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China Established: 1931 Scholars: 10
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The ranking is based on h-index, citations and number of DBLP documents gathered by August 9th 2021.

This ranking lists all top computer scientists affiliated with Xidian University. There is a total of 10 researchers included with 1 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the H-index values for top scientists in Xidian University is 533 with a mean value for the h-index of 53.30. The total sum for the DBPL publications for top scientists in Xidian University is 2965 with a mean value for DBLP publications is 296.50.

Note that the research institution or university for a scientist is set based on the affiliation data featured on their Google Scholar profile.


Xidian University is one of the People’s Republic of China’s key universities, the select and distinguished universities that receive utmost support from the national government. It is located in the capital city of Shaanxi Province, Xi’an. As a public research institution, Xidian University houses key laboratories, including the National Laboratory of Radar Signal Processing, Ministry of Education’s Key Laboratory of Electronic Equipment Structure Design, and others.

Xidian University owns and runs a total of 17 ministerial or provincial key laboratories that focus on biomedical engineering, wireless communications, electro-mechanics studies, and more. In 2012, Xidian University established the Collaborative Innovation Program, an ambitious project that launched 24 research centers, all of which are aimed to improve the quality of the development of higher education in the country. Additionally, the university operates nearly 20 institutes that focus on system engineering, information science, networks and computing, and others.

Aside from its impressive research qualifications, Xidian University’s academic profile also characterizes those of a leading institution. For its undergraduate programs, Xidian University offers a wide range of courses, such as educational technology, administrative management, network engineering, intelligent science and technology, and more. Its graduate programs also encompass business, science, liberal arts, and international studies, such as control theory and control engineering, cryptography, space information science and technology, and others.

Looking at its history, Xidian University began at Jiangxi as the Radio School of the Central Military Committee, which is the first technical school founded by the Communist Party of China in 1931. It was originally located in Ruijin, part of the city of Ganzhou in the province of Jiangxi, but later on moved to three other cities before finally settling in Xi’an in 1958. A year later, the government of China chose Xidian University as one of the first 20 key universities. By 1988, the university was given the name Xidian University.

As one of China’s key universities, Xidian University has been transformed into a center for educating and training students in IT, engineering, high-level research, and more. Its growth, however, is not solely reliant on government support but also on collaborations and partnerships with various organizations. Among the fruits of these collaborations are Xidian University’s 62 joint libraries, which were established with the help of multinational corporations like IBM, Intel, SAP, and Microsoft. It has also established strong partnerships with more than 140 universities from all over the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Germany, and France.

Articles on DBLP
514 World 19 National Licheng Jiao

Licheng Jiao

Xidian University, China
H-index 84 Citations 43,778 927
1107 World 49 National Xinbo Gao

Xinbo Gao

Xidian University, China
H-index 70 Citations 19,730 503
1999 World 100 National Maoguo Gong (公茂果)

Maoguo Gong (公茂果)

Xidian University, China
H-index 60 Citations 13,344 301
2977 World 138 National Xiaofeng Chen

Xiaofeng Chen

Xidian University, China
H-index 53 Citations 12,011 253
3573 World 167 National Xing Mengdao

Xing Mengdao

Xidian University, China
H-index 50 Citations 10,506 191
3998 World 196 National Hui Li

Hui Li

Xidian University, China
H-index 48 Citations 9,819 287
4967 World 242 National Guoqiang Mao

Guoqiang Mao

Xidian University, China
H-index 44 Citations 10,468 287
5653 World 267 National Zheng Yan

Zheng Yan

Xidian University, China
H-index 42 Citations 7,241 216
5939 World 281 National Fang Liu

Fang Liu

Xidian University, China
H-index 41 Citations 7,232 0
6028 World 288 National lijuan wang

lijuan wang

Xidian University, China
H-index 41 Citations 5,973 0

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