 National Scholars 3 610 Σ D-index 126
221 World 10 National Scholars 3 388 Σ D-index 123
252 World 11 National Scholars 3 367 Σ D-index 103
264 World 12 National Scholars 3 385 Σ D-index 98
284 World 13 National Scholars 2 442 Σ D-index 92
314 World 14 National Scholars 2 480 Σ D-index 80
343 World 15 National Scholars 2 346 Σ D-index 71
353 World 16 National Scholars 2 372 Σ D-index 69
375 World 17 National Scholars 2 243 Σ D-index 66
388 World 18 National Scholars 2 195 Σ D-index 63
402 World 19 National Scholars 1 185 Σ D-index 60
447 World 20 National Scholars 1 188 Σ D-index 48
451 World 21 National Scholars 1 105 Σ D-index 48
453 World 22 National Scholars 1 304 Σ D-index 47
456 World 23 National Scholars 1 220 Σ D-index 47
465 World 24 National Scholars 1 177 Σ D-index 46
502 World 25 National Scholars 1 99 Σ D-index 42
524 World 26 National Scholars 1 205 Σ D-index 40
592 World 27 National Scholars 1 200 Σ D-index 35
620 World 28 National Scholars 1 143 Σ D-index 33
663 World 29 National Scholars 1 220 Σ D-index 31
683 World 30 National Scholars 1 88 Σ D-index 31

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