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2022 Fluids Engineering Division's (FED) Summer Meeting

2022 Fluids Engineering Division's (FED) Summer Meeting

Toronto , Canada

Conference Dates: Aug 03, 2022 - Aug 05, 2022

Impact Score 0.50


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Research Impact Score: 0.50
Contributing Best Scientists: 11
Papers published by Best Scientists 23
Research Ranking (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) 72

Conference Call for Papers

Track 1 Fluid Applications & Systems (FASTC)
Topics: Automotive Flows, Energy Systems, Environmental Flows, Fluid Machinery Symposium, Fluid Power Systems, Industrial Fluid Mechanics, FAS Poster Presentations, FAS Graduate Student Scholarship Competition

Track 2 Fluid Measurement & Instrumentation (FMITC)
Topics: Active Fluids, Fluid Measurement and Instrumentation, Noninvasive Measurements in Single and Multiphase Flows, Volumetric and Tomographic Techniques in Fluid Mechanics, Wind Energy Fluid Dynamics and Measurements, Novel Techniques in Fluid Mechanics, Experimental Facilities in Fluid Mechanics, Data Processing and Algorithms in Fluid Mechanics, Uncertainty Quantification in Flow Measurements, Posters, GSS

Track 3 Fluid Mechanics (FMTC)
Topics: Advances in Fluids Engineering Education, Bio-Inspired and Biomedical Fluid Mechanics, Boundary Layer Flows, CFD Verification and Validation, Flow Manipulation and Active Control, Fluid Dynamics in Aerospace Systems, Fluid Power Systems, Fluid-Structure Interaction, High-Speed Flows, Materials Processing and Manufacturing Processes, Transport Phenomena in Fluid Flows, Turbulent Flows, Vortex Dynamics, FM Poster Presentations, FM Graduate Student Scholarship Competition

Track 4 Multiphase Flow (MFTC)
Topics: Numerical Methods for Multiphase Flows, Experimental Methods for Multiphase Flows, Cavitation, Gas-Liquid Flows, Liquid-Solid Flows, Gas-Solid Flows, Interfacial Phenomena and Flows, Erosion, Slurry, Sedimentation, Multiphase Flows in Industrial Applications, Compressible Multiphase Flows, Data-Driven and Machine Learning Applications in Multiphase Flows, Open Forum on Multiphase Flows - Work in Progress, MF Poster Presentations, MF Graduate Student Scholarship Competition

Track 5 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFDTC)
Topics: Applied CFD, CFD Development, CFD Methods including Verification and Validation, Computational Modeling in Swimming and Flying, DNS, LES and Hybrid-RANS/LES Methods, Emerging Methods in CFD including Data-based Simulations, and Machine Learning, High performance computing on emerging architectures, Open Source CFD Applications, CFD Poster Presentations , CFD Graduate Student Scholarship Competitions

Track 6 Micro & Nano Fluid Dynamics (MNFDTC)
Topics: Biologically Enabled Microfluidics and Biomicrofluidics, Micro/Nanofluidic Sytems, Techniques and Devices, Micro-Total-Analysis Systems (MicroTAS) and Lab-On-A-Chip Applications, Modelling and Simulation in Microfluidics, MNFD Poster Presentations, MNFD Graduate Student Scholarship Competition

Track 7 Flow Visualization

Track 8 Who's Who

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2022 Fluids Engineering Division's (FED) Summer Meeting

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