15 Best AI Business Name Generators for 2023

15 Best AI Business Name Generators for 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made running a company simpler in more ways than one, even for those just starting in the business world. One of the most crucial yet challenging aspects of establishing businesses is naming them, and the task nowadays may be cost-effective with the support of convenient AI business name generators. These online tools may help you devise company name options that are clever, distinct, and relevant—some of the qualities that reputable business names embody.

The best AI business name generator is programmed to take into account your business idea and name preferences through customizable features, such as filters and elements that help you find out if a business name is taken. Knowing the availability of your name choices is important, considering that a massive 1,071,395 establishments in the private sector were founded in early 2022 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022). Choosing a name that is already registered and trademarked may force you to make costly name changes as a result of legal challenges.

The Research.com team compiled this list of the best free AI-powered brand name generator applications to help you with one of the most essential and recognizable elements of branding. In this guide, you will also find the unique features offered by each highlighted name-generating tool.

Best AI Business Name Generators Table of Contents

Why Use AI Business Name Generators

Branding costs resources, more so for new entrepreneurs, to reach target demographics and stand out from competitors. Effective branding raises awareness, achieves brand recognition, and gains a positive reputation. Because company reputation and consumer perception of businesses drive consumer behavior, branding is regarded as the most important asset of a company (Faria, 2023).

Even global companies today initially had to answer firsthand the question, "How do I come up with a catchy business name that is unproblematic?" In the early days of Amazon, founder Jeff Bezos had to change its name from “Cadabra” due to other people mishearing it as “cadaver” (Lebowitz, 2019; Stone, 2013). As of 2023, the technology giant is considered the most valuable brand in the world, with a brand value of almost $300 billion (Faria, 2023).

The incident demonstrates the importance of deciding on a well-researched, thoroughly considered, and widely tested business name. Fortunately, for new entrepreneurs, the best free business name generator applications take on the legwork of checking the availability of quality business names. Additionally, the top AI business name generators that our research team listed below are free of charge.

amazon brand value

List of 15 Best AI Business Name Generators for 2023

The Research.com team gathered this year’s best AI business name generators into a list and detailed their useful features. These online tools primarily bank on the keywords that their entrepreneur-users provide and check for business name availability. Thus, you must thoroughly understand the business that you aim to establish and your target consumers.

Understanding your business helps you become authentic, which is a characteristic that 88% of consumers believe is vital when choosing brands that they admire and advocate for. Fifty percent believe that authenticity is “very” crucial (Stackla, 2021). Additionally, making major business decisions, such as naming a company, requires business owners to deeply research and analyze consumer preferences, behavior, and demands. With that said, having an online presence may benefit your business, as 72% of consumers reported that they spend more time on social media after the COVID-19 pandemic hit (Stackla, 2021).

1. Namelix

Namelix Dashboard

Namelix is a brand name generator that produces pithy brand names based on your business idea. Choosing from the name suggestions presented by the platform and saving your choices allow Namelix to understand your preferences and provide you with more personalized options. After choosing from the available options, you may experiment with your visual branding using Namelix’s affiliated AI-powered logo maker, Brandmark.

Namelix Features

  • Provides concise, catchy name ideas
  • Has filtration features that process your name requirements, such as style and brand type
  • Saves your preferred names, helping the algorithm learn about you to give better options
  • Affiliated with AI-powered logo-making software

2. Squadhelp

SquadHelp dashboard

Squadhelp is an AI company name generator that provides new entrepreneurs with numerous brand name ideas and recommendations on domain names. Aside from its AI-powered name generator, Squadhelp has three more avenues to produce distinct business names:

  • By allowing users to launch a contest
  • By offering users names for sale
  • By tapping Squadhelp’s branding consultants for agency-level managed contests

Squadhelp Features

  • Uses machine learning in name generation
  • Allows you to test your name options with your target market through Audience Testing
  • Provides comprehensive Trademark and Linguistics analysis via a trademark attorney
  • Enlists the skills of over 70,000 freelance naming experts through contests
  • Includes customer support via chat, email, and help desk

3. Name Mesh

Name-Mesh dashboard

Name Mesh is a domain name generator that ensures that businesses end up with name choices that are available. The website also provides users with tips on how to produce effective domain names, with search-engine optimized second-level domains—for instance, “Research” in “Research.com”— and the most common top-level domains—as in “.com” or “.org.”

Name Mesh Features

  • Checks the availability of domain names
  • Provides users with recommendations on effective names
  • Offers a pricing list of the most popular top-level domains based on web hosting companies

4. Zyro Business Name Generator

Zyro dashboard

Zyro is a website-building platform that aims to support small businesses. It has a free business name generator that produces business name ideas and checks domain availability. Moreover, Zyro offers users priced online tools to create a website, start a blog, and build an online store, among other independent features.

Zyro Business Name Generator

  • Generates business name recommendations based on relevant keywords
  • Checks domain availability
  • Offers other free AI business tools, such as AI Writer and AI Slogan Generator

5. Wpbeginner

WPBeginner dashboard

Wpbeginner is a brand name generator that whips up options based on your preferred keywords. It also scans domains that are already taken to ensure that you may use your chosen business name for your website. Additionally, Wpbeginner offers users key tips on choosing the best company name that ticks all the boxes in terms of relevance, clarity, and branding.

