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The Technical University of Crete (TUC) is a state university based in the city of Chania, Crete. Founded in the 1970s, TUC is known as a leading Greek technical university in terms of research productivity and scientific publications.

The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs through its schools, all of which are focused on various fields of engineering, including mineral resources engineering, architectural engineering, and production engineering and management. TUC has been recognized for the strength of its programs in oil, gas, and petroleum engineering. International students can also enroll at the university's schools through the European Union's Erasmus+ program. Aside from pursuing study programs, TUC students can participate in overseas traineeships in countries involved in the program.

The Technical University of Crete was established in 1977 in response to public demand for a university in Crete. The university's first students were admitted in 1984 to TUC's Production Engineering and Management School. Since then, the university has opened several more schools to focus on more engineering fields. The university currently comprises five technical schools, with the newest being the School of Architecture, established in 2004.

Today, the Technical University of Crete is recognized as one of the most prestigious universities in Greece. The university's curricula has been evaluated to be of the highest quality and "updated according to international standards," according to the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency. Several faculty members of the university are also fellows of various professional associations in the fields of computing and engineering.

TUC has also gained recognition for its activities in basic and applied research. The university is known for its research productivity, generating a high number of scientific publications each year. TUC is also a member of the Conference of European Engineering schools of Advanced Research, which aims to provide high-quality engineering education through European universities and provide research support to association members.

To support a high level of research activity, each school at TUC hosts numerous laboratories that focus on a wide variety of areas, including sustainable energy, liquid and solid waste management, and urban design planning. Many research projects at the university are funded by the E.U., the government of Crete, local organizations, and private businesses. Aside from university staff, students also participate in many of these research programs.

Innovative research also remains to be an important goal for the Technical University of Crete. Along with this goal, TUC aims to establish a Regional Innovation Pole and Technological Park in the future and further support innovation through incubators.

Articles on DBLP
1121 World 4 National Constantin Zopounidis

Constantin Zopounidis

Technical University of Crete, Greece
H-index 70 Citations 17,077 114
1419 World 6 National Minos Garofalakis

Minos Garofalakis

Technical University of Crete, Greece
H-index 66 Citations 14,929 180
5721 World 51 National Sotiris Ioannidis

Sotiris Ioannidis

Technical University of Crete, Greece
H-index 42 Citations 6,310 169

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