Best Earth Science Scientists in Brazil

The 2nd edition of ranking of the best scholars in the arena of Earth Science relies os data combined from multiple data sources including OpenAlex and CrossRef. The bibliometric data for estimating the citation-based metrics were gathered on 21-12-2022. Position in the ranking is based on a scientist's D-index (Discipline H-index), which takes into account only publications and citation metrics for an examined discipline.
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The focus of our Earth Science research
Our best scientists ranking is a credible account of leading researchers from the discipline of Earth Science, established by means of a meticulous study of 166,880 scientists discovered from multiple bibliometric data sources. For the area of Earth Science, over 7636 scientists were examined.

What is D-index inclusion threshold for Earth Science
The D-index threshold for approving a researcher to be considered is placed at 30 if most of their publications are in the field of Earth Science. The acceptance requirements for researchers to be considered into the ranking of top scientists are based on the D-index, ratio of the publications made within the specific area plus the awards and achievements of the researchers. The D-index threshold for including leading researchers is set as an increment of 10 depending on the total number of scientists assessed for each scientific field whilst making sure that the top 1% of best scientists are added into the list. There should be a proximity of 30% or less between a researcher’s general H-index and their D-index.

Other verification rules
As our main mission is to ensure that only genuine researchers are included in the ranking we realize that metrics are never meant to be an absolute measure to evaluate the work of researchers. This is why we manually inspect every profile and cross-correlate it against publications in a varied range of reliable sources. While it’s not a metric contributing to a researcher’s position in the ranking, the amount of papers published in major journals and conference proceedings should form a credible secondary indication of their contribution to research in a specific discipline. Position in the ranking is established using every researcher’s D-index using data collected from OpenAlex and CrossRef, which are the most trustworthy and well-known bibliometric databases of this type available to the scientific community. A detailed definition of our research procedures can be found on our methodology page.

Our goal
Our goal is to motivate scholars, entrepreneurs and administrative bodies worldwide to investigate where top experts are heading and to offer an opportunity for the whole research community to find out who the leading experts in specific areas of study, in different countries, or even within research institutions are.
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Key findings for Earth Science
With 36 scientists Brazil ranks in spot 20 globally.

As far as scientific affiliations are concerned, the institution with the highest number of leading scientists in Brazil is Universidade de São Paulo with 12 scientists affiliated with it being listed in Earth Science ranking. It is followed by Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with 6 researchers. Ranking thirds is National Institute for Space Research with 4 scholars.

Prominent scientists present in Brazil are affiliated with National Institute for Space Research, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, University of Brasília, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Federal University of Pernambuco, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Universidade de São Paulo, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte.

Professor M.A. Abdu from National Institute for Space Research is highlighted as the best researcher in Brazil in our ranking with a D-index of 67. Ranking on the second place in Brazil is M. Th. van Genuchten from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with a D-index of 66. The third position in Brazil is occupied by Walter D. Gonzalez from National Institute for Space Research with a D-index of 60.

The average D-index for the top 10% researchers is 63 in comparison to an average of 40 for all 36 researchers featured in ranking.

The average number of published articles within the discipline of Earth Science for the top 3% of researchers in the ranking is 383 in comparison to an average of 190 for all 36 researchers.

The average number of citations for the top 10% researchers is 14738 against an average of 7022 for all 36 scientists.

Useful resources:

D-Index D-index (Discipline H-index) only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline in contrast to General H-index which accounts for publications across all disciplines.
734 World 1 National D-index 67 Citations 12,381 383
749 World 2 National D-index 66 Citations 20,124 127
1163 World 3 National D-index 60 Citations 16,527 280
1310 World 4 National D-index 59 Citations 9,921 228
1740 World 5 National D-index 54 Citations 10,405 220
1781 World 6 National D-index 54 Citations 8,163 253
2449 World 7 National D-index 47 Citations 8,304 332
2630 World 8 National D-index 46 Citations 5,795 191
2670 World 9 National D-index 45 Citations 8,684 192
3035 World 10 National D-index 43 Citations 5,672 172
3198 World 12 National D-index 42 Citations 5,997 232
3299 World 13 National D-index 41 Citations 7,054 199
3350 World 14 National D-index 41 Citations 6,005 154
3370 World 15 National D-index 41 Citations 5,708 283
3531 World 16 National D-index 40 Citations 6,139 231
3905 World 17 National D-index 38 Citations 6,301 194
4085 World 18 National D-index 37 Citations 6,515 266
4398 World 19 National D-index 36 Citations 5,827 98
4430 World 20 National D-index 36 Citations 5,350 210
4477 World 21 National D-index 36 Citations 4,971 140
4728 World 22 National D-index 35 Citations 5,238 135
4775 World 23 National D-index 35 Citations 4,868 129
4898 World 24 National D-index 34 Citations 10,192 215
4921 World 25 National D-index 34 Citations 7,176 83
5254 World 26 National D-index 33 Citations 6,130 113
5256 World 27 National D-index 33 Citations 6,087 178
5329 World 28 National D-index 33 Citations 5,000 152
5410 World 29 National D-index 33 Citations 4,225 154
5647 World 30 National D-index 32 Citations 4,756 185
5652 World 31 National D-index 32 Citations 4,718 149
5800 World 32 National D-index 32 Citations 3,671 195
5808 World 33 National D-index 32 Citations 3,587 180
5906 World 34 National D-index 31 Citations 5,317 120
5936 World 35 National D-index 31 Citations 4,815 87
6057 World 36 National D-index 31 Citations 3,725 129

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