Wpbeginner Features

  • Produces brand name options based on business type and idea
  • Checks domain availability
  • Provides users key tips and tricks on name selection

6. BizNameWiz

BizNameWiz dashboard

BizNameWiz is an AI business name generator that targets startups, small business owners, and freelancers. It creates distinct brand names, which are immediately checked for domain availability. Moreover, BizNameWiz provides its users with an intuitive design, a simple five-step name-generation process, and helpful featured sections, such as popular searches and best practices.

BizNameWiz Features

  • Supports users with its intuitive design
  • Provides a simple name-generation process
  • Offers helpful featured sections, such as popular name searches and best practices

7. Wix

Wix Business Name Generator Dashboard

Wix provides web development services and free business tools, including a business name generator. After users decide from among the business name ideas given by Wix, they may transition directly toward producing domain names, creating their own logos, and building their own websites.

Wix Features

  • Provides free individualized name generators for specific industries
  • Offers specific business tools for new companies, such as a logo maker and domain generator
  • Produces bonus expert blog posts and video courses, and lessons

8. NameSnack

NameSnack dashboard

NameSnack is an AI business name generator that helps users dig up unique and creative brand names that are available for business name registration and domain name purchase. When name choices are not yet taken, the online tool may help users answer the question, "how do you register a business name?" Moreover, NameSnack promises name suggestions that exhibit styles that consider industry standards and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. These qualities are proven to be essential when making first impressions toward consumers, as 98% of them browsed the internet to learn more about local businesses in 2022 (Paget, 2023).

NameSnack Features

  • Uses machine learning to produce industry-based business names
  • Searches through existing domains instantly
  • Provides names with different quality styles
  • Offers step-by-step guides on branding

9. Logopony

Logopony dashboard

Logopony offers users an AI-powered brand name generator that produces thousands of naming options from millions of potential word combinations. It processes the details of businesses, such as industry, products, and services, and provides results based on the particular keywords entered. Additionally, Logopony checks the availability of names used as domain names and handles on social media platforms.

Logopony Features

  • Provides users with thousands of naming ideas
  • Scans through social networking websites to confirm name availability
  • Offers logo-making services for a one-time payment and unlimited revisions

10. Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify business name generator dashboard

Shopify provides its customers with a business name generator, which also ensures that the domain names of your chosen brand name ideas are not taken yet. The platform enables users to explore name options by industry. Shopify enables users to launch online stores, market companies, and run businesses with the help of the platform’s diverse offerings.

Shopify Features

  • Provides users with the option to produce business name ideas by industry
  • Extends business solutions through services such as ecommerce and business marketing and management
  • Offers a free three-day trial for the priced online tools

11. Business Name Generator

BusinessNameGenerator dashboard

Business Name Generator is a brand name generator designed for individuals seeking unconventional name recommendations. You simply input your business-related keywords and then get thousands of trendy name ideas instantly.

Business Name Generator Features

  • Provides users with multiple name generators for various uses, such as domains, stores, and products
  • Offers expert market insights, including competitor analysis and keyword advice
  • Presents lists of proposed and real-life examples of hipster business names
  • Utilizes industry and name filters to narrow down results

12. GoDaddy

GoDaddy dashboard

GoDaddy is a business services platform that includes a free domain name generator. The platform walks you through the simple process of creating vital keywords needed by its name-generating system to be able to produce suggestions that fall under your essential business details, including your big idea, your plan, and unique information that differentiates you from your competitors.

GoDaddy Features

  • Provides users with information on available domains and how much they might cost
  • Offers guides on building a creative and unforgettable brand via expert tips
  • Has web hosting and website building capabilities

13. FreshBooks

FreshBooks Business Name Generator dashboard

FreshBooks may be known for its invoicing and accounting software for small business owners and accountants. However, the online platform also offers an AI-powered name-generating tool that helps business owners come up with a selection of inventive names. Similar to other options on this list, all you will need to do is select the industry you are in and enter keywords that are important to your business so it can generate a unique name for you.

FreshBooks Features

  • Lets you specify the industry that your business is in
  • Generates a variety of names based on keywords that you input

14. Looka

Looka dashboard

Looka is an AI-powered graphic design company that focuses on logo design. However, Looka also has a free AI business name generator with a primary filter that takes the length preferences of users into consideration. After entering your keywords, the platform reveals more simple and useful filters, such as related terms.

Looka Features

  • Includes secondary filters, such as by abstract idea and by industry
  • Ensures availability of domain names and social media handles
  • Categorizes name options into invented, traditional, and compound names, among others

15. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel dashboard

Domain Wheel began as an AI search engine and eventually started offering separate name-generating tools for business names, brand names, and domain names. In 2022, its blog was launched, helping users with tutorials in brand-building and business planning, among other areas that new entrepreneurs may need assistance in.

Domain Wheel Features

  • Provides a section with related keywords based on what they sound like, what they rhyme with, and random suggestions
  • Offers guides for different business areas, such as domain registration and web hosting

Set Your Business Up for Success, Choose a Good Business Name

For some people, new creative ideas do not come easily, so they may find consulting leadership and business industry statistics and the use of AI business name generators helpful. However, people who thrive on challenges of innovation may still learn a thing or two from business experts when coming up with a catchy and unique business name. Remember, to succeed in business, you must start from a place of humility and openness to be mentored by those who have already done it.